Hellcat News, (Heidenheim, Germany), Vol. 3 , No. 5, Ed. 1, Saturday, June 16, 1945: Searching Inside

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... 12th ARMORED DIVISION Mellcat News VOLUME 3, NUMBER 5 Ord Given Star; Award 152nd Also HEIDENHEIM... in supporting the 12th Armored Division during the campaign in Eastern France and Southern Germany from December... in the 12th to win the Meritorious Service Unit Plaque, recently became the first unit in the division... last month. 12th Had 2,479 In Casualties Infantry casualties in the 12th bat, according to a report... the windows as their buddies cover them. Training Program To Be Intensified Reduction of the 12th's security

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..., an interpreter for the 12th Armored Division, who left Munich, Germany, where he was born and raised, in 1925... then where the streets had been mined, the fastmoving 12th outfit decided to trust him implicitly. Just... the speed with which he went away from there had something to do with it. Discharged Jeny Seeks To Join 12th... Armored Lt. Wilmer H. Renken of Hq's Co. 56th AIB swars this story is the truth: While on duty ai provost... in Leige where Lt. Lenihan is still on duty. Two months ago, Lenihan joined the 12th, but he recently had a

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... of the obstacles that were placed in the paths of 12th Armored spearheads but failed to halt them. Here a medium... HELLCAT NEWS Is published weekly by enlisted men el the 12th Armored Division lor the oliicers... is set up, 134th Ord Maint Bn will be bidding for top honors. Extensive preparations which should make... bunched in the middle. The standings: Flowers Doubles To Clinch Win For 17th Prov Scoring all their runs... in the final two innings, Prov Co, 17th AIB squeezed out Hq, 838th AWS last week, winning 10-9. Flowers lammed

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... because they believed in the Jewish religion. Now, on detached service with 12th's MG Detachment.... Heidenheim Was Center Of Industry And Culture Brig. Gen. Riley F. Ennis won the 12th's first Bronze Star... is the Hellenstein Castle, built in the 12th century on a crag overlooking the basin formed by converging valleys... to entertainment, Hellcats are there with the answer. Sparkling talent up from the ranks of the 12th had audiences... in Ellwangen from the 100th Infantry Division's MG, he is helping to find the Nazis who persecuted him

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