The Temple Daily Telegram (Temple, Tex.), Vol. 6, No. 268, Ed. 1 Friday, September 26, 1913 Page: 2 of 6

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J.,.. £ ?■
* ? 3
e hi . I.. . .i < . i i ■ i I. i
t(m CM that any addition*! c!
are. wholly unnecessary an." they are
derfrous of facilitating and expediting
this grave and Important trial rather
than to Confuse It.'-
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McCelvff - - Hartmann
Lawyers Say They Don't Think Gov-
ernor Will Have to Take Stand.

.Albany. N. Y-, sept. 25.—Governor
Suisse^ and hia attorneys emerged in.
gck»d ppirits today from a conference
which lasted several hours: Judge
Htrrick was asked If the testimony
gwen to the Impeachment court yes-
terday; had caused any change In the
pinna ijfor the defense. He smiled
brotf&lV as he replied:
"I doh't-think it will be necessary
for Governor Sulzer to go on the
standi' '
Nfivcrtholoss the governor is stilt at
work, assembling the story he expects
to telfc He has assured his friends
that it will prove a knockout blow to
the case of tlie prosecution.
At today's Session^ Edgar T. Brack-
ett moved to strike from the record
the answer of Jacob II. Schiff yester-.,
day lp which the witness said he did
not hitend his 12.500 gift to Sulzer
as "campaign expenses."
"?"he intent of the witness cartnot
affect the Intent of the receiver vcf
the fund," angued Mr. Brackett. r.
feouis K ' of the HuIzqc coun-
sel, argued against the motion. "This
case shpuld be Considered," he said,
"precisely the same as If we were try-
lng art indictment—as if the defendant
had committed the crime of larceny.
You .cannot be made the victim of a
crime o£.larceny when the giver
places no restrictions on the gift he
makes." •
Prosecution Loses a Point. 1
Presiding 'Judge Cullen refused to
strike, out the answer.
; "If' it was a common law larceny,"*
said the Judge, "I should be certain
that mytTUllng Was correct, although
there must be a trespass In common
law. I feel that the same ruling
should- apply hp re. I nuay change my
mtnd^bufc for; Ihe' time belog I must
reiterate my previous ruling."
Judge.) 'cmtetf added? that Mr.
S^hiff's Intention at the^mc and'not
His Intention at the present time was
the question- that should be consider-
Look, Mother! 11 Little Tongue 1«
Coated Give "California Syrup of
lip"—Children Love Iu
Mother! Your child isn't naturally
cross and peevish. .See if tongue is
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Stomach, liver and bowels need a
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When listless, pale, feverish, full ol
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ach-ache, diarrhea, remember, a
gentle liver and bowel cleansing
should always be the first treatment
Nothing equals "California Syrup of
Figs" for. children's ills; give a tfca-
spoqnful, and in a few hours all the
f6ul waste, sour bile and fermenting
food which is clogged in the bowels
passes out of the system, and you
have a well and playful child again.
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cious "fruit laxative," and it never
ffci'ls to effect a good "inside" cleans-
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California Syrup of Figs," then look
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terfeits are being sold here. Don't be
fooled! •
$•".00 to the order of
"I told the governor
contribute to his campalj
the witness.
Morris Tekulsky, prel
New York Liquor Deal
tion, and a member of a g<
mlttae of Tammany Hall,
that he contributed $50.
u Heawd Liquor Wrangle.
The question as to the admissibili-
ty of the evidence on campaign con-
tributions not cited in the articles
of impeachment precipitated a heated
"tangi* among the opposing attorn-
"These transactions—a hundred or
move in number," asserted John B.
Stanchfleld, counsel tat the prose-
cution. "constituted a common
..scheme, a design on the part of the
^poudent to display certain eontrl-
and conceal others. 1 can
the failure to* report one
been an ae<^dent; two a
iut to fall fo account for
governor pro-
ps should be
it and that the
he tried for of-
'such indictment
Cullen overruled
|o pointed out thai
si had been given
to request the
fa bill of particulars,
unanimously in favor
evidence in.
Rhiff, the New York
bcalled to the stand aft-
the prosecution at the
session had made a des-
to have the marrow of
i»y stricken from the rec-
was—and he repeated it
ce today—that he had not
its 12,500 gift for My par-
an admitted blow /o the
T. Brackett. counsel for the
tm *
have tried the rest
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♦ ■
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impeachment managers, argued that
since Mr. Sulser had asked for the
money to help his campaign it made
no difference what the intent of Mr^
8chiff in the matter had been. Her
raised the point that the banker
might have been giving expression to
his feeling in regard to the gift at
the present time rather than at the
time the gift was maJa. Judge Cul-
len agreed that the point was well
taken but he reserved decision on the
motion to strike the testimony, in
question out.
"I would like to ask a question."
Interrupted Senator Foley duriifg
Schlffs cross-examination. "1 would
like to know, Mr. Schiff, if you have
had any communications with Gover-
nor Sulser since this matter was dis-
closed in t"..e last two months?'.'
Sc biff's Testimony.
"I have not, except that he invited
me to come to Albany and I declin-
ed. To be correct, ab it four or five
weeks ago his secretary ini'ited me to
come to Albany to see Mrs. Sulzer,
who was ill. I have seen Governor
Sulzer only once since he went into
"Did anybody communlpate with
you in New York City in behalf of
Mr. Sulser and discuss this matter of
your contributions?"
"Yes, Mr. Frankenstein came to me
and told me that If I would accept it
Mr. Sulzer would be very glad to re-
fund to me the $2,500, to which I re-
plied that 1 could not now, since the
matter was under Investigation, per-
mit the status to be changed."
"You refused to accept refund of
the $2,500?" asked the senator/
,"I did not. It was never tendered
to me. The question was only asked
as to whether I would accept It, to
which I said no. The exact words
were, so far as I remember, 'Gover-
nor Sulzer would like to repay you
this »2,500.' "
Mrs. Sulzer Frequently Mentioned.
The name of Mrs. Sulzer who, it Is
reported, will be one of the star wit-
nesses for the defense, was frequently
brought Into the testimony today. It
has developed that she had a tele-
phonic communication with Ralph
Trier, vice president of the Frank V.
Strauss company, in regard to a $1.-
000 checl. which he had sent to the
governor in behalf of Mr. Strauss,
who was abroad. Trier testified that
Mrs. Sulser told him over the tele-
phone that the check he had sent was
not in, the envelope. Witness said be
stopped payment on this check and
sent a duplicate which Mrs. Sulzer
told him had been received. He add-
ed that Mrs. Sulzer and Mr. Strauss
were related.
Judge Lewis J. Conlan of New York,
a friend of the governor /or .mors
than thirty years, testified concert-
ing three checks given to the goyetV
nor by him as follows:
Mark Potter, $200; Lymann H.
Spalding, $100, and John Delehanty,
Mr. Conlan said he had other checks
with him at the time and he might
have given one of them to Mfr. Sul-
ser. They were made out to Mr. Con-
lan's order. His personal contribution
was a $100 bill.
"It was to help him along In the
necessary wo*k of the campaign that
he was entering upon." testified the
witness. "I did not limit the use of
it In any way nor did I attempt to di-
rect what he should do with It"
The witness had not finished his
testimony when court adjourned.
Two different stories were told re-
garding the subpoenal ng of Sarecky.
He maintained that at no time In the
last twenty-one days during which pe-
riod the board of managers' agents
said they were unable to locate him,
had he been In hiding.
8arecky was excused today on his
promke to be present tomorrow morn-
KloQaent Dallas-Mineral Wells Divine
trtt* of benefits of Plant
Fiance of President's
Daughter Selects
His Best Man
Rev. A. D. Card we 11, who resides at
1801 Cross street , in Dallas, Texas,
and who formerly lived in Mineral
Weiln tells In the following interest-
ing way of his experience with Plant
Juice. Rev. Card well is widely known
throughout the northern* part of
Texas as an eloquent and zealous
churchman. He. j#id:_
"Plant Juice Is a grand treatment
for nervous prostration, stomach trou-
ble and general debility. 1 have felt
so *nUch in nee>d of the right kind of
a treatment that I have tried many
kinds of remedfee'hnt Plant Juice has
proved a real blessing to me. It has
corrected my nl.nmarh and nervous
disorder and has toned me hp won-
derfully. I npw have a fine-appetite
and sleep like an infant."
Tq* all derangements of the stom-
acn, itidneys, liver and'blood Plant
Juice is unequalled. It acts directly
and quickly-and"In"'almost Incredible
time clears the liver, removes every
vestige oC btttousBMa. dissolve* and
elfrnfciatea uric acid from the blood,
relieves and cures-all forms of stom-
ach tfouble and corrects constipation.
For sale at Reynolds'* Drug Store.
Parker Is Leading
Salzer^ Prosecution
tended from
as Houston.
Oklahoma as far south
Childress—«U of northweot Texas
and the Panhandle country was visit"
ed by an exceedingly heavy rain Wed-
nesday afternoon and night At Child-
ress railroad shops were flooded and
three washouts occurred on the Den-
ver road north •{ Childress. Cotton
will be badly damaged while wheat
and rye will be benefited. Two Inches
fell at Childress in thlrty~flv« minutes.
Rain is falling this morning.
Stamford —Nearly two teehes of rain
has fallen here since 9 o'clock last
sight and the weather is still unset-
tled. The rain was accompanied by a
•harp drop In temperature. The rain
is too late to help cotton but will be
woeth much to stock and will give
opportunity to plant fall grain.
Yevaon—The rain faB here during
last night was the hardest In two
years. This rain will put good season
in the ground for wheat sewing.
by the
"That's #11 are want,
Mr. Marshall. <.
Thomas M. Godwin, paying teller of
the Farmers Loan and Trust Compa-
ny, was then re-called. He was first
questioned by Attorney John C.
Stanchfleld, concerning the Instruc-
tions he had received from the attor-
ney for the loanr and trust company
for whom he worked not to testify to
signatures that had not passed
through the institution In which he
is emptoveii.
Mr. Stanchfleld handed the witness
a check of the Frank V. Strauss Com-
pany for '$1,000. The check was In-
dorsed "William Sulzer." At first
the witness was inclined not to Identi-
fy the signature, but finally he an-
Signatures Identified.
"I am of the opinion that it Is the
signature of William Sulzer."
Godwin then identified the sign a
tures on the two checks he had de-
clined to identify yesterday—those of
Abram Klkus for |600 and the Lyman
it. Spauidtng ehedk for $100.
The witness testified to cash depos-
its totalling (14,400 made in hit in-
stitution by William. Sulzer between
September 12. 1>12, and his inaugura-
Mr. Stanchfleld called Abfam El
kus to the witness stand after Godwin
was excused.
Mr. Elkus said he had known Wil-
liam Sulzer about twenty years. He
identified a copy of a letter he had
written Mr. Sulzer October 4. In Which
Mr. Elkus, after congratulating the
governorr«lect upon his nomination,
said: • . *
"I know congratulations are very
pleasant and very nice, but a cam-
paign to be successfully conducted
requires soipethlng more than words
and so I arm enclosing my check for
$500 to afd Iq the. expenses of your
campaign,"" J. : . .
Mr. Stanchfleld then produced the
governor's letter in reply. It was
very hrief.. It thanked Mr. Elkus,
"many,,many tim^s". and said:
"I appreciated every wory you say
and ail you have done."
"I suppose," queried Mr.- Stanch-
field. "it did not escape your notice
that In the rejfly there was no ac-
knowledgement oft the receipt of the
Defense Scores a Point
Mr. Marshall was on his feet in an
Instant with an objeotioa. 7
"Objectlbn sustained," ruled the
presiding judge instantly.
Cross examined -by Mr. Marshall,
the witness was queried as to his In-
terest in making the gift. Mr. Stanch^
field objected. This precipitated a
wrangling in which Judges and sena-
tor joined.
"I have grave doubts." said Judge
Hiscock, "as to the admission of that
evidence, but T have no objection to
admitting It If we reserve the right to
decide ttie question at the end of the
trial.** ,
Senator Brown objected that "one
violation leads to another," and sug-
gested that the vote be taken '%t
once. Mr. Marshall then withdrew
hie question. Mr. Stanchfleld object-
ed to the wlthdi*awal and made a plea
for Immediate deelslen.
The wrangle finally was Closed by
the presiding Judge "who said he vroutd
look further lnto»the law on the mat-
ter before rendering a final opinio^.
, Mr. Elkus was then excused with-
out having de^id^d the question. '
The oenators: lut>i$ rea> and a)ong
the side of the court room complain-
ed repeatedly that they were ltnahle
to hear witnesses and questions ef
counsel. One qenator urged that tie
street pavement be covered with tan
bark to lessen the noise of passing
Upon the smrgrekfldh of Attorney
Stanchfleld, J^ge Cullen directs*!-
that the witness stand be moved near-
er the main body of the court.
Sarecky's Account. •
- Webb Floyd, president of the Mu-
tual Ailiahee , Trust, Company, took
the stand and wap questioned con-
cerning the account of Louis Sa ~ '
Governor Sutler's secretary. The
count, the -witness said, was op
1*1}, with a deposit of
ber ,1
Washington, Sept **.—Capital so-
ciety is delighted with the choice (or
best man msde by Francis B. Sayre,
who is to bo married to Miss Jessie
Wilson at the White Rouse In No-
vember. It has been announced that
Dr. Wilfred Grenfeli, the distinguish-
ed Aictic explorer, will assist at the
Wedding, which promises to surpass
all previous White House nuptials in
point of splendor. „
go not know of Colwell's whereabuots
Hut wo expect him also as a wit-
Took Two Cheeks to Sulzer.
Charles Derech. a salesman for the
American Malting Company, said on
October 15 he took two ehecks to
Salter. They had been given htm by
Stadler for delivery. Dersch said he
told the governor the checks were
"for campaign purposes."
, "Sulzer told rr»e tf I gave him any
more ehecks kiadly to have them
caahed," said Dersch. October 29 he
said he delivered $7*0 in bills to the
governor at his house. "The gover-
nor wasn't there an^ I gave It to his
wife," witness said. ^
On another occasion, Dersch said
ho took some monef to Sulzer's house
^n a Sunday morning.
"Why did you go oif a Sunday
morning?** asked a senator.
"Mr. 8ufceer asked me to," Dersch
replied.-• "He said he needed the
money for traveling expenses. I took
It to him in currency, having cashed
the checks at a bank. He had told
me that cash would be most conveni-
"If you want to know to what his
wife said, I'll tell you," volunteered
the witness.
"When I want to know what she
said, I'll ask you," remarked Mr.
Bird S. Coler, the next witness, gave
his occpAtion as a banker. He said
that on Oct. 24 he had written Sul
zer n letter enclosing a check for
wrote him," said Mr. Coler. "that
he was sure of being elected and that
he Would need much money In the
campaign." ' - ' .
"I, dtd not receive any acknowl-
edgement of my kind words of en-
"That's all a number of others seem
to hftvo gottonf. commented Stanch-
Louis A. sarecky, formerly Gover-
nor ffulzer's campaign secretary, was
served with a subpoena In behalf of
the assembly managers this after-
Ralph Tryer, viee president of the
Frank V. Strauss company of New
York, produced a cablegram received
In October from Mr. Strauss while the
latter was in Parts. The message said
"give Herman Sulzer $1,000 with my
compliments. Have cabled him he
can Jiavo more."
identified a check for
Former candidate for president of
the United States, photographed at
Albany. N. Y.. where he is acting as
counsel for the prosecution at the tri-
al of Governor William Sulser on im-
peachment chargea.
McGrath and His
Makes Distinct Hit at
Of "Mary's Lamb." which opens
Temple's new theater October 2, the
San Antonio Express says:
"If you hear the office boy whist-
ling a haunting melody today which
makes you w^h you had nerve enough
to ask him what it is, you may be
sure (hat he attended the opening
performance of 'Mary's Lamb' and the
tune is .'Betsy's the Belle of the Bath-
ers.' A£k> yon can be sure that he
had an evening of solid enjoyment at
the Grand last night It's a good
show. Mostly girls, music and laughs
—you get the drift—and after a
summer .bereft of even the semblance
of a show it wa3 as refreshing as a
September morn.
"It's that kind of a show, and Den
McGrath, supported by a capable
company, put it over with such suc-
cess that it was a smiling, good-hu-
mored crowd that filed out of the the-
ater after it was over. There isn't
much of a story, of course, but what
there is of tt is bright and racy. You
see. It was this way: Mary's little
lamb "got out of the corral one night
for a frolic, and Mary Just happened
on the .scene. Then there are some
doings, believe me. But the lamb
turns or 1 to have a little of coyete in
his make-up and the sequel has to
be seen to be appreciated.
" 'Mary's Lamb' Is described as a
gambol In three blekts, and that's just
about what' it Is. It vas built to fit
Richard Carle, but McGrath made it
his own. He Is a comedian of mora
than ordinary fun-making proclivities,
and he made the most of the opportu-
nities afforded him by the role of the
lamb. *
Miss Berts Yoeman, as the cause of
all the trouble, and Miss Florence
Guise, ai the trouble itself, with a
big T, shared honors with McGrath.
The former Is good to look at and la
possessed of a very pleasing voice. Her
song. The Modest Little Model,* went
big with *h<fle house, not except-
ing the gdllory, and her singing of a
pretty lttUe wring song and The Last
Rose of Summer' was delightful. Miss
Guise as the ihretcfiih wife was very
convincing, to say the least She is a
capable actress, and L.r portrayal of
the tyrgnt of Lamb's home was rich.
"The remainder of the cast Is well
balanced, and up to the standard of
the principals. There Is a chorus of
pretty girls which Ujnds much to the
ensemble, particularly with the living
picture stunt, In which 'September
Morn' and other 'classics' are shown In
'Mary's Lamb' will be seen again
a natlneo today, and trill close its
• jremcnt with a performance to-
show t*
years. Can
Waco—Rain which has been con-
tinuous began falling here at 4 o'clock
this morning totalled l.U Inches at
noon today. The precipitation seems
to have been general throughout Mc-
Lennan and adjoining counties.
Amarillo—The entire plains coun-
try has been covered by a chining
rain which fell sinee early last night
Advices of heavy sleet through eastern
New Mexico have been rectvd. The
temperatur droppd to forty in Ama-
rillo and fears of Croat are entertain-
ed. This would result in great loss
to farmers and cattle men.
Cleburne—A 2-inch rata fell here
this morning up to * o'clock and It
is still raining. Creeks are higher
than for years. Cotton is damaged.
McKinney—A big rain fell here this
morning. \
San Angcto—A good general rati
fell over most of the Concho country
early today. Farmers are preparing
to plant winter wheat oats and bar-
San Antonio—One and seventeen-
one-hondredth Inches of rain fell here
since 4 o'clock yesterday, materially
ald'ng the grass for cattle, but un-
welcomed by the cotton raisers as it
lowers the grade of the staple.
Lockhart — Ideal cotton picking
weather which prevailed In this sec-
tion for the past week was broken
late yesterday afternoon by showers
and today It coatlnuas raining steadi-
ly Fielda are white with unpicked
Snyder—An inch of rain has fallen
here since last night It Is still rain-
Claoo—Fins rains fell here last night
and continue today.
Plain view—A cold norther la blow-
ing here. The thermometer is at 45
and a drizzle with some snow is fall-
San AngHo—-Unexpected rises In
the North Concho river here in the
past several hours have greatly en-
dangered 8an Angelo's new $60,000
viaduct now in course of construction.
More than four inches of rain fell
north of here in the past six hours.
No trouble
to get this great-
est gum. Your favorite
store has it. Or the one
next door has.
So you must always insist
on the genuine—in carder
that you may get the gum
of supreme deliciousness.
Pure mint Pure spearmint. An un-
equalled combination.
Afa&era of thoM other j
TUklt ChiOk
candidate, was accepted today by Pro-
visional President Huerta. Senor
Gam boa will enter at once upon the
work of promoting his candidacy.
It is expected that his campaign
will be conducted for the most part
through the representatives of the
party in the various districts, the for-
mer minister doing little or no actual
The candidacy of Senor Gamboa
and Gen. Rascon is generally com-
mented upon favorably in the capi-
tal by non-partisan Mexicans.
General Felix Diaz, replying to Sen-
or Gamboa's cablegram recalling him
to Mexico, said that he socpected to
ill from France within a few
Shoots Self.
El Paso, T«#x., Sept. II.—-J. I.
Act ves, Mexican consul at Calexleo.
Calif , is In a hospital ia Juarez with
a bullet hole in his cheat Authori-
ties think he attempted suicide.
candidates beyond its opposition to
Gen. Huerta'a continuation in power
—a position justified in theft* minds
because of his irregular assumption
of authority and overthrow of Made-
re. This attitude was declared nec-
essary to further the cause of stable
government in Latin-America.
Gamboa's candidacy, nevertheless,
caused much discussion in official cir-
cles and doubt was freely expressed
that he could be elected. It w1
pointed out by administration Off! -'
cials that the Catholic party always
had been a minority in Mexico be-
cause most Mexicans, although of the
Catholic religion, traditionally had
opposed the idea of a Catholic polit-
ical party as leading possiblly to a
reunion of church and state.
With keen Interest official Wash-
ington Is waiting to see whom the
liberals in Mexico City will name.
Manuel Calero, former ambassador to
the United States under the Madero
regime, is regarded here as a likely
choice. Whether his candidacy would
mean participation by the constitu-
tionalists in the election, or whether
some other man acceptable to their
cause would #fce selected, were ques-
tions on which the next steps in the
situation seem to revolve.
A feeling of relief that the situation
was adjusting Itself was apparent here
today. From high administration of-
ficials came the statement that while
no change In orders had been sent to
consuls about Americana leaving Mex-
ico, the disposition of President Wil-
son always has been to leave fhe ques-
tion entirely to the discretion of the
Americans hi Mexico, still urging
thoste in the trouble nenee to depart
and offering them pecuniary assist-
sale of intoxicating liquors in the
In substance the act provides that
ten or more tax payers of a county
where such a nuisance may exist may
cause to be filed a petition for Its
abatement In any chancery, circuit or
criminal court in such county. If the
existence of the nuisance Is establish-
ed, the act provides for the sale of
such fixtures and supplies which may
be lawfully disposed of and the de-
struction of such as may not be law-
fully sold In the state.
it is charged that opponents of the
measure are taking steps to prevent
a roll call during the present extra
session of the legislature, which offi-
cially ends Saturday. Pay for mem-
bers of the legislature ceases at that
The first excitement of today was
furnished by a threatened clash be-
tween Representatives Smith and Be-
Bejash offered a resolution that
Joha T. Yeatman, a deputy fire mar-
shal, be brought to the bar for alleg-
ed contempt during yesterday's melee.
Smith tried to make a point of order
that the alleged occurrence was after
the house adjourned. The sergeant
of arms beaded Smith off when
started toward Be>ash. ,
The democrats continued their fili-
buster against the so-called "law en-
forcement" bill* Juat befrwe ad-
journment, a petition sig«< d by fifty-
two of the nlnetv,j»it>e members of
the house, urging that the Wfk« bo al-
lowed to reach a vete, was presented
te Speaker Stant,»b but no action v> as
A resolution citing John Yeatmnn,
deputy game warden, to appear be-
fore the house for contempt, It being
alleged that he had drawn a revolver
on the previous day when the house
adjourned in an uproar, was voted
$4,300 In all. I met Helen Barker at
the Jonquil last January when 1 call-
ed there to learn kow the Nleblas girl
was progressing She told me her
mother lived ia Grand Rapids, Mich.,
and that ehe wanted to see her. I gave
her $Mi Mrs. Rosenberg told me the
HtfTker girl wanted to marry a young
man who was workinr in a shooting
gallery. | went back w+th $S0» more
the same day. Two wseks later I saw
the girl again. She said she had fos-
ter parents living at Claremont, Cagf.
and wanted to provide for them. I
gave her $11# mere.
**I never saw the girl again until
she testified against me in the court
Dtwits Immorality Charge.
Blxby swore that of the other girls
who testified against him. Tie knew
only one—Grace Redwine. lie denied
in detail all accusations of immorali-
When he was excused, the prosecu-
tion began an attempt to impeach bis
testimony. Arguments ever the admis-
sibility of evidence of one of the ac-
cusing glrfa were net concluded when
court adjourned.
Octavlus Morgan, the aged archi-
tect again proved an unwilling wit-
ness today, replying to nearly all the
questions that to answer that would
degrade htm. He admitted, however,
having given a total of $2,500 to girls
In the Jonquil.
Tjtrttrm', mtsnen' and children's win-
ter coats In all klnfei and prices at Tito
Texas Store.

Strong Federal Force t$ Dispatched
From Chihuahua CKy.
El Pasoi, 8ept. —One thousand
federal cavalryman and a battery of
artillery under CoL Jesus Manollla,
were sent to attack Parrel, Chihua-
hua, from Chihuahua City today. Far-
rat is held by Manuel Chao and 1690
Gen. Francisco Castro, sent from
Chihuahua a few days ago to attack
Santa Rosalia, garrisoned by Fran-
cisco Villa, Rosallo Hermandes and
their robot forces yesterday, was
ported 40 mUea north of Santa R<
lia. A battle Is
Wo want to eenvtnce nervous people and people who are afraid of
pains that high-clam dentistry can be done Absolutely Painless. Teeth
can be extracted wtthoot Pain and there will bo no had after effects
Best Filling • • • a »o o a 11.00
Porcelain Crowns
• a a o a o sa*
Set Teeth ,.,|4.00 Up
Gold Crowns 14.00
Bridge Work #4.00
111 1-1 So. Main St, Temple, Tezaa.
A private institution built tad •gntinr»d
especially for patient* requiring
35 nurses. **
i »<

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