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The Hondo Anvil Herald.
-jt *o 18<J®
;0b printing-
r Jagg1
OCT. «7. 190 3
VOL. 47. No 1
Pr f. W. N’ Saathoff, leal chair-
uesdav. n!?' of the Red Cross, informs U-
Reily i* visiting tha* " -sr load, persisting of 300 ’
to .i> » week. barrels of flour, will arrive her?
«>nas ia , . tonn rri • • or Monda for distribu-
Reinhart is tne gue> ti-'n among the needy of Medina
Lei* Gr*
" ' • Batot this \v»e*. f-0UR-j,_ This flour is donated by the
j Goodyear tires at s:,me \atior. i Red Cross ard will b“ dis-
■’’ Vn'ii further notice. < • L- tribute ! hv the local officers of tha‘
ilnc** ...... ”• organisation as in their judgment
i Carter and daughter, is d-v-ed l'es‘.
Jr. s A .rending the week in It has been suggested by so:--,
pB<‘He>*re however, that onb* the sick, ti e er; -
j!t»‘ i . ■ v^iting his plod and the helpless young and old
lOrtfliith Fly-. •; Viv in Crystal should he permitted to enjoy its
u Mr. Sterlmgo r>>. ‘ benefits free. If it becomes necessary
r thi» week ... . . to relieve want bcause -f unemploy-
runcc at P'Hams Sunday • * • ment. it is suggested that such ap-
24. Koch Hall; Mu>*' ' plicanti should he required to give
^'Orchestra. an equivalent value in labor for the
C Man Bauer a-u ~>n and help received. If this c n be empln d
v „ from 3-Point visited J. t- ,n cleaning up the streets, alleys and
ir here Monday. vacant property of the town, and
,e Wright and sister, Cora, thus putting the town in a better
J,re fr0IT1 Mirando City visiting sanitary condition, and even working
Jv« »nd friends. on r’’e mads and s’raets, it would.
- .1 Mrs Oscar .1. Bader and wit. out doing violence to the spirit
' vi-ited in San Antonio and of the Red Cm -s w >rk. render a hu-
\ Hospital Monday.
Mis, Dwyce Cameron spent the
Laid with her aunt, Mrs. H. V.
C Jr., in Castroville.
IFOR SALE, cheap, thoroughbred
llud China hogs, ail sizes. E. A. -
Wde, Dunlay, T exas. P ’ At the luncheon club meeting last
Kill Maggie Cameron, Mrs. Jeff Tuesday, Henry Merriman reported
w^&nAntoni" Monday. Austin Frida?that *!," verv 'sat? Rev c- p- Hasskarl the subject pnvementa were added to the church Crr!'or to watch the treasurer now j^. h ca^ej excitement that the
factory audience la U "ihlu -f this article, and who expects to imperty and a modern bathing j.ub Auditor to watch _the lt,iti.,n!, of thi, community know
about when it was drilled.
«* MM. forward ... *>»««>: *. t« -<* - ln •** h ' 0,1 *"»«•
manitarian service to the entire com-
The suggestions are worthy of due
consideration at least.
I displav r boastful pride, he rat
ingratiated himself not alone int'
their spiritual leadership but into a
v-eful place in the so ial and intel-1
Ritual 1-adership of the community j
itself. His nine years of ministry :
|,,rr. -o s - ncrete illu«*r"*rn ‘a the
i world of what is needed to arrest
j *he alarming decader-e of the eoun-
|‘rv church—and with the chur;h
those wholesome influences cn rural
(life that rre inseoerahle from it—
end could He studied t > great profit
I by th se who are resonnsible by reas-
on of their position for th successful
j functioning of the church. Wheth-
I er the decad-nce of the rural church,
; which is giving grave concern rot
i on’v to churchmen but to thoughtful
students of sociology as well, is char-- j
able to a decadent leadership wholly ■
-r even in large part, it is certain i
, that nothing short of competent lead-
ership is going to arrest it or prrint
I to the betf«r way.
The Quihi Lutheran church has
been peculiarly fortunate in its lead-
ership for the past nine years, and
•■he departure of their pastor to new
fields of labor is going to bring mu-
tual regrets to both pastor and flock,
r-grets in which many outsiders will
Hon. Joe W. Caldwell, candidate
for Representative from the 77th
Representative District, spoke Wed-
nesday night at the courthouse to an
assembly of some forty or fifty voters.
Mr. Caldwell was introduced by Judge
L. J. Brucks who prefaced his
introduction bv a review of j
*he increased activities
Intense interest is being shown by
many citizens of this community in
the Nxon Number 1 well beng drilled
,, n tv Nixon Farm by James E.
„ ... °‘ Greenlee,
government. He pointed out as a 1:imlld time is b,ing made in the
-oemfic example the fact that we drill‘jn and th(1 weU k< reported now
1 first had a Treasurer to watch the ... , . •....., __. . _
a treasurer to
state’s money, then we got a Comp*
| down 1,000 feet and checking in close
pr-v -ity to the Ewell Nalle well
paid out of the taxpayer’s pocket. > r,''luce 1 ^ fh ? "tajor od refmmg
Mr. Caldwell opened his remarks ■ ^ now dray n* on their storage
In pointing out the safeguards ^meef. daily demands, it .s evi-
thrown round us bv our constitution 1 ,le:,t ,fhat 1 >reat renewal of
and cautioned against ill - nsidered -.Uo an be mixed for as more
- tinnri more new oi. fields must be
or hasty changes in our fundament.-,'
law. He said that among other pro-
o.nd cported up to meet the
instrument affords igrowing demand for crude oil.
the state’s
tection that
is protection against
own legislature.
H then entered into a lengthy
•riticism of the record of his ippor.-
Mis- Ida Bell Bensor, of Sa An ; Cummtarion over the mat ‘ n<i hl' minsterial work in Quihi end was installed in the parsonage. The comptroller, and the presumption
Rbeent Tf orne time ter of a S aT H ghwa trZt New Fountain with his farewell ser- grea* st and perhaps the most im- we will soon-if we do not a'ready-
ILBroxton for some time. t an 1 Devine Chair,na^ FHv mon in Bethlehem Lutheran church portent stride forward was made need somebody else to watch the drastically
L’ d Heath was a was aireadv famUiar witlTthe mah Q11^' on the night of July 31stv when th- Frglish language was in-j Au<l,t°r. In the meantime, alt are ...... J
min Pearsall, Moore and San ^ ^ a,wcame from Government Hill Luth- troduced in ail departments of the
gMiotheesrly part of the week. ^ committet, that tho pr,>pos.ej eran church of San Antonio to this parish work. This inovation was ef-
Miss N’elda Wiemers of San An- route wou|j (je viewed by engineers parish nine vears ago—to be exact, fect-'d very peaceably by the request
-io is spending the week with her from the Commission and the matter July 31. 1923, and immediately as- of th? hurch members and require-
1 mdparents. Mr. and Mrs. D. M.- given careful consideration sumed charge of the ministerial w rk ments of the times, and doubtless has
.men. ! Following disposition of formal of the parish. contributed much toward the progress
Km Madeline Droitcourt was out matters, Hon. Joe Caldwell addressed -p[H, r jne vt,ars 0f ^is w rk here 3t <* PrjsPer'‘-v ' f *"c P“"' •
I ter parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. portance of guarding the guarantees and' •m^perity'' ^Durfng' rhese^years Quihi, Rev. and Mrs H .--kar! have
Rev. and Mrs. \\. C. Leibfarth and ing too K^ntly. a la•*<*» and v:ry active Luther League c,,nil“ ( ■' l’,J ‘ i r:tici?nm of the record of his oppon-
is Alice left Wednesday ho.lowing h,s address. Mr V ard , rnd weu train,c1 chur.h that -t many m ar.we:r convnum-l ,is reunning f»r re-election
- . n to attend the Lutheran "i the Farm Relief Board addre sed .plendl-1 Ladies Aid Society, les- ! hi* Cfth term, and condemned him
Mtuqus. the body.^ urging the vo-operation^of i ^ bjb|e and an excellent' this I**st» wth; deep
|Mm Lucy Monkhouse of San An-
~k visited her grandmother, Mrs.
. W. Monkhouse, and other relatives
p last week.
Walter Meyer joined a group of
jnas from Houston for a several
i visit in San Antonio the early
brt of the week,
Mrs. J. 0. Holzhaus returned to of business will both be closed ail ,fi””“.^r"weB%quipPVd“and The editor of this paper has watch-
item, in Ssn Antonio Friday after day. Please govern yourse., .ui »rd- d f ^ nJeded a;ish ha!{ u!as built, cd with peculiar interest tho plenuid
1 W) WMks V,s,t WlLh her slster’ ,ng'y- Tirst National Bank, About the same time a large con- work if this good man among his
Hondo State Bank, crete cistern and other concret - im- P n.e. where, without ostentati
^ ^ q*y j *• 0 nl,s turn itiirif uiiu luiiui .u
ip fry hihip c; ,-i m ana &n pxct*nt;iiL "■■■ £ . 'H , i foF som** of the ntcwurss ftd-
thc memhershir in au tuinin- {* tell' cquiopc-i Sunday sch )d. f ; •'<:l:rd. to the seated and cmucmnrd iuh for not
morale of those who have bo, owed A numbt,r J in;pr0Vemcnts ;»f tne nansh by bond- J™ct« done t.ny thing to reduce the
from the relief fund. added to the assets of the l^ve 1 the memmes <•. ..***> cost of governmeot at 1 lower ta:;a-
parish. A fine piano and several doz- repeated kindn-ses and - ^ns or tiot(i
comfortable folding choirs were an endunng ar,l .astmg f.t mDhtp. |
their futur
installed in the church anti the build-
home will be the
He wss given close attention and
received numerous congratulation
ther respect Wher L‘ \ :: :■ m tti-- wh , heard h;n:
On account of Saturday, July 23rd. *ng improved ,n "v*”* l,reBhara. Vl-.cre they have two sons
being primary election day our plat es a severe rain and v.nd storm several -
of business will both be closed all years ago destroyed the old church
ps. J. J- Droitcourt.
[ Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Carle and Doris
« Robert David Windrow motored «
Aastin Monday, bringing Tony
/indrow back with them.
[lieutenant and Mrs. C. [). Eddie-:
pa joined a party of friends from
i Antonio and motored to Monter-
i Mexico, last week-end.
[for Sale, cheap, two rugs, 9 x 12
fwleum and d x 9 Linoleum; also
Mow shades. Ring 245J or see
b £1. Connevey, Hondo, Texas. It
Mi? Dorothy Grube, delegate for
* Hondo Luther League, left Tues-
'? or Seguin to attend the Luthet-
’ :!Wt*uqua held there this week.
J,or'' Windrow, who has been at-
summer school at S'tate Uni-
. ''' 'n Austin, came home sick
lnd is under Dr. Meyer’s
H*!?r Rot,he Went to Austin Tues-
•i. conveying a new Ford sedan to
' r', r’ ^r- Rinehart Rothe, who '
it -Qrt 'n t*)e Highway Depart-
! fif- J, G, Saathoff and two daugh-
,' Uola fieU and Mary George, of
ni0,camc Tuesday to spend
,*'th Mr. and Mrs. 0. J.
t ,r *nd family.
^s LiHian Bracks returned Sun-i
: •> a month's visit in San Fran-
1 j’™,a’ and other interest-,
aled tk °rMthat She also at-;
„ q,“ Olympic games.
, w1 ?1 f 1 y ' f 1 ▼l,v^Pr*
’ T 'V ■'▼"PV '▼r’T
The Open Door
and David, the small chil-
fc;r -.iiu' an'* ‘^rs' B- FitzSimon of
ilciiH ’ und,>rw*nt tonsil and
o>r , ®Per»hons at the Medina
f- d Monday. July i8th.
Mtr„f;nrt;udge VVill,ia'« Biers on of
I ju„j„ •"/or re-election, Associ-'
* i* a e,,n ®uPrt>me Court.
1 “r highest6"-"- am! “hh’ judge [
ICr ‘upport ‘ C°Urt an<1 worthy of
fe’ff' S?aAh,,ff; *"•» of Mr. Ehme
ttight'fontf<11 |)ainful out on
hoon fmr„ and ankle Tuesday af-
win- il eaught on a
“1 time while T Cnppk‘ hlm for
Kks v, Lmle h “"ng up.
> thiV'week* Jll)ll',uay returned
*‘*lth Mu p, rorn an extended
,'C. ^riHraKt‘lly at ConCas.
and bvTan"‘,i home hy Mis*
Stelak*^ ust,'r' Mr;1- Tra%s
ISVornn l,ahy of near Uvalde.
^*H0R,SIRance man’
°R 0.\eL..VJJ AMong YOU;
ht EvL p T PASsiNG THRU?
k»0 n '.,,0rni Insurance
“U-**. Hondo. Tum.
since 1907.
' u.
■ -
/ *
I: 'V
m Sill,
Hondo was treated to something
unique in political campaigning Tues-
day night, when B. J. Stewart of Ed-
wards County, candidate for State
Senator from the 29th District, ap-
nea red on the streets with Byron L.
Roberts, the Roaming Cowboy of
Barksdale, in a combined concert of
cow-boy songs and jokes and a politi-
cal speech.
A little after eight o’clock, the cow-
boy’s singing brought together a
crowd of some 75 or 80 people in
front of the First National Bank
where they listened to a speech of
some thirty minutes by Mr. Stewart.
Mr. Stwart opposes any Increase f
any kind in the people’s taxes in
these urnes of depression, would bal-
ance the budget by cutting expenses
and would cut expenses by reducing
salaries, and eliminating useless gov-
ernment activities.
He delivered a forceful speech that
went home to his hearers and was
warmly congratulated on his stand for
economy and efficiency in the state
Mrs. T. B. Knopp was hostess to
-me of the lovely midsummer bridge
parties, Friday afternoon of last week,
j entertaining tho Junior Bridge Club
and a number of additional guests,
i’ink, green and yellow in pastel
hades were used in a charming color
cheme and successfully carried out
in Zinnias arranged in baskets in the
living room and dining room. Table
appointments and bridge accessories
featured the chosen color motif.
Following the bridge attractive
.irizc. were awarded Mrs. Alice Rein-
hart, high. Mrs. E. J. Leinwvber. sec-
end high. Mrs. Robert Kollman, b -v.
and Mrs. Earl Starnes, consolation
A delectable salad course with
spiced tea was served. Luncheon ser-
vice in pastel shades of pink, yc.i- v
•• r.d green glassware and table ap-
pcintirents in the same colors again
fatured the chosen motif.
The guest? were delightfully en-
tertained with a musicale, following
the bridge, with Misses Irene and
Either Saathoff rendering beautiful
violin and piano selections.
There were eight tables of player-
including members and guests.
What the bringing in of a new dis-
>verv il field means to the town
nearest tho discovery well, is shown
by the big oil b mm now taking place
a- 1 ini u . in Montgomery County, as
th-’ remit of the big discovery well
drilled i ti it c -.inanity by George
W. Strake.
It is ?port?d that within the first
thirty dav., following the coming in
->f that discovery well more than 20,-
008) outside people visited Conroe to
w,itn*‘.ss the great spctacle of the
mighty new oil giants flowing.
Such n :tir-nco n< this means
prosperity for tho whole community
as it is stated that in Conroe more
than 150 new buildings were erected
in less than 40 days with city proper-
ty prices going very high.
The merchants of Conroe report a
big business >■ ith plenty of money in
the community.
The way the Greenlee well on the
Nixon Farm near Hondo is checking
now and with the confidence for big
product!- n expressed by the drillers
and -oi v ' ho have visited the well,
the future for our home town of Ilo;
do looks otighter in oildom than it
has in some time.
With Hondo the closest trading
point of any size to this Greenlee well,
citizens of our community should
! get in position to reap the harvest
| .hat a new oil field here will mean.
If any of our citizens want to
know the particulars about how rap-
idly lease and royalty values mounted
around the Strake discovery well at
Conroe, or how city property prices
went up, you should ask Mr. Green-
lee, who is drilling the’Nixon well be-
cause he also owns oil property near
Conroe in the new Montgomery
County field.
We should all express our gratitude
to Mr. Greenlee for the straight-for-
wad manner in which he has conduct-
ed his business in this community and
the fast drilling action he has shown
Come on, Mr. Greenlee, drill your
well on in, Hondo s solidly behind
• * *
Machinery is up for a test well on
the L. J. Brucks farm, a few miles
north of the Ina field, drilling is ex-
pected to begin soon and interesting
developments are expected.
O K. S. Badge with black ribbon
11 attached, some where between
11 Masonic Hall and comer of Miss
I Finder will please return to Mrs.
iW. F. Miller.
Miss Htttie Nester entertained a
group of young people with bri k>*
Thursday night of lust week, at the
home of her sister. Mrs. Henry Win-
After several games of bridge were
er I -yed, prize- were awarded M s
K- gina Nester and Mr. Jam Mue.t-
nink for high scores.
A delicious plate lunch of pine-
apple salad, pickles, potato chip-,
sandwiches, angel food cake and
spiced tea, was served at the conclu-
sion of the games.
The guests were Misses Dwyce
Cameron, Lucy Davis. Thelma Wil-
-on, Regina Nester, Irene Mechler,
Jessie Goff, Jeanette Merritt, Mrs.
Henry Windrow, and Messrs. Henry
Windrow, Jack Muennink, August
Finger, Russell Speece. George Isaac
Wilson, Albert Haegelin and Bru

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