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, »y "3T * '
® If? Albany $>tu£
Old Velum* No. Eighty-nine, New Volume No. Eighty-<me
Superinteadeirt Talon Announces Rain Received
Albany, Texas, Thursday, August J 9, 1965
Number Fifty-one
Completion of School Faculty
Superintendent of Schools
Carroll E. Tatom announces
this week that the faculty for
the 1965-66 school term is com-
plete with the employment of
several teachers new to our
md . system.
'Jwlw °r!i Hfi states that 8 stron8 and
T?.», ! exPerienced faculty has been
m, c assprnbled, and that we
This area received welcome
rains the past week, the first
since the early part of JuTy.
Total moisture was 1.34 inches,
high school mathematics. Mr Warm August days continue,
Tinsley is married and has with 99 degrees registered
twin sons. He is a graduate Wednesday afternoon,
of Abilene Christian College Temperatures for the week
Miss Corimie
Palm Dies in
Car Acc'dent
Word was received
Cub Football
Boy8 to Sign-In
All boys in the 7th and 8th
grades who are interested in j
playing football on the Ctib
team are requested to begin
running and conditioning exer-
The Cubs open their season
hprp with Clyde at Albany on Sept.
with a major in mathematics with highs for afternoon before, - death 9 JPm ,
an/1 a • - i _ • r>r£> tfivon Mnw i * Fnnth.ili nlAVi
and a minor in social science. :are g'ven below:
Mr. Tinsley has two years Friday. 99 and 62.
teaching experience, and Saturday 95 and 6V
comes from Stephenville High Sunday: 8f. and 69.
will be m™.Ti a"u that we are. School, where he taught last; Monday: «7 and 70.
bulb sale in HTfhl H i , acquir" year He is a member of the Tuesday: 97 and 68.
ed the services of these new Church of Christ.
.. Wednesday: 97 and 71.
'hAm a a m , 'hey are: I Mrs. Terry Richter, teacher This morning: 99 and 74.
8 " m' J°n Jate high school princi-1 of the fourth grade, and Terry; «
post office teachers.
u>. ... ... fal' *jr Tate holds a bache-j Richter, teacher of junior hieh «■ rv«
toe bulbs will ors degree from Sul Ross mathematics and junior high Mfivntl PlAtlfifllT
ding on the State College and masters de coach. Mrs. Richter is an Au- ITIOFgII ilullt^r
Eofits made gree from Abilene Christian pust graduate of North Texas
ycee spon- College. He coached at East- University with a major in de-
projects such land and Clyde high schools,1 mentarv education. Mr. Rich-
WH Christmas and was principal of Clyde ter will receive his master's
age drivers' Junior High School the 1964-65 degree in education from North
school year. Mr. Tate is mar- Texas Teacher in August. They \ Mrc w ,r Rrpwt;tpr "Aunt
ried and has one son. Mr. and are newlv-weds and are mem-1 jp'nnv:- ' L was' af{ection-
LP Barntis'tachurrehrnen,b<,rS ^115* Vh" {f°thodist andt B?" alely called, died at' 10:20 p. m.
are be- Ba£{ SnrfhMav f # . ! Churches, respectively. Satuyrrfay, Aug. 7. in ,he Shack-
[4Wies - J- teacher. Mrs.^ay Is^iarrled M exjwdence. ^ US ^^
■8 are having and,,J;er,inh''fband \a student! Don Mayberrv. teacher of,p Mrs Rrewster. a resident of
in Rose Ad* ,ba?' Shackelford County 87 years,
Passes Away
Heatley is
She holds a bachelor's and kefball coach and B-team foot-1
l " tint «'«»«•«•» uegree in elementary j row coach. Mr. Mavberry! "TV ""/ p " ° . t,pij I Mont., at 5 n.
i> ».io e<lucation and English from holds a RS degree from Texas 2 30 p m Monday in the j St. Paul. Minn , nnrl arrived at 5^ Tuesday afternoon. Hev.
master's degree in elementary | ball
j. education and English from
Circle Mrs. ^jay jjve years
, i teaching experience, having
toc« contract- taught in Carlsbad, N. M„ and
homes for Odessa. She is a member of
was 95 years of age.
Football players will meet
with Coaches Richter and
Dulin on Friday afternoon. Aug
27, the day of school registra-
Mrs. MauM'n
Buned at Tyler
Mrs. C. B. Mauldin, 84, pass-
miles from the Palm' ranch, ed away at 12:30 p m. Monday
when her car and the truck in the Shackelford County Me-
sideswiped. A wafer tank on morial Hospital. She had been
the truck tore into the driver's ill for four years.
side of the car. killing Miss Funeral service was held
1'aim. Tuesday morning at 9:00 in the
Nelson Palm called John H. First Baptist Church with the
Sedwick Tuesday morning to pastor. Rev. Marion E. Kirch-
report the accident. Godfrey n(,r. officiating.
Funeral Home has received The body was taken to Tyler
word that the body left Baker, where grave side rites were
m. Tuesday for held in the Noonday Cemetery
of Miss Corinne Palm when her
car and a truck collided in
vjjj southeast Montana. The aeci-
'"ident occurred at 11 Monday
' night. It is understood that
: Miss Palm had driven to Den-
I ver, Colo., where she was met
I by her brother. Nelson Palm.
! and she was following his car
enroute to the Pa'm ranch at
Ismay, Montana, where Miss
Palm was going for a visit
A news story from Helena.
Mont., states the accident oc
cured on State Highway 23, 75
ams and Mr.
people are
the third an-
ral's Youth
are Joe
Jack Webb,
Rose and
were accom-
by Mr. and
is a counsel-
attended all
ral Waggoner
that 17 Texas
Will broadcast
morning ses-
adcast time
m„ and Albany
Interested In
the conference Is
and senior high
I the opportunity
enile crime
and suggest
alarming rise.
Citizens Club will
Youth Center
Aug. 26.
be Mmes. Dee
in and C. E.
r with a
of humor
mber of the
lor Chamber
him up in
looked dili-
likely classi-
id fi-
mlnister un-
the Baptist Church.
Miss Zelma Strickland,
teacher of girls' physical edu-
cation and girls' basketball
coach. Miss Strickland is a
graduate of McMurry College,
and holds a bachelor's degree
in physical education and Eng-
ish. She has seven years
teaching experience. and
comes to us from the Coleman
school system. Her church
preference is Methodist.
Eugene Klnser, teacher of
high school commercial sub-
jects. Mr. Kinser is a gradu-
ate of Abilene Christian Col-
lege and holds a bachelor's de-
gree in business education. He
has three years teaching ex-
perience, and comes to us from
the Cisco School System. He
is a member of the Church of
Kenny Tinsley, teacher of
Christian University. 's a I First Baptist Church at Moran
member of the Methodist
with the Rev, Jack Riley, pas-
Church. Mr. Mayberry has i t officiating.
three years teaching expen-1 Burja, wag jn the Moran
ence and taught last year in j ^emetery under direction of
Godfrey Funeral Home
Mrs. Brewster was
Midland Hleh School.
Sammy Walker, teacher of
social studies and physical ed-
ucation In junior hieh and high
school, line coach for football,
and head track coach. Mr,
Walker is married and has two
children. He served as line
coach in Hamlin High School
the past several years. He Is
a graduate of Hardin-Simmons
University. Mr. and Mrs. Wal-
ker are Baptist.
Dee Windsor, head coach and
athletic director, is almost new
for Albany. Mr. Windsor re-
placed Harold Barrett in Aoril
and will be starting his first
year In Albany. He is a grad-
uate of Hardin-Simmons Uni-
versity, and holds a bachelor s
degree with a major in physi-
cal education. He Is married
and has two sons.
Date August 27
Nancy Smith Elementary
School' will have Its registra-
tion on Friday, Aug. 27, from
9 to 11 a. m.
Parents of children in the
first three grades will regis-
ter for the children. Please do
not bring the children.
Students in grades four
through eight will meet with
their teachers for registration.
All students who will be in
Albany schools for the first
time (grades 2-8) should come
by the principal's office be-
tween now and Aug. 27. The
office will be open for pre-
registratlon from 9:00 a. m. to
3 p m The children should be
accompanied by a parent who
will sign an age, grade, resi-
dence report.
The school buses will make
their run. Children should be
ready in sufficient time for the
drivers to arrive at grade
school shortly before 9 a. m.
Many Help
Taylor Airport has recently
undergone a complete renova-
tion. The Chamber of Com-
merce some months ago com-
menced a drive among local
and out-of-town businesses for
donations to finance reworkingI ji^ie'Ann,'Bowman'''0f
and paving the runway at the Kinsv,||p Jprry clay Wno(, of
Elizabeth Jane Parrish in Mar-
ion County, Arkansas, Feb. 25,
1870. When three years old she
moved to Bell County, Texas,
with her parents, the late Mr.
and Mrs. W. M. "Uncle Billy"
Parrish. They made the trip
by ox wagon. When she was
eight years old the family mov-
ed to Shackelford County, settl-
ing in the Deep Creek ""m-
She married Mr. Brewster
Nov. 22, 1891, in Moran, where
they lived for many years. He
preceded her in death Oct. 14,
1960. Four daughters, Lena,
Fay, Amy and Mary Davis,
also preceded her in death.
She was a charter member
of the First Baptist Church of
Survivors include a daughter,
Mrs. C. A. (Atidra Bel)
Churchill of Midland: two
grandsons, James Bowman of
Kingsville and Lorry Lee Wood
of Chino, Calif,: two grand-
daughters, Mrs. Bill Sargent of
Fort Stockton and Mrs. T. G.
Hull of Merkel: nine great
grandchildren, Billie G. Sar-
gent of Fort Stockton. Mrs.
Ann Cauldwell of Oklahoma
City. Coletta and Janle Hull
and Sherry Reynolds of Mer
.TEXAS 76430
fUld check or money order for $—•
ews for
Whether subscription is ( ) New
County (Albany and Moran) IJ JJ
b tfat United *8'00
airport. A ten year lease was
secured from Francis Taylor to
the City of Albany and to
Shackelford County. The pav-
ing was completed during July.
Chuck Jacobs and Johnny
Musselman, who were in
charge of the project, secured
donations from the following
businesses and individuals:
Marshall R. Young Drilling
Co., First National Bank of Al-
bany, RH Supply, lligginboth-
am-Bartlett Co., Howsley &
Jacobs, B. C. McMordie, Har-
ry Key, Mrs. A. M Howsley,
Joe B. Matthews, Reeves
Hickman, A. V. Jones & Sons,
J. Carter King, Jr., Warren
Wllllngham, Wheeler Hard-
ware, Tom Blanton, Jr., Burl
Baker, Weaver-Oates Phar
macy, J. H. Nail, B. & W. Wire
Line, Tom Price Motor Co.. M.
J. Mitchell, Matthews & Brlt-
tingham Cattle Co., Morrell
Drilling Co., Caldwell & Sons,
Tuttle Spraying Co., V. A.
Reames, Green Land & Cattle
Co., Cecil R. Dye, Clayton
West, Max Eversberg, Jr., C.
A Holaday, John Rose, Service
Line Co., H. R. Stasney,
Well Supply Co., Hallibur-
ton Company, West Texas Util-
ities, City of Albany, Shackel-
ford County.
In addition to the money do
nated. Shackelford County and
the City of Albany furnished
the labor and the machinery
necessary for the paving pro]
ect and for clearing the weeds
around the runways.
Chamber of Commerce
would like to express its appre-
ciation to all those who donat-
ed to the airport fund and to
the city and county for their
Oil V
Devers, Dennis Lee and Patti
Wood of Chino, Calif.: and
three great great grandchil-
dren of Oklahoma City. Sev-
eral nieces and nephews also
Nephews were pallbearers:
Jim Parrish, David Parrish,
Sam Brewster, Moran: O. J.
Parrish of Earth, Trutnan
Parrish of Sudan and Bob
Brewster of Comanche.
Mr. and Mrs. Garland Sar
gent are parents of a baby son,
born at 10.30 a. m. Saturday,
Aug. 14. He weighed seven
pounds ten and a fourth ounces
and has been named Michael
The Sargents have two other
sons, who were all born In the
morning of August 14 in the
Shackelford County Memorial
Hospital. James, Jr., was born
Aug. 14, 1960, and Randy was
born Aug. 14, 1963.
Grandparents are Mr. and
Mrs. Troy Hatcher and Mr.
and Mrs. Jake Sargent, all of
Moran. Great grandparents
are Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Walker
of Moran and Mrs. Hatcher of
Maryville, Tenn.
Call the News office when
you h*"ve visitors.
assistance. A usable airport
is necessary even to small
communities. The Albany air-
port was badly in need of re-
pairs, and without these con-
tributions its services would
not have been available mucfr
in Fort Worth at 8:45 this Kirchner officiated in the serv-
Thursday morning. 'ce there also.
Tentative plans are to hold Godfrey Funeral Home was in
the funeral Saturday and bur j charge of arrangements.
ial will be made in'the family Maggie Lee Butler was born
lot in the Albany Cemetery May 5 1881, in Smith County,
Miss Palm, about 75. is a where she was reared She was
native of Albany, the daughter j married there to Claude Ben-
of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hen-;jamin Mauldin in 1898. The
rv Palm, Sr . who came to the Mauldin family moved to
Albany area in 1872. j Shackelford County in 1920
Miss Palm resided on the where Mr. Mauldin was a stock
Palm ranch southeast of Al-1 farmer He died May 12, 1938.
bany, where she looked after Mrs. Mauldin was a faithful
the ranch for her brother, F. member of the First Baptist
N, Palm. Church, and had a host of
j friends in this area.
Surviving are two sons, Jew-
| el P. Mauldin of Tyler and
Roy R. Mauldin of Albany;
three grandchildren, eight great
grandchildren and several
nephews and nieces. A son.
Ralph Mauldin, died May 24,
Pallbearers were Clarence
Fox, Judge I. M. Chism, A. P.
Speck. Loy Key, Rruce Bray
and Will English.
Gene Swallow
Buried Here
Fifty-four Albany Lions met
their coaches Monday morning
at the Albany High School to!
begin work-outs for the 1965
football season. Coaches Dee
Windsor, Sammy Walker and
Ron Mayberry. are working the
boys out twice daily, at 8:00
a. m. and 4:00 p. m. Skull prac-
tice from 3:00 till 4:00.
Six returning lettermen will
spark the 1965 squad. Four are
seniors, Jearl Bovctt, Charles
Brewster, Steve Riley and Jer-
ry Speck. The other lettermen
are juniors: Joe Bob Caub'.e
and Ellis Hise.
There arc 11 seniors, 11 jun-
iors. ten sophomores and 22
freshmen trying out for the
squad. They are by classes:
Seniors: John Alexander. Dal-
las Beeks. *Jearl Royett,
Charles Rrewster, Bill Green,
David Hardaway, Jim Leech,
Steve Rilev, Gary Smothers,
Merry Speck and Lloyd Han-
Juniors: *Joe Bob Cauble.
Ronnie Chapman. Jarvis Gard-
ner, Herbert Hawkins, Ellis
Hise. Mickey Kinnard. Anthony
| Ledbetter. Ronnie Patterson,
| John Wallace Webb. Raymond
; Snyder.
Sophomores: Ronnie Balliew,
Philip Dodson. Rob Green, Pat
; Henderson. Robert Hicks. Jim
Farmer. Ben Shelton, Douglas
Vandiver, Ross Vinson, Scotty
Freshmen: John C. Beall, Joe
Bob Brewster, Billy Caffey,
Frank Carrico. Donnie Cham-
I bers, Dickie Collins, Carey Cov-
| ington, Jesse Douglas, Bill
' Farmer, Calvin Garvin, Alan
| Gleason, Van Jones. Carl Law-
I rence, Terry Moberley, Chuck
j Prince, Bill Smalley, C. B.
Smith, Glenn Snyder, Steve
Stapp. Don Tidwell, Don Weav-
er. Eddie Sanders.
♦Denotes lettermen.
Gets Promotion
Mother of Mrs.
Moberley Dies
Gene Swallow, long - time
driller in this area, died at
8:30 Saturday night, Aug 7, in
an Orange hospital. Mr. Swal-
low had been ill the past sev-
eral years. He was B4.
The body was brought to Al-
bany where the funeral was
held at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon
in the First Methodist Church.! Mrs. Darthula Ervin, mother
with a former pastor. Rev E. »f Mrs. Boyd Moberley, Albany,
L. Yeats of Roby, officiating, j died Sunday, Aug. 15, at Gor-
Burlal was in the Albany man.
cemetery under direction of the | The funeral was held in Hig
Godfrey Funeral Home. ; ginbotham Funeral Home al
Eugene O. Swallow was born Gorman Tuesday, with Rev.
Nov. 9. 1900, in Belmont. West Dennis of Gorman and Rev.
Va., the son of Mr. and Mrs. Doss of Desdemmia. Methodist
Many Renew
M. O. Swallow. He spent most
of his life in the oil fields,
and lived in Albany many
years. He was married to Eu-
rlca Brewer Aug. 24, 1937.
ministers, officiating
She was born Oct. 27, 1887,
at Dublin, daughter of Ollie
Jack and Evie Sharp.
Mrs. Ervin was married to
Mr. and Mrs. Swallow moved Chester Floyd Ervin at Dublin
to Orange some 12 or 15 years Dec. in, 1906.
ago, where he was employed Surviving are two daughters
by DuPont Chemical Co. They and three sons: Mrs. Boyd
have made their home In Or- j ' Bessie Ruth > Moberley of Al-
ange since. bany, Mrs. Billy Jack (Ona
Survivors are his wife: a sis- Mildred) Mauney of Houston,
ter, Mrs. Nell Wilson of Eldo- Miles Gardner Ervin of Gor-
rado, Kan.: his mother-in-law, man, Carl D Irvin of Gorman
Mrs. Guy Brewer of Abilene: and Chester Floyd Ervin of
and a brother-in-law, F. E. Desdeniona. A son. Earl Col-
Brewer. by Ervin, died Oct. 24, 1962.
Pallbearers were Wayne Wy. Also surviving are 13 grand
lie, Tony B. Capps, Moody children and six great grand-
Freeman, Morgan Harris, children.
Doyle Newcomb, Doyle Pen-1 o —
nington and Ralph Barton.
Renewal and new subscrip-
tions continued to come during
the past two weeks. Those re-
newfng or becoming brand new
readers since the News' last
report were:
Burl Baker, Albany.
Onis A. Hock. Seattle. Wash.
Mrs. L. V. Sletten, Seattle,
Rev. E. A. Wilbur, Albany.
Thos. M. Howie, Jr.. Denton.
Mrs. Robert C. Smith, Waco
Harold Herron, Midland.
A. M. Russ, Albany.
Royce Nichols, Albany.
Mrs. Arthur Handrick, Al
i bany.
Leo L. Hill, Odessa.
Mrs. Mildred Morgan. Abi-
Clarence Waller, Albany.
Mrs. Odus Guinn, Albany.
Mrs. Lorena Pistole, Albany.
Jon Tate, Albany.
| Earl Garren, Albany. ,
Vaughan Grable, Pacific Pal-
isades, Calif.
i Mrs. Beulah Grable, Fort
Gordon Sailers, Albany.
Arthur L. Bailey, Albany.
Mrs. R. W. Higgins, Sweet-
i Continued on najti: R)
Chesley Wilson, ranch con-
servationist here for the Low-
er Clear Fork Soil Conserva-
tion District since 1960, has
been promoted to work unit
conservationist for the Rio
Grande-Pecos River SCD, wit!i
headquarters at Sanderson, fie
and his family will go to their
new home Aug. 30.
Mr. Wilson is a graduate of
Sul Ross State College, 1960,
and began work with the local
Soil Conservation Service dis-
trict in August of that year,
and has remained with the lo-
cal office since except for 15
months spent in the Army.
Mr. Wilson has made a fine
record with the service, and re-
cently received a letter of com-
mendation for alternate meth-
od of calculating yardage in
farm ponds. He also received
a cash award and certificate of
merit, along with other mem-
bers of the Albany Work Unit
staff for superior performance
for the period 1962 through
Mr Wilson stated Monday,
"mv family and I have enjoy-
ed living in Albany. The peo-
ple are friendlier than in any
town we have lived in. I have
enjoyed working with the farm-
ers and ranchers in this coun-
ty. I believe that Shackelford
County has done more conser-
vation work than any county
I have ever been in and I know
that the farmers and ranchers
will continue to do so."
H. S. Students
To Register
High school students who
have moved to Albany since the
close of school are requested to
report to the high school prin-
cipal's office and register.
All high school students are
requested to report to the high
school principal's office and
check their schedule according
to the schedule listed below:
Seniors, Mondny morning,
Aug. 23; Juniors, Monday after-
noon, Aug. 23; Sophomores,
Tuesday morning, Aug. 24;
Freshmen, Tuesday afternoon,
Aug. 24.
The principal's office will be
ipen from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
Nearly everybody in Shackel-
ford County reads the News.
The man who can make a
woman listen usually does it by
talking to someone else.
The cocktail party was In
full swing, when the host's
small daughter pulled her dad-
dy's sleeve. "Daddy," asked
the puzzled youngster, "haven't
we had this party before?"
— ——o
Attend Funeral
Those from Albany attending
the funeral of Gilbert Hanson
at Lueders last Friday were
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schkade,
Mickey Dodgen, Mrs. Johanna
Nelson, Mrs. Louise Ash and
Bill, and Betsy. Also attend-
ing were Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
Telge of Houston and Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Ziehr of Cisco.
Mr. Hanson was the father-
in law of Mrs. Kenneth Hanson,
the former Yvonne Handrick,
daughter of Walter Handrick.
Chester McNeely
Mrs. Will Palmer has receiv-
ed word that her brother-in-law,
Chester McNeely, had acciden-
tally drowned near El Paso on
Aug. 2. He was 63.
Mr. McNeely had made his
home here several years, and
had been here during the win-
ter, going to Portales, N. M.,
April 28, where he resided with
his sister, Mrs. Laura South-
ren. He left there a week be-
fore his body was found
The funeral was held in El
Mr. McNeely is survived by
two sisters, Mrs. Southren of
Portales and Mrs. Delia Baker
of Ralk. Texas; and two broth-
ers, Bnce McNeely of Ralls and
BUI McNWy of California.
GOV. JIM HOGG'S HOME — Texas tourisli visit sugar plan-
tation home of one of the state's great governors, James S.
Hogg (1891-1895) in Brazoria County, located In Vomer-
Hogg Plantation State Park.

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