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v'agk four
< c
temple daily telegram, temple, texas, sunday morning, september 2,1917.
The Associated Press Is exeluslvlely entitled to the use for republication
of all news credited to It or not otherwise credited In this paper and also the
local news published herein.
DAILY TRIBUNE •••••• Established 1894
(Consolidated January. 1910.)
Published every morning by the Telegram Publishing Co., (Inc.) E. K.
Williams. Editor and Manager.
("The Texas Press.")
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Delivered by Carriers, Inside City Limits Temple und Belton.
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C. J. Anderson, Marquette Building, Chicago. III. Ralph R. Mulligan, 30 East
Forty-second street, New York, N. Y.
Business Office
Managing Editor
W. E. Rulter.cutter
..E. K. Williams
W—Advertising J. P. Rlack
O iffftf f f f f TT W 9 W~
| daily horoscope j
# start tnrltne, but do not oooip«r 4
Pancfaty, Sfpt. t, 1917.
This should br a fairly fortunate day for
Mars and Mercury are strongly benefte in
their rule. Neptune and Saturn art adverse.
It Ih a rule most lucky for visiting friends,
especially those who have military connec-
While Mars Is friendly during this con-
figuration, there Is a sign presaging some
reverse or disappointment before the moon
Kngineers and nil who build roads or
bridges have the forecast of great activity.
Hallways have the best possible direction,
but they may arouse public criticism and
dissatisfaction, which will be unjust.
Mercury is read as warning of much in-
flammatory writing and publishing, which
will foment internal troubles In many parts
of the United States.
This month bids fair to bring about many
labor strikes and ons that will be most sen-
Mars gives promise of fame and honor
for the wealthy, who will demonstrate that
they have patriotism of high order.
The influences today are not beneficial
for the aged who should eonser\e their
There is a sign indicating agitation among
\arlous schools of medicine. This apparently
has some connection with the war.
The stars seem- to forecast some sort of
shock to the public mind, which will disturb
the equilibrium of the nation.
Astrologers declare that this month will
bring to Washington. I). C., many Important
writings or diplomatic communications erf
supreme significance.
Envoys and representatives of foreign na-
tions will conic and go more than at any
time since the beginning of the war, It is
prophesied, during the month.
Since the firnt of the year September has
ern designated by astrologers as a month
f many events, Including less of life on the
sea through explosions and submarines.
Persons whose birthdate It Is should be-
ware of accidents and Illnesses during the
coming year. With care their financial af
fairs will be all right.
Children born on this day are likely to be
quick and clever, but too visionary to be
fortunate In business. These subject# of
Virgo have Mercury as their principal ruler.
D. K. Doyle
R. G. Nelson
X—City Editor.
Y—Composing Room.
Z—Job Printing
We have gone into the war business. If you did not raise
your boy to be a soldier, now is a good time to begin.
Huerta was not recognized by the United States government
and now the German kaiser is placed in a similar position.
Not all the Benedict Arnolds of the present, war will join the
colony in Mexico; some of them will remain in this country and
take the chances.
Would it not be a nice thing to raise wild birds for shootijig
during the hunting season in Bell county? That system is em-
ployed successfully in some sections of the country.
When a man, liable for military service under the selective
conscription law, applies for exemption, he could be allowed to
select the man whom he would like to have go in his place.
Travis county has a pit silo, the first one in that county, now
filled with ninety-five tons of ensilage. The success of the
-pit silo should add to the interest producers may have in this
form of preserving stock feed.
Tl;e word "billion" has been used frequently of late, withou
having made a very strong impression upon the mind of the
average reader. If you were to count at the rate of one per
second for twelve hours per day you would work sixty or
seventy years in counting a billion.
♦ «
+ By Andrew McBeath. 4
* •
Tim Kenedy Advance, says that "A
trainload of boy scouts out of. Han
Antonio passed through Kenedy Tues-
day enroute to Bnihl's drove, near
ltoekport, for a week's outing." This
shows how much chance there. Is for
n boy scout to have a good time if
he makes good In his homo patrol.
The traveling passenger agent an-
nounced that an effort would be
made to establish a permanent camp-
ing ground.
The Lampasas Leader has a state-
ment that twenty-two persons went
to San Saba Wednesday night, where
they wore entertained by the San
Saba club. They went over that scenic
highway in autos, a trip which alone
is a good excuse for going to San
Saba. Tho hospitality of the San
Saba club is additional temptation to
anyone Inclined to look for pleasure,
and the welcome of those people give
assurance that tho Lampasas party
was royally entertained.
The rains that will make winter grain crops and pastures
good will bring great profit to those who are fixed for cashing
the opportunity, sending their hay to the market in cowhides
and egg shells. Naturally we are to believe that plentiful
rains will restore the greater prosperity.
Evidence is coming out that Germany proposed (o Great
Britain before the war to oppose the interests of the United
States in the settlement of the Mexican question. That, evi-
dently, was known to the American government and was one of
the reasons why we did not begin a war on Mexico.
Bell County Teachers' Institute opens in Belton Monday.
The teachers must go to school for one week during the year,
as teachers of Texas University are sometimes required to go
to school at other seats of learning. The public gets the bene-
fit in the increased value of the knowledge gained by the
teachers through associating and studying together.
The Better Babies Conference at Bell County Fair should
prove to be one of the best attractions of that magnificent
exhibition. Since other fairs are not to be held in many Texas
counties, there should be a larger attendance from those
sources. Altogether the coming fair bids promisingly for a
record making success. Temple and Bell county will benefit
by this success, and it behooves all of us to either push or pull.
Houston now has a regular woman detective, attached to the
police force. It will be her duty to attend to those many cases
that come to the attention of the police where a woman is
needed, such as handling the cases of wayward girls, investi-
gating domestic tangles and such work. This woman formerly
worked with the Waco detective department. The influence
of women in the affairs of city government is receiving
greater consideration than formerly, as men begin to realize
that women should really be employed to look after the inter-
ests of women prisoners.
"A total of 15G dealers have been
convicted for violating the Texas pure
food law, since 1910. This is an ex-
act average of three a week for the
entire state," declared the Ran An-
tonio Light. The public is to be con-
sidered by those who have food sup-
plies for sale. Not so many years ago
the custom was to "let the buyer be-
ware." The world is growing better.
Random Shots In Beaumont Enter-
prise calls our attention to the fact
that a Kentucky bishop claims that
worry Is as bad as booze. With the
country going bone dry would it not
bo a good financial venture to put
worry In bottles and sell it at a dol-
lar per.
The Waco Times-Herald declares
that Acting Governor Hobby has the
opportunity for doing the tax payers
of Texas a favor, "lie could make a
home run hit by cutting out several
million dollars of appropriations and
force a reduction of the tax rate.
The legislature might not respond to
the gubernatorial request, but the pro-
per executive appeal would doubtless
have some effect toward curbing ex-
travagance." Will somebody notify
Mr. Hobby before it is too late?
-> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦ '
: bits of byplay j
• ♦
« By (.Ilk* *
(Copyright, 1517, by Cincinnati Engulrer.)
It's custom when a fellow dies
To say the nicest things we can;
So, e»n whe ■ a tombstone lies.
You'll find it stands up for a
No Wonder.
"I love the ground your daughter
walks on," exclaimed the Suiter.
•I don't doubt it," replied Old Man
Rocks, "The property. our heme is
built on is worth 1^0 a foot."
"The chronic kicker isn't wise,"
Observed old lTncle Hults;
"He gets a lot of exercise,
Hut mighty few results."
, Yon Know Them.
"I praise some fellows," said Bill Bink.
"While others I condemn;
When some belong to clubs, some
The clubs belong to them."
H<f, Hum!
I'd just like to be fishing by some
limpid, shady pool,
Where riffles sing a melddy, and
everything is cool.
I'd like to get a dozen bites, and each
time land a boss,
And then lie back in comfort on a
carpet made, of grass.
I'd like to look up at the sky, so clear
and blue and clean.
And hear the breezes rustle through
the leaves of freshest green.
While birds and bees made music to
enchant my drowsy ear.
And take a nap in wonderland with
fairies hovering near.
Is Tlmt So!
Feminine curiosity caused Eve to
eat the apple and gave the world sin
and tribulation," said Mr. Gabb.
"Yes.'' replied Mrs. Oabb, "and fe-
minine curiosity led to the discovery
of Moses in the bulrushes and gave
the world tho Ten Commandments."
"I can't spend all tho money that
1 make," said Mr. lint;
"And yet 1 am not wealthy, I
Am working In tho mint."
I'loasn l'a.'H the Lmlialmiiu; 1'luld!
Will I. DeKay lives at Traverse
City, Michigan.
We Don't Blame Him.
Will Die, of Marshall, Texas, drew
No. 1313 in the army draft and claims
exemption because he is afraid he
How Many Son Days Are There?
Thirty years ago Thomas Day and
Lizzie Weeks were married In Lexing-
ton, Ky„ and a local paper said this
of the union:
A Week is lost,
A Day Is made,
Yet Time should na- complain;
For soon there'll be young Days en-
To make a Week again.
J«i?t. year the Day family took the
prize for the largest family attending
the ISlue Grass Fair at I/»xington.
There are IS Days ia the family.
A pretty trained nurse, from Louis-
ville, who is visiting in Cincinnati was
a guest at a party one night last
week. One of the male members of
the party was teasing the nurse, and
the female members were fomewhat
shocked to hear the nurse say; "If
you don't quit, I'll knock you into a
place that begins Willi IT and ends
with I,." There was silence for a few
moments, and then the nurse added:
"And I don't mean what you think,
either. 1 mean Hospital."
Nil hi os Is Names.
T. B. Bumgardner, of Stony Bot-
tom, W. Va„ wants to know if he can
look after the Club's plants and
Our Dally Special.
The Clinging Vine You Marry
Sometimes Turns Out To Be Poison
: question box
By ChurlM tV Ingram.
Q. WUftt ia the relative ronk In the nivy
for n maJor-Kf»i»>ral aud captain In the
army?—Land lubber,
A. Rear-admiral and lieutenant, respec-
Q. What 1b the probnhle line-up of the
senators in the impeachment trial at Aus-
A. The senate Is to hear the evidence and
render a verdict in accordance with the
fac ts. Politics won't (or should not) enter
into the decision of the body.
Q. Is marriage between first cousins pro-
hibited in Texas?—Wautono, Bartletf, Tex.
A. No.
q. What state has no divorce law?—
Widower. Bartlett. Tex.
A. South Carolina.
Q. What is the total wealth of the United
States aud what is that of German) ?—
A. Just before the wrar started, these
estimates were made: United States, $187,-
TS'J.OTl.QW; Germany, f«0,QQQ,000,000. The
United States, taken as a whole, has been
quite prosperouH for the last three years
Germany has been pretty hard pressed
throughout the time.
9 V
In every town and village 1n our
broad land the men and the women
of the Ked Cross are working to pro-
vide against the day when the cas-
ualty list shall begin to fill—when
your boy and my boy may need the
ministering hand of a Bed Cross
nurse, provided with the material that
is being prepared to alleviate the suf-
ferings of the painfully wounded, and
to save many lives that would, with-
out such help, go out in unspeakable
agony. Your boy and mine. God
bless the noble people who are do-
ing what they can to help your boy
and my boy We shall never forget
them.-—Cameron Herald.
The common cry lias been that the
Americans have not taken the war se-
riously. Perhaps this is true; but it
is also true that the tide of loyal and
patriotic feeling is steadily rising, and
the time is rapidly approaching when
the men who are traitors to this coun-
try, and the men who favor the en-
emies of this country will receive the
treatment that is their due.—San An-
tonio Light.
♦ t
We have the Fort Worth Star-Tele-
gram on guard. It noticed: "A Tex-
as contractor is shipping ten carloads
of bois d'arc billets to a dye stuff
concern in Virginia. Early in the war
It was suggested that Texas bois
d'arc would supply certain elements
necessary to the manufacture of
dyes. Texas can supply the bois d'arc.
Come on with the orders." A long
time ago Texas farmers learned to
their regret that tliey could supply
more than the market demanded, al-
though the new method might prove
I,like Mfl/uke Says
Taking a bath every flay may not
make a gentleman out of a man, but
it kefeps him from being mistaken for
a Billy Goat,
A girl who has big feet, can tell
you that it is very immodest to wear
short skirts.
When a Japanese (statesman Is de-
posed he does the hara-kiri act. But
the people in this country never have
any of that kind of luck.
Tho one best bet Is that when you
open a letter that Is written on per-
fumed initialed stationery, you are not
going to find a check Inside.
By JOHN B. HUBER, A. M.. M. D.
The child of today if ill make the community of tomorrow.
Convulsions in Children.
The nervous Bystom of the Infant single or they may follow one ano-
ls most susceptible to any reflex ther In rapid succession. Single 0.111-
Jrritation; or to the influence of vulsions are rarely fatal. When ths
toxins, such as are produced by the Jerking of the extremities cease the
germs of infectious disease (grippe, child will fall Into a natural sleep;!
.measles, scarlet fever, pneumonia, 0r it may go into a state of stupor;'
malaria, tonsilitis), or by the pois- or into deep coma and is then like
ons that result from undigested food to die. After recovery the child
,(bananas, corned beef) and decom- will be weak; there may be a slight
posing foodstuffs in the intestines, one-sided paralysis, which is like to
That Is why evea a fcealthy child disappear rapidly, though not a)
may have convulsibns. So it Is that ways, however.
high fevers may be ushered In with
convulsions, which may signify over-
loading of the stomach, Intestinal
fermentation or worms, earache, de-
layed teething, kidney irritation, a
Questions and Answers.
1 am a boy of seventeen. Four
tight foreskin,' adenoids, whooping Vtar* a9° 1 became addicted to bad
cough, very frequently rickets or
some other very exhausting disease,
habits. Two yean ago I came into
possession of a treatise for men and
and sometimes brain wid spinal learned the full enormity of my con-
cord disease. After Instrumental dition, which 1 rcaliee frTm certain
deliveries and children born of al- symptoms described in this treatise.,
coholics, are prone. No two chil- What shall I dot
dren manifest convulsions alike. Answer—Don't you believe it. Sitfc-
They usually, however, come on no more. Go to a good family doctoi
suddenly, without previous warning, honored in your community and ott
with or without a premonitory cry; well-tried experience, and be guided
or the child may squint, be rest- by him. Then all will be well wit^
less, start in its sleep, or bend its you.
+ By Walt Mason, A

•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•<»*«>»♦♦♦**«>♦♦♦<► -
September Again.
Once again September's smiling In
a manner most beguiling, once again
she brings refreshment to the jaded
human Jays, who have suffered
through a season that was hot be-
yond all reason, that was but a com-
bination of a a lot or sizzling days.
As when one who's lost, forsaken, suf-
fering for bed and bacon, sees a
lighted cottage window that, invites
him to repose, so a delegate or mem-
ber looks upon the mild September,
which, with lier refreshing coolness,
Is a balm for all his woes. By the
heat of summer smitten, by the files
and skeeters bitten, man is at the
end of August, near the limit of his
nerve; then September comes serene-
ly, after months that ■ soaked him
meanly; he would load her down with
posies, he admires her every curve.
She ia like a drink of water to the
wanderers who totter on life's long
and dusty highway, with their feet
and bosoms son : she is like a slice
of slumber to the toiling guys whose
number is ns hard of comutation as
the f-ands upon the shore. She's n
solace and a guerdon to all skates
who bear their bur 'en, she's a tonic
for their souls; every feature of her
pleases, autumn tints and frosty bre-
07.es-- let us boost the calm September
while the knell of summer tolls.
: :
I'lant Grazing Crops.
Owing to the great scarcity of feed
every farmer should plan to plant at
least a few acres of wheat, oats, bar-
ley or rye this fall for grazing pur-
poses. of course it would be useless
to plant these grazing crops unless It
rains to put a season in the ground
but all arrangements should be made
to sow as soon as the rain comes, and
have as early pasture as possbile.
If you have never tried sowing grain
for grazing you will be surprised to
learn the large amount of feed your
horses, cattle, hogs, goats, sheep and
chickens will get from it. Your stock
will all keep in better condition by
thumbs; or tho faco muscles xnay
twitch. The body suddenly takes on
a spasm, the head is thrown back,
there may b; a choking sound; the
eyes aro turned up or they "roll, tho
* • *
I have been suffering from catarrh
of the eye. Is there any cure for t»,
pupils dilated and not reacting to without operation. 2. Is there an]
the light, breathing is suspended, cure for nervous breakdownt
the face becomes congested, the Answer—Most cases of eye catarrlr
mouth may froth. / Then there are do not nsed operation. Local applli
convulsions In which tho rigidity is cations by the family doctor are es>
rapidly alternating with relaxation; sential to the euro. Only by exam<v
sometimes these do not occur and ination can the question of operation
then we speak of "inward spasms." be decided. The discharge in ey«
The child is wholly unconscious. In catarrh is in most cases contagious'
some cases tho child will twitch only a lotion of a teaspoonful of borif'
the arm muscles; generally the acid in a pint of water that has beet^
spasms begin In the upper extrem- boiled should constantly be used^
ities. Older children may grind the 2. In most cases yes; am sendini
te?th. These convulsions may be >'ou further information.
Dr. Huber will answer »U signed letters pertaining to Health If your ff "j
general interest it will be answered through these columns; it not it wiU be anjwere '
personally if stamped, addressed envelope is enclosed. DrHnher will not prescribe feu
fndividual eases or make diagnose.. Address I)r. John B. Huber, «ro cf tins ■ywspaper.
having the green feed and your cows
will give more and better milk. It
will take little more than half the
corn or other grain to fatten your
hogs for meat and your chickens will
lay all winter if they have plenty of
green feed.
In the spring, if the rain is prom-
ising after grass has come, you may-
take your stock off and let it mature
making perhaps more than you could
011 any other crop. If it is not prom-
ising, plow it up and plant any other
crop. The pasture is worth many
times the cost of the seed.—San Saba
tant. When our cooks begin to learn
that cooking is an exact science there
will be less said about "luck" in cook-
ing. The "hit or miss" methods ol
measurements are the cause of poor
To the old-fashioned housekeeper
and cook the methods of accurate
measurement do not seem impor-
Directions as to combining mater-
ials should be followed if one wants
uniformity, for the adding of a beat-
en egg to a hot soup will cause a
curdled mess. Pour a little of <he
hot soup into the egg and then it
can be added to the soup.
To clean sewer sink pipes take a
teaspoonful of washnig soda and a
cupful of vinegar, and when the soda
is dissolved pour it down the sink.
spE gj J i
Clip out and present six coupons like the above, bearing
consecutive dates, together with our special price of ..
Book on display at office of 9oC
Temple Daily Telegram
6 C°ANDNS 98c Secure this $2.50 Volume
Beautifully bound in rich Maroon—cover stamped in gold,
artistic inlay design, with 16 full-page portraits of
the world's most famous singers, and com-
plete dictionary of musical terms.
"HF ART The song book with « soul! 40C of tho
* JV/liVJJ song treasures of the world in one vol-
ume of 500 pages. Chosen by 20,000 music lovers. Four years to complct#
the book. Every song a gem of melody.
I' |
\ ooMio we<0T
To keep
• 0m*l\rv -
&0 too know you
took ev^ cent
\H\D' ^
homfl :
one cent
let he have a
V*- . - .

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