Hellcat News, (Tennessee.), Vol. 1, No. 3, Ed. 1, October 1, 1943: Searching Inside

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... was considered. Advance During Night The advance of the Blue Armored troops continued throughout the night.... At the termination of the problem at 0900 Thursday morning, all Blue Armored Division units had either seized river.... W. J. Phelan's battalion of light tanks and a platoon of Armored Infantry which captured the Harts..., Charles E. Geherin. To techn 4th Gr, George J. White. To cpl, Walter H. Wahl. To techn 5th Gr, James V. La...- Marca. To pvt 1 cl, Wilson O. Napier. Col. Carter's Armd Regt To techn 4 th Gr: Albert G. Rauert, Elmer

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... Mclleat flews Published each Friday by the Blue Armored Division for free distribution to all... meritorious conduct. Techn 4th Gr William A. Jenkins for general meritorious conduct. BLUE ARMD INF REGT Sgt... the Blue Armored Infantry column to reach the Corps' objective. The three platoons led by S/Sgt Walter... against enemy, consisting of an estimated tank destroyer battalion. talion. BLUE ARMORED ENGINEERS A... area. T/Sgt A. L. Ogletree. Blue Uses Shoe One Blue Armored Division messenger played a sly trick

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...'s Blue Armored Regiment. Techn 5th Gr Edward M. Jacobi, Company A, has been requested to report to New... within the cemetery bounding the CP area. T/Sgt A. L. Ogletree. Blue Uses Shoe One Blue Armored Division... Armored messenger drove by. The prisoner hailed his buddy, removed his shoe and gave him the message... by the prompt countermeasures of Blue Armored Division men, Red Infantrymen made a direct attack on the Division... Praises Hellcat Men Maj. Gen. Carlos Brewer, Commanding General of the Blue Armored Division, received a

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... Hellcats Play By Brig. Gen. H. L. Peckham ^Vgain in its second operation, the Blue Armored Division.... Gen. Howard L. Peckham commanding the Blue Armored Division for the second problem of the maneuvers... September 1943. Company "D," Blue Armored Infantry, for persistent and effective attack of numerous hostile... for the Blue Forces by the Blue Armored Infantry Regiment. The G-3 report covering the period till midnight

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