Telegraph and Texas Register (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 3, No. 1, Ed. 1, Saturday, December 16, 1837 Page: 3 of 4

any dues to the government of Texas..
Speaker of the house of ripresenlatives.
President of the senate.
Approved, Dec. 14, 1836.
" .
both houses of Congress December 1, 3jS87, in ac-
cordance iclih the provisions of the Buna Law. 9
AUSTIN. Jas. McNtitt, pres. board qfjand commis-
sioners: Martin Allen, Robert Klevburg, associate com-
tsioncrs: T. H.impton Kuvkendall, cleric of boards
Kcnuev, surveyor.
BEXAR David Jfursdiv, Pres.: Jno. S. Simpson,
Jn. McCr.irr, As. Com.: Win. P. Delmour, Clerk: R.
C. Trimble, Surveyor.
BRAZORIA. Elwin Waller, Pres. Theodore Ben-
nett, A. C Hyde, As. Com. Thos. H. Black-.vcll, Clerk.
Win. HZZunr, Surveyor.
COLORADO. Abraham Ally, Pres. Williamson
D micls, -Win. Thompson, As. Com. Robt. Brothcrton,
Clerk. L. S. iT.igler, Surveyor.
FAYETTE. -Reddin Andrew?, Pres. George W
Spierc. Divid Broedin, As. Com. N. W. Eistland, Clerk.
Thom is Green, Surveyor.
FANNIN. B ilcv Englkh, Pres. Joseph Murphy,
Wm. U. Birton, As. Com. Jas. Slator Biker, Clerk.
Daniel Montaigne, Surveyor.
FORT BEND. Randal Jones, Pres. D.miel Perry.
Hiram Thompson, As. Com. W. H. Poole, Clerk. Pascal
P. TSjzden Surveyor..
GONZALES. Joseph D. Clements, Pres. Jas. Hod-
ges, sen., Wm. A. Matthews, As. Com. Sam. Williams,
Clerk. Chis. Lockhart, Surveyor.
GOLIAD. Win. P. Patterson, Pres. M. B. Lewis,
Wm. Bromley, As. Com. Andrew Neill, Clerk. Richard
F. Hord, Surveyor.
HOUSTON. Stephen Box, Pres. Elijah Gasselt, J.
Worth im, As. Com. Sanv.G. Walls, Clerk. Geo.Aldridge,
HARR1SBURG. Ben. Fort Smith, Pres. Wm. P.
Harris, Jas. S. fljlnnu, As. Com. R D Johnson, Clerk.
G W Patrick, Surveyor.
JEFFERSON. Claiborne West, Pres. Jno Bellin-
ger, Hezekiah Williams, As. com. Jas P Pnlsifer, clrk,
Andrew S.nith, Surveyor.
JASPER, G W Siiith, Pres. J hn Bevil, Tins B
jBuling, Robt A Fonne'.I. clerk. Martin B.,Lew-
is, Surveyor. s .
JACKSON. Patrick Usher, Pres. Francis M.
' White, Jno.' Andrews, sen. As. Com.John S. Mene-
fee, Clerk. TKos. Simons. Surveyor.
' LIBERTY. D. P. Coit, Pres. Hugh B. John-
son, Henry W. Farley, As. Com. G. W. Miles,
'Clerk. Franklin Hardin, Surveyor.
MONTGOMERY. E. Collard, Pres. W. R.
Bowen, Jesse Parker, As. Com. B. B. Goodrich,
Clerk, Wm. Robinson, Surveyor.
MINA, Samuel B. Patton, Prrs. Josiah Will-
burger, Moses Gage, As? Com. R. B. Craft, Clerk.
Bartlett Sims, Surveyor.
MILAM. A. B Fleury Pres. D. McCandlass,
- Bell, As. Com. E. L. Stickney, Clerk. Thos.
A. Graves, Surveyor.
MATAGORDA. S. D. Brigham, Pres. H.
Cook. ThosrJammerson, As. Com. V. C. Cadey,
Clerk. E. R. Wightman, Surveyor.
NACOGDOCHES. David Rusk, pres. Wm.
Heart, Adolphus Sterne, As. Com. K. H. Muse,
Clerk. W. A. Ferris, Surveyor. .
ROBERTSON. Thomas Dillard, pres. Jas.
Dunti, ' Lrander Harl, As. Com. A. L. McCoy,
clerk. Augustus W. Cook, Surveyor.
RED RIVER Mansel W. Matthews, Pres.
James Latteman, David Lane, Ass. Com. Benja-
min Gonch, Clerk, Jefferson Milam, Surveyor.
REFUGIOrr-James C. Allan, Pres. Martin Pow-
er, Walter Lambert, Ass, Com. Richard Reman,
Clerk, Reuben Roberts, Surveyor.
SAN PATRICIO Mark Donalson. Pres. Mi-
chael Haley, Benjamin. Audlam, Ass. Com. J. P.
January, Clerk, John Buchanan, Surveyor.
SABINE John Boyd, Pres. Martin D. White,
John H. McCray, Ass. Com. W. H. Harris, Clerk.
Harman Frazier, Surveyor.
SHELBY George English, Pres. Willis H.
Land rum, George Butler, Ass. Com. L. W. Ed-
wards, CItIc, Richard Hooper, Surveyor.
SAN AUGUSTINE Alexander Horton, Pres.
J. D. Thomas, Nathaniel Hunter, Ass. Com., John
CBrookj Clerk, John McGowan, Surv-yor.
VICTORIA Edward Linn, pres. John M.
Henry., Arthur Burns, A?s. Com. Oicar Farish
Clerk, James Cnrr. Surveyor.
WASHINGTON Stephen R. Roberts, pres.
Jessee Bartlett, James W. Smith, Ass. Com. Pros-
per Hope, CUrk, Adolphus Hope, Surveyor.
By a letter just received from N. Orlea is, yrz learn that the pro- I TAILORING
iiiHson- notes of our government aro no .7 as current in that city -- M. EVERETT has commenced the above business over
is most of the bank bill? of the adjoining states. We are hear- oj . bhakspearc Coffee House, next door to the Union House.
tily glad ta notice this disposition on the part of the Merchants where all orders will be punctuaJlj attended to
of th-it noble city, to asnt in sustaining the currency of tU
country: we fissure them our citizens will not be backward in
reciorocatius: their liberality. There cannot exist a doubt that
this money is greatly viperior to any of the non-spscie pajing
bai'csof the United States is the resources of Texas are now
fully sufficient to redeem the asaount intended to be issued. Em
igranti who intend leaving the United States for Texas, will do
well ti exchange their minay for these notes, or for the current
money of Netv Orleans: a3 most of the trade of Texas now cen
tres at that oil)-, the money which circulates at par tbcre, will
necessarily bear a preference in Texas.
A severe battle was fousrht a few weeks since near the-bend
waters of the Trinity between a party of eighteen Rangers mi'
ler the command of lieutenants Van Benthuysen and Miles, and
bout 150 Indians. The oombat lasted two hours, at the end
of which time the Rangers were compelled to retreat, having
lost ten of their number. About fifty Indians were killed in
the engagement.
We have just beea reminded of the return of our enterpri
sing fellow citizen, colonel Morgan, by a present of a beautiful
orange brand), decorated with a number of excellent oranges:
ths product of Ills orchard at New Washington. We trust that
we shall be enabled at no distant period, to reciprocate this fa
vor, by presenting to him the Telegraph, decorated with a
branch even more acceptable the oi.ive bkanch of peace.
The two Steam Packets which are now plying between New
Orleans and this country, are superior to any vessels of the kind
which have ever been engaged in the commerce of Texas. The
Constitution has been almost entirely rebuilt, and is now fitted
up in a style of remarkable neatness and elegance . tier cap-
t iia has long been engage 1 in the navigation of ths Gulf, and
enjoys a very high reputation as a commander. The Columbia
excels any thing of the kind which has ever beeu seen on our
coaet, and commands the admiration of all who have visited
her. She is considered to be one of the best sea-boats which
has ever plouhedthe Atlantic, and sails with exceeding rapid-
ity. Her late trip from'Galvestoa to Velasco, a distance of a-
bout sixty miles, was made in only three hours and a-half.
We aro glad to notice that our government is disposed to en-
cjurags the enterprising proprietors of these vessels. A law
has just been passed removing the tonnage duty on Steam Pack
We sincerely regret that the Editors of the Matagorda Bulk
tin, have -iven publicity to the idle gossip of that village, rela
tive to the honorable Alcee LaBranahe. If a few medlesome
old womi i have been speculating at tea -parties, concerning the
part which this gcntlenan will take at the ensuing presidential
election, tha public should not be troubled with their nonsense. of this kind may in the United States give rise to
impressio'H very unfavorable te this gentleman . As his name
has thus ia lelicately been dragged before the public, we feel
compelled to state, that so far from manifesting any interest in
the politics of this country, he has uniformly been to singular
ly indifferent to them that we are induced to believe he does not
even know what candidates have been proposed for the prcii
Houston, atrerday Bee. 16, 18S7.
Tho Steambnt Curaanche, from New Orleans, arrived this
morning at this city. She has brought about seventy passcn
rers. We have received bj her files of the United State's pa
pen to the 5th inst., they contain no important intelligence.
The Indian who was wounded last week in this citv, died
on ths 13th inst. The person who was apprehended, charged
with the murder, is James Wright. Fie was admitted to bail by
a justice if the peace of this city for $2000, and has since made
his escape1. . We trut this will be a lesson to any justices who
may feel disposed to infringe the constitution, by bailing per-
sons for Capital Crimes.
Colonel Karnes has concluded a treaty of peace with the
Tonkewas. Five hundred of these Indians assembled San
Antonio, and serou of their principal chiefs accompanied this
gentleman into 'that city. After a number of presents Iiad been
distributed to them, they retired highly delighted with their
A gentleman who has recently left the Brassos Santiago,
states, that on the 13th ult, the Mexican squadron was lying safe
It at anchor in ths harbor of Vera Cruz. He saw no prepara-
tions making for another cruize. There were about "3,500 sol-
diers at nlatamoros, 630 of these have lately arrived from the
interior. A body of 890 men crosicd the Rio Bravo near Mat-
amoros a few weeks since, with two field pieces. Their desti
nation is not known. Some of the citizens of Matamorossta
ted that they were going in pursuit of the Comanchcs; others
that it was the vanguard of the invading army of Texas!
gA Noble Act. An act autkorising the purchase of the new
steam ship Pulaski for the navy, has just been passed by con-
gress. This vessel is capable of carrying twelve eighteen
pounders, and five hundred men. With this powerful vessel
well m-innsd and provisioned we may bid defiance to the whole
Mexican navy.
Mr. Eonos: fFhj has not master commandant Wheel-
wright been nominated poscaptain to fill the vacacy occasion-
ed by the death of captain J awkine, and the non-acceptance
of captain Taylor? Q
foii tub tbleoraph.
We t'ae undersigned paengers on board the steamer Cuman-
che from New Orleans to tlotitton in Texas, take great pleasure
in testifying to the laborious and unceasing vigilence of cap-
ttLltl lXU,U(JUtI (Will til's UIUUU19) UI1UCI LllUlUftllV mm LrjlIJgUllu-
cultics incident to the navigation of the bay and bayou, espe-
cially by a boat of this class on her first trip .
Whilst we speak favorably of the officers, as such, we tender
to th-'m our grateful acknowledgments for their srentlemanlv
and ciirteom deportment towards us on the passage.
The Cu.n menu is a boat oi great strength, and having two
engines, a mou sm.'iui nuisman, anu attentive commander, can,
in our o.mujn, inwgatc me Day ana oayou with ease and ner-
frot ifety. Sln passed the bars with ample water in the chan-
nl, a. ui rec-ive I the Minutest jar on nor passage up the bay-
tvi, e'thcr :'" jiu I re or snag, iier accommodations for lodging
fcc., are couun i u jus and comfortable, and we cheerfully recom-
meid her t-i the patronage of the public.
(eorgc A Smith. 11 Graves, jr., WL Cazneau, Robert G Kyle,
T) 1 1 1'oley, "'.iii. Uuwes, JosephEvans, A C Spinks, R H Leech,
M. D, James M-iwhir, A Bryan Burgess, W .Harvey, Henry
Field. William h inks, .Harrison Berry, A H Kipp, John Mc-
Closkey .Virti-i W Bawly, Aaron Teal, David 'Murphrey, G W
Ber-vjohn rioreil, A Smith, L Berry, James Steele and family,
Willi im R Campbell, D T Stedman.
Ra.rreud ituter, D. D., will preach in the capital on
Sunday mornin t't at 11 o'clock. His subject will be the
authenticity of Revelation. By request.
Oti the wm? dnv at three o'clock in the eveninr, them will
be a ahbdth s-cti.ioi organized. The congregation will be ad-
drc-ed by Dr. kowj, general 1 . J . Itusk and D. Kuter.
TH E now and fast running steamer Cumauche, captain
McQuowa will leave the landing to-morrow at 10 o'clock,
A. M. For freight or passage, having very superior accommo-
dations, apply to the captain on boarcf or to
Dec. 16, 1837. 105-lt
FIRST RATE fire proof Iron safe.
Editors. Dec. 16, 1337. 105-lt
Apply to the
JUST received, every variety of TIN. Block tin, Brittan-
ni.i and japan ware. Aho 5.000 quarters superior angurs,
among which will be found every style and size, together with
one caie superior satinetts, 15 ross friction matches, kc. &c, all
of which will be sold low at wholesale or retail upon application
No 6, Mercantile Rote. ,
Houston, Dec. 1G, 2337. 105-tf
Just received from Philadelphia, per. schooner Independence,
Consisting of extra superfine Ladies'
Nails. Wisidow SaeEt.
30 kegs assorted cut nails, 2,000 lights primed amd glazed
4 do wrought do, Sash.
Cast steel Axes,
Hand Jlxet,
Shingling Hatchets,
Braces and Bits,
W i ii e s and
G Baskets sup'r Champaigue,
I Cask sup'r anneseed Cordial,
as heretofore. A superfine assortment expected by first arrivals.
Houston, December 15, 1837. 105-3
Spike and Nail Gimblets,
Cooper's dzes,
Knob Locks,
Pad Locks,
Latches and Bolts,
Hinges and Hooks,
Butsand Screws,
Bridle Bits,
Drawing Knives, Sec. Sx.
6 Boxes sup'r ast'd Cordials,
Publtoiale of Isanti, Neg rccs . '
tSe' T7"BEREAS, on the 10th day of Se pferoVer, 183
ise, f y tne subscriber sold to Monroe Ed wards, of the
county ef JBrazona, certain property in tne deea oi
conveyance mentioned and specified below:' ori which
property,- with ific conservi of said Edwards a special
pledger, mortgage hypothecation-' was rctaincdrwith full
power t(t sell the same wfiiehever any one of the pay-
ments became due and ?as not paid by giving thirty
days notice. And whereas, tne lasf payment, being a
note r.f hand, of said Edwards for the sura of$18,0G0,
due on the I Oth dy of September, last nas is nowow
infjrths j iv nont if saii note, with all costs and dama-
;e. I -.hall on the ISih day of Januury next, 1838, on thd
premises, proceed to s-t:1 the following property, viz:
A! tii it trjvt or pin ef of LAND on which the sub-
scriber lunne.-h- lived, -nd on which Wm. J. Russell now
lives, cat t of Ovsler Creek, supposed to contain about
thirteen hundred acre.", ni-ire or less, with all the appur-teinnt-o
and improvements thereto belonging: being
thas.ime lanl pac5ia:ei by me tif Archy Hodge, Jared
E (.Jroce, jr., und A Ifidge; the title to the last being
made bv Wrr . Harris.
A'so'the foMrwing NEGROES: Harry, Cato, Dick,
George, Toney, Peter, Wiliewe, Adilegua, Ado, Simon,
Quacco, Daniel, Cudjo, Itala, Anthony, Eli, and Barcola,
Also, the CROP now growing, together with all the
farming- and smith tools, stock of hogs, cattle, oxen, horses
and mules, and every other article belonging to the plan-1
tation, fizpledged, mortgaged Jand hypothecated aa above
Terms of sale CASH, and should any one bfil offtfc
property, or any part of it, and not make payment when
required, the properly will be immediately resold Title
made on the premises. BENJAMIN F. SMITH.
Houston, December 16 105-td ,
P. S. It will be recollected that said property was ad- "
vertised to be sold on the 16th day ef October last,-But
the sale was delayed inconsequence of an injunction-olH
tained by Warren D. C. Hall. That injunction has sincp
been dissolved, and I now sell by virtue of a decree to-
that effect made by the honorble James W. Robinson,
on the 11th of this present momth. B. F. S
HE undersigned having been appointed adminis
tralorof the estate of Joseph Rutch deceased, no
tifies all persons indebted to the same to make immedi
ate payment, and those having demands against the said
succession must present them duly authenticated within
the ttme prescribed by law. NILES F. SMITH.
Houston, December 12, 105
HE undersigned having been appointed administra-
tor sof the estate of George Folev deceased, notifies
all persons indebted to the same to make immediate pay-
ment, and those having demands against the said succes-
sion, must present them duly authenticated within the
time prescribed bylaw. NILES F. SMITH. -
Houston, Dec. 12105 MARY ANN FOLEY.
LL persons indebted to us by note or open account will
please settle tne same wna&amuei u. fowell.
.UArtlttllUST &. i-KAZiSK.
Houston, Dec. 14, 1837. 105-3t
Died on the 2 Jfi October, at the residence of cantain Wil
liam B. G. T.i) Mr, (Balize, La.,) Clement B. Penrose, Esq., of
ine xeiiijiv run-r. iiic aeueaitu nas oeen long Known as a
warm friend to IVxai, and among its earliest settlers, as he was
an intimate lnei 1 of colonel Austin, and was with him when
he first settlpd lu-colony. His loss will be deeply lamented by
a large circle of relations, and many frienus will pav the kind
tribute oi renie.if'iruuce to one who has gone to the tomb full of
honor anil with t!u consciousness of having performed the duty
that was given him lo do. B.
Killed in an engagement with the Indians, lieutenant A. H.
.MiIeformorljr of the city of Richmond, Va. This young man at
the first call tor toiunteers gallantly came forward to assist tKe
then sinking an -1 apparently desperate cause of Texas, he was at
the battle of a vi Jacinto, and was the actual capturer of gen-
eral Santa Anna; his modesty while living induced him (togeth-
er with the fact that he believed he, had only done his duty) si-
lently to sec others reap the honor of the captures he had how-
ever in his pos-siou certificates of the late secretary of war,
and adjutant gi-neral of the army, of the above facts. He has
left to moan his loss an affectionate mother and sister together
with a numerous e'rele of friends and acquaintances, they ; how-
ever will find consolation by knowing that he died struggling
for the we-il of hji adopted country. S.
Arrived December 2, schooner Rolla, romSt. Soseph's, (Fa.)
Robert Haley, Master. Assorted carso to Mr E. Dikeman and
December 4th, schooner Margaret, L. Russel, Master; from
New Orleans. Assorted cargo for Master.
December 12th, steamer Cumanche, McKoun, Master, from
New Orleans.
JT3ESPECTFULLY offer their services to their friends and
Jt, the public, as ATTORNEYS & CONVEYANCERS,
anil will attend strictly to the business of their profession, at
their office at the upper end of Ferry street, in the town of
'Vashington. James Smith will practice law in the several
courts in Washington county.
Dec. 16, 1837. 105-61.
b HE subscribers will sell at public auction, on the 28th day
L of December next,, the premises of the COLUMBIA
HOTEL, also, all the household and kitchen furniture, be
longing to said Hotel. Also, two yoke of oxen ; tock.of cattle,
hogs, &.C.&.C.. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M., and
continue from day to day until all are sold". Terms made
knowuonday of sale. FITCHETT &. GILL.
Columbia, Not. 29, 1837. 105-Gt
ILL be sold at public sale, in the town of Washington,
on the 23d inst., between the hours of 10 A.M., and 3
r. M., on a credit ot six months, by the purchaser giving bond
with approved security, a superior printing press, with all ne
cessary appendages, ink, paper, &c. ; belonging to the estate oi
Dr. John H. Ccoke, deceased.
J. R. CUMMINS, Jldm?r.
Dec. 2, 1837. 105-3t
J. -H . Cummins,
wash r JT G T O N ,
Dec. S. 1837. 105-tf
LL persons indebted to Fitchett and Gill, either by
note or book account will do well to come forward
and settle before tho first of January, or it will be placed
in thq hands ot an othcer ior collection.
Columbia, Dec. 14, 1837. 105-t Jan.
HE undersigned having bean appointed administra-
tor of the estate of James ilfcCrory deceased,
hereby notifies all persons indebted to make immediate
payment, and those having elaims to present them duly
authenticated within the time prescribed by law, or they
will be barred.
Houston, Dec. 14, 1837. 105-tf
ALL persons indebted to the estate of Henry Foley
deceased, are requested to make immediate pay-
ment: those having claims are notified that unless they
present them duly authenticated within the time pre-
scnoea oy law mey win De oarrea.
R. BARR, )
Houston, December 7th, 1837. 104-3t
NOTE of hand drawn on B. F. Smith for the sum
of three hundred and fifty-two dollars in favor of
Wright and McCrory, and transferred by them to G. W.
Hanchett. Any person finding the same will confer a
favor by handing it to the subscriber as it can be of no
possible use to any other person than the ownor of said
note. JAMES M. McGEE.
December 12th, 1837. 105
Information Wanted.
HARRY CANF1ELD is hereby notiOed, that some interes-
ting intelligence from his mother has been received at
this office. Any person who will give information concerning
mis lnuiviuuai win gresiuy uimgc a niuuneu roomer.
Houston, Dpc. 12, 1837. 105-2t
Piatt II. Crosby & Jackson Smith,
Office at Floyd's Hotel, Houston.
P.M. Crosby
KINNEY &. WILLIAMS, for themselves, and as the
nr.l.. rt ,iri?i t. - CA
surviv d? Di.nners oi y aiier o. v ime ot, v-u., uuu x
necessary to adopt, such means ,is will insure an adjustment of
th United States due long since, and our creditors have wai-
ted without murmuring, with a hope that some arrangement
would be made to pay them so soon as we had ah'ttle time to re-
cover from the general embarrassments into which the country
had been involved by the war. Knowing the general embar-
rassment that pervaded the whole country, we have not been
active in urging the payment of debts due us, because we had
advanced to the government a sufficient amount, whch, if col
lected, would cover our responsibilities abroad, if is, Howev-
er, at this time inconvenient, and indeed the government cannot
at present be required to pay us. We must, therefore, request
those against whom we haveclaims to call and maka such pay-
ments and adjustments as can be reasonably expected.
Those having business with M'Kinney cc Williams will call
at the counting house of Messrs. S. L.-Jones Sc Co. In Quintana-
and those having business with Walter C. White & 'Co., will
please call at the counting house of Messrs. Aldridge &. Davis
at Marion, where they will at all times find an agent to make
reasonable arrangements in relation to all business unsettled.
We cannot wait longer than a very short time .
When our firiends and customers reflect thatwe have advanc-
ed aore than one hundred thousand dollars to the government,
which we cannot command at present, and owe Money wbich
we cannot pay without collecting of our customers their dues;
when it will be recollected that a few years since Texas was
without means of carrying'on any thing like,
and without means of cultivating the soil t. and when W9
find ourselves now in possession of large estates and cultivating
the soil rxtensively, it naturally lauds to the enquiry, how it is
so? And we are houud to reply, that the-means and credit fur-
nished us bv our friends in the United States have enabled us to
do so . And is there one among us who would say It was not
due that we should sacrifice, if necessary, a part of thabpro
pertyr wmen our mends ot tno United states nave enaoiea as
tc acguire,to pay them the principal and interest which they
have advanced us. We are ready to do so whenever called on.
by our creditors, and wili require it of those who owe us.
We hop our customers will find an excuse lor us in the lora-
going reasons, thai will justify us in their feelings for 'the eoursa
we are about to adopt, in which event we will be gratified.
Very respectfully,
Your obedient servants,
QufntanavBec-. 9v 1837. 105-tf
Promissory Motes.
BTSjHE' promissory notes or any audited claims against ths
&L government of Texas will be taken for coods, or in par
mentof debtsby ' 3IKINNEY & WILLIAMS,
At Lralveston.
. I. JONESr & Co.,,
MARTIN, CLOW, & co.,
Houston, Dec. 14,-1837. 105-tf Columbia.
C. BARRY &. CO.jhavs just opened ahandsorae
assortment of ready made clothinjr. Also! a su
perior article ot ready made .Linen together with cloths
and stuffs, which will be made up to order, at Ne. 9 Long
RowJ jlfain st., Houston. Dec. 7th 104
I will give the above reward for the delivery
to me of two African Negroes, named Guhby
and Zow, who absconded from my plantation ,
Oyster Creek, county of Brazoria, some time-
since, ine above slaves are ahont 30 vanra
of age one about 5 feet 10 inches,-the other 5 feet 8 in
ches the large thas a broad face, the other a wild look.
Sept. 27104 EDWIN WALLER,
LL?vho hold tickets against the Sfia&esjpeare
Mouse, will present the same for payment t'
AshaelTuttlCjWhoisanhorized tc redeem them.
Houston, Dec. 7, 1837. 104-lt
N O T T H F. .
HE undersigned, c r-'-utors of th; fast will and te3-
tamfint of James Ru.h. deceased, havinrr faVbn
on themselves the execution -f the will, give nf-tice to
all persons indebted to the estate to call at the residence
of the executors r either of themv in the vicinity ofNevv
Washington in the countv nrHnrrtsburg, and make pay-
ment; and to those who have claims against the said Rulh
to present them w itbin the time prescribed by. law, cr
they will be barred.
JAMES MORGAN, ( Lxecutors.
December 6th, IP37. 101-6t

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Cruger & Moore. Telegraph and Texas Register (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 3, No. 1, Ed. 1, Saturday, December 16, 1837, newspaper, December 16, 1837; Houston, Texas. ( accessed October 19, 2017), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History.