The Galveston Daily News. (Galveston, Tex.), Vol. 40, No. 222, Ed. 1 Wednesday, December 7, 1881: Searching Inside

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.... The testimony of J. M. Dean in the Flipper trial, reported in The News special of the 5th, superadded... with the statements of Colonel Grierson and Major McLaughlin, of the Tenth Cavalry (Flipper's - -gimeut), will go very..., it is apparent that Flipper's conduct may be accounted for easily enough without suspecting theft or " legitimate..., and must be received as valuable testimony. It is not denied that Flipper was short in his accounts... raises serious doubt as to Flipper's guilt, and his color is no reason why he should not have the benefit

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... be uumbered among the leaders, is expected to depart for Washington at any moment. ment. The Flipper Trial... Organs For Sale— XVl/v the best. Prices astonish. Sent on trial. Write for catalogues. P. WERLEIN, New... AND BOOKBINDERS. Give us a Trial. If you wish a good suit of Shrunk Flannel Underwear, go to MORRIS, the Shirt... of the stalwarts. He claims to be the spirit of Garfield, and came to preside at the trial of Guiteau. He... five-fold. Virginia Murder Trial. Petersburg, Va., December 6.—-John Saunders was arraigne ; for trial

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..., and there reduced to writing his version of the affair. The woman was sent on for further trial, and jailed... to writing. The defense on trial was an alibi, to prove which the defense asked for a continuance to obtain..., until immunity from prosecution was guaranteed, the conviction can not stand. A new trial should have... be discredited by proving that on a former occasion he made a statement inconsistent with his statement on trial... amended his petition, aud after announcement of ready, suffered to file a trial amendment, the court did

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