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...: _ ~ (compariyl [battalion] * Dues for the 12th armored Division Association are $2.00 per year and run from... all checks payable to the: 12th Armored Division Association, Mail to: William ¥, Hawkins Executive... Secretary 12th Armored Division Association 10S6 Geneva Ave,, Columbus Ohio PLEASE WRITE, I WANT TO HEAR... for the Hellcat News, Tell us about your former friends in the 12th, what they are doing, where they are

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... mat out for anyone that comes their way that was in the 12th, (Much more snow and IT11 be your star... 12th was taking the town of Angeltura, Germany, for him it was a hit worth a million because he got...,,, and he is the only one left in the Photo game . that started when these 3 fellows were in the 12th. He... hopes to; make the Reunion* • 56th Armored Infantry Battalion • - CHARLES M. HERRCLD (A) RD 3, W. Seneca... is finance officer Post 16 Amvets, St. Matthews Memorial Post. Is waiting for third child. . . . .. ; 23rd

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... for 13 months he was given his freedom by the greatest fighting force in the world -- the 12th Armored... of Staff The Armored Center, Fort Knox, Ky, ***# ALBERT A. BERGER (also 134) 1203 S. 4th Ave., Kankakee..., Pa., writes that he is now President of 7" h Armored Division Ass'n and is trying to organize an Ass

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... Is The Password", which gives a brief history of the 12th Armored Division. ' These copies are'-available to all... mistake made on page 3 of this issue in calling the 17th Armored '' Infantry Battalion a Division,. we' 11...;. 494th Field Artillery Battalion LEON D•' AUCHMUTY (Sv) 93b' 'Market .StaTrevorton, Pae, asks for a...th Field Artillery Battalion LEONARD H. E3TEP (0) 354 5th Ave,., New Kensington, -'Pa., he is still...., Columbus, Ohio Treasurer: James A. Reed (Div Hq) 417 S. 4th Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Historian: Owsley C

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... company in San Francisco, ***** ED BROVIC (Hq) 303 E. 146th Place, Harvey, Ill.^is planning on flying...-stores', he-will open his third store in March. ** MARION M. McCRACKEN (Hq) 2300 -S.:36th St., Lincoln, Nebr...-year. '62 ARMORED•MEDICAL BATTALION ANTIM0 P. CLEMENTE, 25 W. Pitman St., Perms Grove, N. J., is... likes it. *** LT. EDWARD J. DUBI0KI (A) is now at 10th Field Hospital, Wildflecken, Germany, APO 600..., %PM, N. Y., N. Y. 119th Engineer Battalion CHARLES Ji GATZ, 1121 N. Avers Ave., Chicago 51> 111. He

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... make it to the Reunion. We would like to have him as a member» 17th Armored Infantry Division- GEORGE... is now Bn C,..0o, 329th Inf., S3 rd Inf.-Div., USAR. *** JOHN LEEHMAN'is recovering from jaundice. Col..., operates a grocery store at Wetmore, Kas,.** GR0VER CUNNINGHAM (Hq) 3143 13th St. Port Arthur, Texas is now..., attended Hamilton College, was captured at Herrlisheim, • • . WILLIAM R. HOLLY (Sv) 1410 N. W. $9th St...., Miami 47, Fla. ^and his son Wm. D. Holly (Sv) 1210 N. W. 127th St., Miami 47, Fla. write in and say

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... 12th at Riley as yet. (How about Geo, Ridenour at-Rt. 1, Junction City, Kas.?) ***' ROBERT W. LEACH...st Bn, '6th Armd Cav Regt, -APO 305, % PM, N.Y. ,-N.Y, has 2 boys and girl, has :his family with him... in Germany«, 1st Lt. FRANK'WELL1VER 0964533} 24th Ord» M.M. Co., APO 301, % PM, San Francisco, Calif*- I.... **** COSTAS G. HIOTIS (F) 600 W. 164th St., N. Y. 32, N*' Y, Gus is still in the;restaurant business and has

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... T/SGT FRANK BARRETT (B) 3650th Supply Sq*, M & S Group, Sampson AF Base, Geneva, N. Y. reports he... furnish him with names .of those that were in "C"? 134th Ordnance DONALD A. TIFFANY (B) 19 Dickinson Ave... news from any former member of 134th. MP Platoon S. BERNARD ROSEN, 6626 N, Fairfield Ave*, Chicago 45.... *** FRANK TIMMONS, 1431 W. ^6th Ave*, Columbus, Ohio, was recently awarded the "Golden Rule Safety Award

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