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..., vice president; H. K. Harrison, secretary: Otto Baumgart, treasurer and Mr. Theodore Low, Jr., manager... in Wallis last week. DEATH OF HON. T. A. LOW. Died in St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester, Minnesota, at 10:25... o'clock last Saturday night, Hon. Theo. A. Low, Sr., as the result of an operation for cancer... of the throat, aged 62 years, 7 months and 24 days. Mr. Low was a native of Knox county, Tennessee; he came... of this county. Four children were bom unto them, three of whom are still living, to wit: Messrs. S. D. W. Low

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... enter the low chateau door. Occasionally a tinygleam showed at the edge of a shutter or at the top... with its canopy, as I could see; and here at the right was the same low Napoleon bed with its rolled ends... as you can get anywhere else and just as cheap. Ageut Sealshipt OysterH. T. A. LOW & SONS. NOW... always on band. — — — — T A LOW & SONS BUEN HAM, TEXAS YY W. RANKIN", Caldwell, Teiaa. w H. BAS9ETT... LARGER SIZE ENGINE at proportionate low cost. tuF" Send for durerlptive circular, or »« i vnti run al

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