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... 599 S 07/19/90 joe Stone 5901 Sachse Road Sachse TX 75048 I Sachse TX 75048 ^ ^ Ui>- 0«ch...§e Sentinel VOL. XV, NO. 27 Fireworks: American Tradition 25 CENTS By Paul Bowling The Fourth of July I spent... people have combined for 36 years of experience on the board of directors of the Sachse Booster Club..., the organization which promotes the summer baseball/softball programs in Sachse. All four have announced... it to pursue planning a regional wastewater treatment plant. Discussions with Sachse, Wylie, Murphy and Rowlett

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... Page 2 The Sachse Sentinel 701-A Hwy. 78 Wylie, TX 75098 442-4887 The Sachse Sentinel (USPS 004454....00 for senior citizens in Collin and Dallas Counties. POST- MASTER: Send address changes to The Sachse Sentinel... in the columns of The Sachse Sentinel will be corrected if brought to the attention of the editor. Signed...'ve made a start in Sachse and we must do everything we can to make sure our recycling program continues... the wastewater contract/rate litigation between Sachse, Rowlett and Garland. Sachse Represented al Institute

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... puts in 70 to 80 hours a week on her job as manager of Allsup's convenience store in Sachse (where she... > OPEN SUNDAYS 494-6505 "■■at ! * her store to her customers. "The people in Sachse are the friendliest... managed the store for two years in Sachse. Her daughter told her about the opening at the store... groceries' among the 309 stores." Marie added: "The ads in The Sentinel are really paying off - we...'s, Sachse vVV v< * *\ * v.'V. . fr ' • v: '■! \•• • •• •. • w , si, • • • ' V * ; ., -t V-'- „ ■■ K

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... rates. Now serving Garland, Sachse, Rowlett and Wylie areas. Call today, summer's slipping away! 530... Park, July 14, Sachse. YARD SALE: Fri. - Sun. Ceiling fan, fire place equip., pictures, maternity..., and misc. 3914 7th St., Sachse. WANTED: Housewives and Free-lancers. $60 - 1200 weekly, easy work. 214... Inauranca Matiaaa. Taxaa Call Colloct 214-837-4171 DEPENDABLE CHILD CARE in my Sachse home. Family... to keep in my home in Sachse Monday through Friday. Hot meal and snacks. 495-3033. MARY JANE'S SERVICES

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... Page 12 Melanie Jacobs At D.C. Conference Austin College sophomore Melanie Jacobs of Sachse... junior year. NTMWD Board (Continued from page 1) ment plant to service the Muddy Creek basin." Sachse... that Sachse and Rowlett could not, in the best interests of their residents, afford to be held hostage..., the Garland City Council agreed to drop its opposition to the Muddy Creek plant if Sachse and Rowlett would... Palace and Medical Center Sachse MASTERCARD SHOP NOW FOR FATHER'S DAY JUNE 17! VISA \/ /\ AMEV Creek

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... Page 4 Church Page Bible Answers by Willis Dykes Minister Sachse Church of Christ QUESTION: "What... to Bible Answers, 5206 Ben Davis Rd., Sachse, TX 75048. First Baptist - Lavon Vacation Bible School....M. Worship Wed. 7:30 P.M. Bible Classes DISCOVER A FAITH THAT WORKS FOR YOU at SACHSE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Ben... Sachse, Texas 442-3673 Day 442-5957 Night WILLIS DYKES, MINISTER Schedule SUNDAY: 9 a.m. Bible Classes 10... Church 3702 Sachse Road Sachse 214-414-0600 "Reaching Out... Because We Care!" REV. MARK REYNOLDS PASTOR

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... Page 8 POLICE REPORTS Sachse June 21: Gasoline spill, 5900 block of Hwy. 78; gas washed down... BRADLEY Agent 530-3333 5628 Hwy. 78 - Sachse suspicious circumstances, 800 block of Foxwood Lane... Sachse 495-1145 NEW OWNER: PHILLIP FOSTER VSTATE INSPECTION •«, CHANGE OIL. & FILTER & LUBE > v NEW... Sachse. Tx. 75048 Symbol of Superior Servite Amc'ricacindnx-nclon Hirmers. MALCOLM J. WALL, M.D., P.A. Di

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... To PHYSICIANS REGIONAL HOSPITAL Jill Home Address: 5318 Heritage Circle Sachse, Texas 75048 DREAM HOMES, INC... someone who CARES about Sachse. PATRICIA A. SZOT REALTOR SALON HEADFIRST 501 W. Brown Wylie 442-3489 i

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... that your pet route you should follow with shows a cloudy density to the your pet. SACHSE 3117 Kellie 3... Hwy. 78 SACHSE 494-0948 Clean, Used Cars - We FINANCE MECHANIC ON DUTY All Major Auto Repairs Foreign

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... from four to 18. Children from Wylie, Sachse, Community and surrounding areas are invited... members of the Sachse Booster Club -- the orgnization responsible for running the city s summer baseba scf

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