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... Almost all Georgians who fought in the Texas Revolution were in the Georgia Battalion assigned... of the men were captured and returned to Goliad. Of the 160 men assigned to the Georgia Battalion, a few... recent heroes to be remembered, and time marched on. In 1936 the matter of honoring the Georgia Battalion... to the Georgia Battalion. Consequently, the promise still was not honored in full. As the time neared..., Shackelford County was named for Dr. John Shackelford, a doctor with the Georgia Battalion whose life

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...) News, July 25, 1976. Markers Monument Inscription, "In Honor of the Georgia Battalion," Albany, Texas.... Harry Holder, former superintendent of Albany schools, helped design the monument to the Georgia... Battalion and also worked on the huge stones that became the fountain. 14

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... sons came to Texas to join the fight for freedom. The Georgia Battalion of 5 companies of volunteers... to payment in favor of the building of a monument to the men of the Georgia Battalion. Texas again agreed...! The monument to the Georgia Battalion was dedicated at 5:00 p.m., Thursday, June 24, 1976. Mrs. Lyndon B

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...? The place is Albany, and the fountain flows, .and the flags fly over the Monument to the Georgia Battalion... to the Georgia Battalion of the Texas War for Independence stands in a park in the center of downtown Albany. All

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