Telegraph and Texas Register (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 3, No. 1, Ed. 1, Saturday, December 16, 1837 Page: 4 of 4

TEE- now and elegant hotel establishment upon
.Bonham square, which will ho in readiness for
opening on the 1st of January next. The Velasco asso-
. ciation has sparedj neither trouble or expense in making
this establishment the most commodious and elegant in
the republic.
None need apply to purchato who cannot give ample
pledgSs for its being kepi in the most superior Mvle.
There will be a large icehouse wolf filled ennusctsd wilh
' the hotel.
NOTICE is hereby given to ifiuso person? owing for
'lots, that unless prompt payment be nndi, l lie associa-
tion will take immediate steps to render void thoir con-
- tracts further iudulgence cann-t i:o jjiven.
Secretary cf the Velasco Association.
Yelasco, November 20c 102-t Jan
IHIS is to certify that I had btolcii from irrcr, or in
somo way lost, at Felipe on the ti'lih hist, the
following described discharges ami l!ir!wujli, vis:
Discharge in favor of TVilliani L. M if. Kir service
in theHummer of 183(5 -signed by T. J. Greiu, B.-ig4c&5r
General 1 - A,
' Discharge in favor of James L. Mwj for three
months services in the spring and summer of 1839
signed oy captain item ana i . J. urccn.
Discharge in favor of Andrew A. for three
' months services in the summer of 1837 signed by Oapt.
Leo Smith and Major Wm. H. Smith.
Discharge of David W. Collins, for si months ser-
vice in 1837 signed by Joseph Mather 1st Lieut, and
MajorWm. H, Smith.
One furlough in favor of Millbrook, belong
me to captain PeopIesrcompanr, furloughed in June lasfc
None of tho above described papers were transforcd.
The Auditor will therefore be pleased not to issue
pay certificates upon any of them to any other person
than the one m whose tavor they were drawn or to his
properly authorized agent. Any person returning to
the subscriber either of the abovo mentioned discharges
or furloughs will be liberally rewarded.
Nov. 29 102-3t WILLIAM T. MILMCAN.
(Ti&HE subscriber, having removed to his new establishment
jjl opposite Floyd's Hotel, has received by recent arrivals,
and will sell low for cash, the following articles: Hams, Itai
?ins, Brandy fruits, Crackers, E. Walnuts, Pickles, Bread, Fil-
bcctSr-Uoney, &c KHJHAtUJ GUEEiN.
P. 3. Slippers, &c.T served xs usual, and Ja few select daj
bourdcrs t.iken. R. G.
CoSiia c ISland,
ILL will attend the superior and inferior courts of the
seeami iadiiI district. Office at Brazoria.
Jtrne 3, ffl. 7-3-fcf
t a T T7" XT' CJ T r tvt nTTV
VX j3l JU V JUVJ Jl J l. KJ JL A. X,
And public Sale of Lots.
SATISFACTORY assurances, by many of those who are now
subscribers, having been given us that they will take uie
whole of the shares unsold on the 10th of November next, no-
tice is Keieby given -that a general meeting of tho shareholders
will be held on the 15th day of December next, ia Galveston ci-
ty, Texas.
Notice is also given that, in order to meat tho wishes of earli-
er emigrants and others, a sale of about 100 lot will be made at
auction, on tho premises, on the 10th day of November noxt,hj
Mr Thomas F. McKinney, the agent of L. Jones, who was auv
thorized Dy the deed of trust to sell, for immediate improvement
ien squares. They will be among the most desirable in the city.
We are authorized" to say the sales. will be confirmed by tho gen-
eral meeting. A small paymcut in cash will be required, and a
liberal credit given for the residue.
Notice is further given that the books of subscription to the
stock in the company will be kept open until thfr lOtn- of Novem-
ber next.
Two of the-undersigned (T. G- and L. J. have investigated
the title, and are entirely satisfied of its validity. A caution to
.the publicwas given, over the signature of "A Texian," at New
Orleans That writer did not know of tho compromise which
was made about tho same timein Richmond,, and which, we
think, removed" every shadow of doubt. We are requested to
say by those who have examined the records personally that no
other person than those under whom we claim can have title to
this property; and if any title papers (which we have recently
heard, du CAJ3fc-abttllcverbfr-prpdued, thej will have bcenforg-
e, and the perpetrators and abetters will be prosecuted for the
felony, with the almost certain prospect of conviction. And we
hereby notify those interested fa said' fraudulent claim, who are
innocent themselves of the fraud, that resort to tho courts will
be had against them fur the slander of our title
The above sale will be confined to such lots at private sale as
persons wish to acquire for immediate settlement; they can at
all times ba-had on the premises.
Galveston Nov. 25, 1837 - 102-tf
fV$ I 1 IV 1-7 w -t s it a f I-iA hnnniihlA Ti-iliM J i,lrm ..
w iwuu-ucwccw ' uuuu,oui """" A v-'U'esj P"
bate judge of Washington, county, I will sell at pub-
he auction in the town or Washington, on the first Mon-
day in Januaryra certain- tract of 500 acres of land, lying
upon th&Yegua river and 40 miles north- west of Cole's
Settlement,, being a part of the league of land granted to
James Biickanoir, deceased,- of Austiiv's colony- The
quality of this land is that of good upland. For infonna-
of quality -and situation apply to capta'n Horatio -Chues-manr
surveyor. Terms one third cash, one third in three
months and one third in six months credit.
C. B. STEWART, Adm'r.
r WILL-also sell at same lime and place as agent of
administrator, and under decree of the said John P.
Cales, judge of probate, of the county aforesaid, the right5
and claims to Iandyof the estates of E. D. and J. S. R.
Harrison,, deceased, soldiers who fell in the service of
the country ia February and March 183G.
November 23, 1837. 102-tf
JOHN RICE JONES offers forsale one league of
land lying on Cummin's creek, ten or twelve miles
from the Colorado river. This tract was granted to him
by the Mexican government as a colonist,, in 1830; iji
thought to be the most valuable? league on? the crack, and
has some-considerable improvements on T.
- ALSOr One quarter of a league of lantLJying near
Groce3 Retreat, granted by the .Mexican: government to
James Darwin, deceased, upon which there is a first rate
gin and other buildings; about 50 acres under fence and
an orchard of excellent peach trees.
ALSO: The farm on which he lives in "BaiieyTs prai-
-fieTon which there is "a frame dwelling, gin, &c., and 200
acres of land under fence.
yALSO: Several building lots, in the flourishing town
of Marion, and one ten acre out lot.
ALSQ: An African negro boy, about the age of six-
teen years; all oranv part f the above property may be
and cheap for cash. ' JOHN RICE '-'"ONES.
Kov. 19, 1837. 102-t
"" ETTERS ot administration having been granted
JL4 tOjthe undersigned by the honorable George B.
McKins try Judge of probate of tho county of Brazoria
on the estate of CorneliusjSmith deceased, notice is here-
by given to all those holding claims against the estate
to present them to us within the time prescribed by law,
and thoserindebted to Ihe same will please make immedi-
ate payment. EDWIN WALLER.
Brazoria county, December 6th 104 -2t
p1IIIS is to ferwnrn all persons from trading; for three scver-
H al note, niado payable to I hoinas- Yv. arcl, viz:- (Jnr
er about $l,7J0, anotherabcut$2,t00, the other about $3,500,
each dated .tbont tin- 12 )tli of September last : one of said rntes
"vill be due on or near the first of November, another on or near
fche first of December next, another o:i or near the first of Jan-
uary ,c.t,ifc signed lry otrvlvo, Bp.ij F. Smith, Niles F. Smith,
amps S. Ilolrmn, acnt of the ioiihton town company, and
James S. iililman. The consideration for said noteB having
failed, tvc arc determined not to pay them unless compelled by
lue course uf law. A. O. A LI EN, for
Moni-tiin. Nov. 17, lfi.17. TOB-if. A. C. &. J. K. ALLEN.
rt J-"- - r "& ....-w .-u ."uvj
me tuiiowmg uescriptions oi merciinnciize wnieh
he will sell L.w, at wholesale or retail for cash, or in ex-
change for horns, or beef, deer, bear and buffalo hidos,
&c, &c., viz:
200 barrels pjfatocs; 20 bo.-es cod fish;
10 boxes cider; 10 " porter;
.1 00,000 cedar shingles;
40,000 feet while pine boards;
10,000 two inch plank ;
20,00 " joists and rafters ;
Tog(her wilh an assortment of hats, caps, stocks,
imbrellas &c, &c, Purchasers arc respectfully invited
to call and examine the above named goods at N0.6 mer-
cantile row.
H. S. will also receive per first arrival from New
York, a general assortment of dry goods, hardware, gro-
ceries aud provisions: also- every description of gentlo-
msn's clothing suited" to this market, includinpthe whole
dress from head to foot. II. SANDERSON.
Houston, Nov. 23 101-t No. 6 mcacantile row.
I?exxs ott oliflate d tocl Fund.
FIE public creditors are hereby notified that th?
stock books are now open and cerlificatas prepared
to extend to all public creditors who miy tlnnlt proper to
fund thoir claims in conformity with the provisions of an
act passed-by thV general congieSBOn tho 7th- day of June
last, onritletTanact to consolidate and fund the public
By order of the socrolary of the treasury
WM. G, COOKE, Slock Coinimssxonep'
Houston, November 20 101
03rThe New Orleans Bulletin, Mobile Advertiser,
Charleston Mercur', Richmond Enquirer, New York
Star, Louisville Advertiser and Journal, and Nashville
Banner, will please insert the above 8 times and forward
their accounts to this office and thaii several amounts will
ha remitted.
Attorneys at Iaw,
Nacogdoches, Texas
November 10r 1837. 101
M'Kiimey & Williams
J"FAVIITG oxtensfve accommodation for receiving and
JLJt storing of goods and merchandise, are notrrcadVto com-
""111,1; me auuic uuDincaa, j. ucy win ciiso uiieiiu to we onter-
ing of goods in the custom bouse, and forwarding for merchants
tuu uuicrs 111 iuc lutenur vi ui country-
P all whom it may concern; whereas, I John D. Cremer
executed some time in th mnntli nf Tuna Inof .n.f -. ...
er of attorney to- one George Reber, authorizing him to locate
mv hnrri(rlif. no" n rrifi7vn vT flue pnmtkliV m1.1..i1.-...ii -;.i
j ..-..a--. .. .. v... w..j iwimuuK, uiiu 11 nui i:,u me nam
Reber has-left this republic, now know ye that I the said John
D. Cremor, herebv fullv and freelv revoke nd mnl.-n mill fh
said power, of attorney. JOHN D. CREMER.
aouiton,JNov. 1H, 1B37. 101-3t
AS opened an office in the city of Bexar, for the
transaction of business in Ins profession, and tor
the purchsse and sale of real estate. He will attend the
district courts in the surrounding counties and the su-
preme court althc seat of government.
RErunr.xcT.3. Chief Justice Taney, Baltimore; His
Excellency Gov. White of Louisiana; William H. and Pa-
trick C. Jack, of Brazoria; Josnh J- Crosby nd H. C.
Hudson, Esqr's., Washington;-Hon. IL A.Irion and R.
Barrrcity ofllouston; Col.Juan N, Seguin and Joseph
Baker, Bexar.
City of Bexar, September 20, 1837. 94
The New Orlcnns Commercial Bulletin will please in-
sert the above f )r one month in the tri-wecklv j)aper and
send the account to the office of the Texas Telegraph.
TH03. SHELDON &, Co., havejust received, and offer for
sale i"er cash onlya stock of dry roods, consistiugin part
el a large and extensira assortment of ready made clotliin?
manufactured of the best materials and by experienced work-
men : also bleached and unbleached domestic, colored tlo, cal-
coes, ginghams, fane' goods &,c, &.c. The kept at No.
I, Mercantileiow. .Houston, OctoberlD, 1837 9G-lf
AUCTION and commission merchants, No 1 mercantile
row, will receive all sorts of joods to sell on commission;
they will also sell property of any descriptfon at auction and
stablish regular Any 3 of sale so soon as business increases to a
sufficient extent; until that time they will have special days of
gala for such goods as may be delivered for vendue -
.Houston, Oct. 20 Qg tf
jk LL-.pcrsons who contracted debts with tha under-
. 'signo1 while in bnsiness in this city, on his own ac-
couniorasagentwill please come torw.aru ana pay in e
sumc. The promissory notes of the republic of Texas will
be taken m prelerrencc to all moneys except gold or silver
md a deduction of 10 ptr cent made if 'paid in ten days
from this ifltpe
HoustM. Kov. 15, 1837, " 100-t
tHrif dlicague of Land fov sale
S situated on the cast .side of Big Sandy a branch of
the Navidad, was selected in 1829, title issued in
1831, and is indisputable. If the land is not good the own-
er 0 it must haver been-greatly deceived iir his sejeetien.
The balance of the league can also be had upon good lernu.
For further particulars enquire at this office, where a plot
of it and its situation may be seen.
Houston, November 17 100-6t
'ip HE subscribers would respectfully inform- their
- friends and the public in general that being desirous
of closing their present business they will sell on the
most reasonable terms lor cash and the balance"" of stocfe
rejnainirg on the first Monday of November next wilt
be disposed of at auction.
Houston, Sept. 28. 90 t H. K. ALLEN & CO,
TORAGE, Forwarding and Commission Merchants
and AgentSjhave just received on consignment,
and offer low for cash
20 boxes Tobacco, French B'-andies,
10,000 Cigars, American do,
20 cases assorted Hals, Malaga Wine.
Houston, Oot. 17, I07 06 if
JW. CRITTON is my Ai;ent during my absence at the
, north, and is fully authorized and empowered to transact
my business generally.
Nov. 5, I83T. 98-tf WM. P. IvBWIS.
Xiand for Sale.
EIE undersigned offers for sale the tract of land on
which he now lives, situated in Bailey's prairie five
miles from Brazoria, and the 'same distance from Marion.
This tract contain. between eight andnine hundred
acres, of whicb two hundred have been cleared and" are
under fence. This is ceitainly the handsomest situation
in the prairie, and has on it a frame dwelling, an excel-
lent gin and mill and other buildings,
Columbia, October 20r1837. 97 Gt
HEsubscriber bavins- located himself in Nw Or
leans for the mirDOse of transacting- a Gutcttrat.
Agency and Commission Business, would rcsDectfulIv
solicit a shareof public patronage.
He cannot premise any extra facilitfes to his cus-
tomers, but will engage prompt and unremitted attention
to all business entrusted to him. and"a faithful annKratinn
(in accordance with instructions) of all funds that may
ci'ine miu ins nanus it.x njLi. 1 UWis.KiiJ
New Orleans, August 25th, 1837. 97 3m
WHE.inhabitants.of Houston, are respectfully inform-
ed that we have established a new Bakery, near
Floyd's Hotel, and'intend to keep a supply of the best of
bread, made of superfine flour only. A general assort
ment 01 cakes and tea rusk can be had every evening.
Houston, Nov. 29, 1837. 102-4t
"N the last number of the 71egraph, a notice is pub-
. lished over the signature of James Wright, adminis
trator, informing all persons indebted by note or otherwise
to Wright and McUrory, or to WngbU to call at the office
of .Messrs Wynns and Lawrence and settle, &c.
Now the public are further informod, that Mr Wright is
not the administrator of the late James McCrorv-nor has
ever been, but that the undersigned, as his widow, is the
only person entitled to the administration aid that sho has
accepted it. Mr Wright will be cited to render an account
of the partnership transactions, and submit to a partition
or division of the partnership interests.
Houston, Nov. 28, 1837. 102-2t
ILL leae Galveston for New Orleans on Tuesday 5th
instant, at 9 o'clock A . M. Returning she will leave
New Orleans on the 15th: thereafter leave there regularly on
the 1st and 15th, and Texas rn the 8th and 33d of each month.
Houston, Ilcccmber2, 1837. lU'-tl
ffi"rV V i
the city of New Orleans.
December 1, 1837 l02-6m
fintPlF undersigned having obtained letters of administration
1 on the estate of Samuel Ellis and Samuel Farney deceased
notifies all persons indebted to make immediate payment, and
all persons having claims against said estate will present them
within the presenbeeu by law, or they will bo lorever bar
ed. JOHN fcJKllili, adm'r.
November 33 102-3t
Gunsmith And Cutler. '
Would respectfully inform the citizens of the Bras-
os and the surroud-intr countv n-Rnpmllu- ttmt
hchas onened an establishment at the Ciiv of "RiVbmnnd
(in the shop adjacent to the res.dence of Mr. Handv) for
the purpose of carrying on the Gunsmith and Cutlery
r-inainncc in fliofr vnnniia hiorinVirtr
He hopes from his long experience in Europe and
the United States to be able to execute work in such
a manner as to receive a liberal patronage.
City of Richmond, September 9, 1837.
Administrator's Notice.
HE- subscriber having been appointed by the Pro-
bate court of Harrisbuw? countv.- adminismtnr rs
the estate of Dr. Chancey Goodrich, deceased,- hereby
notifies all persons indebted to said estate to make' imme-
diate pa3'ment, and. all persons having claims against r3
to present tticm within the time prescribed by law, or they
will be barred. All persons having in their possessions
property belonsrinsr to the deceased are reanesterTto
deliver it to the subscriber,, or to notify him so that it mav
be senator. - ASriBEL SMITH, Adm'r.
Houston, Oct. 11, 1837. 93 tf
IN consequence of a difficulty existing ir regard"' to the?
title of a certain-tract of land purchased of Susan and5
Gustavus A. Parker, for which four 'promissory notes-
were given by the subscribers, to wit:, all dated the 28tli
of March, 1837rtor $2500 eacBj payable in 6y12, 24 and
36 months after date. AH persons are warned not to re-
ceive or trade-for saidnotesras they will not be paiduntif
said difficulty is adjusted. HANDY & LUSK.
Richmond, October 17, 97 tf
HE Steam Bbat Branch TV Ar
cher. J. E. Ross maatnr' will niw
i ' - -j -
from Galveston to- Houston twfn at
For frefgnt or passage apply on- board,, or to
H. R. ALLEN, & Co.
P. S The captain will attend to the entering: ofT
goods at the custom house, for the accomraodatio'n ofcoa.-
signees living at Houston, until a commission house is
established on- the Island. - ,.
Houston September I5r 1837. 8B-tf -
rugs, Medicines, &c,
RESPECTFULLY inform their friends and" the pnblic that
they have entered into the Apothecarj-and Drug business-
in this city. They have nowon nandrnnd. will keep constantly,,
a 'general assortment of articles in their Jihe at rficir new store-
in the long row, second above the Union House.
All orders from the country Tvill be punctually attended tor
aad physicians prescriptions put up with accuracy and dispatch.
W. 6. COOb'r
Houston, Not. 2, T837. 98-tf"
THE undersigned having been appointed administrator of
the estate of Alfred R. Guild deceased, herebv notifies nil
peisonsindebted to make immediate payment, and those hav
ing claims to present them duly authenticated within the timo
prescribea by law or they will be barred.
Houston, Oct. 39 98-tf JNO. ALEX'. NEWLANDS.
Nthe direct road leading from the citv of. Houston to
Washingti-n on the Brazos, a package of papers contain-
1115 aicinuuuiegiYcii uj j uugtj jjnscos ii ray ciiizeiibiiii m-
so, a copy of my discharge for during the war, with many oth-
er papers not particular!? recollected. The finder will be am-
ply rewarded and receive the thanks of the owner by leaving
the same at the auditor's office in Houston i and the public are
cautioned from Durchasingthe same. J. Af. THOMAS.
San Auustfne October 16in. 137. i(J-t
a HE subscriber has five superior rain -water cisterns left.
L which hf will sell low fnr mid iTunnli'iul V- ;.-,;.. .
ly, on Travis street,, opposite HrKesler's "round tent."
N. B. Orders received for nintprn "nf .ln"nf;n.
as above; and they vill be made in New Orleans of the best
materials, and carefully packednp and" shipped" fo-any pertib
Texas. Houston, Oct. 21, 9G tf
ALL personsindebted to the cstat of John Merry deceased,
are requested to make immediate paj'ment: those having
claims are notified that unless they present them duly authenti-
cated within the time prescribed br law, they will be forever
barred. Nov. 7, 99-tf WM. M. BURCH adm'r.
THEsubscribers will act as-general land agents for the pur-
chase and sale of land in Texas . No person need present
their land claims for sale unless th title is indisputed as they
will deal In no other. BAILY, GAY fc HOXEY.
Washington, October 28th, 1837. 99-tf .
T a meetin of the proprietors of the town of Washington
held on the lath ot beptember last, it was
Resolved, That the lets remaining unsold be divided into
400 shares, and that E. Baily be appointed agent for the pur-
bose of selling one half of the same, and that John A V. PI all he
authorized to execute a powerof attorny for tho said E. Baily
for that purpose.
Resolved, That each individual owning five shares shall be
entitled to one vote an individual owning twenty shares, two
votes, and one additional vote for each ten shares over and a-
hove twenty. Oct. 25,-99 THOS. S. SAUL, Secy.
OSIAH J. CROSBY is-duly authorized to settle for mo the
JP estate of al. W.hrmth deceased. All persons.having claims
against said estate will present them to the said Crosby duly
authenticated,- and those owing saidcstate are called upon to
make immediate payment. E. BAILYr Adm'r.
Ya"niiigiou, uuiuucr jiu, 1001. aa-t
R. PRYOR BRYAN is hereby informed that a trunk
with his name on it came into mv nostession hr miqtni.--
.u..u v- "" v'r , " 7 f ? f"5 lsmr'i the resi-
dence of my Brother William I. Wharton, near Vclaco
Eagle Island, Nov. 299 JNO. A. WHARTON.
NE good Light Bread and one Pilot Bread Baker.
win near or employment by application to
Houston, November 10, 99-tf
TEFFERSON WRIGHT, Portrait Painter, tenders hn pro-
pyl fesnonal service to the Ladies and Gentlemen-ofTIouston-His
gallery of National Portraits vritf 6e-open to visitors eve-
ry day at 4 o'clock, F. M., at Bis room, nearthe Capitol.
October 7, IS37. D2-t -
1L K. ALLEN & Co.,
COMMISSION and Forwarding Merchants and Agentsr
havejust receivedand offer low for cash,
Fine Cloth Frock Coats, Fine Flannel Shirts,
" " Drab dress rfo-. " Wooflen Orer coatiV
Petenham Drab jackets, " Blankets
Yelvet . ''
Houston, October 18, 1837. 95-tf
House, Sign? and Ornamental Paint-
ing. The subscriber begs leave to inform the citizens of Houston-
and the country at large, that be intends carrying on the-
above business fn all its various branches, fn the city-of Hous-
ton, and by a diligent attention to business, he expects to meet
with a share of public patronage,
Houston, July 13. tf L. F. MARGUERAT.
N. B. OnllM- fnp- rrn frnm lnr Mrt nf tl,,.h.-.l,ir
fao promptlj atendccl to. Address to the careof CoL-Tftos. Wm.
LETTFKS of administration, baving been- granted
oy the probate court of Harrisburg"COuntyr upon her
estate of Merri wether Woodson Smith,, notice is hereby
given t all parsons havings claims against said estate, to
present themduly authenticated, within- the time pre-
scribed by law, or taey will be debarred r and all persons
indebted to said estate will malie immediate paymentror-
they will be sued-
EDWARD BAILEY. Administaator.
Sept. 16, 1837. 88-tf
$100 REWARD.
TRAYED or stolen from nar this citvr 3 or 4 davs
k sinre, a chesnut sorrel horse, (American.) about 14
hands high, some white on his fore feet, with tho letter L
branded on his fore shoulder, which side not recollected ?
and in good order. Also a light bay Spanish horse brand
not recollected, has a few white marks, but where not re-
collected. I will give the above reward for the deliver' of
the horses and the detection of the thief if stolen, or &
suitable reward for the horses alone. J. W. SCOTT.
Houston, October 17, 1837. 95-tf
A. Andrews,
INFORMS the ladies and gentlemen ol this city ana us vicin-
ity, that he has taken the house formerly occupied by presi
dent Houston, where specimen'soi ins p.unuiij;uiaj uv.sccu.
it n.i.u.. on 1017 OK f f
IlUIUtUlly UUIUUCI -tu, xui --

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