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1 \
sppf-■■■■'-. far
local lntellgence.
The oyster season has arrived.
Several wagon loads of pears were
disposed of here last Saturdsy.
Autos ore becoming almost as
plentiful as pig tracks in a peach
orchard. .
The county and city Teacher's In*
atitute will convene in Brenbam next
Monday. .
Don't, wait until the eleventh hcur
to pay jour subscription to the Ban-
ner. Do it now
The demand for improved fartfl
land in Washington county is stead-
ily on the increase.
A load of gravel has been deposit*
ed at the crossing of the Santa Fe
on West Alamo Avenue.
Two circuses are already schedul-
ed to visit Brenham this and next
month, and more coming-
And, the cotton comes rolling into
market at the rate_of from three to
five hundred bal^B per day
A billiard hall has been opened
in the Werner building, corner
North and Quitman street*.
A shower of rain fell here last
Monday afternoon, not enough how-
ever, to do any material good.
Some repairs and additions are
being made to quite a number of
Chappell Hill Ftmale College.
This popular educational institute
located at Chappell Hill, in Wash-
ington county, incorporated in 185°,
will ^commence its 58'h annual ses-
sion on Tuesday, September 6sb.
This school is conducted under the
auspices of the Methodist Episcopal
Church South, and is the only ex-
clusively girls' school in the Texas
Conference. The faculty for tbe
year 1910-11 has been very much
strengthened, a member of the con-
ference, Rev. William Hamilton Nel-
son, being president. The large wad
oommtdious e.)llege buildings have
been remodeled and furnished anew,
the caDacious grounda have been'put
in perfeot order, and everything iB
in excellent condition to receiv tbe
large number of girls wh 3 will at-
tend the college the comiug session
When the writer was a boy—some
55 years or more ago—young ladies
wore huge sun bonnets and heavy
worsted gloves every day in order
to bleech and preserve their com-
plections, and we had some real
pretty girls, too, in those days. But
how changed! Now young ladies
! parade the streets bare beaded, bare
'armed and ungloved, with com plec- bam since 1859, her husband being
. .. fkA AAmimuuirin nHRlfMRH.
Good Roads.
A good roads metting was held at
Prairie Hill last Sunday afternoon in
response to a call issued by Dr. Billy
Burnes, who has bad the supervis
ion of the road in that locality for
the past twelve months, during
which time he has made a vigorous
use of the split log drag, and, as a
practical demonstration of its utili-
ty, is "enable 3 to show a section of
the best built road in the county,
and that too over blacK stiff, hog-
wallow land. The local or neighbor-
hood organization was re-organized
by retaining the 6ame officers for
another year, imbued with a full de-
termination to endeavor to eclipse
the work of the past year.
Death of Mrs. M. J. Stones.
Mrs. Mary J. Stones, relict of the
lute Col. Ben Stones, died at* the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Essie J.
Battaile. in Houston last Monday
afternoon at tbe ripe old age of 85
years, and her remains were shipped
to her old home at Brenbam and in
terred in Prairie Lea Cemetery, the
funeral taking place from the Meth-
odist- church Tuesday alternoon —
Deceased bad bjen a citizen of Bren-
Eiruiuu auu uukiw'««) r j , . . . .
tions closely resembling an orange J engaged comm.ssmn busies
residences in Wilkins' addition.
School days are slowly approach-
ing. Get the little tots ready to en-
ter on tbe first day, if possible-
The sweet potato crop in this
couuty is almost a total failure, the
hot weather having cooked the vines.
Our public schools open on tbe
5th instant, and parents are buBy
getting their children ready for
school. ___________
There appears to be but little im-
provement in the condition of Mr.
Bin Gehrman. He is still a very
sick man.
Very few chickenB are reaching
this market just now, hence the
price has advanced to 25 and 20
cents apiece.
A few of our subscribers btva
called and settled their subscrip-
tions, for which we feel thankful.
This is the season of the year when
our obligations become due aud we
Mr- T. C. Rankin has returned
home, from Mission, Hidalgo county.
Mr. Fred Martin has returned
from a ten days' sojourn at Marlin.
Mr. Jerome B. Campbell of Gay
Hi!l spent last Friday in Brenham
Miss Addie Wiebusch is tbe guest
of friends in the Island City this
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mclntyre are
visiting relatives at Plainview, Hale
Mr. Wra. Korth and wife of Whit-
man were shopping in Brenham last
Mr. Arthur Wangemann and fam-
ily have returned from a very pleas*
ant visit north.
Prof. W. H. Wedemeyer, of Green-
vine, is sojourning at Marliu for the
benefit of his health.
Mr. Gus Jackson was here from
Ledbetter last Monday and handed
us a dollar on subscription.
Mr. C C. Womble, of Caldwell,
is a new accession to the force at the
Santa Fe freight office here.
Mr, Mark Hudson of Brenhao\
has accepted a position with the
Buokbolts Mercantile Company.
Editor W. W. Rankin came down
She was,a noble, generous, christian
woman, beloved and honored by a 1 from Caldwell last Fridiy afternoon
• . i •» i %_i— in 4 a il rtt 1 ft fV
imagination could not "
conceive of a handier and prettier
form than that which is presented
inCRYSTAL domino sugar
neither could the most
particular people ask
for more perfect purity.
nor economical people
for less waste.
who know her. Oae by one, the (11
land marks are passing away !
Mr J. L Amnions of this city
UU1 — passed his 83rd mile post in the
will feel thaukful to all patrons who journey of life yesterday. He til t
may find it convenient to "give us a oame to Washington county in 18\%
lift" by settling their subscriptions |went to California in 1848; returned j ^ tQ Micbi(?art( but b8B not
as soon as possible. We need the lQ Wa8biugton county and located entinjly recoverf!a from tbe severe
money. _____ j at Chappell Hill in 1850 and has ro- | at(ftck of col(J be contracted while
Mr. P. H. Barnbill has disposed i sided in the county ever since. He ; ^ere.
on a visit to his parents, returning
home on the night trair
Mr. Albert Muller and wife, of
Mart, Falls county, are here visiting
relatives, and paid the Banner an
appreciated visit last Sa1 urday.
Mr. O. T. Riff has returned from
of his splendid farm of 350 acres,! was a Contederute soldier, and is
two miles north of Breneam, on tbe one of the oldest Odd Fellows in tbe
Independence road, to Mr. August
State—now wta-ning a fifty-year-
Seeker, the consideration being forty bidge presented to him some three
dollars per acre, netting him $14
030, and will move to Brenbam>
where be and bis good wife will
spend their declining yearB in peace
and comfort.
Since the adjournment of the
March term of the district court
thirty-eight new civil cases have
been filed—nine of whiob are for
Some farmers re^rt tbe |®ea ^ft foreclosure of leins, four partitions,
large number of fiuit trees this su . one for damage!
Mr. W. J. Cather has returned
from New York where he laid in a
fine selection of fall and winter
popular with all who inspection.
Mr. J. T. Hardy was in from his
fArm in the Gay Hill neighborhood
last Saturday and reported that far-
mers in his section were pushing
cotton i i king—trying to get the
most of it pickod before bad weather
set in.
Mr. W. F. Baier, Brenham's ex-
pert boot and shoemaker, has a card
in today's issue to which the at-
tention of our readers is directed.
His shop is adjoining the Central
hotel, where he gives prompt at-
tention to all kinds of repair work
and guarantees the same.
G N. Hymar, Brenham's popular
tailor's agent, has an advertisement
in this issue that is particularly in-
tf-rosting to wearers of good clothes.
Call and
immigrants to the
are from southern
talk the matter over with
years ago
know him and carries his age well.
Mr. W. C. Lipscomb has moved
his family to Brenham in order to
reap tbe benefits of our splendid
public school Bystero, and is occupy-
ing the H. O. Schulz homestead in
the northeastern portion of the city.
— . The leg of Mr. Armin Schmid, Bon
mber of fim rew » ■ , for tre8paas, one for damages of Mr siKmund Schmid of this city,
mer on account of the continued^ iwmly.QDe {or divorces-two „n h™.
hot, dry weather.
Washington County Tax Rolls Complete.
County Tax Assessor, Wm. Wendt
has completed his tax rolls for the
current year, wbieb show tbe follow-
T. C. Ehlert, the Douglass street
Furniture and Stove dealer, has a
card in this issue to which the at-
tention of careful buyers is dirt ct d.
The Southwestern Telegraph and
Telephone Company have an adver-
tisement in this issue to which we
direct the attention of our readers.
A superior quality of Chili served
to order at Binder Broe ' restaurant.
The rural districts cf Europe fur-
nish the best soldiers
Most of the
United States
Beat, beats obloroform, and
cheapest. Dorrs, Screw Worm
Killer. Ask F. W. Spreen.
Life affords ub the privilege of do-
ing our duty.
Nothing better, Dorr's Sorew
worm Killer. Ask your Druggist.
| F. W. Spreen.
Agriculture in Germany supports
about 1!),000,000 of the population.
We pay the highest cash pricefor
eggs aud chickens. Bring us all
you have.
Wittbecker <fc Hoting.
Monday, September 5tb, is labor
day and it bids fair to be more gen-
erally observed in this State than
for many years past.
A severe winter is predicted by
the weather profits, which ought to
serve as a gentle reminder that wood
piles will need looking after.
A cement, pavement has been put
down in tbe alley between the build-
ings of Mr. F. Werner and Mr. R.
H. Schramm, on Baylor street.
The lake of the Brenham Rod and
Gun Club, three miles South of
town, which is fed by springs, is re-
ported as being nearly dried up.
Quite a number of young shade
trees along our public thoroughfares
in the city have died out, as a result
of tbe continued hot, dry weather.
It is an impossibility to get a
Brenham grocory merchant to guar-
antee the quality of the hen fruit
they sell at this season of the year.
Tbe Sells-Floto show announce
that they will exhibit in Brenham
on the 8th of October at tbe re-
markably low price of 25 cents ad
mission. _____
Cotton is reaching this market at
the rate of about two thousand bales
per week and is readily disposed of
at figures raliating around tbe 14^
cent mark.'
The norther, which reached here
at 2 o'clock last Friday morning,
was unaccompanied by rain, and
only served to reduce the torrid
temperature a few degrees.
Most of the cotton in this county
jg now open and the process of gin-
ning and marketing is under full
headway. The best part of the crop
will have been harvested within th
next two weeks.
Mr. J. Monheira, the dry good-
dealer at the Palace Shoe Store
stand, baa an ad. in this isBue an
nouncing a closing oat sale at 50
cent* on the dollar. Call and see
him before making your purchases
and twenty-one for divorces—two WdB amputated in a Galveston bos
filed by white women, one by a white j pitB] laBt week 8lla he is reported iug footing.
man, eleven by negro men and seven doing ag well as could be expected • 3Q5 437 acres of land,
It is hard to keep the man down
who is able to keep up appearances
The finest grade of pure Leaf
Tobacco oan be bought from ub,
Each pound wrapped in paper.
Once used you will find there is
none better.
Special attention given to short
orders at Binder Bros . restaurant.
by negro women.
Married at the German Methodist
church in Brenham on August 24tb,
Mr. Herbert Hang, of Marlin, to
Miss Mary Moers, youngest daugh-
ter of Rev. W. A. Moers. They will
make their home in Marlin. May
success and happiness attend them.
under the circumstances.
Mr. Henry McDermott, the young
man who wa9 just recovering from a
severe attack of typhoid fever, is re-
ported to have re-hpsed, and now
has a severe spell of pneumonia.
valued at 9 5,572,800.
Oitv Property worth 1,004,800.
10,345 horses and mules
44 Jacks and Jennets
13,537 Cattle worth
375 Sheep and Goats
v&r Groceries, ranoy and sta-
ple, yery reasonable. Try our
U. 8. Leader and American
w-,» Tb,? *te a"
brands and will be sold cheap.
F. A. w1ndhau8en.
Wam'Eli—Younp men to Ifa-n t»l<*gr*phy
nine tenths the nourishment requi-
site for men.
j wam'eh—Younf; men to IfA'n t»I<"gr*ti
Mound City Paints may coast for jromedra'e railwuy telegraphic service
trill, more, but-! St. A. llealy iSjjjta. •"'S..^»r?Ug".pbTS^°P"
— I 41 Dallaa, Texas.
In Germany paper is used in the
i.u ' «j tr l —
145,100 maflufsujture of false teeth.
A delightful hop was tendered the
visiting young ladies to tbe city last
Quite a number of our citizens are Friday evening at Germania Hall by 9,202 Hogs worth
figuring on having wells dug, claim- members of the,Young Germania,4,409 "Vehicles, mclud-
b 6 - - — ■ dub. - j ing automobiles worth
I Merchandise worth
i Money and note, etc.
ing that the tariff of the city Water
Works are prohibitive. As the Ban-
ner is not a patron of the system it
does no attempt to Bp'eak authora-
tively on the merits of the case.
Senator Berry c&mein last ThurB
day and had the steam graders and
ecrapera, which he shipped to Bren-
ham some fourteen months ago for
use in grading the Brenham and
Brazos Vail y railway, loaded up'
and shippsd north on the Santa Fe
last Friday.
Kalckstein & Simmons, Insurance
agents, have a card in the first page
of this issue, which explains itself.
They do strictly an luuurance and
bond business.
Brenham ia a good town, and could
easily be made one of the very best
towns in Texas, socially, morally
and commercially. To accomplish
this purpose, however, will require
the united effort of our best citizen-
Tbe price of cotton seed continues
to score a steady advance on account
of sharp competition among buyers,
which has caused a corresponding
increase in tbe price of cotton seed
Some of our planters have their
grouni broken up and in readiness
to plant their fall crop of Irish pota
toes just as soon as sufficient rain
falls to put moisture enough in the
ground to bring tbem up.
There are no cotton buyers in
Somerville, hence cotton has to be
shipped from that point to Bren-
ham, where it is readily disposed of
for spot cash. _
. Over 7000 bales of cotton o' the
new crop have reached Brenham to
date, none of which has sold for less
tLan 14 cents per pound.
German Day, October 6th, is to
be celebrated in Brenham this year
on an extensive scale at Germania
The old grey buggy horse, driven
by Mr. J. L. Ammons for tbe past
26 years, is dead at tbe age of 32
years, one month and 3 days. He
was a faithful old animal and Mr.
AmmonB regretted very much to lose
Black land farmers report that
the land in their corn fields is crack-
ed open so badly on account of tbe
Machinery worth
Miscellaneous pro-
perty, including rail-
roads, telegraph and
telephones, worth
Total assessed val-
. WANTED—A Geiman boy to as-
- — nlBt me in my Photo Gallery this full.
ttST A full line of feedsstutT 0Dfl who Laa lj)|(J 8onie experience
euob as bran, shorts, chops, corn ; -n i,„si,ie88 preferred. Apply to
oats, bay and shelled corn, extra jj0BISg0s, brenbam.
cheap. F. A. Wirdhausen. j _
The leather factories of England
have a grosB annual output of 135.-1
000,000. j
For Hale,
Harvest time ts here and the cir
-uses and other tent shows are de
ermined to secure their share, if
one is to judge of the number of
of such attractions now beading for
Oysters and fish served to order at
Binder Bros.' restaurant, adjoining
Magnolia Saloon.
Died at his home three miles West j
of Brenbam last Tuesday morning,
after a brief illness, Mr. Henry Beck-
er, Sr., aged 82 years. Deceased |
formerly resided at Round Top, in j
Fayette county, to which place hiB1.
remains were taken for interment j
Wednesday morning. He leaves
seven children to mourn his demise,
to wit: Mr. Henry Becker Jr., and !
Mrs, Ernest Wied, of this county!
and Messrs. Adolph aud Augnst
Becker, Mrs Ed. Giete, Mrs. Louis
Meckel, Mrs. Chas. Ohieke, of Fay-
ette county to whom the Banner
tenders its oondolence.
People have worn jewelry almost
since civilization begun and will
likely continue to do so until time is
no more. Mr. Oscar Brenenkant,
Brenham's old reliable jeweler, is
prepared to supply tbe wants of the
My entire herd of Graded Jersey
Cowe—go d milkers—at reasonable
prici-b. Apply to
We pay the highest, cash price for I ^ J Kieki-'
eggs and chickenB. Bring us all you jR. F. D. No. - Brenbam, laxas
Wittbecker & Hoting. j y0R SALE—81 3 4 »<*e«
Fon Rent—Cool and comfortable 0f the Jack Barnbill eatuto at Wes-
bed rooms, furnished or unfurnished Texas, for sale at *15 per acre.
Apply to Mrs. Mollie Dyer, Address W W. Rankin, Caldwell,
720 East Alamo Avenue, Brenbam. j Texas.
prevailing dry weather that they ... ...
ca mot gather their corn, being an- j populate in this line at prices thai
-- * See card in
able to operate wagons and teams in
the fields.
Six more divorce cases were filed
with the district clerk last week,
making a total of 27 oases for trial
at this term of court.
Mr. F. Zobel is the possessor of a
new pet—a cay ote wolf, whieh seems
as friendly and playful as a pet dog
canmt be duplicated,
this issue.
In this issue will be found an ad
vertisemeut of the new pool and
bit Laid hall, recently opened up at
the corner of Quitman and North
Nearly one-filth of tbe deaths in
England occur in public institutions.
Closing Out
All Summer Goods must be closed out,
to make room for my large fall stock now
All men's $15 and $18 suits at $10.
All ladies wash suits at half price.
All ladies hats at half regular price.
All lawns. Mulls and batistsat cost.
All remnants at halt regular price.
All $1-125 Foulard Silks choice 75cts.
50 and 60cts towels at from 29 to 60cts.
Don't for get the place 14 Main St.
Brenham, Texas.
■ -
«a> 4
•j&Liit ~"£iL '■ fe vft,

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