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OrnaiL Jocrnal of theCitv.
Mtlm, PablHhsr nod Proprietor.
Gov. Savage, of Nebraska,
contemplates a tour through the
Southern States.
Sib Robert Ball says the earth
is moving slower, but it is still
going fast enough for most of us.
Get to work and put that cot-
ton mill enterprise on its feet. It
will pay its promoters and help
the town.
The ootton manufacturing in-
dustry in the United States has
made a gain of 52 per cent, since
Gen. Joe Wheeler declares
there will be no break in the
Solid South. The whites must
and will rule.
The Iowa delegation in the
Republican convention of 1904
may be counted as being solid for
Oyer SGO,000!000 of the $75,-
000,000 of preferred stock of the
Northern Pacific Railway com-
pany has been cancelled.
Estimated that $75,000,000
were given to universities, col-
leges and schools in the United
States during the year 1901.
Bradstreets annual reviews
of trade claims that the year
1901 was a record breaker in the
matter of commercial expansion.
Senator Cullom, who always
speaks in confidential ton says:
"Getting the President's ear is
like opening the window and
talking to the wide, wide world."
In the light of modern criminal
jurisprudence it would appear
that Lady Macbeth made a great
mistake in not introducing ex-
pert testimony on the question of
blood stains.
The Chicago Chronicle con-
tends that there is not anywhere
else on earth a more extraordin-
ary aggregation of dignified
mediocrity than is to be found on
the retired list of the United
States navy.
A New York bank has created
a sensation by withstanding a
run and paying its depositors in
full. It is not strange that such
an unusual proceeding should
create a stir in the financial cir-
cles of the metropolis.
The Abbott Graphic says:
"When you are through digest-
ing your rich viands partaken of
during the merry Christmas, and
your head has cleared from the
effects of the Christmas nogg,
scan carefully the horizon of
your moral and financial stand-
ing, and see whether it be-
tokens a bright tomorrow. If not
set about clearing the horizon
and resolve that you will enter
the new year unfettered by any
such embarrassments and that
the next Christmas will find you
a nobler individual than the one
just passed. Lend your energies,
your intellect and your influence
to the uplifting of society and the
bettermentof the human family."
The Dinner Pail
Of the American working man is gen
trill? well filled. In some case* it is
too well filled. It contains too many
kinds of food, and very often the food is
of the wrong kind—hard to digest and
containing little uutri
tioa. |Ai i consr-
<jueuce many a work-
ing man develops some
form of stomach
trouble which ieter-
<*res with bis health
and reduces his work-
ing capacity.
where there
is indigestion or
any other indi-
cation of dis-
ease of the stooi-
scb and its
allied organs oC
digestion and nu-
trition, the use of
Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery
will almost invari-
ably produce a per-
fect and perman-
ent cure.
Lonely Homes
A home it never complete without children.
Yet many homes sre childless. Many wives are
desolate for the lack of a child to love. Their
lives are aimless - void of the high motives of
motherhood. While barrenness is causing incsl-
culablc sadness and sorrow, It exists In most
esses on account of jome little female trouble,
which Wine of Cardui would speedily set right
This pure Wine regulates the disordered female
organs by building up the worn out nerves and
regulating the menstrual flow. It restores the
fallen womb to its proper place. By strength-
ening the generative organs, it makes preg-
nancy possible where barrenness exists. You
can depend on
Suffering women all over the land have been
depending on it for seventy-five years. No
more convincing proof can be given than the
testimony of Mrs. Benson, who is only one of
thousands of women to whom Wine of Cardui
has brought a permanent cure. Many cases of miscarriage— that trouble
which robs mothers of their hopes—have been avoided by timely use of the
Wine. You are asked to try Wine of Cardui and Thedford's Black-Draught,
Its companion medicine. Nine out of ten cases of female trouble, barren-
ness included, yield to them. All druggists sell $1.00 bottles of Wine ot Cardui.
Vandervoort, Ark., April 2,1900,
h was followed by flooding. I re _
Sot nie a bottle ot Wio£ of Cardui and it
my fallen womb to its place. Now I aiu
Laat May 1 had a miscarriage, which was followed by flooding. I read
your Almanac and my husband l
cured after taking three bottles and have another to take which I got 1hi»
morning. I expecting to become a mother and wine of Cardui will be
my doctor.
Vor twlrice and literature, aitUre**, giviojl symptoms: ' The Ladies' AdTispfj
Deliartnitnl," Tlie CUauanoog* Medic'— '
: ' The Ladies'
icine Company, Chattauopga Tenu.
Mr. Thomas A
•waits, of bub
C Columbus, O,, Soa
Mi wrftM t "I was
taken with aavara
fe ths^Kuih, and
mr tuoi would sot digut
rouble and ay back f<x weak so 1'couldl
ly cat inwwt ai last J bad all the com
I at mot. ilia mom I doctored the worse f
rears paasari I had bacom* so
walk is the house by the
sot so thin I had ri.r* up
I could IKX be cured Then
' Take taj advice and
tedacal Uaoovery aad
1 oaisal/' Ttw Aral
i aa 1 though) I waaid set
r I had taken dgkl bottles in
I was welched, aad found 1
•a («7) pauods I am as
f, I think, aa I em was."
:•'» Common Sense
rewvera, iaarut free
ti one-cent stamps to pay
omiy. Add teas Dr.
N. V.
relieve tbs pressure.
Nothing could better illustrate
the changed position of the Un-
ited States as a world power than
the attitude of England, exclaims
the St. Louis Republic. For
years that country spoke of its
"offspring" with some commis-
eration and much disparage-
ment. Now that the progress of
events has reversed the tide of
wealth and prestige there is great
danger that the British will over-
do the friendship and brother
Americans know that England
deems your Uncle Sam a very
necessary friend in these days
when all Europe is opposed to
the policy of the kingdom. They
alBO know that Englishmen want
to keep our friendship at almost
any cost, as witness the abroga-
tion of the Clayton-Bulwer
treaty. These proofs of friend
ship are patent to all the world.
Then why the extras? Why
should the Poet Laureate inflict
a supposed tribute to this coun-
try which was so evidently made
to order? Why should the En-
glish press find nothing too good
to say about our unparalleled
advancement? Has the sweet-
ness of taffy reached the degree
where all the old dislike is sugar
ed forever out of cousins' com
A few more outpourings like
the latest Austin production will
clog the American appetite for
flattery—and the appetite is
pretty keen at that. It was not
until the United States forced
recognition from every corner of
the earth that England grew so
We are friends of England—
about the best friends that nation
can find. We appreciate what
that country has done for us in
the way of literature, art and
science. But now that we are
entirely independent, we can
well say that English affection
would have done more good at
certain critical periods in the
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been
used fur over fifty years by millions of moth-
ers for their children while teething, with per-
fect success. It soothes the child, softens the
gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is
the best remedy for diarrhoea; it will relieve
the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by
druggists in every part of the world. Be sure
and ask for ''Mrs, W inslo* 's Soothing Syrup"
and take no other kind Twenty-five cents a
then kidney and
The Tyler Courier predicts that
the coming campaign will hatch
out the usual army of candidates.
We have about 245 counties in
Texas, and including precincts
and districts, we will average
about sixty condidates to the
county. This number multiplied
by the counties in the State gives
us an army of 14,700 candidates,
The money spent will average
$100 to each candidate, or a sum
equal to $1,470,0C0. Besides,
the average loss in time by each
candidate will foot up seventy-
five days, or $75, when multi-
plied by 14,700 candidates equals
$1,102,500. This sum, added to
the cash outlay gives a grand
total of $2,572,500. These figures
eound populistic, but they are
not too high. There is encour-
agement, however, in the thought
that this money is not lost to the
State. Its expenditure brings to
us a more equal distribution
of the circulating medium. The
candidate's loss is the voters
gain in a money sense.
For any man to have its said of
him that he wont pay his debts
is one of the worst handicaps. A
man may get drunk, curse and
have all other bad habitd, but
they do not injure him as much
as not paying his debts.—-Italy
* *
A Chicago lawyer has been
fined $2000 for bribing jurors.
The punishment compared with
the offense is a mild one, but it is
better than nothing. It is a pity
that some of the alleged attor-
neys in this state cannot be pun-
ished for their dirty work. If
there is any profession on earth
in which men should be absolute-
ly honest it is in the legal profes-
sions. They are the custodians
of the lives, liberty, possessions
and happiness of their clients.
To them all must go for advice
and assistance in hours of peril
and distress; they are entrusted
with the administration of our
affairs. No 6ne that is not true
to his clients, true to the laws of
the land, and honest and honora-
ble in every particular should be
permitted to practice at the bar
of justice.—Greenville Banner.
Cures Kliewn ail Itchlm- Humors
Through the HIooil—Coals Xothtng to
ry It,
13. B. 1!. (botanic ijlood Balm), is now
recognised as a certain and sure cure for
eczema, itchinc skin, humors, scabs, scales,
watery blisters, pimples, aching bones or
joints, boils, carbuncles, prickling pain in
the skin, old eating sores, etc. Botanic
Blood Balm, taken internally, cures the
worst and most deep seated cases by enrich-
ing, purifying and vitalizing the blood,
thereby giving a healthy blood supply to the
skin. Botanic Blood lialm is the only cure,
to stay cured, for these awful, annoying skin
troubles. Other remedies may relieve, but
B. B. B. actually cures, heals every soro, and
gives the rich glow of health to the skin. It
B. B. builds up the broken down body and
makes the blood red and nourishing. Over
3000 voluntary testimonials of cures by Bo-
tanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.) Druggists, $t.
Trial treatment free and prepaid, by writing
Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. Describe
trouble, and free medical advice given until
Mrs, Octavia Dancy, of St.
Louis, served her turkey Thanks-
giving day on a platter 400 years
old. It was brought to Ameri-
ca in 1700 by John De la Pryme,
in whose family it had already
been for more than 200 years.
Bean the 4 Kind You Haw AlwajfS Bought
Bind them around with red
tape! Put muzzles upon them!
Tie tags to their uniforms! Allow
them to salute but not to speak!
Make opinions a criminal offense!
That's the way to keep the
nation's fighters safe and good,
says the Philadelphia Times.
ten dollars reward. •
Stolen.—From the premises of
Julius Drews, at Zionsville, on
the evening of Dec. 30, 1901, one
iron gray mare, 15 hands 1 inch
high, no brand; harness mark on
back; lump on left hind foot;
fresh scratch on tail; long tail
and rumpey mane. Ten dollars
reward to the man who will re-
turn same to Charley Look, at
I RICKLY ASH BITTERS cures the kid-
iteyy, regulates the liver, and purifies the
bowels. A valuable system tonic. P. House
& Co, special agents.
It is ten years since George
Bancroft died. Meanwhile the
securities belonging to hie estate,
which is now about to be divided,
have increased in value from
about $550,000 to $650,000.
Broken Laws
Issteui of whining and groaning over the
consequences of tbe broken laws of health,
how wiser it is, upon the first appearance of
indigestion, loss of appetite, insomnia, con-
stipation, etc., to remove the cause and pre-
vent disease by the timaly use of tho great
remed) of the wise old monk of St. Bernard,
who found the way to cure diseases by puri-
fying tbe blood. The "St. Bernard Vege-
table Pills" are the oldest, best tested and
moat successful medicinal compound in the
When a plain woman marries
well, how the other women sniff!
In some hotels the louder the
gong the lees there is to eat.
Water seeks its level, but
whisky usually get9 on top.
A fool can ask more questions
in seven minutes than a wise man
can answer in Beven days.
Some men are born poor, some
achieve riches and some marry
extravagant women.
A mother's love is something
that cannot be explained.
Persons who really wish to be-
come angels should make a start
in that direction while they are
yet mortals.
Man proposes — and woman
seldom refuses.
The home of the auctioneer is
in the land of nod.
A Utile Hoy's Life Paved.
1 have a few words to say regarding Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. It saved my little
boy's life, and I feel that I cannot praise it
enough. I bought »lx>ttle of it from A. E.
Steero, of Goodwin, S. D., and when I got
1 tome with it the poor baby could hardly
breathe. 1 gave the medicine as directed
every ten minutes until he "threw up." and
then I thought sure he was going to choke to
death We had to pull the phlegm* out of
his mouth in great long strings. I am posi-
tive that it I had not got that bottle of cough
medicine my boy would not be on earth to-
day.—j oil DkmOnt, Inwoed, la. For sale
by R. E. Luhn.
The San Francisco Examiner
considers the Jew a fact—more
marvelous than the wildest fiction
ever oonceivei by man. His
history is the romance of all
romances, and so remarkable
and striking that it is impossible
to account for it exoept on the
ground that the Lord of heaven
and earth did actually call Abra-
ham and through him establish
a nation and make it a "peculiar
people," and through a period of
4000 years kept it separate and
apart from other people; whioh,
though mingling with every
race, yet combines with none of
them. There is now a move
among the Jews to bring about
what is believed to be an ancient
prophecy, promising the restorac
tion of the Isrealites to Palestine.
Jews all over the,world ar$ talking
part in the moyetneqjb, apd>
thousands of them ^aye^y
been established there on farms
or in industrial enterprises. They
hope to buy the country from the
Turk and restore Jerusalem to
i,ts former greatness.
People overlooked the import-
ance of permanently benefioial
effects and were satisfied with
transient action; but now that it
is generally known that Syrup of
Figs will permanently overcome
habitual constipation, well-in-
formed people will not buy other
laxatives, which act for a time,
but finally injure the system.
Buy the genuine, made by the
California Fig Syrup Co.
The Kansas City Star con-
siders it a short-sighted policy to
make politics the determining
factor in the admission of new
states. The simple facts to be
considered are that Oklahoma
and Indian territory together
have a large enough population
and area to make an important
state, and that they are suffering
from the deprivation of their
statehood rights. In allowing
political considerations to de-
prive them of their due, congress
would be acting in a spirit of
pettiness wholly unworthy of the
nation it represents.
A system regulator is a medicine thst
strengthens and stimulates the liver, kidneys,
stomach and bowels. PRICKLY ASH
BITTERS is a superior system regulator.
It drives out all unhealthy conditions, pro-
motes activity of body and brain, restores
good appetite, sound sleep and cheerful
spirits. S. Rouse & Co , special agents.
James N. Lann, of Middletown,
N. Y., a preacher, doctor and
author, is 99 years of age and
has been married thirteen times.
His first marriage occurred at
Milford, Pa., in 1830.
The finest liquors, wines and cigars
in the city can be had at the Casino
Giving a man wealth is like
pouring whisky into a rat hole in
the sand—the hole can never be
filled, the capaoity never satis-
The Fairest Offer Ever Make
To any one suffering with dyspepsia, indi.
pestion, sour atom ch, heartburn, take Rex
Dyspepsia Tablets. All druggists are au-
thorized by the manufacturers to retnnd the
money in any case they fail to cure. Price
60c per package. Remember the name-
Rex Dyspepsia Tablets.
There are too many who feel
they would be safe If they could
only make sure of dying on a
Stop* tho Conili
and Works sir the Cold.
Laxative Bromo - Quinine Tablets
cure a cold in one day. No Cure,
No Pay. Priee 2/5 cents.
rifNtoii OK (Mrsalas.
jtaonimo, the noted Apache
0mti whou bloodthirsty career aa a
raider in the Southwest wu ended
yean affo kj hit capture, ie now 80
years old and lives near Fort S1U,
0. T. Tourists who wish to photo-
graph him snut pay fl for the
pabribge, and the eld tinner, before
foaiag fke camera, alwaji f*ta him-
self into wu paint, stouts a fero-
cious attitude sod looks ss fiendish
as possible.
Seat SbasNreek leel te Africa.
A seed firm of Cork, Ireland,
shortly before St. Patrlok's day,
■ant to each of the twelve Irish reg-
iments now serving in Africa a
large package of Shamrock seed.
Some of the regiments hare planted
their seeds already, but others hare
been to busy to do so; but before
they leave South Africa they intend
to speckle the veldt with shamrock.
Tile file ef the Stat#.
By the new apportionment, Cook
county, 3X1., which includes Chica-
go, will hare two years henoe, fifty*
seven of the 158 members of the
house of repreeeotatives of Illinois.
With this largo vote file city expel*
to he ahl* to ok a&ttH erupJ&M
It ysMimjFwWb yrfrtwe.
German Syrup is the special pre
scription of Dr. A. Boscbee, a cele
brated German Physician, and is
acknowledged to be one of the most
fortunate discoveries in Medicine.
It quickly cures Coughs, Colds am
Lung troubles of the severest
nature, removing, as it does, I
cause of the affection and leaving
tbe parts in a strong and healthy
condition. It is not an experiment
tal medicine, but has stood the test
of years, giuing satisfaction in every
case, whioh its rapidly increasing
sale every season confirms. Two
million bottles sold annually
Boschee's German Syrup was intro-
duced in the United States in 1868,
and is no* Bold in every town anc
village in tbe civilized atorld. Three
doses will relieve any crdinary
cough. For sale at R. E. Luhn
Price Toots. Get Green's Prize
A "F alts Cars ttor Ssaslekassa.
A New Jersey man has plaoe<
Upon iht> market an apparatus
nhich he. eajU a "'metallic and mag-
i)$tip spring for the prevention o
masickness." The printed direc-
tions thus lucidly set forth t he
manner in which it may be operat-
ed: "As quickly as possible after
feelings of seasickness has presented
itself, the spring is io be firmly
grasped at the ends by the hands
the right hand taking hold of the
end furnished with a hole near its
extremity, the left grasping the
magnetic end. By a series of vig-
orous strokes or pushes on the
spring, which may rest upon
stool, taele or against side of state
room, and at the same time count-
ing the number of strokes or pushes
made, in order that the miaul will
be concentrated upon the work en
gaged in. The result of the combi-
nation of muscular activity aud ef
fort, coupled with the action of iiie
brain, will have been found to have
entiroly banished the horrors of
seasickness and all rt* accompany-
ing disadvantages. The voyage will
become a pleasant reality, and your
seat in the dining room will never
be vacated at mealtimes."
$100 Reward $100
The readers of this paper will be pleased
to leam that there is at least one dreaded
disease that science has been able to cure in
all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure known
to the medical fraternity* Catarrh beinf a
constitutional disease, requires a constitu-
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
taken internally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation of the dis-
ease, and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature in doing its work. The proprietors
have so much faith in its curative powers
that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it fails to cure. Send for list ot
testimonials. Address
Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Family Pills are ihe
Mr. Allison's thirty ooneecu-
tive years in the senate will ex*
pire on Maroh 4, 1903. He is 73
years of age and is as young as
he was tweqty years ago. Sena*
tor Morgan, who i? 78 years old,
and Senator Hoar, who ia 76,
did not enter the senate until
A Cure for Lumbago.
W. C. Williamson, of Amherst, Va., says
"For more than a year I suffered from lum-
bago. I finally tried Chamberlain's Pain
Balm and it gave me entire relief, which all
other remedies bad failed to do." Bold by
K E. Luhn.
Captain John Cobb, of Casa*
bianoa, Morocco, writes that he
is about to send a fine Arabian
saddle horse to Washington for
President Roosevelt's personal
use. Captain Cobb, a native of
Clinton, Conn., has been in
Morocoo thirty years. He is
nearly 80 years of age.
Urinary troubles, ralpttatlon ot
the heart. Constipation ami stom-
ach disorders, yield at ance to
Prickly Ash Bitters
It is a marvelous kidney tonic and system cleanser,
strengthens the tired kidneys, helps digestion, regn- ^
latea the bowels,
Kailway Tickets in the Mlot.
Iiecent experiments carried on by
xailway officials at Berne with an au-
tomatic ticket machine, invented by
a Swiss, have given entire satisfac-
tion. The machine is similar to the
ordinary automatic machines, but)
the glass eases contain the tickets,
on which are printed the names of
stations and the price of the ticket.
By dropping in the right amount
and pulling a handle the ticket is
set free. The machinery is so well
constructed that an insufficient sum
or any base coins will not work the
spring, and there is no danger of
the purchaser losing the whole
amount. The Swiss railway com-
panies will adopt this new system
during tho summer months, when
the invention will be given a fair
trial. As the machine does the work
of three me-> the experiment will be
watched with great interest. A
somewhat similar syi'tem eii*U in
tb» south of Germany for train tick-
ets only, and it lias proved a great
Tbe Tailor Gaesied It Wronff.
"A prominent citizen, a former
president of the Chamber of Com-
merce," says tho Cleveland Plain-
dealer, "was abroad not very long
ago. Incidentally it may be stated
that while he is not a crank on tee-
totaliim, he personally abstains
from all alcoholic beverages. While
he was in Berlin lie determined to
order a suit of clothes. He went to
a tailor who was well recommended
and looked at his clothes. The tail-
or was anxious to show the entire
stock, and had something pleasant
to remark concerning the virtues of
each piece. Finally he paused and
held a bolt' of cloth before him, with
an ecstatic expression on his face.
'Ah,' he cried, 'chust look at dot.
Dere is a piece dot must, exactly
just suit you. It neffer will show
no beer stains!' But tha Cleveland
man took something else."
Casino Saloon
"Some tims ago my daughter caught a se-
vere cold. She complainea of pains in her
chest and had a bad cough. I gave her
Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy according to
directione, and in two days she was well and
able to go to school. I have used this reme-
dy in m,y family for tho past seven yews, and
have never known it to fail," James
Prendergast, merchant, Aenato Bay, Jamaica,
West India Islands. The pains in the cheit
indicated an approaching attack ef pneu-
monia, which in this instance was undoubt-
edly warded off by Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. It counteracts any tendency of a
cold toward pneumonia. Sold by R. K>
Hlelsea'a First Stage Sony.
Here is a story that is going tha
rounds of the Eastern press: "All
the folks in Kansas City are proud
and happy over th'e success of Alice
Nielsen in London, where she is
breaking all records in 'The Fortune
Teller," remarked William Fold of
Kansas City, a writer in the New
York Tribune. "You know, of
course, that Miss Nielsen was born
in our city, and is a typical Mis-
souriau from the point, of her toe
to the highest curl of her pretty
brown hair. I recollect her as a lit-
tle toddlingjhing when she was the
loveliest, little warbler ever heard.
iShe was like that poet follow 'who
lisped in numbers from his earliest
years.' When only 8 years old she
stole into the Kansas City theater
one night through the stage door and
hid till the audience and players had
departed. The house was dark, as
well as empty, only a single dull gas
jet lit up the stage, and then, when
all were gone the beautiful littla
•tagestruck warbler walked to the
front and sang her first stage song
to an empty house. She does not
have to sing to empty houses now,
for her beauty and her songs have
■won her the favor of two continents,
and all Missourians are proud of
SUTER BROS., Proprs.
Cor, Ant and Quitman sis., Breuti»iu
Table supplied with the best the market
affords at all times. Oysters, Kish and Game
in season. Square meals, only as cents
Carlisle & Co.,
fienl taranoe Agents,
Brenham, Texas.
Office: Owr Wraber'* Jewelry Htoie.
Full utock, all aices.
At the Paint 8fore.
E. RQUSK, Proprietor,
WeBt Sandy Street,
Kmiham. Texas.
City Scavenger,
Is Prepared to Look After the Sanitary
Condition of Your Premises.
Prompt Attention Given to aH Netloes,
The Oldest Nurseru-f- in Texas.
VataMIahsd by William Watson, ISM.
8tani.ii Watson John Watson,
Proprietor. General Manager
Rosedale Nurseries
Bv«ry variety of Fruit, Ornamental and
Shade Trees suited to our climate.'
All Hie New Komi.
fall l.tne a Kver-
Classified Column.
AdvertUemeiits Im«rt«d Under this HmmI
at Half a Cent a Word, Each Insertion,
For Rent—Nice, cool office rooms in th*
Schmid Bnildinp;. 8-s
Five houses for rent, $5 to $15
a month.
T. A. Low & Sons.
Bean tha /> Kind Yw Haw Always Bought
Signature /iff'
ef /■cUcJhU
At Colon, Columbia, one vessel
wreoked and many damaged
by Tuesday's storm.
To Curs Dyspepsia And Indigestion,
Qour Stomach or heartburn, take Res Dys-
pepsia Tablets. All druggiats are author-
ised to refund the money if they fail to
«ure. Priee jOc per package.
For Rent.
The old Ewing place, contain-
ing a good residence and forty
acres of land. For particulars
apply to A. W. Watson.
For Sale Cheap.
An extra fine tract of rice land ia
Wharton county, betweeu Cluster-
ville and Wallif, containing 1,500
acrcH, all fenced, one house, barn,
well, field of 50 ams, fine drainage,
within 3 miles of I wo depots, line
graded roads to bolli. Price for the
next thirty days, $8.00 per acre, one-
third cash, balance to suit purchaser
at 8 per cent. Will f how land at any
rime. Address (lie owner.
Wharton, Texas
Combs, hairbrushes, complex*
ion powders, nail find tooth
brushes and all other toilet arti>
cles in great variety at Jos.
Tristram's, druggist.
Perfumes, imported and do-
mestic, at reasonable prices at
Jos. Tristram, druggist.
Horse-sboing done by experienced
workmen and warranted, by Wui.
Freitag, Brenham, Texas.
The nicest line of table cutlery
in town. Ask to see them at
Healy's hardware store.
The Caaiuo lunch stand ie supplied
with tbe finest Imported cbeeae,
sausage, eels and other delicacies at
all time>i.
All who wish their pianos
tuned may leave orders with
Mrs. Ida Harris for the next
30 days. Country orders given
attention. s
W. D.
Do you buy
from Healy?
your Hmdware
,a- - -

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