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... Matter" By William H. Wilson Departments 3 From the Editor 41 Books Legacies: A History... of Dallas and North Central Texas. Please address inquiries to Editor, Legacies, 1717 Gano St., Dallas..., Texas 75215. Copyright 1994 Dallas County Heritage Society and Dallas Historical Society 48.... and Lorena F. Briggs Fund of the Dallas Foundation Central and South West Services, Inc. Fall, 1994 I I

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... and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Legacies, Dr. Wilson is author of Railroad in the Clouds... of Legacies, he published "The Progressive Voters League" in the spring 1991 issue... Michael V. Hazel... Texas. He is the editor of Legacies .... Dallas historian Jackie McElhaney is currently writing... Editor to Legacies, Mrs. McElhaney published "I'm working right hard ... Letters from a Dallas Medical

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... Centennial year. 'Letter from Gail Northe Muskavitch to Evelyn Barker, June 18, 1994. 2Gail Muskavitch..., telephone interview by Evelyn Barker, July 1994. 'Letter from Gail Muskavitch to Evelyn Barker, July 24..., 1994. 4Letter from Gail Muskavitch to Evelyn Barker, June 18, 1994. 'Letter from W.H. Kittrell, Jr... from Gail Muskavitch to Evelyn Barker, June 18, 1994. "Letter from Polly Smith to Jacque Lansdale... 23, Folder: Smith, Polly. "Letter from Gail Muskavitch to Evelyn Barker, June 18, 1994. "Ibid. 22Ibid

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..., 326 pp., $29.95) Francis Edward Abernathy, Singin' Texas (Denton: UNT Press, 1994, 208 pp., $19.95..., A Century in the Works: Freese and Nichols Consulting Engineers, 1894-1994 (College Station: Texas A & M... University Press, 1994,435 pp., $34.50) David Haynes, Catching Shadows: A Directory of 19th Century Texas... and John Johnson, The Funny Side of Texas (Plano: Republic of Texas Press, 1994, 112 pp., $7.95) 47 New

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