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... by Christopher Caran discussing the recent discovery of what is believed to be the lost Spanish Los Almagres... definitively located the Los Almagres mine several miles away. Much later, a retired game warden and amateur... that he believed the legendary Los Almagres silver mine from the Spanish Colonial period could be among... that Bolton had identified the Los Almagres mine correctly. Stotts contacted archeologists in several Texas...," and the person said, "I guess I'm him." Stotts related the known history of the Los Almagres mine in detail

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... was Packsaddle Mountain in modern Llano County. This locality is the focus of a new investigation of Los Almagres... historian, set out to clarify the record regarding Los Almagres. Using copies of Miranda's handwritten... convinced he had found the Los Almagres mine that he and a partner formed a mining company and sunk a second... his well-documented conclusion that the Boyd Shaft was, indeed, Miranda's Los Almagres mine. Patten... to Patten's compelling archival evidence and concluded that the Boyd Shaft was Los Almagres. She attributed

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...'s fact-finding tour was a site known as Cerro del Almagre (also called Los Almagres) located north of San Antonio... extensively. Guided by other members of his party, Miranda reached the Los Almagres mine on February 26, 1756... conviction was shared by others, and sporadic prospecting and mining efforts continued at Los Almagres... and elsewhere in the region until Mexico won independence from Spain in 1821. The real story of Los Almagres... became the stuff of legend. One still-persistent tale connects the Los Almagres mine to a Spanish

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... with the fabled Los Almagres mine. During the next several years, Stotts and Wallace made a number of inquiries... among historians and archeologists, trying to learn as much as possible about Los Almagres. They were..., however, repeatedly told that the location of Los Almagres had been resolved by Bolton years before

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... (Los Almagres Mines, continued from page 15) GEOLOGICAL CONTEXT AND EVIDENCE OF MINERALIZATION... period, Los Almagres may have become a mining district in which several mines were opened and operated... conclusion that the oldest mines at the Stotts ranch are the Los Almagres mines. With the ongoing support

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