The Galveston Daily News. (Galveston, Tex.), Vol. 55, No. 283, Ed. 1 Friday, January 1, 1897: Searching Inside

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..., county of Galveston: Know all men by these presents that hereas we, Leopold Fellman and Nephtali Grumbach... and delivery hereof. In testimony wnereof we, the said Leopold Fellman and Nephtali Grumbach, for ourselves..., this the day of December. A. D.. 1X96. LKOPOLD FFLLMAN. NEPHTALI GRUMBACH. The State of Texas, County... L. Fellman and N. Grumbach, doing a retail dry goods business- at the corner of Iremont and Market... streets, under the firm name of Fellman & Grumbach, filed a deed of trust in the county clerk's office

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... & Grumbach. The firm of L. & H. Blum was soon succeeded in business by Mistrot Bros. & Co. The firm of J... will continue as before. The failure of re?)man & Grumbach comes with the c'ore of the year. The best end

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