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.... Frank Hlckey, on trial for the murder of 7-year-old Joseph Josephs of Lackawanna on October 12, 1D11... WITH BODY British Armored Cruiser Departs From Portsmouth on Funeral Voyage. PORTSMOUTH, England, Dec. 21....—1The British armored cruiser Natal sailed out of Portsmouth harbor with the body of the late American... the train draw in. As il halted at th. platform, Nelson's flag lilp, the victory, fired it salute... of the Brltsh navy and taken on board the armored cruiser Natal, on the mainmast of which vessel the United

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...! instantly. EXPRESS WANT ADS ARE RESULT BKINGERS. Aik your dmgjlit for It™ If he cannot supply th^L MARVEL... to feed thd multitudes of the hungry North and East V th a score or more of pickers and dressers at work... at her home December 20 after a short illness. FOGLE-Luling, Tex., Dec. 21.—Floyd Fogle, agod 12 years...'s Oldest Museum. The oldest museum In the world may be found In the city of Nara, the former capital... special committee inspects the collection, and a new list is made out. The museum contains about 3

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... sample, and 1 shall contribute another Jar for your museum collection. They arc the famous so... by the condition of the sap as regards dormacy—and not by temperatures at least to a point down to 12 or 14 Fahr... »ri«mt.*4 by iAtnc* 4 i*i«, nifMtoita. rnlns; and It Is th!« soft. Ute growth that freeree

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....000 bonus mas btygun December 2 and the time limit nfihVPd,1th "ectmber 12, hut on the night of December 11...'S EXPRESS: 72 PAGES. News Section: 48 pages. Real Estate and Classified Section: 12 pages. Sport and Auto..., it was guaranteed that the amount would be raised. At that time Th°Uth„%"Th* bulk... contracts for books valued at $12,000,000. PAGE 8—Texas cadets given commissions. PAGE 9—Texas colony going.... A fth" < ltj. || vaa

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... was appointed to draft memorial resolutions. It was voted that the worthy guardian and clerk be authorized.... It bring the 327th meeting of the camp as well as the last regular meeting in 191- important business... its regular weekly convention Thursday night, December 12, with Chancellor Commander 11. Schmidt... soldiers in the battle of life, and you will find th» m on the farm, in the shop, the factory, the office... and one first degree member was elected to reeeive th" second degree. The Initiatory degree was then very

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... memorial to me discoverer of radium. M. Curie wis knocked down by n wagon and killed as he was walking up... to her son; the young wife's missing message to her husband; th» ehilu s postcard to tell her parents...* Indies i th«« <>f the complete change that has come j ■•veP 1 Ik» polltlinl views of the people. W llliam... is that be wa* I lie principal actor ill th*» po* | li<-c ci' ipalun ;liat broK up the dynamite ' onspir. cy.... and the first evidence of it v.ill be a determination to work with the UbeialH on th»- question of the reform

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... decided factor In the upturn. Th,e immediate cause of the change was a sharp break in Southern Pacific... .. .. Open " ■ 12.7" 12.7: 12.7 at American Ice Securities American Linseed . American Locomotive. Am. Smelt...,400 18% 18 18 2,900 63 % 01% 61% 700 114 113 112 19 200 12% 12% 12% 19 800 27 27 26% 102% 7,700 173... 170% 171% 200 141% 141 140% 100 139 139 138% 300 27 27 27% 1,300 42% 41% 41% 200 125% 124 12 f 500 57... with better eallii llii u 12.SI 12.88 12.82 12 12.74 12.71 12.70 12.77 12.84 LIYEttPOOI opexud easier «.<»%d

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... of th(J Games of various kinds were inkSmSSSSI kSmSSSSI A lire Diet*. gettlngtoo fjoe & Mosheini reived... a Prt* * th. number of beans fnTlW and'was rewarded with a prat® . waal- When the cake was cut... K.1 Clvne of Duncan, Okla.. and ,', ire guests during th® Christmas isi>n uf the former... an 1 the Hohle ►ol oids. respectively, are In th° city to »l" nil the holidays with home folks Mrs.... Nettle It. Elliott of Houston, who ! i>eun visiting Inthls city for the past th, l»ft Tuesday for her

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..., $2.50. CELEHY—Per true, $4.-5@4.50. •Th'UMHUKS—Per doteu, 80c. KIKi PLANT—Per half bushel bos, $1.2li... of th« liedell building, Avenue C, rooms to (»12. (Advertisement.) ♦ ♦ ♦ Shippers will do well...: ( ITSON—I'er pound, liel I HBAM'S—12 oouie, 10c; 10 ounce, lie. DATES—Hallowees, bulk, He per pound; extra... rholc», 110 packages to case, $2.iU; extra fancy, 12 pound boxes, $1.20. f|(ig -Boxes, 12 packnges, 13... ounce, Me; II, packages, 12 ounce, 85c; 12 packages. 10-ounc. S5c; layer, lu-pound boxes, 80c; cauuiuj

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... large compartments, beautiful in design, formerly sold for $12; "•,hi, 7.50 "Pick It at Peck's Serving... patterns priced from $10 to. 12.50 Turkish Chairs Fifty different 7C AA styles from $25 to.. I D«Uv Go....50 to 1 0*vJ\S Medicine Cabinets Twenty different patterns ranging in prices from $3.50 12.50 Pedestals... range QE AO from $12.50 to OO»UU J Cpen Nights Music Cabinet Here's a music cabinet of dull mahogany... that would make a most welcome Christmas gift to any music lover 11 was $12.50, only. 8.50 "Pick It at Peck

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...; Garden, ft. October 4—Marshall, 12; St. l/oui-, 0. October 6—High School, 22' St. Anthony's, (I. October.... Louis, 7; West Texas, ft, October 12—High School, 12; Dalkow5tz, 0. October 18—St. Anthony's, S; West... Texas, (i. October 52—Marshall, 12; Battery C, 0. October'2C—Sft. Louis, 7; St. Anthony's,' 9. October...- 12—Eattery C, 13; West It—High School, 43; fit. 23—Battery C, 2S—High School, 13; 2t; St. West... right and left (V«i»'uu to ?inff of th lat its aru tor iho 1913 cainpait lots not moan that Block

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... amply verified. We promise nolhinjc thai up cannot fulfill PROCRASTINATION AVbster defines th future... KIIKK. offb-e hours: N a. m. to ti p. 111.; Sundays, p a. m. to 12 m only. DB. STGTTS & GO., Specialists...'s Christmas Kve party at th#* Carlton has come to! be one of the great events of the yfear | in the live... and entertainment for th-' children of the poor and al-tj some little present. Through the good offices of th

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... SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS: SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 22. 1P12. Continued Activity Marks Healthy Condition... It pretty extensively .if late~th«> trade outlook is fine,' said Mr. Bcoles nVcai's'lhis vear...,rbut°we*cannot'keep j f"lcl«ncf ">d .|he Cedillas dealer. In abreast of order* This easily 1, th? ^ H. t "a . MB . ent... purchased his car, and, after listening to all th* speakers on the subject, I am free Jo confess that wo... the race on the 4th of July over the eight-and-one-third-mile course at Elgin, 111. It Is planned to have

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...& > 11, FOR SALE OR RENT. This beautiful country home; modern two-story hard-rock house, 12 rooms an.... Kent per month, or will sell fur $12,000, $0,000 cash or equivalent, balance monthly payments to suit... & RICE, 30S W. Commerce St. 7,ooo 6,500 6,000 12,500 16,noil LARGE tract of acreage, suitable (, r...-room brand new elegantly furnished beautifully finished cottage ever offered In th» San Antonio market; five....lglit on th top of the hill, two of th>' < lioleest North Side lots; very largi\ I cmitlfiil site for a home

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.... FOR SALE—$450 upright piano,_ $12o; $t>0 Singer sewing machine, $20; $45 mirrorfront wardrobe, $18; $75... for 4 50 Nickle frame showcase 12 50 I .urge walnut round center table .. 2 60 Mahogany musio cabinet... & CASEY HOMES FOR RENT 507 Navarro St. All Phones 2236 12 75 15 00 ?5 00 FOR SALE—A $460 planO1 for $200... St., 4r cot, mod 211 N. 13th St., Or NOLAN CAR. 517 Burnet St., 5r 1025 New Braunfeis Ave....00 40.00 40.00 40.1 Nl 40.00 18.00 15.0O 15.00 12.50 20.00 15.00 50.00 30.00 30.00 25.00 20.00 20.00 16

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... | that thn expression to apply to th' MI return from the fa'.r, the inaction, i... children to make any themes for thdisappointment disappointment Christinas. Th to it that ther into ttie... Jan*?" " Would this do for Aunt Maria?" " No " I'm le Ju n nev. r u.-ts tobacco, but I can't th ■ K... me ask how this harmonizes with the true ChriMmas spirit. Is th:s the tort of thing the Founder....r ; switching, or a beating over th shoulders with a horsewhip! Such an Inhuman ; inlshmeiit would seriously

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... kindness, because you had pity on pilgrims. 12. Blessed be the house that gives lodgment this day... in the city of Mexico, i and two weeks before Christmas l>*yj cedar trees are bremght in from th*j mountain

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... on Thursday, tin- )2th day of December, he appeared with counsel and had made arrangements and preparation... inches wide 69c black and white shepherd checks, 36 in. wide to Sew 49c J young 7.48 $12.50 men... $3.95 $6 and $6.50 suits now.$4.95 $7.50 suits now $6.45 $8.50 and $9 suits now.$6.95 . $12 suits now... >CENES£RgM)TH& 15attle?Fo Farming Mptf - V-N IRj&l mm , - I« methods r •••"•' I^SIhw HBl California

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... to th marks; Ten marks, ten pound, throw upon the rround. 'J'lat me and my merry men i some: Sing... and revellings of every kind. Langley, In his translation of Polydore Vergil, says: "Th© disguising and mum... OXYLENE AND OZONE TREATMENT. OFFICE HOURS: 8:30 to 12:30, 2:00 to 5:30 and 7:00 to 8:00. TERRILL MEDICAL... dead. ior bread iad a fid ►use, enli imati Haarmena i" ■ '' ■ " V;"! -r • TV. WH ' A. *- TH£ HL... Accidentally Shot by t ornpinion. pinion. Special Tel«|ram to Th# Kxpreif. I'KA 1»>'ALL, Tex.. J1 Karl Buibjr

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... 12 years old; Princess Marie is 10 and the youngest is 9. The sons are all older; Prince Frederick... of orlilenff that fell Int.. ntj hand* Th" real m QUttHLfSS /rom BMAKfflSr KtNC FXIEPt/CH : i tfVfc* f-H ((II... lies, on th? other hand, It is positive proof of i very sincere admiration for Mr. !0dwar!s' st »r>, "A... of Jobsuneshnrg end in 1HU2 m-nt bae| to the Star when It ~e?!>ed lie resigned in 19tH to return to the L)nd< a.... completion of hp work will uot be pre Vested th ough bis death, as 1 I s I pi; • tier11\ all of tbe material

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