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t 3 'v
TeasonaSlpespectsoon, a revolution in mon
etary affairs. You will no BouTit hear it attri
buted to the operation qi the s.iib-treasur.y.
Tlie great misfortune is that we have not had J
thesiib:treasury in operation before, which'
weam naverd n salutary check, upon
these'excesseHpespect nothing but a pa-
nic and we snoMe prepared font. r
IrJBy the politeness of Mr. McMullefi,
who-arrived iu this cityira the lstinstij and
of Capt. H.. GI Gatlett, bearer of des-'
patchesii-oin Gelf. Taylor, who arrived on
the 2nd iust.. we areenabled'to lay the an-
nexed intelligepce before our readers:
Gen. Taylor's fortj principally .built of"
v sand,Is-suniciently strong to enable hirn'tq
defy the" attack of anj Mexican force which for almost anv length of
time,-provi'ded he can preserve his com
munipationwith his depot at Point Isabel.
To Je5tfoy that communication, is the
great object of the Mexican 'General, to ef-
dectwhichhe rias.thrown-a.force of from
4 to 6,000 men on the east banktof the ilio
Grande, which will either make a demou-
stration upon. Point Isabel, which is at. pre-
sent clefended'hy .only 400 " men, . or- invest
". the 'American camp.
Gol. Gross rode "out of the American
.Camp on theJiUth ofi April, and. was taken
prisoner about a mile and a half therefrom
-Carried into the chaparral, a distance of
,twonnljes,-and murdered, (it is said among
- tfie Mexicans) by Kamon Falcon, formerly
a resident of Goliad. They also say that
jVi Gen. Ampudia isnow wearing the .watch
A "H'of?SoL Gross, ttfter denying all knowledge
. dttiis late. . t
' J On the 2Brd of April a report readied.
Gen, Taylor, that a force of 2,000 .Mfei-
cans had crossed the RioGrande. abontQ
miles above him, he ordered outHwo
Companies of .Dragoons "under rCaptfs.
Thornton and Hardee Thornton the se-
ulorlu command. These companies mus-
tteredi63 rank and file, and their orders
'were'tb reconnoitre. On' the morning of,
th'eJ24th they-discovered a small ibody of j
Mexicans, chargedunem. ana were lea inio
an ambuscade, formed by -the main - body.
CQnsjstingof 1,000 lufaiftrjr and" the same.
jiumber. of horse. . The Americans at-
tempted, to Tetreat, but. found themselves
surrounded on all sides, Capt. Thornton
leapt a fence and has not .since been Ifeard
of Lieut. Mason is missing: both suppp-
sedto he killed. Lieut. Ifcwe'and 13 pri-
vates were killed.- Capt. Hardee janS 46
men were lnade prisoners. , This .infor
mation was brought by-a wounded dra
goon, 'whdv was sent inoy the Mexicans,
wft'i a Bote informing Gen. Tavlor that
tfaeyniaq3ro-nip?rnsof tg'dhgcare of- him.
Head Quaetsrs, Ahmjt or Occupation, vJ
Camp 'Near Matamoras,Aprii 26, IS46.J
Sir t have the. honor Uo advise yoir
that-hostilitics. have actually commenced
between ray forces -and those of the Mexi-
cans; and as I wish to carry the war into
-thfc enemies country. I have need of the
services .of a-considerable, force of volun
teers. Jhave therefore to request tha.
you will call intoservicejburjegiments of
volunteers, to serve for the longest period
authorized by law, unless sootier dischar-
ged.4 Two of the regiments to be moun-
ted, and two on-foot all to be armed with
jgo'o9 "rifles : as their services are needed,
at the earliest moment, I have directed
-ftfr. Catlett, the bearer of this communi-
cation, to call oat mounted companies in
"his rout, directing them to march to Point
Isa$eland reserving the regimental or-
ganization, aScfruuster into service until
they can be embodied. I trust you will
sanction this arrangement and appoint the
necessary staff and field officers to complete
the. organization of the regiments. A
supply of provisions and forage will be
deposited at Corpus Christi, to hedrawn by
the mounted companies as they pass that
place-on their way.
Mr. Gatlett suggests ' Galveston as the
most convenient point for the rendezvous
of the foot-battalions, and arrangements
have been made to supply subsistence and
transportations from that point. The ser-
vices of a good corps of riflemen on foot,
t are extremely important here, where the
nature of the country is favorable to their
service- It is desired that these battalions
bring their own arms, but any deficiency
wilibe supplied from the depot at (jalves-
I shall order Capt. Price to repair atN
onc'e to Point Isabel, Leaving Capt. Bell
vitlihis company to protect the settlement
on .the .Nueces. fCnpt. S. H. Walker has
been authorized by me, to raise a com-
nanv. and IS now rendering ininnrfnnt spr.
vice in this quarter. J I desire that he may
-be commissioned as one of the captains,!
and also, that Mr. Catlett may receive
the same appointment and be authorized
to -rnisfi ft nomniiiv. -
Lieut. Kingsbury. Ordnance Dep:t.. is
stationed at Galveston and 'has been in-
structed, to attend to the supplying and
forwarding thefoot battalionsto Point Isa-
bel. I will thank you to cause Lieut. K.
to be advised of the Executive action in
Teg'ird to these battalions, particularly as to
the time they will probably reach Gal-
veston. 1 subjoin the organization of a regiment
of volunteers.
I Colonel ; 1 Lieutenant Colonel ; 1
Major ; 1 Adjutant and I Q,uarter-Master,
to rank as Lieutenants; L Surgeon and
1 Assistant-Surgeon ; and ten companies, have 1 Gaptam"; J lirst Lieuten-
tt: 1 Second Lieutenant: 4 Sergeants;
(iorporals ; 2 Musicians; 4o0 privates.
AWmiuest iliat it may,-be conformed
to,vand that no greater number of officers r
be called info the service,
I am, sir, very respectfully,
.Your obedient servant, &
' Z. TAYLOR, ;.
' Bt. Bl Genl, U. SfA. Corrfg.- P. Henderson,. GoV of Texas
The following letter from Maj. L": 3.
Beall to his brother Maj. B"L. Beall, of this
"station, sives 'some particulars .of recent
occurrences : - -
v". Point Isabel, Texas,)
April27th,1846. ')
My Dear, Brother,
L, wrote you a long letter yesterday, giv-
ing won the melancholy tidings of the
death of 31m r' son-in-law, poor Porter,
which I despatched by way of New Or-
leans. This morning, about half an hour
since,Mr. Catlett arrived, and will depart
immediately for Austin. Gen. Taylor an
nounces through'him that hostilities have
commenced. ,1 have now 'but a moment
left to give you an account of Porters
death, which from all I can learn, was of a
mos't cruel- nature. He was .sent out with
a party of ten men, to gain so'me intelli-
gence.concerning the late7" lamented Col.
Cross, (now ascertained 'to be murdered.)-
He was out on' this duty some clays,
when Jie met with a Mexican sentinel who
snapped his pieccat him anjd - retreated to
the woods : being pursued 'by the men
thy came on a camp, where they found
nine horses? belonging to the Mexicans",
which they mounted. On their way ,back
to Gen. Taylor's'camp, they'.were'surroun-
ded(byabGut, forty Mexicans, and fired
iipon. sPat Flood was killed? 'and Porter'
wounded, but not before he had dischar
ged, both barrels of his. gun with effect.
xuio 1'k.i.ui iv-u uuiiug ti iii;ci.vy iciiu, ttiiu
the men with Porter- were finable to dis-
charge their guns, and' retreated to the
chaparah only one man, remamingjnear
enough to see whattonk'place afterwards.
Flood was surrounded immediately and
stabbed with knives', and the man thinks,
they served 'Porter in thesame.manner af-
ter he hactYallen from his horse. I have
only time to express the deepand heartfelt
regret t liat has followed this sadpccu rreiice
throughout the-army'; and the feeling of
sorrow with which Fsymnathise with you
,in this loss to vo'ur family.'
A note from camp just received, informs
me thata squadron oi dragoons under the
'command of Capt. Thornton, has. bce'n
surrounded by abouta thousand Mexicans,-
auu among ouier aisasters ivane was Kil-
led and Uar.dee taken prisoner.- Rlr. Cat-leit-is'aboutleaving,
and I'can't add ano-
ther hasty word. ' ' ; ;.
" Your affactiona't e roth er
Aiijuicaxt Gek-eral's Off re e,,
. " - Austin May 2nd 1S46.
The Executive has been officially adc
vised by date of 26th nit., from Gen. Z.
Taj-lor, tlmt-tfc&ftlrhostriiiiea-have com-
menced hetween"the Mexicans and the
Army of Occupation, provoked by the Mex
lean loe. Under the authority of the Uni
ted States, a requisition has been made upon
mm as me uniet Magistrate of tne State,
to call into the. service four regiments of
volunteer riflemen, two regiments of which
to be mounted and two on foot, for six
raonins, unless sooner discharged.
rteivmg upon the uniform chivalry of
nia lciiuiv-uuizeus. me jjjxecutiveaaaresses
himself to their patriotism, and in the ab
sence of a due military organization makes
pe following requisition of the respective
counties or tne state:
u. company ; Bastrop and Travis, 1; Fay-
fette, 1; Colorado. 1 ; Washington, 1 : Aus-
tin and Fort Bend, 1 ; Brazoria and Mata-
gorda. 1 ; Jackson. Victoria, Refugio, San
patricio and Goliad. 1 ; Milam. 1 ; Robert-
son and Brazos, 1 ; Montgomery 2 : Liber
ty, I ; Houston. J : Nacogdoches. 1 ; San
1 ; Shelby, 1 ; Rusk. 1 : Har-
rison, 2.
RIFLEMEN. Harris and Galveston, 3
companies ; Brazoria and Matagorda, ;
Liberty, 1 : Montgomery. 2 ; Victoria, 3 ;
Fort Bend and Austin, 1 ; "Washington
and Brazos, 2 ; Houston, 1 ; 'Nacogdoches.
1 ; Rusk, 1 ; Sabine and San Augustine, 1;
Shelby, 1 ; Jasper and Jefferson 1 ; Bexar, l!
The mounted Riflemen will rendezvous
at Point Isabel, and take up the line of
march for that point as rapidly as the Com-
panies are formed. The commandants of
the respective Companies will forward
muster rolls to the Adjutant General at
Austin before their march. Upon their
arrival at Point Isabel, they will be mus-
tered into service and the regimental organ-
ization will take place.
Provisions and forage are deposited at
Corpus Christi for thense of the mounted
companies on their way to Point Isabel.
Foot companies will rendezvous at Galves-
ton and take up their line of march for
that place as soon as their company organ-
ization is completed, and forward muster
rolls to the Adjutant General. At Gal-
veston, supplies of subsistence, and trans-
portation will be furnished them by Lieut.
Kingsbury of the Ordnance. Department,
to whom commandants of companies will
report upon their arrival.
The men are required to furnish them-
selves with good rifles and equipments, and
the mounted men sufficient ammunition
until their arrival at Corpus Christi.
The organization of the several compa-
nies will be as follows, viz: 1 Captain ;
1 1st Lieutenant ; 1 2nd Lieutenant ; 4
Sergeants ; 4 Corporals ; 2 Musicians ; 50
The Commandants of Companies will
provide subsistencc'stipplies for their com-
mands, until they arrive at the rendezvous,
and forward duplicate returns to "the Adju-
tantGeneral and Comptroller.
ni. G. COOKE, Adjutant General.
By order of the Governor,
?rJL:.'J!aLJJtwiivj.'fux :: i-.i.jttt
From the N. Jlerald Extra.
Mciuda du Yucatan, March I, 1846.
The. Emana, Capt. Vait, from Maracai-
bo, bound to New York, having dropped an-
chor at the 'port, (Sisal) f seize the opportu-
.tyof fonvnrdiijgyou hems of transactions in
thispart of tiie n'orfd. r"
The'people are all pretty quiet here since
thepronuncemie'nto against Sle.vico in Janua-
ry Iat. There are two pai ties at present in
the field one to patch up the difncultirs with
tiWexicoYct rill hazards, being .composed prin
cipally of Mexican citizens, whose interests
are bound with the well being- of the republic
Hfe other, the revolutionarvarfy, who tookLegislaturc nnd citizens from different parts
L e,..,i n:.o. at;, . ; , mo . J of the State, was held at the Oamtol in the
who would rather. see the peninsula in leagu
l'SL""i" si.u;w m.Li. ... -x-, ""Y
with the kingdom oflhe devil thnn with thn
of the treacherous ladrencs Mczicann; The
government (provisional) has .taken no mea-
sure towards the formation of a new state of
things, more than to call a congress of the de-
nartmcnt,.to meet the ensuinjr month. The
fact is they ?knov hardly how to,nct, and do
not wish to commit themselves until they hear
what. action has been taken iq on the stale of
their affairs by the new central government
(lhat of Paredes.) Tn case the treaty of '-13
issscuffed''.lo them, they can ask no more, and
have nota 'Hair lo cavil for. Some-curious
reports "have recently heen circulated -here.
,which iif themselves, and the observations iu
'cident thereon, would make a stoic laugh. I
.was told by the editor of tho ofnciI orgpn here
a. few day since, that news had hpn received
by wnv of New Orleans that a resolution was
up before the FToue at Wasliingtnn to receive
Yucatan into the Union. "Would to Gnd ."
ol the party, a young warehouseman who had
made a two month's trip to aw York, and
was allpu;ed to know .Something: of the mat-
ter: " what good would it notdo us, cliato :
why you'd see 5our Indian" fishing villages j
turn el into ports of entry our rich savannas
thronged'with a hardy race of agriculturalists;
ourlevel country filled with railroad and ca-
nals; ynu'djsce more enlerprize and prospe-
rity infive yeajsuhati your, fathers have,, seen
since Montejn firsf'put foot upoh.the sands o'f
Camneachr." ., " ,
Tliere wasomejnlk here not long ago ofp
putting- themselves under the protection of
.Spain, a- movement gofcup by the Spanish re-
sidents (Gachupins) hut life Jiberalists soon
knocked that on'the head.
Colonel Nigra of the engineer Corps, set 'I
out some fourteen daj'st since, to fortify La
Isln del Carmen Jjaguna- that being the most
important,' asswe,H as the most insecure for-
tress iii'the. Penhiula. With this exception
'we liave neither war nor preparations for war.
h 'Theremins been some, rumors afloat here;
tlia; feama Anna would -probably pr.y us a
visit, as-aJprjivate citizen of course which Yu-
cntnhjhyher institutions, could not refuse.-
The "rumor was undouhfedly put out as a feel-
er,for tlmre are many YucatecnVwho would
receive him with open arms and open purses,
especially she Central party. There is no
doubt but thnt he has long had hi eyenrion
Yucatan as a stepping stone which is to place
him.onoe morn at the head of affairs in Mexi-
co. His conversation wiih many7 Mpridn
merchants, who have viitcd him in Cuba,
his choosing that nslhif place of residence to
he in easy communication, and many other
circumstances, would n far to confirm this.
For mv part, I should not be surprised to see
him in full march for Mexico within a twelve-
fTransbted Q-om the Spanish paprr Lc Par"a,2CtIi.
Expelled from my native country by an,
act of great injustice, Iliad come to the
determination of leaving her territory, ne-
ver more to call forth public attention to
any thing relative to my person, except it
were to give a faithful account to posterity
ot my conduct in the various offices I have
filled, and to vindicate myself from unwor-
thy and tinjuFc imputations which served
at tlje time to please and 'amuse my ene-
mies. 1 had come to this conclusion in the sup-
position that my sentiments being t well
known to be eminently .Mexican, no one
could be found mean enough to do me the
grave injury of procuring me the aid of
foreign bayonetseither Jo open to me acrain
the gates of my country, and recover there-
in once more my true position, or to re-
venge myself by forcing my beloved coun-
try to accept a monarchy with a foreign
Prince. But a victim always to calumny,
such accusations have lately been prefer-
red against me, and 1 consider it to be my
duty to hasten to reply to them, in order
not to be exposed to the suspicion of dis-
was the ejaculation of most who spoke of the ion the objects for which it was calle
matter. "jWlmt good would thnt do Tis?" TheJJhairman announced the foil
said a harefaced collegian ofeiohteen, light- gentleman as that committee: Dr John
ingapun-u " W Hat; good I" says the oracIeM Uhalmers, 01 i ravis county: ben 111
loyalty to the Republic. How, otherwise, Esq of Colorado, G A Evei ts. Esq, of Fan-
could I remain silent without, in the inte- nin. Wm S Rayner of Fort Bend, John H
rim. giving some color of probability to Moore of Fayette, William S Hunter of
the news published in Mexico by the pub-! Goliad, John D Andeion of Gonzales, II
lie press, that it was my intention to invade I M'Leod of Galveston, Edward Clark of
its territory with troops of the Island of .
Cu'oa7 Atrocious calumnv ! invented
and circulated, like many others, with the
well known view of lendering tne odious
in my own country.
Equally uraveare the accusations made
against me in a newspaper published in
Cadiz, under the title of lhe " New Defen
der of the People," (El Naevo Defensor
del Pueblo.) and I must, therefore, hasten j
to refute them. False! eminently false ! j Refujjio, M T Johnson of
are the allegations contained in the'articlcs Shelby, Travis G Brooks of San Augus-
published on the 17th and 24th of Octo- tine, j M Burroughs of Sabine,
ber last in said paper, relative to my per- TalUy of San Patricio. Gen Wm L Caz-
son. I defy any one to whom I have in-' neau of Travis, John W Rose of Victoria,
sinuated the least thing imputed to me, to ' James Miller of Washington,
present himself, in order to confront and i On motion of Mr Ball, it was resolved
confound me. The fact of presenting me that the central committee be instructed to
as the promoter of the project published in appoint a corresponding secretary for each
said articles, and attributing the cause to a county, which may have been or may be
base revenge on my part, is" to suppose me created at the first session of the Legisla-
to be offended at the great bulk of my lure of the Stale.
countrymen, and capable, on that ground, i On motion of Judge Williamson, it was
of the dire infamy of driving a dagger in-' resolved that the thanks of the meeting be
to the entrails of my mothercountry. Oh presented to the hon. Chairman and" the
no! A thousand times no ! ! Sccrrtary for the satisfactory manner in
Aggrieved and calumniated by a' Tew which they have discharged their duties
.personal enemies of mine, whom I pardon
ana pity, l nae no cause of complaint
against the majority ; but even if I had,
my vengeance would be to form vows for
their prosperity during 'my exile, and to i
sacrifice myself in case of need, once mote
in defence of mv country. AVlnlc refu-
ting the 'calumny of my detractors, and Gcn. Hou-to.v i:: run Senate. A cor-
dissipating the conjectures of those who respondent of the Com m rites from "Wnsh-
knowme notj I most solemnly protest, that ington, March 0, as follows: N. O. Bui.
I will prefer to wander all my life timej "The installation of S.ui Horsrox was
through foreign countries, and die far ' jrlecidedly the Senatorial event of the day.
awaylrom a beloved country, rather than J"$ advanced into the hall with a modest, and
seek to return to its bosom through el misbt almost sny, a ri'tirinjr step, and deli-
road of violence opprobrium, and infamy!
A. L. DE SANTA Aii"l '
Havana. Stli Feb.? IS 16.
A public meeting of the members of the
. -. .
cuy 111 .ausiiu, on me evening 01 tueiu', , 1 . .1 .- .- , .
, c . .-, oi- r - 1 hands, and at tin same time cordially we!-
day of Api'.l, lSlo, m pursuance of previ-. comc(, hh .wm tn ih( . Th;ir fe
ojis nonce, ior me purpose 01 appointing a ; i
central democratic uommittee lor the
State, and adopting measures to secure an
organization of the Democratic party
throughout the State.
The meeting was called to order by Gen.
Wm. L. Cazneau, and on his motion the
Uon. John T. Mills, of Red River county,
was appointed Chairman.
Dr'John G Chalmers, of Travis connty;
being called on for that purpose, addressed
the meeting in relation to the objects for
which it was called, and the necessity of
an early and efficient organization of the
Democtatic party of this S'ate.
JOn motion, it was resolved that a com-
mittee often be appointed by the Chair for
the purpose.t)f reporting resolutions ex
pressive of the sentiments of the meeting
Chambers, of Liberty county: Hon R
M uilhainson, ot Washington countyj
Hour Hiram G Runnels, of Brazoria county:
Hon Wm H Bourlaud, of Lamar county ;
Hon Ynlney E Howard, of Bexar county ;
Ho'n, H J Jewett, of Robertson county;
Hon J AGreer, of San Augustine county;
Hon John Brown, of Nacogdoches county;
Hon Jj D Evans, of Red River count-, and
Hon C FM'Clarty, of Rusk county. '
The committee had leave to retire to
prepare the resolutions.
The Hon Mr Gillett, of Lamar. Mr
Gooclr of Red River, and Mr Durham of
Bowie,- beiijg severally called, addressed
the meeting
T.e copirdittee returned and, through
'their chairman, reported the following:
Resolved, Thnt we adhere to the prin
ciples of the Democratic party of the Uni--
iea oiaies as now practiced, anu mat we
will advocate and sustain these principles.
Resolved, That this meeting recommend
J to 'the friends of Democracy in Texas, to
jhold meetings in the various counties, for
the purpose ,of electing delegates to meet
in convention on the first Monday in No
vember, at Washington, to adopt such mea
sures asnnaype-necessary 10 carry ouc me
prin cipleis'of the Democratic party.
Resolved, Thnt the Chairman appoint
sfome person for each county to act as cor-
resppndingtsecretary, for such county, with
tlie central fommittee to be appointed at
this meeting.
Resolved, That the central committee, a
a suitable time, prepare an address to tlie
people of' Texas, and have the same
published in such newspapers as are will-
ing to publish it.
The Hon J S Mayfield and R M Wil-
liamson addressed the meeting in support
of the resolutions.
Mr Miller, of Houston county, offered a
substituie for the first resolution.
Mr Miller addressed the meeting in favor
of his substitute, and Mr Mayfield in oppo-
sition to it. The question being taken on
the substitute, it was rejected.
On motion of .Mr Milier, the resolutions,
as reported by the committee, were then
unanimously adopted.
The Chairman announced the following
named gentlemen as the Central Democra-
tic Committee :
Hon Hiram G Runnels, Hon R M "Wil-
liamson, Hon Wm H Bonrland. Hon Dan-
iel C Dixon, Dr John S Ford, Dr Moses
Johnson, Hon James Webb, Jno W Haines,
Dr John G Chalmers, Gen Thomas J
Chambers, Thomas H Duval. Esq.
The Chairman announced the following
named gentlemen as Corresponding Secre-
taries for their respective counties :
Hon Wm E Cross of Austin county,
Hon Mr Millican of Brazos, Dr E Mabry
of Bastrop. Leanderll Malice. Etq.. of Bra
zoria, Hon A J Russt'l of Bowie, Hon Vol-
ney E Howard of Bexar, George W Brown.
Harrison, Isaac Parker of Houston, Peter
W Gray of llnrns, Cavit Armstrong of
Jefferson, G W Smyth of Jasper, Francis
White of Jackson, George T Wood of Li-
berty, Lamar, Henderson
Yoakum of Montgomery, George D Erath
of Milam, James Denison of Matagorda,
Rufns R. Gage of Nacogdoches, Gen James
Smith of Rusk. Simpson II Morgan of Red
River, Henry J Jewett of Robertson,
On motion, it was resolved that the
newspapers throughout the State, friendly
to the democratic cause, be requested to
publish the piocecdmirs of the meeting.
The meeting then adjourned sine die.
i tnn.
E. M. Piiasi;, yrcV.
1 VL,reu lT crae"!"s w ,us 'league, who, on
I,r-'se,,tmo "'em, announced the contents of
me pncKiigc. 1? Hereupon, inc audience rose
and leaned over to c.itch a glimps of the man
of San Jacinto. Afier taking the oath, Mr.
Webster advanced to him with a quick step,
and seizing his hand, shook it with a violence
"" j,.". '
?I,IU ol,t."'
har.icter for him. Messrs. Cal-
nton next each took one: of his
. lioun and lienion next eacii tooK ni: ot Jus
i low members, in a body as it were, followed
011 closely to compliment him on becoming
one of their number. The expre--i-ui which
marked Houston's countenance during i
fchort and interesting; scent, w:is beyond my
powers of description. There wns little of
exultation in it; intenitf of thought and fec-
linv seemed ready to burst the veins of his
furehenu and u'cll-turiicd neck.'
Requiring the Governor to iintifv chief jnti-
ces of counties of tlie appointment of No-
taries Public, and to have the same pub-
lished in a newspaper.
Section !. Be it unacted by the Legisla-
ture of the Stale of Texa". That when the
Governor of the State shall m-ike appoint-
ments of notaries public, as required bv the
nineteenth section of the sixth article of the
Constitution of the State, it shall he his duty
to notify the Chi"f Justice of the county in
which such appointments have heen .made,
md have the same published in some news-
paper or public journal puhlisned at the seat
of Government; and it shall he the duty of
said Chief Justice to nave said appointments
published in saill county, or by notice in wri-
ting posted up at three public places in the
count', one of which shall be the Court House
Sec 2. Be it further enacted, That from
and after such notice all. untune pub ic, act-
ing by and under the authority of the Repub-
lic of Texas in said count v, shall cease to
discharge their official duties, anil their act'?
in such capacity shall be void if done subse-
quent to said notice.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President pro tern, of the Senate.
AppnovEDSOth April, A. D., ISlfi.
H3Tlios. J. Ritchie. Jr., has had his
trial and been acquitted for the mnrder of
J. ti. Pleasants. The trial took nlnce at
Chesterfield Courthouse. Ya., and ocenpiedj
a weelr, irom the 30th March to the 4th
April, lhe unanimous verdict of "not
guilty'' was tendered bv the jury without
leaving- the box.- The indictment con-
tamed'two counts, one for murder at com
mon law and another for murder under the
anti-duelling act
Immediately- upon the finding; of the
verdict. Messrs Yv. Greenhow and Wm
Scott appeared, whereupon the counsel for
iMr. Ritchie and Mr. Archer made a joint
motion to the court to enter nolle proscquis
n iu me Hiuictments penumjj against rtles
srs. Greenhow Scott and Archer. The
prosecuting attorney having tbnsentcd to
submit to the views of the court the court
ordered the nolle prosequis to be entered
on record, and all parties were discharged
Galveston Civilian.
Congress. A debate occurred in the
Senate, on the 1st nit., between Messrs
Benton and Cass on the Oregon question,
in which the former undertook to show
.that the commissioners under the treaty of
Utrecht did establish the limits between
France and England on the 49th parallel,
and upon this treaty Great Britain now
based her claim and her nesociations.
Mr. Cass relying on Mr. Green hows book
an authority on which the Department
of State also relied contended that no
such line .had been established bv the com
missioners. Air. Hannegan reminded Mr.
Benton that in a speech in the Senate a
few years since, he had demonstrated our
title up to 51 40
On the 2nd nit., JMr. Gass replied.
Mr. Benton rejoined, both in the proper
Mr. Ashley of Arkansas then spoke for
54 40. and on the 4th Mr. M'Diiffieexpres-
,sed his views. He not only opposed the
policy of the administration, but deprecia
ted tne country as. valueless.
The Independent Treasury bill has pas-
sed the House by a vote of 11 7 to 7-1 and
gone up to iIip, Senate.
ID We have in our office a uumhL-r of the Ainn-
tican Agriculturist, published monthly in New Yntk
at one dollar pcryeur. It is an excellent wait of 32
pages, devoted to farming, slock raiing tc.
Mi. Bean, who returns to Xew ork in a few days
will take subscriptions for th.s, or any other publica-
tion with pleasure.
(C We are authorized to announce Col.
ALDENA. 31. JACKSON, as a candidate
for the office of HritT.ulinr General of the 2nd
r: i ,i.i. tj: .7. .. mv M.i:.: .
. T , .. -, i -i i i I
prising uie coninies, oi maiugoraa, ouiuniuo
Fayette, Bastrop and Travis
(5 We are authorized to announce Col.
JAMES S. MAYFIELD, as a candidate for
the office of Major General of the4lh Division !
of Texas Militia.
dCf" We are authorized lo announce Col.
THOMAS GREEN, as a candidate for the
office of Brigadier General of the 2nd Bri-
gade, 4th Division of Texas Militia,
055 We are authorized to announce Col.
PHILIP M. CUNCY, as a candidate fori
the office of Brigadier General of the Brigade I
comprised of the following cou
lities : Brazo-
:., i? m,.,l A..c.; .....i m:
11(1, i. Ml L ibllU) .IIIUU 1 f IIOIllllllKl UIJU All l
l,rtvtf Cn-i.5'ififaf i Mr. rinHe.ton,rPsidinatorncarlhe mouth of Red
TlIIQ;a, . .1 i i" i I River, ai.lheMiiwppi,of whom the said Meln
II Ih is to gne notice that I have lost my t05hl,urcia,edliiin. Said npgro is stout nuifo-and a
head-right certificate for a league aud I i,te bow-legged. Thh owner ofsaid slave is. reques-
lnbor of land, issued by the board of land j ted to comu forward, prove property, pay charges, and
Commissioners for Nncodoches county, ?To. tako him out of jiil, or lie will he dealt with according y
i-o , . , it . i ir . r i - i
3, date not recollected. It not found within
the time prescribed by law, I shall apply to
the proper authority for a duplicate of the j
same. WlL,L.!AiU U. AiUblC5Ui.N. '
May 6th, IS1G.
rTJinE herein described certificates of claims
J2L against the Republic of Texas liavo been lost,
and unlets intelligence is received of the same wilhl
in ninety da3's, application will be made to the pro-
per authoritie; for duplicates of the same : A cer-
tificate for 320 acres of la nd granted by the board of
Hnd commissioners for 6'an Augustine cntinty. to
Edward H.5crurg", No, 3 13, dated Jan. 6, 184J ;
one for 1CU0 acre, granted by the same board, to b!
L. li-inks, administrator of John F. Phillip?, No. 994
dated July 7, 1.138 ; one for 640 acres, grinted by the'
samr board, lo George W. jUcGoivii (or Georo"
-V -Gou r.,) No. 230. dated Dc. 18. 1K43 ; and'ono
far a league and labor, granted by the District Court
ofSlieSuy county, to I)enj. F. Hooper, dated jVay3f
'8-1. -j T. G. BROOCKS.
.If ay 6, IG-IC.
io.s. -; .
&i- i3 ilHO-lf the subscriber, on the road
ist3 Jt? hum Ni'u-Biaimfel to Austin, on
ajy m ; i-u u.iy ui vpru, inree norses or
.isSisseSs.the fullniting description: A largu
yellow on.-(American) about ?, or 10 years old, sad-
dle mark fresh on tl'c leftside; a gray one (Ameri-
can) 10 or 12 years old ; and a b iy one. rfoched tail
and iiiuie, with a siddle-inark on the left side.
A iiithorize Mr. ZiMnr to take the above horses
' '"'-fiver iwund, and receive ten dollars! piornasre-
ward. . If. Sl'IESS.
ltnesse.r, 1 ,rIIV l.nrr t mn
Austin, April 10, 1C-IC. lfi:;tf
Efotiec. '
i j f ITE uiulprsijiaed hns- in bis possession,
-h- living on Wulker's Creek, Milam cnuiT-
ty, the following described properly that wns
caught among the mustang, to wit : one
dark iron grey mare supposed to be four years
old, with adarge bum in; one grey-
mare mule ten years old, Spnui--h brand on
both hips; one small dun mare fnurycors old,
Spanish brand on the left hip. The owner or
owners of the nboe described property can
get the same by callitig on the undersigned,
proving the same, and paving all expenses.
JOHN -BEl4I&-Miy
Gth, 1S4G. IS 4w.
uftI Y hcadriiht certificate, No 69, issued by
-- the Board of Land Commissioners for
Houston county, to Stephen BenneU5 for one
league and labor of land, dated
ISuS. If no intelligence is received of the
same within the time" prescribed by law, ap-
plication will be made lo the Commissioner of
the General Lund Office for a duplicate.
April 29th, 1S-1G. I7::9w
Just JBeceavcd asd ior Sale I
-"1 OLD and stect Pens, Pocket
-, 4Jf Pen-Holders, Pencil .Ca-
"jj sus, weighing, stamping, and
Va 1 ?$& mS Pencils, Port
V j3$i:fA Pen"'l Leads, Nol
;3 iii.ung apparatus, x.c. ; iraw-
table Inkstands,
ote raper. En
velopes, Wafers, India. Rubber
Hand Clip-', QuilN, and a large assortment of Fool'a
Cap and Letter Paper.
ANo, the best lot of Gold and Silver Watches that
vprn ever brought lo thi country : ninnnglhem, La-
dies,' GentlcmcnV and Hunting Watches, and a few
Gold Sifa Chains; all of which will he offered at
reduced prices.
Of peri description, carefully tpaired, and xcarrantcd
lo perform by ' WJf. SIMPSON.
Congrc Avenun opposite the Treasury.
ApriftJO. I7::tf
General Land OrpicE,
Austin, April 13th, 1S45.
fNSTRUCTIONS having issued Irom the
Post Ma-ter General, to Posl Matters of
the. State of Texas, requiring, postage to be
paid on all letters 2ce.r .Notice is hereby gi-
vei tfi persons 'forwarding letters lo this De-
partment, oh business, that the postnge'rnus:
be paidj .oiIierwise.they .will rtot be- taken
from the post office5'' jf - "
lG::tf. t
"SPHERE AS, at the Mnrch term 1S4
the lion. Probate court for the county
of Travis, Letters of administraticn, were
granted to Thomas F. McKinney, on the
estate of IST. H. Watrous, deceased. All per
sons having claims against said estate, are
hereby notified to come forward and present
their claims within the time prescribed by law,
or thev uill he forever harred.
Anril 15th. IS46. I6::(iyr
"PEADRIGHT certifieiue No. 239, issued
by the Board of Land Commissioners
for Wasiung;on county, to Joseph Berry, for
one third of a league of land, dated February,
IS33. If no intelligence i received of -the
same within the time prescribed by law, ap-
plication will be made to the Commissioner. of
the General Land Office for a duplicate. ,
April loth. IG 9w.
fHAVE Int two certificates, issued by. the
hoard of commissioners of Shelby county;
one to Phillip Mason, tor one league and la-
bor, No. 749, and one to Miles W. Moody,
for one third of a league of laud, No. 753,
which if not heard of within 90 days, from
this date, I shall apply to the proper authority
for duplicates. SAML. BROOKS.
April 5th, 1S4G. 15 9w.
FmIHE following certificates, to wit: Bcnj. White's
JL i of a league; aI?o, Hugh L-
White. No. 70. fr i of a league ; aho, Jesa White.
deceased. (heir No. 72. for 1 'labor; also, John T.
White. No. Ill:, for i of a league
All issucu in
Jackson county. .No, Robert Gordon, of a. leagno
aIld He, Crooks,4 leaue, is tied in.Vatagorda co
numbers forgotten. If not found or heard ol wiin-
in siiy diy, I will apply to the Commissioner of
the Gpnenil Lind Office, for duplicate.
April Rth. 13::9w FRANCIS M. WH1TE-
KttraaTrny ISegro Taken Up.
rntHERE was lodged in tho jail of
Jl. Harris county, on the 18lh day of
.March, 1846, by John JJ. Glasgow," a
negro boy, by the name of Peter, of dark
complexion, about 5 feet 6 inches in
height, bv order of Henrv Lovcnnagan, ,.sq., &
Justi.e of the Pence, in and for aid county, satisfac-
tor3 proofhaving been made bcloro sam Justice, that
.J rtn-mvn ilUlAil (till Ua 1a
I longs to Win. Mcintosh, a sujar planter, residing; l
! Bivou Beaufi. Louisiana ; belonged previously- to a
in i a runaway wave : aai !;' -'- r
tolaw. 4.Utlft Kl 1 Z.Jt.K.AljLt
lolaA' fst..:ipp Hnr mn.
Houston, .April 14th, 1846t 17;:4w
-VKTST AKTKli. AT THIS OFFICE, a good necr
1 8b
boy from Ijl lo III years of age.
March ;V

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