Telegraph and Texas Register (Columbia, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 29, Ed. 1, Tuesday, September 13, 1836: Searching Inside

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Sequence: 3 (standard view) | zoom view September, 1836. To the Editors of the Telegraph: Sirs, Imputations having been made..., SEPTEMBER 13, 1836. 12,613 02 3,500 00 At the West Point of Galveston, 8th instant, American schr Flora... is authorized to settle it. JEREMIAH DWYER . Columbia, 13th September, 1836. sept 13-29 3t LAND FOR SALE. Se..., on one of which there i a good impro ement. Apply at the Office of the Telegraph. Columbia, September 12..., September 6, 1836. sept 13-29 3t THE undersigned loaned some time time in March last, to Captain Stanley, a

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... l 2&- m W SJP i& TELEGRAPH. COLUMBIA, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13. The Returns of the elections have... day or September, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, and the faith and credit of the Government of Texas

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