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... been designated a Fort, a permanent Military Base, and so named as the home of our 12th Armored... forward-left rather than our version of left. His is a copy of the "ETO HIGHLIGHTS" — 119th ARMORED... in the Armored Museums at our disposal. The Patton Museum at Fort Knox should have a large display about... it is about, the when, the who, and the where. A new member from the 119th, Elmer Schultz, notifies the Ass... rely on the members from the 119th. Schultz's copy of the Crest shows the panther ready to spring

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... and time for the all awaited 32nd Annual Reunion of the 12th Armd Div. Everyone seems anxious to get going.... Armored Company bernard mezey 2681 1 N. Circle Of The Oaks Newhall, CA 91321 Well, here it is July... getting out and warming up from the bad winter weather. It is Memorial Day week-end at this writing... people have a nice July 4th holiday. Also, if there is no one to take over as unit rep, I'll be glad... to take it for another term. Armored Artillery o. p. schumacher 25 Huntersville Road Batesville, IN 47006

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... the Hellcats and Hellkittens to catch the Published monthly by the Hellcat News, the official organ of the 12th.... ment. All Units of the 12th was represented but two. Saturday was registration, banquet and Dinner... Armored Division Association, Inc. 1017 West Washington Street, Springfield, Illinois 62702. Second Class...-in-law. Spent one week there and then flew to Portland, Oregon to attend the West Coast Chapter on Memorial Day... weekend. Jim Logan Hdq. 17th was the host and he did a great job, with the help of Cliff Hunter, who

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... THE FIN OR FIVER OR $5.00 DOLLAR CHECK TO - 12th ARMORED DIVISION ASSOCIATION 1017 W. WASHINGTON STREET... be getting a little older but we have a bunch of sharp eyed men in this 12th Armored division Association. I... wanted to hear from anyone that was in C Company of the 56th Armored Infantry Regiment when... it was that contributed the copper stein with our 12th Armd Div. insignia engraved on it, as a door prize. Bill won...' colunm in the original 44th Armorhead News way back in 1943. He also puts a few jokes in a National Labor

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... 119th Armored Engineer Battalion Not too much in the way of notes .or news from the 'bridge gang.... 134th Armored Ordnance Battalion JOHN McNAULL Route 6, 699 Co. Rd. 1775 Ashland, OH 44805 Our column... stunned to receive the memorial pamphlet from the funeral home, telling of Bernice's death on April 24th... passed away May 5th after an operation for a ruptured gall bladder, a week before his 81st birthday.... ED July 1978 The happy couple is Robert and Alma Sherfick of the 134th, Bob passed away on May 20th

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... PLEASE CLIP AND MAIL July 1978 HELLCAT NEWS Page 19 ENCLOSED IS ANNUAL DUES TO THE 12th ARMORED... Make All Checks Payable To The 12th Armored Division Association, Mail To: 1017 West Washington Street..., Springfield, Illinois 62702 Annual Membership dues in the 12th Armored Division Association, Inc. is $5... there the 28th of August. According to the Government the ship never left Vladivostok while others say... following Mothers Day. Those in attendance at the little farm were: 714th, Bramletts, Lucas's, Norris

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... for your help and your comradeship and if I have helped you and the 494th do your share in the 12th Armored... and he said the 12th Armored. We got acquainted and he know nothing about the Assn. I gave him my Hellcat... and Hellkitten and God love you all. See you all in Minneapolis - Ken. YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE HER Armored... to see what Flo Halsey was creating the stir about, Hubby Don Halsey (495th) and Fred Stillman (495th... News & now he is a member, Marvin Marlar 494th. Well. this is all I can think about. Jeff Croney. I

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.... SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS The Hellcat News is published monthly by the 12th Armored Division Association — All... Stankunas A/494 Service Officer, 12th AD Assn. WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL SECRET CLUB — Bilderbergers, every year... that this particular condition has worsened. If you need further information contact your 12th AD Service Officer, Joe... ★ RHINELAND ★ ARDENNES - ALSACE ★ CENTRAL EUROPE ^SSpCIAt^ Twelfth Armored Div. Assn. GEORGE G.... O. Box 353 Otterbein, Indiana 47970 JAMES E. STONE, D/43 201 N. 7th Street Mapleton, Iowa 51034 MRS

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... LAST CALL FOR RESERVATION - 12th ARMORED DIVISION ASSN. 32nd ANNUAL REUNION 1978 - JULY 20 TO 23... veterans service organizations. (Submitted by Joe Stankunas, 12th AD Assn. Service Officer. 3010 Glendora... FOR THE 44TH My name is Raymond 'RED' Cartier of A/44 and I will gladly take over the duties as Unit Rep

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... their 25th Wedding Anniversary on June 13, 1978. Bob was assigned to the 12th Armored on 20 Feb. 1945... was transferred to CCR where he remained for the duration of combat and until the 12th was disbanded. The Clements... further by mentioning his most unforgettable moment while with the 12th on 7 April '45 when a couple... assignment to the 12th and lost contact after Ray Collier got shot up outside of Offendorf. While both have... at Zimingen where he was placed in the 1st Squad, 1st Platoon of the 17th A.I.B. and on the same day

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.... HELP! HELP! Anyone in the 66th that can supply the address of SGT. JIM DAVIS HQ/66. He lived somewhere... in Tennessee (ED). July 1978 HELLCAT NEWS Page 7 Armored Medical Battalion CHARLES KOTULA Box 423, Jackson Road... Headquarters, the 714th and 82nd. Marjorie was talking to Rita Caravelli today and Rita said to thank you all... in the Retired Army Bulletin sent in by our Past President, Warren Maue (A/17th). From all of us of the 92nd... Cavalry Reconnaissance Squardon, and the Twelfth Armored Division Association, to his wife, Victoria, son

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... and returned 31 January to the Battalion which had moved to Guimba on orders from the 13th Armored Group. Even... became deeper as the area took hits from 12" howitzers and 5" naval guns emplaced in the hills. The boys... south, unloaded January 12 and joined the Battalion January 14 at San Jacinto. On January 18, Pfc Roy K... bridge and the Battalion bivouacked close by near the undamaged concrete levee. From this area the 44th... behind our area was cleaned to be used as an emergency field. On January 20 a platoon of the 209th AAA

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... of it were consumed by certain individuals of the 44th. We supplemented our rations with chickens purchased... tent. Time for movement was again at hand as we were alerted by Sixth Army and attached to the 13th... Armored Group. In bidding Leyte good bye and seeing the New Year in, we staged a shooting spree at 2400... the Commanding General, 1st Cavalry Division, for the part the 44th played in the operation. Even as a lone Jap..., 1944 and the whole 44th was again on the move, this time to Luzon, the largest of the Philippine

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... 25. Brookville is just 24 miles from Batesville, and it was only last year that I found that a 12th... Page 12 HELLCAT NEWS July 1978 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★A**★★★ he tried to phone... Junior and Amber is in the 9th grade. Then they will be more able to take off for some strictly personal... the Memorial Service for Katie Clarkson, at Brookville, Indiana. Katie was the beloved wife of Austin P.... Clarkson (56th). She passed away at Punta Gorda, Florida, January 27, 1978. She would have been 65 February

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... again! It is the greatest time of the year for all the 494th Hellcats and Kittens with plenty to talk...-together approach. This is another example of the 494th members sticking together. Members of the 494th? ing... shortly before Memorial Day. John was a member of Headquarters battery and a staunch and true Hellcat. He... couple years ago at the reunion. John contributed a good many pictures to the 494th history books... again been a pleasure to serve the 494th for the fourth year as your Unit Representative. I have made

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...:15-10:30 a.m. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETING Conference Room 10:30-12 Noon BUSINESS MEETING MEMORIAL SERVICE Star... Bus at Front of Hotel 7:30-8:30 p.m. COCKTAIL HOUR Star of the North Room 8:30p.m.-12 a.m. DANCE Star... Star of the North Room 11:15-12:30 pm EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETING Conference Room 6 p.m.-7 p.m. COCKTAIL

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... for the guys and from the 714th. Bob, I'd hope your neighbor Prentiss of 'D' company can take ride..., 17th, Fred Linville, and myself, George Carpenter, and Fred Rankey, now retired, of the 66th..., and Bill Lucas, of the 714th. We are getting a great deal of interest toward having, in the near future, a... of the Association, Carson Neilbinger, C., 17th, died of a brain tumor several years ago. I know many of you C Co... note from Lewis Cottingham, Medics 17th. Now as I remember him, as sev-

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... Page 10 HELLCAT NEWS July 1978 because it looks now as if there will be a lot of 134th good... note from you 134th buddies will cheer her along, and I'm sure that when she gets to reunion she... few minutes to drop Brad a note — he's really excited about once again being in contact with the 134th

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