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... MOVING MESSAGES CATCH THE EYE! Sachse Sentinel Magnetic Signs by NEILON FRONT LOADER SAND & LOAM...- HIGHWAY 78 -SACHSE wssesM 495-1179 WHEN YOU THINK OF FLOWERS THINK OF OURS pit? THr WYLIE FLOWER A GIFT... to the Sachse Volunteer Fire Department met at a salad supper on April 17th to discuss the final plans... for their annual rummage sale. The sale will be held at the Fire Station on Highway 78 in Sachse, on Saturday, May... Dept. annual Rummage Sale sachse fire station - highway 78- SATURDAY - MAY 19 9:00 AM -5:00 PM JEANS

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... III !ii I <3 I Page b Sachse Sentinel May 1979 I Sorority Elects New Officers Zeta Omicron Chapter... no. 70976 Phi Sigma Alpha met for a regular meeting in the home of Laurie Schwenk in Sachse. Odie... Express Diner's Club 1929 Class Reunion Bryan Salmon, long-time resident of Sachse, will attend his class... Presides at The Dallas - Ft. Worth Assembly 10 PRESCHOOL PATTER The Sachse Preschoolers have been busily... of Garland, a member of the Sachse Chapter, was one of the models. Mrs. Virginia Brumback, a professor

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... May 1979 Sachse Sentinel Page 3 I Ann Jensen (left), Garland Schools' consultant for secondary... person ,finn, or corporation which may appear in the columns of The Sachse Sentinel will gladly..., which are not necessarily those of the editors. DEADLINES FOR THE NEXT ISSUE OP THE SACHSE SENTINEL ANY...-1231 NEWS 4 ADVERTISING <•6-1231 RT. 2-BOX 118-C GARLAND, TX. 75040 THE 8ACH8E SENTINEL Publisher & Editor...: Joe J. & Pat Stone Route 2, Box 116C Garland, Texas 75040 Distributed free to all homes in Sachse

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... I Page Z Sachse Sentinel May 1979 I 1/ff C kuU Mites APRIL 9, 1979 City Council met in regular... mobile home to be located in Sachse which would be used as a dental office. Mr. Young, a representative... letter will be written stating Sachse's support. Special Use Permit for Barn: Dan Scarborough asked for a... and the City of Sachse. Fire Chief, Joe Stone explained that this was the same as it had been for several years.... Council decided that this would be in the best interest of Sachse and a permit was approved. Dan

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... Elementary and a member of the Calico Kids Jr. Featurettes. She has twirled ^ May 1979 Sachse Sentinel Page 7... with a buffet luncheon, Sunday, March 25th in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Stracener of 5102 Sachse... Road in Sachse. The couple's six children, a sun and wife and five daughters and their husbands were

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... Boaters Smoke inlormatlon detector8 I May 1979 Sachse Sentinel Page 5 I The Texas Parks... in their particular line. NEW! HIGHWAY 78 IN SACHSE, TEXAS MALIItS'SELLERS'aUTERS Junk Car Ordinance Ordinance No. 126... of the City of Sachse provides definitions of abandoned or junked vehicles located within the city. Below... Department of the Town of Sachse is hereby authorized to abate such nuisances on the terms and conditions... Highway Department by the Sachse Police Department within five (5) days after the date of the removal

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... 1 11 I Page 4 Sachse Sentinel May 1979 Pension For WWI Vets Jack Coker, Waco VA Regional Office...." Ambroise Bierce * 1 CITY GARAGE § 6144-HWY. 78 SACHSE, TEXAS FULLTIME MECHANIC ALL WORK GUARANTEED 8:00 AM...." leeeeeeeeeen en< 6144-HWY. 78 SACHSE, TEXAS CITY AUTO SALES We Buy & Sell Used Cars & Trucks 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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... • &m*+*+***** +*• i e ***. ■** *************** I Page 10 Sachse Sentinel May 1979 N««d hom... HWY. 78 A 3rd. SACHSE Ph. 493-1132 OPIN:«:« AM to 19*9 PM SUNDAY HOURS: 9:19 AM to 19:99 PM HAMBURGERS

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... its own weight in J May 1979 Sachse Sentinel Page 9 ] harmful aphids, moth, fruit scales, fleas, mealy... of them. If you have any questions about growing, gardening or landscaping send them to The Sachse... Sentinel or come by the North Lake Nursery and Landscaping Co., 400 yards north of Belt Line Road

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... I Page 8 Sachse Sentinel May 1979 iHGtHOM IN HO MS DiCOR Helpful Tips On Low-Cost Decorating Cdeas... ite Magazine gOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQQOQQQQOQOOOQQOQOOOOQOQOOOft g § S SACHSE GROCERY e PHIL PUCKETT

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... city or unincorporated area. But affected the most will be the smaller towns such as Sachse who rely... Sub-Station in Sachse or by one of the grocery stores in Sachse. If you would like to check out a book... cooperation will help us all. Roan Re-Elected Voter tun out for the April 7, 1979 election in Sachse was light... Sachse's City Governing body for the next year are; Mayor; Tommy Roan, Councilmen; Clyde Bailey, James

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