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... in the Confederate army, these drovers often acquired cattle of their own and started such operations as the Cross... By 1866, there were an estimated six million head of unbranded wild cattle on the open ranges... landings. The danger from angry farmers remained, however, and few believed that trailing cattle... to these elusive northern markets would ever prove practical. Two cattle driving pioneers, Oliver Loving... camps of Colorado. Thus, another new cattle trail had been opened in Texas, but the route was rugged

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... in the area continue that rich cattle history, one that is touted in the city's archives and museums. Pictured... and trail drovers looked forward to the hotels, saloons, and lively entertainment that could be found... in Fort Worth, a Chisholm Trail epicenter for Texas cattle herds moving north on the route. Today, in Fort... to the cowboys and cattle that still give the city so much of its flavor. Visitors wanting to get a real taste

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... Frustrated, drovers and cattlemen lobbied Congress to create a national cattle highway that would... of the range cattle industry and its reincarnation as the ranching industry, longhorns had all but disappeared... beasts thrived on marginal pastures, resisted cattle diseases, and calved easy and often. In the early

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... as the "Fort Worth Herd," it is popular with visitors and gives an impression of the old cattle drives. Near... Billy Bob's Texas, an old cattle barn converted into a large cowboy concert and entertainment center..., there is a large bronze sculpture entitled "Texas Gold," which commemorates the cattle drives. In addition..., several museums offer unique perspectives about the early cattle-era days. The Amon Carter Museum has a... films at the Omni Theater. North of Fort Worth, most of the cattle drives ventured northwest, going

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.... But unlike the drovers who came this way in the1800s and traveled with few directions, today's visitors..., Bandera is justifiably proud of its cattle legacy. The Frontier Times Museum was started by J. Marvin

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... The Cattle Raisers Museum, Fort Worth. George Ranch reinactor; courtesy of George Ranch Historical... Park. ^ he legendary Chisholm Trail-theold cattle trail that spanned South Texas to Kansas-left a... heritage. One of the many successes of the Chisholm Trail that followed the great cattle drives... there is much to see and do along the route that gives travelers a sense of this historic cattle trail

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... In South Texas, feeder routes brought cattle herds together in the areas west of San Antonio... and Austin. The South Texas cattle heritage can be seen and experienced in a number of places, but the King... Antonio is another city with a wealth of cattle heritage to experience. The Spanish brought cattle... to the Texas plains as food to support their missions. The missions tell this story, and later cattle heritage.... The nearby communities of Cuero, Yoakum, and Lockhart are among the small towns with cattle drive heritage

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... MAPPING Map of the Best and Shortest Cattle Routes From Texas to the Kansas Pacific Railway..., Kansas Pacific Railway, 1871. From the collection of Ted and Sharon Lusher. Early Texas Cattle Trail Maps... The Kansas Pacific Railway was one of the first to issue a map depicting Texas cattle trails in 1871. The one...-sheet folder shown above, entitled Map of the Best and Shortest Cattle Routes From Texas to the Kansas Pacific... laws regarding diseased cattle, and the stringing of barbed wire across the open range were all factors

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... early 1900s from local cattle. Many of those had the twisty horns, often referred... to as the "Texas Twist." In West Texas, Cap - Yates began assembling his Texas longhorns in 1915 from local cattle..., and at his death in 1968, he had more than 1,000 head. Many of these cattle originated in northern Mexico... of To the south, M.P. Wright the LH7 Ranch, Barker. Jr. began his herd in the early 1920s at Robstown, from cattle..., these early Texas longhorn breeders often used cattle from the other ranchers and from the Wichita Mountains

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... Richard King and Gideon K. Lewis set up a cattle camp on Santa Gertrudis Creek near present-day Kingsville.... At age 19 in 1856, he moved with his family from East Texas to the good cattle range in Palo Pinto County... became a common sight on the northwest Texas frontier where he would eventually earn the nickname "Cattle... of the cattle drives were conducted by men on foot When Spanish colonists moved into the region is now South...," AfricanAmerican slaves expert at working cattle. By their sides were their trusty dogs, controlling the beeves

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... and drink as they passed it with the suffering cattle. A herd, under ordinary conditions, was ready... to straddle the trail, so that the cattle could be thrown to each side. If this was done, the foreman or one... into the center, turning the cattle both ways. It was a little troublesome the first few days, but the cattle soon... learned it. This method brought the herd back into form in half the time it would take if all the cattle... were on one side. After this grazing at noon the cattle would not eat any more until they got to water

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... [ " Trail Bo! Graphic by the Texas Historical Commission Herds of cattle were driven in formations like.... Behind him, a mile or so off, the wranglers would urge the remuda along. Once the cattle were roused... thousand cattle. The "swing" rider would ride alongside a herd to turn it in the right direction. Despite... necessity, and the hands took turns staying mounted out among the sleeping cattle as the clear prairie..., these Texas range cattle were bony, gangly, and seemed out of proportion. Their hides were scarred and mottled

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... PRESIDENT'S by Marshall J. Doke Jr. This issue, featuring cattle trails, relates to a short..., but important, period of Texas history. Cattle trails resulted from a new and dangerous economic venture..., and the cattle and cowboys that made them created a new way of life. This cattle culture had a far greater impact... on Texas than the activities that made the cattle trails. The cattle culture was made by cowboys... and mind. The cowboy was preceded by the Spanish vaquero who, contrary to Anglo farmers, worked cattle from

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... tells the story of the cattle drives and forces players to contend with all of the hardships... trail boss working for a ranching outfit; the object is to drive a herd of cattle to market and sell... them at the best possible price. Each player starts with 12 cowboys and 500 head of cattle and heads... and cattle trails as they were in the early 1870s. According to Don Frazier, professor of history at McMurry... the success or failure of cattle drives, including economics, timing, and any number of hardships

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... 1871, the year of maximum effort. In all, some 10,000,000 head of Texas cattle were sent over..., to "improve" these fine cattle, and improved them to the point of extinction. This refinement process began... to develop a herd that was the remains of some 4,000,000 cattle in Texas only 60 years before. The federal... Cattleman, the official publication of the Texas & )romoted Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association... the value of the Texas longhorn from his family, and in the 1930s began assembling a herd from cattle close

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... L o o GHO RN The history of Texas and this breed of cattle go hand in hand. Evolution is a strange.... Christopher Columbus landed cattle in Santa Domingo in 1493 on his second voyage to the New World.... This was the second phase of the evolutionary process that began as these cattle were put aboard ships. Space... genetic trait. Twenty-eight years later, in 1521, Gregorio de Villalobos brought the first cattle from... Santa Domingo to Mexico. Explorers, settlers, and expeditions to establish missions brought cattle

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... as the cattle had grazed sufficiently, they were put in moving order without delay. A column of cattle would... was this width, gaps came and the cattle began trotting to fill up the spaces. Then the pointers checked them... of the cattle would ride forward 20 or 30 miles-that is if he does not expect to find water sooner. He always.... They then knew that the cattle were to be moved with all possible speed without actually crowding them. The owner...-mile desert that lies between the Pecos and Concho rivers, I lost 300 head of cattle. We were three

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... place, to Fort Sumner, New Mexico, where I expected to sell my cattle. Meantime, of course, I had... informed my neighbor stockmen that I was to drive to a northern market and would receive any cattle... they wanted to go with the herd. I could always count on the cattle reaching me at a certain time... always got out of the settlements as soon as possible, for cattle that were scattered were much easier..." for the reason that they were to look out for the weaker cattle. Since the speed of the herd was determined

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