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...,) BRENHAM TEXAS A lull supply of all the popul#r paton medicines. Toilet articles and fir.o perfumeries..., STEAM FITTINGS, and LUBRICATING- OILS, Corner Sandy and St. Charles Streets, BRENHAM, TEXAS SCHOOL BOOKS... Street - - - Brenham, Texas. (NEXT DOOR TO R. HOFFMANN.} 0) cq <7 M i>> f & ■s.n H % hi 4 0 . * /... xc Hatlir Banner* ■»» - —~- ^.. Joarual of Ike City ef Broithmii, « .11-.. ..«■■;- "i —... the material and labor. Bridge over Jackson's croek on the Brenham and Rock Island road; built by M. M. Feldor

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... GUARANTEE GIVEN. C. MINKWITZ, Jr., Agent, Brenham, Texas. 1 WOOD&LOVV —DEALERS IN— J LIUUulSS (I'll Kentncty... BUILDING, BRENHAM, TEXAS. «gr Ordors for Kog or Bottled Beer promptly filled. Goods dtiliv erod in all... Goriiicu Work, Cooking ami Hwitins Stoves OF A1J, KINDS. inoiv pBwciKiai Qihtmnn Street, Bronham, Texas..., Sandy St. bet. Ant and St. Charles. Ilreiiliam. Texas. jtjgr linuK'h market on Quitman street, opposite... hand at h11 limes. Main Street Biikniiam, Texas D. KAMPMANN, Presid.nt. OTTG KOE1ILER, Sec y and Ccn't

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... always 011 tap. East Side of Public Fquarc, Brenham, Texas Casino Saloon A. A. WOEHLER, Proprietor... offices. Ex-Governor Roberts delivered the opening address at the Texas State Fair at Dallas on Monday... regiment of Texas Volunteer Guards. Accept our congratulations, Majah! May you live long and prosper.... In last week's issue Texas makes a very handsome showing. It is stated that some of tho leading state... of Texas founded the free school system and they are now maintaining it. Tho colored people have exactly

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...' FURNISHING GOODS. BRENHAM, TEXAS. f ... . r & ^ We also keep ort hand a full and complete »toek of Staple... Insurance BRENHAM, TEXAS. tSlf Office over Stem & Kol... Aibeck Building, corner Market an 1 Quitman streets .—Entered at the PostoTice at Ilrenhain, Texas..., as second-class mail matter '. • / • • • n ? ---*■ '" rm !|1| VOLUME XI. BKENHAM, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY MORNING...'S PRESCRIPTIONS a specialty. Comer North aiid Main St. Brenbam - - Texas. LUMBER! On hand a full stock of Rough

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