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... OLIVER JACKSON Head Track Coach Football Line Coach After graduating from ACC in 1946, Oliver... school, Jackson lettered in all three major sports three years. He then came to ACC and was quarterback... of the Wildcat team in 1941. After serving in the Air Force during the war, Jackson came back to ACC and since... at ACC as quarterback and linebacker is the backfield coach, Bill McClure. After graduation from ACC... clubs, Guy Scruggs decided to settle down as assistant coach and principal of the high school at ACC

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.... Halfback; 2 yr. Letter. I Cent( Oct. 6-ACC 20, Texas Western 13. In a game played at Midland and sponsored.... Oct. 11l--Carswell Bombers 47, ACC 18. ACC had the distinction of being the only team on Carswell... piled on four TDs in the last half, largely by cashing in on ACC mistakes, to win easily, 47 to 18..., in ACC's first home game.

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... yr. Letterman Oct. 20-ACC 58, McMurry 13. The Wildcats were solid favorites all right, but no one... to speak, scored as the Wildcats poured it on again-t their cross-town rivals. Oct. 27-ACC 21, Midwestern.... ACC gained almost at will but produced only a 21 to 13 victory at Wichita Falls. HASKELL SINCLAIR... Nov. 3-Texas A&I 14, ACC 13. The alert, hustling Javelinas swapped touchdown for touchdown

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... WALTER H. ADAMS, Ph. D. Professor of Secondary Education. ACC since 1925. Dean of the College... since 1938. Dean Mrs. W. C. SIKES, B. A. Dean of Women ACC since 1926. Dean of Women since 1948.... LOWELL G. PERRY, M. A. Dean of Men Instructor of Speech. ACC since 1948. Acting Dean of Men

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... A try through the line at Howard Payne. Sept. 22-ACC 14, East Texas State 6. The following week..., by the Wildcats. The Lions made ACC look progressively better as they proceeded to chop down nine opponents to win... their Lone Star Conference crown handily. Sept. 28-Chattanooga 33, ACC 7. The Wildcats were soundly beaten

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.... Coach Dewey Mayhew of Texas A&I admitted his team probably couldn't repeat its upset performance if ACC..., after scouting the Wildcats in three games, stated that he considered the 1951 ACC football team one..., ACC 7. Drake's husky, all-American Negro halfback, Johnny Bright, proved to the Wildcats that all... a play with the captains. 1951 FOOTBALL SCORES ACC Opponent 7 Drake

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... of the Christian Education Dept. ACC since 1936. Vice president since 1940. Bursar KENNETH RASCO, M. A.... Registrar Instructor of English. ACC since 1949. Registrar since 1950.

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... coming I he became athletic director C ball coach. Since ACC ent Conference in 1932, his team... iy college coach 1C coach for the came to ACC in etball when the )0 students. This :as A&M college..., * ing quarterback rence champion l as all-conference in hits and runs ar at Greenville to ACC

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... icccaimtnnrn In 1951 the ACC badminton team became the first team in history to win all the first... on the campus but ACC is nationally known in this field. Badminton, along with the tennis teams, is coached

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... the ACC team beat McMurry at Bennett Gym, 63 to 59, in what many of the spectators described as the best... heart-breaker which destroyed ACC's clear conference title, but gave them a three-way tie with McMurry

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.... Letterman 1 yr. Letterman At the Texas Conference meet the ACC cindermen came through... a lot of the individual honors. Individual honor was given ACC's Coach Oliver Jackson when he was named

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.... Letterman JEI Halfbai Nov. 10-ACC 50, Austin College 33. In an incredible scoring jamboree, the Wildcats... it interesting up until the end. Nov. 22-ACC 34, Howard Payne 14. This wa: it. And it was the one the Wildcats

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... College 75 Peacock 58 Avoca 33 ACC 55 79 81 San 66 49 51...'s Hardin-Simmons Indep. McMurry "B" Hardin-Simmons Indep. Howard Payne "B" McMurry "B" ACC 78 48 58 65 65 68 56 67

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... 1952 BASKETBALL SCORES ACC Opponent 55 Wayland... teams were rated as having a good chance at the title. In pre-conference games ACC won only two out

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... Council, Who's Who in AUC, Who's Who in ACC, Sub T-16. Bill Teague, Nocona... in ACC, GATA. Glenn Tuttle, Ulysses, Kans. Agriculture Aggie, Jayhawk, Skating, Mission Study

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