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Unencumbered Real Estate For Sale Or Trade
Two Houses and Lots in Paris, Texas.
One House and Lot in Albany, Texas.
Opera - House
Friday Evening, March 4.
Special Engagement of tha eminent
Tragic. Bomtii tic Actor,
Clay Clement
Will sell all for cash or part cash, balance to suit purchaser, or
will trade for Gainesville improved or nnimproved property. The
above named properties are paying handsome interest in the way of
rents, titles guaranteed perfect. For further information call on or
Registered Retail Pharmacist, 17 East California Street.
Tennessee - Store
By special arrangement we are now in a position to offer our
customers a reduction of abont 20 per cent, on all cash purchases
made at our store.
How Is It Done? By the Coupon System
Two hundred and fifty suits for men. New Spring Styles in Prince
Alberts, Cutaways, Round and Square Cut Sacks. Our stock of
CLOTHING for the coming season will be the most complete in
Cooke County.
East California Street.
Supported by a Select Company of Capable
Players in the Great London Success,
Now bein? presented for the first time here
with a wealth of Special Scenery and intri-
cate mechanical effects.
5^"Kes«rved seats now on sale at Gooding's
drug store
If You Want
We give each customer making a cash purchase at our store a
coupon to the value of 10 per ceut. of the amount of their cash pur-
chase, whether it is 10 cents or $1(M). These coupons are redeem-
able at our store in Silverware, which we mark down in price twenty
to thirty per cent, less than its ordinary retail value. By this means
our customers secure an average discount ou their general purchases
of from 20 to ;{0 per cent, and at the same time secure an elegant and —
useful household necessity. We guarantee this silverware to be full a 1 Reporters See and Hear
plated and equal to anything in the market. Call at our store and see While Rustling Around.
these beautiful goods. Yours truly, VAL PEERS.
Dave "la grippe."
The county candidates are be-
ginning to beat the bushes furi-
ously. It will not be long until
the fun will be at its height.
Yesterday was a day for gar-
dening aud putting ont shrubbery.
The dry weather did not seem to
retard the work in the least.
The members of the Christian
j church are discussing the advisa-
bility, or rather the necessity, of
i building a new church this year.
One of the worst needed things
in this part of the state this year
is a canning factory. But we do
j not see much disposition to build
i one.
The last we heard from Collec-
tor Apperson was about 8 o'clock
last night. He was then almost
gone, with no hope that he could
i live till morning.
Considerable cotton still comes
(in, notwithstanding the low price,
j Had the price been good, this
| county would have been exceed-
ingly prosperous now.
We have not interviewed the
delegates from this coiuty to the
republican state convention, but
| from the composition of the dele-
gation we judge the convention
was strong for Harrison.
Again we want to remind the
Baptists of Gainesville and the
surrounding country that if they
have any idea of purchasing the
Addington property for a Baptist
1 college they have no time to lose.
Now is the best time they will
j ev£k«f gtnia oi »t. Paul's will meet
on Wednesday at 3 p. m. at the
residence of Mrs. C. N. Stevens.
Being the first meeting in the
month all members are requested
to come prepared to pay their
dues. Business of importance to
be transacted.
n a healthy, convenient and well located part of the
city look at the
IVt ontgo m e ry
Jt lie^on the highest ground in the city. The Street
Railway runs through a part of it.
The North Public School Building
Is located near the center of it. Weaver street runs
on the east side of it.
It extends from Rockwell Street on the South tothe
Driving Park on the north, and is the*
Highest, Prettiest, Dry est Ground in the City;
And convenient to the roundhouse. There are many-
nice residences already on it and
more are building.
Bold on Easy Terms |
I^ook at it if you want a home cheap. Stop paying
rent and buy a home. Call on
At the Hesperian Building and get prices and term*.
first time in America, will be
produced by the eminent and ro-
mantic actor, Clay Clement, with
his superior eompauy in support
at the opera house Friday even-
ing. Mr. Clement is acknowl-
edged to be the leading romantic
actor of the day, and comes most
highly indorsed by both press
aud public, his tour thus far this
continual ovation. The play is
one that is of a sombre nature to
the thoughtless; still in very truth
it is one of the most intense and
exciting dramas ever written.
The refrain of the" Bella" through-
out the play sends a thrill through
the audience when they realize the
terrible import to Mathias that
sink deep into their souls.
Mr. Clement's company consists
of a goodly number of capable
players and the scenic and me-
chanical effects are of the most
elaborate nature.
Will you want a new spring
suit? If so, wait for the ar-
rival of our immense stock.
S. Zacharias.
A Match for Ruth Cleveland
Is New England Condensed mince
meat in packages. Delicious and
palatable. Ladies try Crystal
Rice Cormane and Jersey coffee.
They will please you.
The March installment on the
first series of stock in the Hes-
perian building and savings asso-
ciation is now due and must be
paid on or before Saturday, the
5th inst. W. T. Roberts,
How Can We ?
Every now and then some of
our friends come to us with this
kind of plea: ''We want you to
favor this policy or this man, be-
cause your friends do."
Nobody loves to please friends
better than we do, but hardly an
issne comes up without us having
friends on each side of i(. We
CQDiAa1^ Vnrre wP n Ke to please
ourselves. However, it is getting
to be an idea that newspapers
ought not to have any decided
opinions. It has come to be con-
sidered bad business policy.
"Tickle the public ana make it
The more you tickle the more
' you'll win;
But ; teach the public — you'll
never grow rich; ;
You'll live like a beggar and die
in the ditch."
Tom Grigsby went to Purcell
I). H. Caswell of Nashville,
Tenn., is in the city.
Dr. Modrall went to Thacker-
ville yesterday evening.
H. H. Pennington of Ardmore
was in the city yesterday.
Fisher coal agency, was" in fff
eity yesterday. Mr. Seegor
selling a great deal of coal
J. Jackson of Woodbine made
the Hesperian a call Tuesday.
He informs us that the people in
that section are full ef vim and
vigor and are pushing their farm
Hesperian's Critic
All About It.
All cases needing the attention
of the charity board should be re-
ported to the chairman of the re-
spective ward committees:
Mrs. C. C. Hemming chairman
first ward.
Mrs. W. J. Stone chairman sec-
ond ward.
Mrs. J. M. Wright cnairman
third ward.
Mrs. C. C. Walker chairman
fourth ward.
Donations will also be received
through them.
For Sale.
Two half-sections of land in B.
B. B. & C. R. R. Co. For par-
ticulars address J. W.Baylor,Nav-
asota, Texas. 18
Curiosity Shop.
We want second hand goods—
especially c'othing and furniture
Call at the Old Cariosity Shop,
Anyone wanting scavenger
work done can leave orders at
the Curiosity Shop or with Walter
T. G. Hopper.
"Surprised," "astonished,"
"highly entertained," were the ex-
clamations Jof the auditors who
heard "A Box of Monkeys" Mon-
Prices and terms to suit every
one at the Gainesville Music
House. J. L. Hickson,
2 Proprietor.
Republloan Convention.
The republicans of Cooke coun-
ty met in convention at the court-
house Tuesday evening, March 1.
F. L. Cleaves was eleoted chatt-
man and W. G. Wofford secre-
tary. The object of the conven-
tion was to select delegates to the
state convention at Austin,
March 8.
The following delegates were
elected: W. G. Wofford, F. L.
I Cleaves, W. L Pierce, B. M. Strat-
j ford, H. J. Hendricks, 0. C. San-
The delegates were not in-
structed on any office. Those at-
tending the state convention
were empowered to cast the vote
of absent delegates.
W. G. Wofford,
uiruae was
when the curtain rose, and the re-
porter deems it but fair to pre-
sume that a majority of the people
present went in the same mind
that he did, viz: that they were
going to witness an amateur pei-
formance that would be enjoya-
ble, more because the actors and
actresses were their own friends
than for any other reason.
Before the first act was over
this idea left the mind and the
audience became convinced that
the actors and actresses deserved
attention, not because they were
friends and engaged in a good
work, but because they were giv-
ing evidence of real talent and
were giving a play fully as well as
any professionals that have visit-
ed Gainesville during the season.
Mrs. Gallia, as Sierra, a typical
free American girl, a soubrette
part, was repeatedly encored for
her cute acting, and when she
sang she brought down the house.
The best the writer can say for her
is to repeat the expressions he
heard from numerous members of
the audience, a fair sample of
which is: "Better than Lizzie
Evans;" "Better than Katie Put-
man;" "Better than Patti Rosa."
Miss Annie Davis played the
part of Lady Guinaveer, an aris-
tocratic English young lady try-
Office of S. Cherry.
21 Dravton Street,
Savannah, Ga., Dec. 16, '91
Messrs. Lipman Bros., Savannah,
Dear S'rs—I would like to add
my testimony to the almost mira-
culous effect of P. P. P. in the case
of Mary Ingrabam, a woman liv-
ing on my place; she had a con-
stant cough, sore throat, debility,
etc-, emanciated to a degree that
she was unable to get out of bed
no use was present j u ad" Taken the ruinous
so-called blood medicines without
the least effect, until being put
under the P. P. P., she imme-
diatelely began to improve and is
now in as good health as ever in
her life. You can refer to me at
any time as to the effects of P. P.
P., in the foregoing case.
Yours truly,
Samuel Cherry.
a marshal saved, life and
Monticello, Fla., Jan. 21,1800.
For the last eight years I have
been in bad health, suffering with
malaria, rheumatism, dysdepsia
and dropsy; my digestion was bad
and my hair all came out—in fact
I was nearly a wreck. I had taken
kidney and blood medicines,which
did me no good. When I began
taking P. P. P. about threa months
ago I was as weak as a child. I
have only taken four bottles(small
size), and today I am a well man
and my hair has "come again." I
cannot recommend P. P. P. too
highly. W F WARE,
Witness: Marshal.
F C Owens.
- ing to learn American slang and
You Win always get fair treat-1 way8 of faScinafon. This was
ment and faithful service from „ T, • , „ .
Torbert Brothers. »uu gocfti interpretation of her
There was a candy pulling last part, she certainly could not
night at the residence of E. P. I bave been excelled by one of
Hill. A goodly number of our years of experience. Her acting
society people were there—some was perfect, her carriage like
married and some who had not one used to the footlights, and
yet reached that blissful state, her singing wrs charming.
Most who were there were exper- Mrs. E. P. Hill was Mrs.Andigo
ienced in dealing with the sweet Jones, a dignified and "extremely
things of life, hence the candy j proper" aunt of Sierra, and when
The Hesperian would like to
get the preference of each one of
its readers on the gubernatorial
question. Please cut out the bal-
lot below, fill up tLe blanks, sign
it and send it in. We will from
time to time publish the result.
Gainesville ■ National ■ Bank
Capital and Surplus, $328,000
O. C. Hemming, Pres. J. R- Steven" Vice-Pres.
G. R. Edwards, Cashier.
Geo. Y. Bird, R. D. Gribble, J. L. Simpson, C. N. Stevens, II. F.
Eldridfce, J. R. Stevens, Joe' Gillenwaters, 0. 0 Hemming,
G. R. Edwards.
Notwithstanding the large capital of this bank is in itself a substan'
tial assurance of protection, yet as a measure of
extra precaution we carry our deposits
Fully Insured Against Burglary
And take no risks whatever not justified by careful and con-
ervative banking.
East California Street Opposite Lindsay House,
A Full Line Of
Whiskies, Brandies,
Wines and Cigars.
Preserve the Records.
We fear our county officials will
rest in security until some of
these times the county's most val-
uable records will be destroyed
by fire. Then they will wake up
and build a fire proof office for
them after it is too late. Ihe fact
that our old records have been
spared so long ought to make us
more anxious to preserve them.
A few thousand dollars now would
place them in safety. No amount
of money would replace them if
Very few old counties have es-
caped a fire and nearly all the
new ones are preparing for one.
Let Cooke not be behind in this
important matter.
Being called away for a short
time Captain Schoppmeyer wtU
attend to my business until my
Charles Peterson.
Ask your grocer for Magnolia
Hams. They are the best, 5
Kentucky Whiskey a Specialty. Would be
Pleased to Have You Call.
Honeycntt & Shortridge will
take yon or your baggage to any
part of the city on short notice.
Leave call at stable or Lindsay
The City Council.
The city council met yesterday
morning at 10 o'clock with all the
aldermeito present except Hulen
and Leonard.
The minutes of the last meet-
ing were read and approved.
Auditor Snider was granted
until next meeting to mafca his re-
The sanitary condition' of the
city was discussed by Div Bomar,
and a resolution was passed in-
structing the mayor to notify Mi
persons not to throw anything
nto the streets and alleys that is j
'orbidden by ordinance.
Several accounts were allowed.
The eouncil then adjourned on
account of the dangerous illness
of Assessor and Collector Apper-
son. It will meet again at 10
a. m. Saturday, March 5.
500 dozen black hose just
received at S. Zacharias', fait
co^rs. They will be sold for 5
pulling was a complete success in
every respect.
There is nothing sweeter or
more inspirating than a well man- j
aged candy pulling.
The directors of the Hesperian
building and savings association
are requested to meet at the office
of the secretary this evening,
March 2, at 7 o'clock sharp.
R. D. Gribble,
Height of Cruelty.
Nervous women seldom receive
the sympathy they deserve.
While often the pictures of health
they are constantly ailing. To
withhold sympathy from these un-
fortunates is the height of cruelty.
They have a weak heart,
causing shortness of breath,!
fluttering pain in side, weak ]
and hungry spells and final-,
ly swelling of ankles, oppres-
sion, choking, smothering and
dropsy. Dr. Miles' New Heart
Cure is just the thing for them.
For their nervousness, headache,
weakness, etc., his Restorative
Nervine is unequaled. Fine treat-
ise on "Heart and Nervous Dis-
eases" and marvelous testimonials
free. Sold and guaranteed by
Garner, Williams & Co.
300 E
"The Bens."
This wonderfully psychological
study, originally from the FTOneh,
and now being preaented for tip
cents a pair.
Tha Gainesville Music House
sells pianos awl organs on the in-
stallment plan.
J. L. HICEBOH, " '
2 Proprietor.
Frenoh Tansy Wafers.
These wafers are for the relief
and cure of painful and irregular
menses, and will remove all ob-
structions. and are sure and safe
every time. Manufactured by
Emerson Drag Co., San Jose,
Oal., and for aale by Marlon E.
the writer says she '"was" he
means "was." She played the
part so well that to her bebt
friends among the audience she
ceased to be Mrs. Hill but became
Mrs. Andigo Jones. Her presen-
tation of the character was a
great success and deserved what
it brought forth- much commen-
Paul Gallia has appeared in this
oity in many amateur plays and it
has been customary to say in
speaking of him: "Everybody
knows Paul and that he always
does h's part well." Monday
night proved that everybody did
not know Paul or half of his ca-
pability as an actor. He eclipsed
himself in "A Box of Monkeys"
and played not like an amateur
but a professional.
Mr. Ed Davis, a bashful Eng-
lishman much in love with Lady
Guineveer, looked and acted the
part in* a manner that astonished
even his best friends, who expect-
ed much of him. The best criti-
cism we know to make of bis act-
ing is that the audience wa9 per-
fectly satisfied and said it could
not bave been done better.
yfe cannot dismiss this matter
without saying that Max Hirsch,
who attended to the making up
of the participants in the play,
deserves no little credit
success. His work was
in every sense.
The play was given for the ben-
efit of St. Paul's Episcopal church
and netted It a handaome sum.
Cut out
and send to the Hes-
Send in your votes and let us
get the opinions of the people.
Editors should not do all the ex-
pressing of opinions.
Send in the votes as you cut
them out.
Ask your grocer for Magnolia
Hams. They are the best, 5
Our Mr. S. Zacharias is now
in the east buying the best
selected stock of dry goods,
notions, etc., that will be
shown in the city.
A Child Run Over
And bonght White Swan lard
! from the family grocer. It is
strictly pnre. Ask for the White
Swan brand. Take no other.
i -

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