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... *********************** REGISTRATION 45th ANNUAL NATIONAL REUNION 12th Armored Division Association Wednesday to Sunday, September 18... check payable to: 12th Armored Division Association along with this registration form: Mall to: Gilbert... the get-togethers of the 44th Tk. Bn. and 12th AD members. Ethel and Ray Cartier enjoy those get...? (Yes or No) Tour SAC Headquarters & Underground (Limit 1st 80 people) Thursday, Sept. 19 12:30 to 4...:30 pm per person cost 10.00 Tour SAC Museum and Offut Air Force Base Thursday, Sept. 19 1:00 to 5

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... are showing that they really want this 12th Armored memorial for posterity. Second, the Memorial Committee... mr M^L jST Mni w hJAm W|I 12th Armored * Centra! Europe ff E & ill % J* 1 BV K WW 9 A'Sn VOL.44 APRIL... 1991 NO. 8 > r"v>. President's Message The administrative workload of our 12th Armored Division... of the Executive Council, to guide them in planning the future of our great 12th Armored Division Association. Bob... L. Mead Camp Barkeley Memorial Here is the status of the Camp Barkeley Memorial as of the date

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..., fishing and some traveling. Quite a few 12th Armored Vets live in this area." (Bob - Do you think... on mail service by the Holy Roman Empire in the 15th century. (Thanks John. You elite troops were lucky... to Dorothy and Bill Hawkins (Hq/92). National Reunion Notes THE STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND MUSEUM ■ Visitors... of all ages enjoy experiencing aviation history at the SAC Museum. In addition to 30 aircraft, exhibits... II bomber and an array of SAC exhibits and military memorabilia. MUSEUM IMPROVEMENTS ■ New additions

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... of you send in $5 each? Make out your checks to the 12th Armored Division Association and send it to Fred... time ago we could adopt "parallel units" in one of the Armored Divisions. For example, the 495th could... send letters and/or creature comforts to an armored artillery unit on active duty. The same for tanks... education facility. Boys Town houses more than 400 boys and girls and includes a museum of Father Flanagan... bridge, or enjoy a box lunch. ■ ,.rv Do you know this Hellcat? Geo. Karcher, Sv. Co. 714th would like

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... on compiling an accurate list of 12th Armored Division and 44th Tank Battalion members killed in action... memory of Charles) and I. How about sending a donation to 12th Armored Division Assoc., F. George Hatt..., Daniel and Donald survive along with one daughter Jennis. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ JAMES R. GULLEY, B/56, 1705 N. 12th... the only members of the 44th who have contributed to the Camp Barkeley Memorial are Anna Woodword (In..., Jr, 4116 Rowan Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76116. The Memorial gives the 44th Tank Battalion more exposure

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... that they will be well attended. 12th ARMORED DIV. NATIONAL REUNION HOTEL REGISTRATION HAMPTON INN CENTRAL 3301 South 72.... Archie is proud to have served in the 12th and to be a Hellcat. Our 493rd flag has been ordered. As has... Barkeley Memorial Fund, the Armored Forces memorial, the Association Booster Fund, the Hospitality Room... NEWS Page 25 ■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■a 494th Armored Field Artillery MAURICE L. GLOVER 4325 MILL RUN ROAD... time preparing for our 50th wedding anniversary, It's going to be a real blow out, since we had no big

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... Page 2 HELLCAT NEWS April 1991 HELLCAT NEWS PUBLISHED BY THE 12th ARMORED DIVISION ASSOCIATION... Official Publication of the 12th Armored Division Association, 1706 North Second Street, Seward, NE 68434... of $10.00 per year by the 12th Armored Division Association, 1706 N. Second St., Seward, NE 68434. Second...), this guy in back of me read the 12tlj Armored Division insignia on my jacket, and said he also... was in the 12th at Camp Campbell, and Camp Barkeley, but this is the first time he knew about our Association

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... and be well, my friends ... 493rd Armored HIP Field Artillery FRANK J. CZEINER 3225 LANDSDOWNE DR. WILMINGTON..., DE 19810 Phone (302) 478-3462 For his 70th Bill and Madeline Weldon were entertained for a week... Bill and Madeline could be treated to 12 more weeks of freeloading. The Weldon's spent New Year... children, 2 of whom are already in college. And Bill and Madeline have only 12 grandchildren but are soon... of the February issue lists the contributors to the Camp Barkeley Memorial Fund. Our Bn is fairly well represented

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... members who have not paid 12th ARMORED DIVISION EASTERN CHAPTER REGISTRATION tMc4in£ 2Ba44/ie6 Friday... to support the Barkley Memorial and the 66th flag project. We need everybody's help - "It's Great to be a... 77ii8 strange vehicle is called a SEEP. Leonard Czaplewski and the I&R Platoon of the 66th AIB... with the 66th? Who knows the history of this fancy car? to talk to Tom. Tom said that it was really hard... would be pleased to hear from any of Spud's old "C" Company buddies - GeoO). The 66th still has some

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... PLEASE CLIP AND MAIL Enclose Annual Dues-12th Arm'd Div. Assoc. $ 10.00 12th ARMORED HELLCAT... City State Zip Make all checks payable to the 12th Armored Division Assoc., Mail to: 1706 N. Second St...., Seward, NE 68434 Annual Membership Fees in the 12th Armored Division Association are *10.00. Return... all checks PAYABLE to the 12th Armored Division Assoc., Mail to: 1706 N. Second St., Seward, NE 68434... with the 12th for a couple months, from Dec. 16th, 44 to just after Colmar, seems they wanted in on all

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... the following message. "Dear 17th Comrades, Your $261.00 contribution for the Camp Barkeley Memorial arrived... will be used in a manner where the name of the 17th Armored Infantry Battalion will be perpetuated... from Bill Funke today. The Memorial Committee joins me in expressing our appreication for this very... special donation. Many of you 17th Hellcats have already contributed individually. We believe as many... contributions have come in from the 17th as from any other unit, although EVERY unit is contributing

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... Dwyer, who has told me that you publish a newsletter for 12th Armored Division Veterans. My father... love a note from some of his 12th Armd. Div. Buddies. His address is: Col. (Ret.) Scott W. Hall - Room... of giving out some addresses to him. Ken Green has been made an associate member of the 12th A.D.A. and he... is recouperating in the hospital where he is scheduled for a corrective operation February 18th. I am sure he would... conduct an appeal for funds. The Unit Flags are to be used during memorial services at the reunions

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... and 13,200 pounds of grease. During the month of April the first 12th Armored Artillery Liaison plane... to the Bronze Star and 9 Clusters to the Air Medal. Operations May 1945 1 May found the 12th Armored Division.... On 3 May the 12th Armored Captured its largest number of enemy prisoners, processing 12,060 POW...,800 Allied prisoners were freed, 1,400 of whom were U.S. troops. The 12th advanced against scattered... on 29 April CCA had contacted elements of the 10th Armored Div. at Oberau and assembled in that vicinity

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... WALNUT LA GRANDE, OR 97850 Phone (503) 963-2400 119th Armored Engineer Battalion Well, folks... before, the 12th Armd. Assoc. never got to be the #1 outfit by its members being afraid to put... Gevat Co. A 119th AEB. Pic. 1945. Pic. sent by Paul sent in by Steve Gevat. Beutel. GENE A. CURRY 1612... to that Camp Barkeley Memorial Fund. Some members had sent me their donation and I have sent them on to George... for the book "The Other Side Of Time." Again nice going gang. We now have only $20.00 in our 119th Btn Flag

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... that many of the members of his 12th Armored Division pass away each year and they doing so at a faster rate... HUFFMAN WAY * KINGMAN, AZ 86401 The Hellcat News is published monthly by the 12th Armored Division... of putting together a fine book as a tribute to all 12th ADA former POW's but he also managed to add a... plans to attend the 45th Annual Reunion Convention of the 12th ADA which is being planned for Omaha... committee, Blue Ribbon committee and any others who have ad hoc assignments. Go get em fellows! 12th Annual

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...th Armored Ordnance Battalion DONALD J. HERING HCR BOX 186A SPOTTED FAWN, NO. 25 KESHENA, WI 54135... else s shoulder. We should have one of the largest group of 119th people this year in Omaha. COMPANY C... on making it to our next Northwest Chapter meeting in Olympia Wash, this May 18th, 19th and 20th. He said...:54 2V4 hours Houston, TX 935/1498 18:42 2 hours Indianapolis, IN 607/ 977 12:09 2 hours Kansas City, MO... your dues now. I am happy to report our Camp Barkeley Memorial Fund is doing well and is 70

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... and prayers of the 12th Armored and the old 66th AIB are with each and every man at the front. We hope...-0079 BOOSTER: Myrl Sabin (B) PROFILE OF A BUDDY 66th Armored Infantry Battalion - v-s. * I "I - •- ..." —g •0... regarding the death of an old 12th AD Hellcat. Frank said that he was retired from Texaco Oil refinery after... the days they spent with the Recon. platoon of Hdqs. of the 66th. He said, "We fought the war all over... with the Sarnocinski's and Thompson's (714th) and the Kachuba's for a (92nd) birthday party at the famous Port Richey

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... and the 56th Armored Infantry Battalion, 12th Armored Division, 8-11 January 1945. LEST YOU FORGET! Hdq. Co... by the 12th out of Herrlisheim (Jan 8-12, 45) I really need to know. A/714 should have a new address list... Page 28 HELLCAT NEWS April 1991 714th Tank Battalion DAVID E. GOLDEN 25 MILDRED LANE LATHAM, NY... of Germany's 10th SS. to get together with "the units that destroyed their tanks in January 1945". More... erroneous. The enemy total, which both forces (Task Force Rammer, composed of the 56th AIB plus and B/714th

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... returned to the nursing home after a brief hospital stay, but never fully recovered. He 12th ARMORED... on February 8th. He went to the hospital on Tuesday and died early Friday morning. The pain in one leg was so... died on Tuesday, Feb 12, 1991. Ken's health has not been good for several years. It deteriorated.../Double (D/D) Exp. Date Check in time 3 pm. Check out time 12 noon. Space is limited, so reserve now

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... 4 a.m. and it had not actually been destroyed but the attack did not materialize. The 12th AD.... Weston F. O. #1 Hq. Btry. 494th AFA. 495th Armored Field Artillery FRED STILLMAN 15 GREENWAY SOUTH...th at Campbell . . . ended up with the 1st Armored in Italy . . . got credit for North Appenines... 494th SV had died in January and that his wife died 2 days earlier. I had the nicest Christmas letter... in Dayton, OH. We are also going to attend a birthday party with Melvin Knack, Sv 43, Dean Strubbs C/495th

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