The Bartlett Tribune (Bartlett, Tex.), Vol. 16, No. 50, Ed. 1, Friday, March 28, 1902 Page: 1 of 8

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RA?I Jit! J J :!(?;!!!;:!!!;!;!;;!;!!"'.!;!.!!. t.i!titi; tit IIS- .tfJFl
"..? ' t.:t:!J::t:t;!;Jt::,:t:tt::t:!:!;::8:::::!::::!!:::fJ!!:s!:t:t::t::::::stJ:!tJ:ts?:J:!!tt'ss''!s'Jsts!J'5':'J'SSI!s,,,',,' I v"5"
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ts ',
I New Spring Goods! New Store!
He '
Ik ,j ... I m m
In i I tMffj
go- . ( .. I
&.. i I JPxaj
&:. 1 ! I tJaj
5? j I VI
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?: -" III
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& .!.! !2f!r --------
Wo lrnvo insf, rfinoivntl n.n nWnnt, n.nrl lnrrn jissnvf.mnnt. nf 5rrincr nroQs PinnHfi from Eastern markets, includine manv of the popular fabrics,
such as Toile de Soio, Silk Foulards, Egyptian Tissues, Lace Lawns etc., to suit the taste and fancy of the most fastidious, at as low price as goods
of equal quality can be bought anywhere. A collection of Spring Goods well shown, beautiful and artistic, at prices lower than over bofore. .
Wash Waists
Dress Skirts,
White Goods
Belts, Etc.
Are unsurpassed in quali-
ty, style, fit and color.
Buy the "Monarch' and
you get
The Best.
Have Your 6LOTHES
made to Order.. CcsQ
..0 rzu:
ercb&flt Tailor?.
Tbey Guarantee to Fit and Please You.
--our store-
In high quality and low price "our,
stock is surpassed by none. Our as-''
sortmont is elegant, embracing:
Galloon, Valonciones, Arabian,, Linen,,
and Torchon and All over laces at
prices from lc to $2.
If you need any embroidery in ei'
ther Swiss, Hamburg, JNainsook, liol.-.
loon orallovorwe can .suit you in
quality as well as in price, ranging
from lc to $2.00. . & ,?
Nd trouble to
::::: :show goods.
Hi:: ;:Are pleased
ir: ::tO Show VOU:
y,z i whether youi:
M buy or not. ii
Good Treatment, Good Goods, Right Prices.
Is the leverage by which wo prize upon the pocket book and "hold the confidence of the people. Their
confidence once confided to us, is never knowingly allowed to bo shaken by mistepresentation on our part
and their pocket books are never allowed to be robbed by the purchase of shoddy goods, as we only nan-
die reliable goods in both medium and first-class grades. '
"The New Store."
ii If your
iiis not satisll
ied withhe;?
iiflour, or yoiii:
ii want bestij
I1V' '::;: i : ii s s : : : : : i ::::::::::::::;::::::::::::::::: s t : : : :,s : i :?:.: ::: :rr: ::.::::: s :::::: s ::: J J J ! s : i J :::::: i ':::;:::: i : J : ; : : : i : i : H : : 1 J: : : iiiiiUvvJ
' ,.. aZZaaaaaaaaaaaeeoaaa8aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y
Miller s
i . ,
Cheapest Place
' 1n Town.
Our millinery department
ft isnbw open. All the latest
, : and' up-to-date styles are
,,VKwe :are especially stong. on
this line this year. Having
, secured ;the services of
an artistic and experienced
j'-j'triminer,. who has trimmed.
in tlie most fashionable mil-
1"' linery houses in Texas, coup-
4ed with a line from the east,
we are prepared to show you
A Better Line at Lower
Prices than you will
find elsewh'ore.
Everybody is familiar with
the fact that wo handle
the biggest and best
linf of
. ".ari
Shoes flippers
at the lo
st price.
our line of Ladies' Ox
fords and Sandals wo show
. ii i
, , Bomocnmg new anci soiticg-
k able at prices that can-
not be matched.
rwFLadies' and Ohildvons' BoiT-
i .. n nrdfi.
Mra.'W. P. "Holland and Miss
'Crutc'hfild visited relatives at
Georgetown this week.
Beautiful Millinery Exhibit.
"In the spring a woman's fancy
lightly turns to thoughts of hats"
might aptly pharaphrase an old
sentiment, and the crowded as-
pect of Walton's millinery depart-
ment this week proved it without
a doubt. Three days were de
voted to the openinor. and the
lady who didn't spend a portion of
her time at Walton's really missed
a pleasure. The decorations for
the occasion were beautiful, and
displayed the work of skilled
hands. Roses, palms and ferns,
intermingled with the beautiful
smilax, lent enchantment to the
gala occasion. In fact, it would
take a poet's fancy to despribe and
do justice to the scene.
The hats displayed weie per-
fect dreams the most exquisite
creations of the milliners art
and Miss Menton and her assist-
ants Misses Dora Kuykendall
and Agnes Walton were untir
ing in their efforts to show the
beauties to each and every one.
Miss Menton's taste and skill in
selecting and arranging hats this
season has never been shown to
better advantage in J3artlett, and
not a fault could be found with a
single one in her large collection.
There was the Tricorne shape,
adapted from the French, and the
Marquis, -an American form ,of
same, which are the most attrac
tive styles; in addition to these isj
the renewed English and Jqw
crown Spanish Turban in various
effects; also the Colonial. Louis
XIV and many others, all forming
the most desirable shapes, in la-
dies headgear for this season.
The new flower effects are shown
in immense profusion, roses with-
out number, then the beautiful vio-
lets,, pansies, daisies, lorget-me-nots,
and the small wild roses are
as but nectar to the" sense of vis-
ion and make' a trimming effect
most marvelous end beautiful. Al
together, the millinery as here
shown points to. the fact that this
is to be a season of beautiful ef
fects and decidedly more becom-J
ing stylesthah'-ever before.
Many Were hfc Expressions of
admirafitv .'and .cltrjpjitijeqtary ut-
terances prr tliis('soceas!'ol1,''all of
which were deserilfng,
re deserving.
l of WJ. McO
home lfFGrangei
eath of JhO. McOrary.
At his home in Granger on last
Friday afternoon Mr. J. QwMc-
Crary, one of that town'sBnored
citizens, breathed his lSS, sur-
rounded by his wife and children
and other relatives and friends.
Deceased had been in very feeble
health for sometime, and his death
was due to some lung trouble. He
was laid to rest in the Granger
cemetery bunday in the presence
of a large concourse of friends,
many of whom were from Holland
and fiartlett. Rev. Hardin, pas-
tor of the Baptist church, con-
ducted the funfral services.. A
wife and two small children are
left to mourn the death of a de-
voted husband and a kind and af-
fectionate father. Messrs. W. B.
and Jasper McCrary, of Missouri,
brothers of deceased, were pres
ent during his last hours on earth.
Mr. McCrary was abouj sixty
years of age, and was a highly
respected citizen. From 1880 to
1806 he was associated in busi-
nesss with Mr, W. P. Powell, of
this place, part of the time at Hol-
land, He was a good business
man, honest and upright. In his
death the community loses a good
citizen. Peace to his ashes, ,
l Granted Bail.
On yestordy morning City Mar-
shal Linoberger ( arrested. Jim
God.roy and Ed Simmons on a
charge of, burglarizing the Lin--demann
saloon the night bofore.
Thq examining trial was had
yesterday, Justioo Wright, of
Holland, District Attorney Hair,
of- Belton, and Attorney Jones,
of Holland, beincr nresont, and
the men wore granted bail to a-
wait tho action qf the grand jury.
Simmons S250; Godfroy, S500.
Pickled Beef at Wi 0. Smith's.
Althea Items.
To Tho Tribune.
Moat every one has succeeded
in getting a good stand of corn
and are now planting cotton.
Messrs. S. V. and C. A. Park-
er and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ellis
wore caled to the bedside of their
father last week. They returned
this week and report their fathLnjeg wer6 appointed: Arrang-
er's case smallpox.
, Messrs. S. W. ind C. A. Park-
er are now sick with fever and
are breaking out, suppose it is
Mrs J. M.tftobinsoh, of Belton,
visited her son, T. P. Robinson
last week.
. The young folks enjoyed a so-
cial entertainment at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Jerrett last
Thursday evening.
Messrs. Sorber, Collins Fowler,
and the Messrs. Adams, joined
some Cameron young people on
"Little River last Saturday for
the first outing of the season.
Messrs. Quattlobaum, and
Brewster, of Corn, Hill, were in
the community yesterday and
purchased ootton seed from Mr.
T. P. Robinson for planting purposes.
Mr. Chas. Adams is out west
Mr. W. A. Jerrett went to
Lampasas Thursday.
Master Luther Rogers and
siator visited at MrBishop3 homo
Mr Norman Parish and family
visitod on Indian Crook recently
Quito a numb'or of onr peoplo
attended the commencement, ex
orcisos at Davilla last Friday
n.nrl Sninrdiiv. All nronounco it
a grand success. m
Mr. J..C. Childress and daugh-
ters, visitod Mr. Copeland and
family Sunday afternoon.
Prayer mooting at Mr. J, II.
Hughes Sunday afternoon..
Free mailTlolivery is talkod of
in this, community. Hope wo
may get it.
Mrs. C. A. Parker and little
ones loft for Northern Texas to
visit her fathor.
An Easter Ball.
On next Monday night in the
Armory Hall, the Bartlett Light
Guards will give an Eastor Ball,
at which a good and especially
enjoyable time is anticipated by
the lovers of "tipping the fan
tastic." At the last meeting of
the Company the following com
ment Lieut. L. V. Belk, J. W
Hightower, E. M. Wilson and
Homer Powell. 'loor k. t:
Poynor, Curry Powell and C A.
Christenson. Other committees
will be appointed later, and the
affair will be made as pleasant as
is possible for the boys to make
Cattle Shipment.
Messrs. Sloss and McKenzic
will on tomorrow ship out another
train of feeders to the St Louis
market. This will be thje last
made during the season. The
Tribune hopes the gcntlemfen will
realize handsomely for their la-
bors. Another Fire. ,
This morning about 3 o'clock
the alarm of fire was given and
it was discovered to be the barn
of Mr. Ed Ford. Tho fire com-
pany promptly responded, and
did what it could tooxtinguishi
tho flames and provent any spread
of tho fire more than possible.
However, Mr. Ford's barn,
with its contents, of feed, buggy,
harness, saddle, etc., was de-
stroyed ; also the shod belonging
to Mr. Win. Truehardtf whioh
contained two boor and ice wa-
gons, one of whioh was almost
hrand now. Mr. Ford's loss is
estimated at about SE500, with S150
insuranco in J. D. Slawson's
agency. Mr. Truohardt's loss is
about S200: no insuranco. Tho
nrio-in of tho fire is unknown. It
was first discovered by Mr. Truo-
hardt, but not until it had gained
o-ond headway. It seemed to
have "started about tho door of
tho barn.' It can bo truthfully
nid that the fire bovs done eood
work, considering thp supply of
water they had
School Entertainment, M
The following is a program :
entertainment to be;,", giyiSi ''
Pecan school, Friday night Ap
4th 1902 : ' g .,
Song, Welcome all.' tK '
P f if sf inn 1?ntr Wpss'nri' n
Recitation, Richard Nicfiolal
D aloerne Aunt Tibitna'sMJF
plexities. ; ,"
Recitation Susie Rogers','
Recitation Roy. Eattecspn.t; ! J
Motion Song.
Doll Drill.
Doll Drill Burlesque.
Recitation Odis Patterson, I
Recitation. Dora -DaugKestyv
Dialogue, A, Soft Back:.0g
Song Arc You ,On? 4n
Recitation, Joe, Briley;. -Dialogue,
Wbmaris.yighta, '
' Hoop Drill. l it' ' "...
Recitation, Ida Burrage;
Tableau. '5 ."""
Dialogue. The JJ ones .Famll
Dialogue, ChoosWgAvWfft
K.ecitation, iieairice yuyin
xauicau. i, rj
Dialogue Directing A.iriiVfl
Tambourine Drill (New.), ". m
Rec tation, Annie Wes9ju vM
Recitation, Pearl Rogeif J
Everybody invited to ,q;or
Free to one and all.
Elmer L.
Lincoln, Teevchcra
Tendered a "Reception.'; p
At tho residence oOIraYuood
yesterday afterndon, a receptifl
was .tendered, Mrs. Leo Slo
her many lady friends-ftf .Batf
loft. n.nd tho affair waq a tnoa
nleasant one. Tho Tribute
grots that lack of spactf prfevanH
Kouhn, a painter, whpia year
or two ago marrmu a v
(nraen 01 hub uiuuu vntp w.a
convictod of bigamy inDistr
court ot aan. Ansonw yu &"
fivo vofira iri tho f.periitentiarj
It appeared that Mr.- .Keuhn h
three' livings .wives two besdi
Lizzie Gorden. '"

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Cates & Sharpe. The Bartlett Tribune (Bartlett, Tex.), Vol. 16, No. 50, Ed. 1, Friday, March 28, 1902, newspaper, March 28, 1902; Bartlett, Texas. ( accessed January 21, 2018), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Bartlett Activities Center and the Historical Society of Bartlett.