The Albany News (Albany, Tex.), Vol. [100], No. 45, Ed. 1 Wednesday, May 12, 1976: Searching Inside

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... in favor of a monument to the Georgia Battalion. Texas agreed but for one reason or another, it was never..., but this does not meet the requirement of a monument in memory of the "Georgia Battalion." Since our town... to the "Georgia Battalion." The decision has been made to build a fountain on the First National Bank Park

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... beginnings. Harry Holder is chairman of a committee to build a monument to the Georgia Battalion which... saying "Are you homesick? Subscribe for the Advertxeer. The Georgia Battalion was the only unit... formally organized into the Georgia Battalion, which they were not permitted to do within the borders... of the United States. They joined "Fannin's Men" which was composed of two battalions, the Georgia Battalion

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