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March 28 Meeting
The council met in regular session on
March 28 at 7:00 p.m. All members were
present. Councilwoman Hooker pointed out
that the minutes of the March 14 meeting
did not reflect the corrections she had made
to the Feb. 28 minutes. Mayor
Killingsworth stated the corrections would
not be made until the tape from the Feb. 28
meeting was produced so the corrections
could be verified. The minutes were then
Bills were presented to the council. Ms.
Hooker questioned why the appra'sal on the
proposed park site cost $500.00 when, at a
previous meeting, Mr. Roan had stated the
fee could possibly cost from $50 00 to $75.00.
The Mayor said she had checked with Mr.
Knickerbocker and he said the $500.00 fee
was "completely in line". Mr. Roan stated
he had called two appraisers, but only one
came out. Ms. Hooker also questioned a bill
to Ken Hart. She said the firm Hart and
Huff had agreed to do the audit for $2,400,
however since then the firm has split and
we have paid Ken Hart $2,900 in less than a
year. She questioned that the City still owes
an additional $250 to Hart in less than a
year. Mr. Hooker opposed payment of the
bills, all other members voted to pay the
The first item on the agenda was the
apprearance of a citizen, Mrs. Jessie Snow,
complaining of drainage problems on
McDearmon Street which are affecting her
property. Mrs. Snow said her yard and
fence are being washed away by the heavy
rains. Mrs. Snow inquired if the City could
offer some relief and cited the possiblity of
a storm sewer. Mrs. Snow was told the
property owner is responsible for the
maintance of the ditches and curbs
bordering their property, and that storm
sewer construction would be very costly
and that the City of Sachse has no funds at
the present time to pursue the situation, but
that perhaps it could be solved in the long
term goals of the city. The Mayor stated
that in the past the County had been helpful
in situations of this type buy, due to the
present cut-backs we could no longer
depend on their help.
The next item of discussion of the sewer
line on Boone and Seventh Street. It was
explained that the initial sewer line
installation had humps in the line which
caused inadequate drainage for two homes
From Your City Council
at theend of the line. This inadequacy bring
about the need for an additional line which
would prove less costly than removing the
humps. Charles Foster submitted a bid of
$520.45 for installing the line. The city may
recover this fee if the Bonding Company
justifies that the line was installed
incorrectly, however for the present time,
the city will pick-up the bill.
Item #3 was the presentation of the
appraisal of the land for the proposed park
site on Williford Rd. Larry W. Hutson
appraised the land at $4,000 an acre. The
city has been offered the land at $3,500 an
acre. Councilman Andrews inquired how
much we could expect to pay for
improvements on the land, and suggested
this also be considered. Andrews also
called to attention that it had been stated at
the previous council meeting that "we
weren't sure where the money was." (past
allocations). There was discussion of
possibly getting matching funds from the
state, and Knickerbocker suggested a
letter of retroactivity. Knickerbocker said
he should know how we stand within the
next four weeks.
The dog problem was tabled.
The next item was the setting of a date
and time for swearing in the Mayor and
Councilmembers elected on April 2nd It
was determined that there had to be a
waiting period of at least five (5) days after
the election. The date for swearing in was
set for Thursday April 7 at 7:00 p.m.
Mayor Killingsworth had presented each
member of the council a copy of a Schedule
of Receipts and Disbursements for the end
of December 31, 1976 prepared by Ken
Hart. The mayor stated each member had
been given copies and she saw no need for
further discussion. Mr. Hart indicated his
intention to prepare a similar statement for
the next six months, ending March 31,
Mayor Killingsworth reported that the
City of Sachse was notified of the existence
of a safe deposit box, belonging to the city,
at the First National Bank of Garland. The
Mayor explained that there were no valid
signatures on the signature card for the box
and requested that each council member
and city attorney meet her on April 1st at
4:00 p.m. at the F'irst National Bank to
inventory the box before moving it to the
present City Depository, Century Bank.
on electi k heating
Have equipment checked seasonally by qualified
Set thermostat at 7(7 or lower Lower to 50-60 if
you 11 be away several days
Weatherstrip doors and windows; caulk cracks to
prevent drafts and warm air loss
Check the filter every 30 days on forced-air
systems. Clean or replace if dirty
Thorough home insulation keeps the warmth in,
cuts energy use
6 When fireplace is not in use, keep damper
7 On sunny days open draperies, blinds to let in
warmth of sun
8 Open outside doors as little as possible
9 Keep furniture draperies away from air outlets
and returns so air will flow easily Clean often
Conserve electricity and you help conserve one or
more of the fuels needed to produce it Conserve
fuels and you help assure that there will be enough
to meet essential needs for electricity in the future
If you would like additional information on
conserving electricity, call the Customer Service
Representative in the TP&L Office
I f \AS ft )WKK & l l( ,11 I ( X )MPANY
A ta paying. investor-owned eleclric utility
276 3828
it was reported that a certificate of
deposit named "Social Security Fund'
matured on March 15,1977 in the amount of
$1,381.26 and currently on deposit at the
First National Bank. Ms. Killingsworth
asked the council's pleasure regarding the
disposition of the account and the council
voted unanimously to deposit the total
amount into the City's General Fund
Savings Account.
April 11 Meeting
The council met in regular session on
April 11 at 7:30 p.m. Mayor Tommy Roan
called the meeting to order with
councilmembers Hooker, Chastain, and
Andrews in attendance.
Mayor Roan stated he would like to
change the manner in which votes are
taken on items on the agenda. He explained
he would call for votes individually from
each councilmember
Minutes from the March 28 meeting were
approved and bills were submitted. Ms.
Hooker questioned where supplies listed on
a bill from Bowles and Edens were used,
Roan said they may have gone in the
warehouse. The secretary was to check this
out. Council voted to pay the bills
Item #1, boundries and zoning
restrictions on McDearmon St. was tabled,
as well as item #3 which was a resolution to
be presented by Mayor Roan.
Theonly item discussed was the City Sign
which is in front of the Fire Station. Fire
Chief Stone reported that once again the
sign has been the target of apparent
vandalism and asked the council if he
should look into having it repaired. Roan
inquired if the sign was covered by
insurance. Stone reported it is not. Roan
authorized Stone to look into having the
sign repaired and also to check into
obtaining insurance to cover subsequent
Special Meeting April 18
The city council met in a special meeting
on Monday April 18 at 7:30 p.m.
There were no minutes from the previous
meeting held one week before, nor any bills
for payment.
The first item on the agenda was the
filling of the vacant seat on the council,
vacated when Mr. Roan became mayor.
Ms. Hooker asked for suggestions from the
audience for nominees. A citizen, Janet
Hughs, suggested Bill Cardin, since he had
Bedroom-Brick- 1/2 Acre
P/B Wood Roof
Old Sachse Rd.
"HURRY" Early $30's
run in the election and had received 170
votes. Ms. Hooker then placed Cardin's
name in nomination.
Councilman Scarborough then placed
ex-mayor Mary Jo Killingsworth name in
Mayor Roan called for the vote,
Scarborough and Chastain voted
Killingsworth, Hooker and Andrews voted
This generated a tie, so Roan cast his vote
for Killingsworth, thus making her the new
After voting ceased, Ann Holman, city
secretary, administered the oath of office
to councilwoman Killingsworth.
Next item was the appointment of a new
mayor pro-tern. Mayor Roan called for
nominations. Ms. Hooker placed Andy
Andrews' name in nomination, but
Andrews declined saying "he wouldn't be
able to accept." Ms. Killingsworth then
nominated Dan Scarborough and moved he
be accepted by acclaimation, Chastain
Curtis Cosby, city garbage collector,
made several corrections to his new
contract. One correction concerned
business rates and the other dealt with the
additional brush pick-up Mr Cosby asked
that trees, brush, and limbs be cut in 4 ft
lengths and tied in bundles not to exceed 40
lb. in weight. Then Cosby informed the
council that the Wylie Landfill, where
Cosby dumps, has more than doubled their
fee to him for dumping. This increase came
about in the past ten days and became
effective immediately. Cosby stated that in
view of the aforementioned facts, it was
necessary for him to have an additional $.2S
per customer from Sachse to help off-set
this new increase. Cosby further stated that
even at these increased fees, the Wylie
Landfill is the cheapest around
Mayor Roan inquired of the attorney if it
would be possible to pass the new rate
without re writing the contract. Hemphill
said it could be done. Ms. Killingsworth
said, though she knew a rate increase
would not please citizens, she understood
Cosby's need, so she moved the rate
increase ($3.50) go into effect immediately,
Andrews seconded, motion carried
A new bid for the installation of
corrective sewer line on Boon St. was
presented to the council. The new bid, from
Charles Foster, reflected an additional
$125.00 to cover street repairs. When the
new installation is accomplished one street
must be cut for crossing. In the past the
county has done these repairs. Andrews
pointed out city ordinance requires street
repair be made concrete, and stated that
"ordinances on the books are no good if we
aren't going to follow them." Foster said he
would do the repair with concrete for the
stated price of $125. No other bids were
submitted. Council voted to award the
contract to Foster. During the discussion of
this item, Andrews stressed the need for
accurate records to be kept of all repairs
and corrections the city is having to make
to the initial sewer main installation
Council unanimously passed an
ordinance contract with Dallas County for
the fire department which would enable the
city to receive $3,000. for the fire
Mayor Roan brought to the attention of
the council the need for a mowing contract
since the growing season has started
and the grass is growing on city
right-of-ways. The city is open to receive
bids from anyone wishing to bid for the
city's mowing contract.
Frank Knickerbocker advised the
council they should proceed with
submitting an intention of use and then
submit an actual use plan for the Federal
Revenue Sharing.
Knickerbocker also informed the council
that Sachse did not qualify for the
Community Block Development Grant
Sat. & Sun. Rates
$ 15.00 for 2 days
Get a neighbor to half
the expense
lOoz. Dr. Pepper
10£ plus deposit
(Watch For "G
rand Opening" of
•B-Q in Wylie)
* \
v)0% v>
^ o
catfish bait *

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