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... May-June 1985 Scouting Published by the Boy Scouts of America Vol. 73, No. 3 REGULAR FEATURES 4.... Kobak, Chairman Warren R. Erhardt, Bert-Garmise, I. Martin Pompadur, Robert W. Schwing Scouting magazine..., and illustrations in its office or in transit. Postmaster: Send address change to Scouting magazine, 1325 Walnut... mailing offices. ADDRESS CHANGE OR MISSED COPIES: Notify Scouting magazine, 1325 Walnut Hill Lane, Irving... change of address give both old and new address). All registered Scouters receive Scouting magazine. $2

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..., Scouting magazine with its Program helps, and the Boy Scout Leader Program Notebook—furnish the program... Scout Program Helps comes bound inside Scouting magazine. Program helps for the months of September... YOUR THREE PROGRAM ASSISTANTS There's no big secret to successful Boy Scouting, it's good... service center. Registered Boy Scouts and leaders receive a 50 percent discount rate. The monthly magazine... and October comes in the May-June issue of Scouting; for November and December in the September issue

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... of Scouting magazine. Copies go to registered Webelos den leaders and assistants and to commissioners. Cub... Scout Program Helps is published in two forms: • As segments in Scouting magazine. The first segment... nesd by lged Its. and mlar el of >n. be a cub cul- CUB SCOUT PROGRAM HELPS 1985-86 StPlEMBtR... that will achieve Cub Scouting's real purposes. If you're not familiar with the purposes, see page 3 of the Cub... and pack meetings beginning in September 1985 and ending in August 1986. Webelos den leaders get the same

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... in Scouting magazine according to this schedule: FOR CUB SCOUT LEADERS: May- June issue contains... August themes. Cub Scout Program Helps is in Scouting magazine issues that go to Cubmasters... YOUR PROGRAM PARTNERS There's no big secret to successful Boy Scouting and Cub Scouting—it's good... leadership and exciting programs. You furnish the leadership. Your three program partners—Boys'Life, Scouting... and assistants, den leaders and assistants, den leader coaches, commissioners, and Scouting professionals

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... appears bound into the May-June issue of Scouting magazine sent to Cub Scout leaders. References.... Unfortunately, there has been a delay (continued on page 47) 16 May-June 1985 + Scouting... or adults currently registered in Tiger Cubs with a registration expiration date of August 31, 1985.... They will pay the full prorated registration fees for their pack when they join Cub Scouting. Also effective May.... These "guerrilla farmers," reports Outside magazine, have been known to use a variety of violent methods to protect

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... offered in these advertisements have been examined by Scouting magazine, and to the best of our knowledge... notify Scouting Magazine, 1325 Walnut Hill Lane, Irving, TX 75038-3096 cnMPMon^ BOX 999 -5BS pnnnMus... Route 17 Paramus, N.J., 07652 (201) 261-5000 ^ Address Scouting *4> May-June 1985 49...' SELLING POLICY Certain advertising in this magazine contains offers of sales plans for individual or unit... primarily for use in connection with the activities of the Scouting movement, but their use may

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...: 17-23—Northeast Region, Pittsburgh, Pa.; East Central Region, place to be announced. ■ 48 May-June 1985 + Scouting... MOVING? SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please include a SCOUTING address label to insure... prompt service whenever you write us about your subscription. Mail to: SCOUTING Subscription Service 1325... five weeks before changing your address. Place magazine address label here, print your new address...' Life magazine or the troop will have a 10 percent increase over a year ago. 7. Camping: Fifty percent

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... outline is tied in with Cub Scouting's theme for that month. You will note that often specific ideas... the Cub Scouting theme will be "Parade of the Presidents," and the pack's feature event... Webelos Scout Helps, you will see frequent references to various Cub Scouting books, such as the Cub Scout... Program Helps 1985-86, from your local council servige center. WEBELOS DEN PROGRAM PLANNING If you... issues of Boys' Life magazine, too. In every issue, this monthly magazine has program ideas

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.... Tacoma, Wash. Send your solution to M. G. 's problem to: Front Line Stuff, Scouting magazine, 1325 Walnut...$. Scouting ♦ May-June 1985 21... to join, I meet with his parents and explain to them that we take Scouting very seriously and that we... participation in Scouting will have just as many benefits to the boy's total growth as much of his school work... of America. How can we keep Cub Scout leaders in Scouting when their sons move up to Boy Scouting? And how

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... it to Scouting magazine, 1325 Walnut Hill Ln., Irving, Tex. 75038-3096. If we print it, we'll pay you $10... RETELLING Do you have a Scouting story—serious or humorous—to share with our readers? If so, send... that February was Scouting anniversary month, I walked up to one of the boys and asked, "Mike, isn't this Boy... would they think that? We're Cub Scouts!" Enid Hollingshead Salt Lake City, Utah ■ 10 May-June 1985 "to... Scouting

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... years, to: Boys' Life, 1325 Walnut Hills Ln., Irving, Tex. 75038-3096. ■ Scouting rt? May-June 1985 37...) 972-0531 NEW! EMBROIDERED EMBLEMS FOR A STOCK TOTAL OF 190 ITEMS FOR EXTRA SCOUTING ACTIVITIES. NOW PLACE... of knotty problems in the process. To "Carry the Torch for Scouting, " (the June Boy Scout theme) a troop... or troop may have the magazine sent to his home for only $5.40 per year. That's only 45 cents per issue

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... on page 40) May-June 1985 Scouting... leaders who, though they lacked formal training, played Scouting by ear, and learned along with their boys... the eyes of those who were there when Scouting first came to these shores. Scouting's arrival, incidentally..., a British hero of the Boer War, had launched the Scouting movement with publication of Scouting for Boys... Thompson Seton and Daniel Carter Beard had started small organizations with elements of Scouting

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..., Organizer Manual, "Welcome To Tiger 14 May-June 1985 "4 Scouting... honors Scouting's Diamond Jubilee year President Reagan became the "distinguished Scout citizen..., as a leader in Scouting membership drives, and as chairman of a council annual Scoutorama show. He also has... supported Scouting financially and as a speaker at various events. The President already has been honored... process into line with other BSA programs, all Tiger Cub groups organized after May 1, 1985, will have

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... CUB SCOimNG'S THEMES 1985-86 Following are summaries of the 12 suggested Cub Scouting themes... and highlight activities for the 12 months beginning in September 1985. The summaries may be used to recruit...; in searching for the treasure, the boys will perform some skills from Cub Scouting's advancement program... on the history of Scouting. Webelos dens may make table decorations as they work on the Craftsman activity badge... means outdoor fun in Cub Scouting. Cub Scout dens will be exploring the natural world while Webelos

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.... Be sure to attend. GRADUATING DOYS INTO SCOUTING One of your main goals as a Webelos den leader... from home-centered Cub Scouting into the wider world of Boy Scouting, and it fails its purpose... if the den members don't go on into Scouting. The best way to make sure it happens is to give your boys... an active, strong program with a gradual introduction to the ideals and activities of Boy Scouting. Along... districts will hold special joint roundtables for Scoutmasters and Webelos den leaders in October 1985

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... effective in changing the attitudes of some parents toward discipline. 20 May-June 1985 *4* Scouting... misses the TV program, too. Playtime, TV, Scouting, church, etc. are all part of growing up for a student... of these suggestions. They work most of the time. Scouter L. L.L. Bloomington, III. What my son has learned in Scouting... activities subtly tells him that Scouting is a fun thing, the icing on the cake, but not a basic...? These three—church, school, and Scouting—will help you raise your son into a responsible adult. If a boy lives

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... CELEBRATE 75 YEARS SCOUTING! SrOCft ^ Vfrie«wie ,etvc^ N° Mv J; •n.r« • W i r WW ^ A VrlS*' 7/W... Heritage. From the legacy of the founding fathers to the challenge of Scouting in the space age, it... community at just $45.00. Save 50% on AMERICAN HERITAGE magazine too. To further commemorate The Diamond... Jubilee, you can get special savings on a years subscription to American Heritage magazine. Each issue

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