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... FRIDAY, OCT. 18th, 1940 PAGE FOUR THE DENISON PRESS Living Pictures Art Appreciation Program... The Abundant Life Class of Waples Memorial church will have a horse shoe tournament Saturday evening... assemblage of scat backs ever boasted by any one LSC dub in legue history. Seven of Denton’s 12 touchdowns... of the guardsmen who have not yet been called into federal service. Stimson also announced that two new armored... January about 5,000 men will be assigned to the existing armored forces at Fort Benning, Gu., and Fort

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... *AGE TWO WSk — B 1 M** w. Mi THE DENISON PRESS SAT., .OCTOBER 19th, 1940 THE DENISON PRESS Offle... to be introduced. If all of those fellows tvho have been! faced wi’th difficulties that seem unsur mountable... 2c per word 8 Times, 8c per word Minimum charge is for 12 words 'For consecutive insertions...—-Charley | Chan at the Wax Museum, Sid- j ney Toler and Sen Young. Thursday, Friday—Way of A" Flesh, Akim Tamiroff... g th< nnd wastes. And this cleansing, purnyini Kidney action, In lust a day cr r.o, may eas ache

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... wm TTp ! 1 r, . ■■ i'i-f; ■ ' ' ssn; <- i PAGE FOUR THE DENISON PRESS SAT., OCTOBER 19th, 1949... NEXT The regular monthly social ses sion of the Women’s society of Waples Memorial church will be held... 0il „ Mr Fo(loi. wil| tP„ th the Bonhi-Cat game last night and rpal rta80n behind Hitler’s entir..., came to one the Cats,I change of hjs campai|?n. Th„ despite a 46-7 score, will have to. f0... aggregation before a licking at th* hands of Denison high last week was shellacked by the Bearcats at Sherman

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... / SA'I, OCTOBER 19th, 1940 THE DENISON PRESS PAGE TUBES m COURTS I ll-’TEKNTH DISTRICT COUKi U. M... Park addition to Sherman, $1,050 Oct.* 15, 1940. f C. W. Cooper to Madge Cooper, lots 11 and 12.... 13 1935. Mrs. Madge Cooper to Knight Furniture company, lots 11 and 12, block 23, College Park...'ll a^k ThiS Young man what ne TmiNK-’> of Bobbed HAiR. , ey 7 i VIELL SoM£ UV OS feil-AS LlKtF Th...’ Cut on TH OC HORbE'i Tail An' -SOME ,uv us Thinks 'IT'S A TOU6H BREAK ON 'COUNT UV TH ?Ly season 44

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..., TEXAS SAT., OQTOBER 19th, 1940 WEEKLY FOUNDED 1930—DAILY 1934 VOL. 7—NO. 102 Speaker of the House Sam.... Citizen ................*...............12. Military Exp. (State) (Country) 13. Married or Single 14. No

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