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... the first round for the 12th Armored Division on December 5th, 1944. We were near Weisslingen, reinforcing... us in Nashville next summer. I beth 494th Armored Field Artillery KENNETH G. BRADSTREET 1018 PRAIRIE... Page 18 HELLCAT NEWS Jan. 1983 493rd Armored Field Artillery PAUL H. GOSSER 504 WINDSOR PLACE... St. Stroudsburg, PA 18360 Fri. - Sat., April 29, 30, May 1,1983 38th NATIONAL REUNION HYATT REGENCY...". The situation was so desperate that a group of artillerymen from the 420th A.F.A. was used as frontline

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.... We remained friends until the War, when I went to the 12th Armored Div., and "C" Co., 82nd Medics... 12 grandchildren. Our first grandson, Michael Murray married Betty Walsh on August 8th. Our first... Page 12 HELLCAT NEWS Jan.1983 my bridge? Yes I did win some points in Palo Alto over labor day... and their families the very best for the coming New Year. See you next month. 82nd Armored Medical Battalion CHARLES... thru June 30th, and not Jan. 1st. The 82nd has passed the z/3rds mark, in paid memberships. Only

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... All Checks Payable To The 12th Armored Division Association, Mail to: 1913 Jerome Drive, Godfrey, IL... 62035 Annual Membership fees in the 12th Armored Division Association are $7.50. Return this bill... with your remittance. fPClAliS ORDER BLANK fm 12th Armored Jewelry Name . Address City ... State Zip m... • PLEASE CLIP AND MAIL • Enclosed Annual Dues to 12th Arm'd Div. Assoc. $7.50 Hellcat BOOSTER... tanker while in Florida. The 150th Signal Co. man saw his 12th decal on the car window. "You thought I

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... and singing all night. On Wednesday I stayed in the area around Mosbach. After the war, when the 12th Armored... and good luck to all in our years to come. 119th Armored Engineer Battalion CLIFFORD KOAH 56 S. NEW YORK.... [Sent in by Dick Martin, A/92] asked the same question. The next day, April 6th, the rain had stopped... Division went home, most of the men went to the same outfit of the 1st Armored Division. One of the places.... There they have a restaurant, a museum, and a hotel. I then took a ferry across the Neckar River to Burg

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... item on television last let's Mdkefr AB/q (fear... SB PUBLISHED BY THE 12th ARMORED DIVISION... received by the historians and Hank Hawkins has identified all of the members of the 12th Armored Division... days of 1942 - 1945. The 12th Armored Division History Books tell YOUR STORY so get your part... after he received his November HCN LLOYD ENEIX, Med/66th, wrote to inform me that a medic from the 66th... of the 66th AIB. That is certainly "the last full measure of devotion" and we must not forget. Lloyd

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... •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• entrained to Camp Livingston, HELLCAT NEWS Louisiana. It was POE next, PUBLISHED BY THE 12th ARMORED... DIVISION ASSOCIATION reaching Camp Shanks, New York Official Publication of the 12th Armored Division...th 1404 Jewell Drive, Columbia, TN 37840 (615) 381-4737 Armored Division, also newly Membership... tracks" were with the 12th Arm- Theatre of Operations. bore the arrogant script, "Today ored Division... their separate rate of $6.00 per year by the 12th sylvania recruits. During 49 ways and do their individual tasks

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.... Some are only a matter of a few months away. So start making your plans now. Some jr ^ A/17th Men... in Austria, 1945. Relaxed with glasses in hand which are being emptied. Sent in by Emit Boracchia, A 17th... Armored Infantry Battalion WARREN E. MAUE 4320 Germantown-Liberty Rd. GERMANTOWN, OH 45327 Phone [513] 866...., who has a buddy by name of Marvel Rowland, B - 56th, sends in the following information. George... retired from The Columbus Dispatch, after working there for 37 years. George retired September 30th

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... OF RATES (CIRCLE RATE DESIRED) 4% sales tax applicable. 12th Armored Division - S .E, Chapter Fri. 4.... Best of luck to you both from all of us. 495th Armored Field Artillery JOE MIELNIK 38432 WARWICKSHIRE... Jan.1983 HELLCAT NEWS Page 21 w Old signs behind an old soldier Bob Link, 495th, who has increased... in value with the years. Taken during the 495th get-together on the 10th floor of Stouffers Riverfront.... 7th as a result of cancer. John was born Aug. 6, 1922. Surviving are his wife Velma, two sons

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... in the 12th Armored Division Association, but through no fault of his own, is unable to pay the annual fee... The Hellcat News is published monthly by the 12th Armored Division Association. All communications should... that they are no longer interested in belonging to the 12th ADA, which is a shock to those of us that have enjoyed... ★ RHINELAND ★ ARDENNES - ALSACE ★ CENTRAL EUROPE HELLCAT NEWS Twelfth Armored Div. Assn. (USPS 350... Chairman signing document recording the 36th annual Hellcat Reunion in St. Louis. Under his leadership

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... that everything is now "A-O.K." Received a letter from the 12th Armored Division Association Executive Secretary... in as soon as you can. Check payable to the 12th Armored Div. Ass'n; send to Norb Bruemmer. (Between us guys... Dottie, who is always present at a 12th ADA function. [Photo by Bob Saeloff, 495th] ruvrvro 56th Armored... been very active in many of the 12th Armor - ed's activities in the Illinois area. He'll be well on his...th Tankers that there are many in ALL UNITS that seemed confused on the fiscal year. The 12th

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....50 dues today before you forget it another month. Make the check payable to the 12th Armored Division... will be the first for the new year of 1983 my thoughts go back to Camp Campbell, KY. I was looking at the 12th... Armored Regimental book with all of the Company pictures. Luckily I wrote last names on the pictures

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... □ SUITE □ Name Address City, State, Zip Code Group Name 12th Armored Division Assoc. Reservations...-628-2205) — DOUBLE BED 2 PEOPLE - $20.00 and 2 DOUBLE BEDS 2 to 4 PEOPLE - $28.00. ALLYNDALE MOTEL, 510 N. 66th AVE...th Street, SUPERIOR, Wl 54880 (715-398-6115). THE WEST DULUTH AMERICAN LEGION POST #71 IS A BYOB... hope that you will get our 4&4th people to write so your mailman will be happy and you will have more

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...th Armored Division we suggest your writing to Ken Bradstreet, 1018 Prairie St., Emporia, Kansas... 66801. 134th Armored Ordnance Battalion HOWARD J. BULL WINKLE 721 E. FIFTH AVENUE MONMOUTH, IL 61462... years. Hope you have many more enjoyable ones! A note from Clifford F. Williams, 200-8th Street, Upland... wants to get all the answers from names of towns, incidents that happened during your service in the 12... but immediately recognized GUY ARCARIS of B Co. of the 134th Ordnance Bn. Any of you in his area of 19000 Loomis

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... to the Alps, but not in the 12th Armored Division sequence, but in different areas each day. I will give you... and I teach school - 4th Grade. Billings is 20 miles southwest of Springfield, Missouri. We have 3... married daughters, 4 grandchildren and a 5th one due in February. Clarence had serious abdominal cancer...-Handheim to Tauberbischofsheim. After the war the men that were transfered to the 81st Recon, 1st Armored Division returned

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...-438-5182), and also indicate the number of golfers (golfing to be paid at time of play). WESTERN CHAPTER - 12th... that returned to Barkley", this 714th Tank Battalion. Ervie Lowell Stovall of R. R. 3, Box 322 - Scottsville, KY... the Happy St. Louis affair. He sent along a snapshot of Jan.1983 HELLCAT NEWS Page 23 \ Bob Schwartz, 495th..., Bernie and Lillian Mezey, 152nd, and Ken Warnes, 714th, at the May, 1982 West Coast Meeting. splitting... ARMORED DIV. ASSOCIATION Royal Scot Motor Hotel, 1680 Oceanside Blvd., Oceanside, CA 92054 (Oceanside Blvd

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... Lloyd Eneix of the Med/66. Dear Bob: "A note to let you know that the 12th AD received another D. S. C... of the 12th to other divisions. Maybe someone out there can fill more of the details. His name (Roland... Meeting, thinking I would see more from the 56th there. We have been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving... and then our only granddaughter is to be married the 27th; it will keep me on the run for a few days. Best... are melting fast. Can't be too fast for Margaret or I - had enough of that Jan.1983 HELLCAT NEWS Page 11 66th

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... buddies of 152nd Sig. and 12th ADA." Nice letter Homer. But after your hibernation period, what next? I... and next year our reunion. Say hello to the 134th bunch for us." You just said that Steve, and I'll look... that Hellcat dues run from July 1st thru June 30th of the next year, and NOT FROM Jan. 1 thru Dec. 31... Gray [152nd] in a serious conversation at the St. Louis Reunion. 152nd Armored Signal Company BERNARD

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... great guy. There are so many of them in our 12th Armored family. Our very best wishes and regards to all... . . . the inspections . . . the wild night of 12 July . . . the blank-blank flies . . . the sleep we never get

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..., reported deceased [date of death unknown] by Claude Spargur, A/44. He was not a member of the 12th ADA... to Claude Spargur, A/44, from Elvis's wife. He was not a member of the 12th ADA. WALTER C. HANSEN, B/493... Rep. [none of these were 12th ADA members, but had formerly been with the 12th AD]: NORBERT WEBBELSMAN... Schmaley Mazur, postmarked 12-02-82. No other information available. NEIL A. DAMBRIE, A/43, 492 Brighton... Ave., Portland, ME 04102 was reported deceased in a note from John S. O'Neil [Hq/43rd] postmarked 12

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... had no contact. Finally about 3 or 4 years ago I read in the American Legion magazine about the 12th... going to have a reunion. I contacted the 12th Secretary asking about a Bob Fuller, and sure enough he... lifetime that this kind of friendship is found, and we both value it very much. Thanks to the 12th Hellcats... for a 2nd time. Reporter to Centerarian: "How do you feel on your 100th birthday?" Answer: "Much better... than I did a hundred years ago today." Am leaving for Florida, December 14th. Will be gone a little

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