The Tulia Herald (Tulia, Tex), Vol. 48, No. 27, Ed. 1, Thursday, July 7, 1955 Page: 1

UCH HAS been written in re
cent months in an attempt
to place the responsibility for
Johnnys illiteracy No reference to
Johnny Linn
Dr Rudolf Fleschs book sparked
the discussion Newspaper columnists
poured a little gasoline on
the blaze and now the conflagration
Its one of those problems like
corruption in government reckless
driving juvenile delinquency which
most of us feel secure in deploring
since we can always place the blame
on someone else
We like to name scapegoats We
like to pick on such things as our
political organizations or our educational
institutions in an effort to
pinpoint the blame for these evils
MANY parents are like the
one who wrote a letter to
this paper several months ago blaming
Tulia business men for local
juvenile delinquency According to
this mother we business men arc
to blame because we have failed to
provide wholesome honky tonks
youth centers and the like for the
youth This same mother no doubt
would also heap a part of the blame
on the schools and churches
Her point is everybody is to
blame except herself and the homo
life she and her husband provide for
their children
SAME woman no doubt is
among the group who would
blame Johnnys inability to read on
the school teacher and teaching techniques

We do not subscribe by any means
to every educational fad that comes
along There are good and notso
good teaching methods And some
are poor
But when all is said and done we
find that effective teaching is about
10 per cent technique and about 90
per cent willingness and desire to
learn on the part of the parent as
well as the child
OHNNYS ABILITY or inability
to read is usually due to
the attitude of Johnny and his parents
towards reading
Some children seem to have an innate
desire to learn They are naturally
studious They are conscientious
about getting their lessons
They require little prodding by either
teacher or parents They will learn
to read regardless of the technique
used by a good teacher
Other children and they are usually
in the majority simply are
not studious They prefer to play
to watch television to go to the
show or perhaps they are just lazy
Without a little motivation supplied
by the parents these children will
never learn to read regardless of
the teaching technique used
If a child lacks motivation either
inherent or that supplied from outside
he will not learn If he is
motivated few things even poor
techniques will stand in his way
WITH the breakdown
of discipline in the home
has come a breakdown of parental
responsibility towards a childs
learning Today this responsibility
is all turned over to the school
Time was when a parent insisted
that a child do his home work A
parent listened to the child read
He gave out his spelling words He
listened to his memory work The
child was allowed to go to entertainments
only on Friday and Saturday
nights School nights were reserved
for study
But no more If Johnny is even at
home he is listening to the Lone
Ranger on radio or watching Capt
Video on television
There is little a teacher can do
When the child doesnt want to learn
and the parent is indifferent He
can be made to go through the motions
of learning but he will be
mediocre Some aspects of learning
are never pleasant despite the
worthiness of either the technique
or the teacher
TODAY WHEN we compare the
modern youths knowledge
of reading riling and rithmetic
with that of his grandfather we
are inclined to select the best student
of grandfathers day and the
poorest present day student
We marvel at examples of penmanship
produced by students of
two or three generations back but
dont think for a moment that every
body wrote that well in those days
Here at the Herald we see examples
of penmanship spelling and
grammar from persons of several
generations Very seldom have we
run across acceptable examples
of the beautiful Spencerian script
which is often attributed to grandfathers
We find people who can spell
write legibly and who show some
knowledge of English grammar
and we find many of the other kind
But we dont find that this ability
or inability is confined to any particular
contemporaries did not
worry about teaching techniques
During Lincolns era there were
people who learned to read and
write and there were those who
did not
The same is true in 1955
THIS AGE we find high school
graduates who are almost
Illiterate But we also find some
who far surpass in learning their
parents and grandparents
Continued on Page Eight
Tulia Is preparing for the 65th
annualSwisher County birthday
party to be held this year on July
16 since the exact date July 17
comes on Sunday
Bennie Young of the Tulia Cham
ber of Commerce is general chairman
of the activities which begin
Saturday morning at 10 oclock with
the parade The floats will be in
two divisions commercial and noncommercial
Each division will com
opening of the new Phillips CG sta
tion on Highway 87 Friday
Refreshments will be served to
all who visit the station during the
formal opening Free surprise treats
will be given the kiddies In addition
a card entitling the motorist to one
free Philcheck lubrication service
will be given to each person who
drives in Friday
Travis LaDuke is manager of the
new service station located north of
Barbour Bros Butane
T L Fore has returned from
Cleveland Ohio where he attended
the international convention of Kiwanis
International Fore is presi
dent of the Tulia Kiwanis club
that the board acted wrongly in
firing the 53yearold educator
It is my opinion that before the
board discharged Dr Beard it
should have outlined formally and
publicly Dr Beards duties evaluated
his performances thereon over a
reasonable period of time and given
Dr Beard opportunity to demonstrate
his ability to administer the
schools accordingly Edgar said
Beards firing last February touched
off a walkout of teachers at the
Irving school and later led to temporary
abolishment of the indepen
pete for prizes of 50 25 and 15
Oldtimers will be fed at noon at
a location to be announced later
Everybody will be served free hot
dogs and drinks on the courthouse
lawn at noon
A carnival will be located on the
north side of the square Thursday
through Saturday
Events for the children will bo
held during the afternoon on the
Actual rates are higher than the
previously announced minimum because
of a subsequent increase in
the wheat parity price
The rates are designed to reflect
82i per cent of parity under the
new flexible support system com
ared with 90 per cent or a national
average of 224 for last years
Parity is a standard for measuring
farm prices designed to be fair
to farmers in relation to prices they
must pay
Specific support prices for lopre
sentative classes and grades produced
in the different areas at major
terminals compared with corresponding
rates last year included
Soft red winter grade No 3
Chicago 235 and 251 grade No
3 light garlicky Chicago 229 and
245 and grade No 3 Kansas City
235 and 247
Hard red winter grade No 2
Chicago 237 and 257 grade No
2 Kansas City 237 and 253 and
grade No 2 Galveston 252 and
Police Chief Ted Hodges said today
that Tulias auxiliary police
force would be on duty during the
G5th birthday celebration of Swisher
Mrs E H Boatright and daughter
Dorothy of Porter Oklahoma
are guest in the homes of her brothers
Mr and Mrs B C Grigg
Mr and Mrs Ewell Griggand her
sister Mr and Mrs Earl Malonc
Dr Beards Name Cleared
By Highest School Authority
Dr John L Beards appeal from the action of the Irving school
board which fired him last Feb 16 was stistaincd Friday by Dr J W
Edgar commissioner of education
Edgar said in a threepage ruling
dent school district as a move to unseat
the school board Voters then
reestablished the school district
and the new board rehired Beard on
Juno 2 reinstating him in full and
paying his salary back to Feb 16
Beard had contended that he was
fired because he supported Ralph
Yarborough for governor last summer
and because he did not prohibit
his teachers many of whom
supported Yarborough from participating
in precinct and county Democratic
conventions The old board
was said to have been proShivers
Soloa Co
rofUm Service
Box 8066
Dalles Texas
Rodeo Free Lunch Highlights 65th Birthday
Kiwanis club Will be In charge of
the parade Jaycecs will handle the
carnival concessions Lions from
Tulia Kress and Happy Will servo
the hot dogs and Future Homemak
crs will serve the oldtimers
Highlight of the event will be the
Tulia Rodeo clubs annual rodeo to
bo staged July 13 14 15 and 16 at
815 pm Admission will be 125
and 50c About 200 entries have
been received Prizes vauled at
2000 will be given
Officers of the rodeo club are
R B Wheeler president Frank
Cobb vice president Felix Mote
secretarytreasurer R B Wheeler
arena director and Morris Step
hens assistant arena director
Cliff Durham and Jimmy Bird will
bo riding judges Roping Judges will
be Melton McGchce and M C
Wheeler Directors are M C Whecl
er McGchco Dick ODaniel Ray
Bivcns Vernon Loftln Roy Carson
and Ray Bivcns will be timekeepers
Tom Bngley Is in charge of concessions
Felix Mote advertising
Dick ODaniel ticket sales and
Vernon Loftln sponsors
Events will Include calf roping
double mugging bareback bronc
riding saddle bronc riding bull
riding and cowgirl sponsor contest
Headquarters of the rodeo are at
Phillips Petroleum Co
The TuLin Herald
Support Rates For 1955 Wheat
To Average 3208 Per Bushel
The Agriculture Department said today support rates for the
1955 wheat crop will average 208 a bushel nationally This is two
ents more than a minimum average announced at planting time
East Siders Win
Trophy Donated
By Company
In a thrilling hard fought baseball
game Sunday afternoon Tulia
East Siders defeated the West Siders
from Sunset Addition 8 to 5 to win
the National Baseball Congress
The trophy was donated by a bottling
company whose name will not
be mentioned inasmuch as it never
sees fit to invest in newspaper advertising
with this paper
Free Philcheck
Lubrication Is
Feature Of Opening
Barbour Bros will stage the grand
ast fall
REV AND MRS W NEIL RECORD were scheduled to leave Wednesday night on a trip to the Holy
Land a gift of the Mcnfl Brotherhood of the First Baptist church A M Anderson jr left president of
the brotherhood Is shown In the above picture presenting the tickets to the Rev Record Leaving Amarlllo
via TWA Airlines the Records will spend three or four days sightseeing In New York before leaving Monday
at 1 pm via Sabcna Belgian Airlines for London They will spend 10 days In London where they will attend
the 50th anniversary of the Baptist World Alliance Next stop will be at Zurich Switzerland where they
will visit the International seminary Two days will be spent In Rome Arriving at Tclevlv the Records
will spend four days In the Holy Land visiting Jerusalem Ucthlelicm and other points of Interest On tlo
return trip two days will be spent In Paris before returning to New York They will be away from Tulia
from 35 to 40 days Herald photo v
Former Tulia Man
Injured In Wreck
Jim Crow 1013 Rusk Amarlllo
was reported in serious condition by
attendants at Colfax Hospital in
Springer N M Tuesday Condition
of Don Brown Amarlllo Daily News
photographer was fair
Brown and Crow were Injured
when the car driven by Brown rolled
over three times near Springer
Two other Amanlloans riding in the
car were not injured
Attendants said Crow received possible
internal injuries three fractured
ribs and a fractured collarbone
in the accident He is the son of Mr
and Mrs Hub Crow of Amanllo
formerly of Tulia
New Swimming Class
Registration SetA
new scries of swimming lessons
for beginners intermediates and advanced
students will begin next
Registration will be held at the
Tulia pool Saturday between 1 and
2 pm according to Dolores Hutto
rnest Joiner Says Telephone
Workers Demands Ridiculous
Yesterday a spokesman for the
CWACIO unit of General Telephone
Company handed us a statement
saying that unless the company
met Its demands published
in this newspaper several weeks
ago 28 local union workers would
be out on strike at the plant here
We printed the union demands at
the request of the company and the
union In all our lives weve never
seen such a ridiculous set of demands
as General Telephone has
been asked to meet Tills latest information
sheet lists 14 items upon
which the company refuses to yield
We are particularly interested In
number 14 wherein the company
declines any change in basic wages
or any contract changes that would
affect the economic good health of
the company
The union complains that a high
dividend has been paid to stock
TreePlanting Is slowly changing holders but the company docs not
the face of Israel want to pay any dividend to the em
TULIA LITERARY ARTS study club may have bsen partially responsible for the safe and scne holiday
celebration In Swisher county last week end No accidents were reported here The club conducted a telephone
campaign asking people to drive safely during the holidays In addition a roundtable discussion was
conducted over KTUE Wednesday morning Mrs Jack IJttlejohn president and Mrs Grady Whlgham
programchairman led the discussion Mayor John Brown participated In the questioning and local patrolmen
Carlton Holler and Douglas Howard stressed precautionary Information for driving in rural and farming
districts as well as safety measures for state highways Also on the program was Sgt Jack Hlggln
botham of Amarlllo regional director for traffic safely Another program was broadcast July 1 In the
picture from left are Patrolman Holler Patrolman Howard Mrs Littlejohn Mrs Whlgham Sgt Hlggln
botham and Major Brown Iterald photo
ployees who have invested their
labor and who have earned that
big dividend for them
Alright Buster hold is right there
Thousands of people have invested
capital in this companj They are
seeking interest on their investments
If we recall correctly the
last dividend amounted about 8 percent
which is bank interest and is
far from huge Should It become
less stockholders will withdraw
their money and union workers will
be out of Jobs for sure
As for the labor that has been invested
by workers be reminded
that workers have been paid In full
for every hour worked and for a
few hours not worked The company
has paid them in full for their labor
The worker came to the company
asking for work The company offered
him a certain wage and he
accepted The company did not say
we are hiring you in order that you
can strike and strangle the company

If a worker becomes dissatisfied
with his wages and conditions of
labor he should resign and go where
conditions are more to his liking
Withholding labor Is right and ethi
cal but to withhold labor and devote
time to ruining the company that
has placed meat and bread on the
workers table is something else
We do not presume to speak for
General Telephone but this Is our
answer to such threats of disruption
of service Get the hell off the job
and go where you say conditions are
so beautiful wed rather be without
telephone service at home and at
this office than to be blackmailed
and threatened Into this fashlonablo
form of corporate highjacking
General Telephone has invested its
capital its managing genius its
time in training workers to bo capable
on their jobs and has risked
every penny of stockholder money
The worker has invested only his
labor for which he has been paid
in accordance with his own terms
General Telephone is a lousy advertiser
in this paper so we cant
be accused of what were going to
be accused of When this country
has been turned Into that Marxian
workers paradise it wont be because
this newspaper gave any aid
and comfort to the system that bids
fair to overthrow this capitalistic
system that even a union man pralsj
cs so highly then knifes in the
Baptists To Hear
Dean Robinson
Dean Bryan Robinson of Wayland
college will serve as guest minister
of the First Baptist church for four
of the Sundays during the absence
of the Rev W Neil Record He will
begin his duties Sunday
Dean Robinson has served as interim
pastor and guest minister for
several Panhandle churches including
First Baptist church of Plain
view First Baptist church of Hale
Center and First Baptist church of
He has been dean of students and
in charge of the counselling program
at Wayland since 1953 He is a
graduate of Baylor University and
Southwestern Baptist seminary Ho
came to Wayland from the pastorate
of the First Baptist church Oil City
City Thanks Public For Patience
During Water Expansion Program
Also Discusses Delinquent Taxes
City of Tulia this week said that arrangements arc being made
to mow the prolific growth of weeds and Johnson grass which have
followed the spring rains The growth around Tule Lake will also
City Police
Issue Report
For Quarter
Tulia Police Department this
week released Its report for the
second quarter of 1955 which ended
June 30
During the three months 21500
miles were patrolled The department
worked 2851 man hours
Twelve criminal convictions In
city court resulted In 375 in fines
Two DWI convictions were secured
In county court with three cases
pending one for burglary one for
DWI and one for illegal transportation
of alcoholic beverages
In city court 42 traffic cases resulted
in 339 in fines The city
handled 12 Juvenile cases and made
two arrests in connection with thefts
totalling 165 One theft case involving
35 remains unsolved
The department recovered a stolen
car and made an apprehension
for the Lubbock Police Department
which solved six burglaries in Lubbock

Prominent Plains
Residents Die
Death this week claimed two prominent
and wellknown residents of
this area
Judge Henry S Bishop of Ama
nllo 82 died early Tuesday morning
in an Amarlllo hospital following
a long Illness
Mrs J A Hill 77 wife of Dr
J A Hill president emeritus of
West Texas State College died at
her home about 10 oVlock Tuesday
night She too had been in ill health
for several months
Both were wellknown in Tulia
having visited and appeared on programs
here many times
Rev Koerselman
Begins New Duties
The Rev Lewis Koerselman began
his duties as pastor of the First
Presbyterian church Sunday morn
Since the familys furniture has
not yet arrived from Minnesota the
Koorselmans are staying with relatives
In Amarlllo
New Humble Station
Opening Saturday
Saturday Is the grand opening of
the new Humble service station lo
cated on Highway 87 at 3rd Street
E N Howell dealer Invites the
public to come by and learn about
the 8stcp Humble service and become
acquainted with Humbles two
great motor oils
As a special attraction for the
ladles a Green Thumb plant will be
presented each one who calls Saturday
There will bo souvenirs for
Scott Tractor Co
Opening In Kress
J B Scott this week Is announcing
the opening of Scott Tractor
Co Saturday In Kress The new
implement house located in south
Kress will handle Ford tractors and
Dearborn implements Including a
complete stock of tractor parts
Scott said that he would feature
repair service and would have one
of the best equipped shops in the
area to take care of tractors of all
makes as well as well motors
There will bo free pop cookies and
coffee during the grand opening
Griffiths Food Store is sponsoring
a full length feature show for
tho kiddles Saturday morning at
10 30 oclock at tho Royal Theatre
Details of a free ticket offer may
be found in the stores regular ad
be cut
Officials also issued another call
to property owners who desire to
participate in the paving and curbing
project Between 30 and 40 residents
have stopped by the city hall
to voice their approval of the project
Other interested persons are
asked to stop by the hall this week
Other business discussed at the
Tuesday night meeting Included de
linquent taxes and sewer expansions
Progress reports on the street lighting
and paving projects were heard
Tho officials asked The Herald to
express their appreciation to tho
public for its patience during the
water expansion project It has been
necessary to tear up the streets
halt water service and Inconvenience
the public In many ways they said
but the public has been understanding
in most instances Work continues
on the changeover of meters
from old to new lines in several
parts of the city This necessitates
digging more holes in the streets
Herald Offers
July Special
Tulia Herald bargain days are
now in effect
For the month of July the paper
will be sent anywhere In the world
for only 2 50 now or renewal Regular
price is 3
Although the Herald will maintain
a booth on the west side of th
square during the picnic celebration
July 16 readers are urged to bring
or send in their subscriptions In
advance in order to simplify bookkeeping
All delinquent subscriptions will be
removed from the mailing list August
Hale Completes
Hinhway 87
Final stretch of rightofway on
Highway 87 north of Plalnvlcw to
Swisher county lino has been deeded
to Hale county and work on anew
fourlane strip can begin as
soon ns a work order can be Issued

Tho stretch located at Finney
switch and owned by the Santa Fe
Railroad is now county property
Judge Lee Nowiln said Tuesday
Contract for construction of the
highway which will be similar to
tho fourlane highway already built
In Swisher county has been let to
J O Boswell Co of Lubbock
II C Weaver state engineer said
that It would take about 120 working
days to finish the highway north
of Plainvicw The highway will be
built to within a mile of tho Plain
view city limits awaiting a decision
as to how the highway should go
through Plainview
Completion of the new road will
join Plainview and Happy with a
modern 4lanc divided highway
Miss Hulsey Attends
Educational Parley
Miss Mildred Hulsey accompanied
by Miss Thelma McMlnn of
Hereford former Tulia teacher recently
attended the fourth annual
conference on Educational Measurement
and Evaluation at Austin
Attending the meeting were guidance
directors coordinators vocational
counselors consultant psychologists
consultants from speech
and hearing clinics employment
counselors curriculum supervisors
school trustees principals superintendents
PTA representatives and
school nurses
Attendance is by invitation
The highlight of the meeting was
a panel by Snyders counselors and
orther personnel directors for the
Irrigation Expansion Continues
Sn High Plains Area Of Texas
More than 4000000 acres of land is being irrigated by 33537
wells ou the High Plains of Texas This and other facts axu
presented in the annual irrigation survey by R V Thurmond and
Ralph L Jones of the Texas
Agricultural Extension Service
The reports < mada yearly since
1919 show the tremendous expansion
of irrigation in the area The
first report showed that 12478 wells
were being used to Irrigate 1711000
acres on 9025 farms By May 1955
the number of irrigated farms stood
at 17099 the number of wells at
33537 and tho irrigated acreage at
From May 1954 to May 1955 5551
wells were added and the acreage
irrigated increased by 390425 The
greatest increase in the number ot
wells during the seven year period
was tho C268 added from May 1952
to May 1953 The increase in the
area irrigated rose by 589094 acres
Hale county with 3700 wells is
the leader In this category These
wells supply the water to Irrigate
470000 acres Tho 3000 wells in
Swisher county supply the water
for 4S0O0O acres The report shows
Hockley county with 3550 wells
Lubbock with 3300 and Lamb
county with 2800 to rank high In
the area
Butane is used on 15447 wells
while natural gas powers another
11881 pumping plants A majority
of the wells 24779 had a pumping
lift of more than 125 feet and 17592
were shown with a pumping capacity
of under 700 gallons per minute
Grain sorghum cotton wheat
alfalfa and sudan mostly for pasture
were the principal crops irrigated
According to the report grain
sorghum led cotton in 1955 by almost
400000 acres
Thrumond says the report Is compiled
from figures submitted from
the county agricultural agents In tho
43county area
iimu iiiiiiii iiuiu
1260 Kc

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