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... the cantata again. Lttend Funeral it Eliasville Mrs. W. P. Newell. Valda Horin of Corpus Christi, Mr. and I... his parents, Dr. and Mrs. 1). Newell, when he was 10 years i and .settled at Kliasville. Hi" d been... a member of the Pre -by rian church since he wa a young y- Jlr. Newell wa man H'll In Ally'' 'dis

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... appointed the following committees: Finance, Mr Fdith Hunter, Mrs. Tom Mo.cley, Mrs. W. I'. Newell, Mrs. S... the Gree* the week-end in Albany visiting | Newell funeral at Klia«r dle, is relatives. They came out... to attend ] guest in the home of Mr*. W. J*, the Smalley-Mim* wedding. 'Newell this week. Only 58 More

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