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The Hondo Anvil Herald.
riMMtoNl itiy i.vmrj
11 edit
EAbuw aai ftaprw
Mas. KoMtTi 1
Prissary ElseM®
Saturday, July
Coart Houw. Ik
tine Pvwciaet N>
||dr, a
m Ekn*
the par
ajkvxl tuuu* anus***;, e*Lr a atuxtt m
rreau, Agncwtxi***. ass laftuatm. <ir
«M Hurti As sera: iaca
ia «r arm.
a «f M »it— Cmmy
Eawnd at tftw
i at H«k Tana as i
,* _ r. LnaaonMit ti*
ecuuv* Commas*** to meet st th#
Court HaaM at Hondo, oe th#
Saturday alter the primary tkse-
ttoe day. baiag Aug. 4. IMS. tor pose uI toune for Stale and Da*
the purpose of can resting the triet oAcars, and a Ooftftiy
r#su!tr sad counting the return* Chairman, as prorated
uf the primary sieeooc. hald July lav
38, lMUB Notice is also gtrea
I alto call a meeting of the Daawcrafcc Preciact Coe
Medina County Democratic Coon- will he' held at 8 o’clock p.
ty Commit*®, to ha kali at the am the same date, at


!+ + ♦♦ t+ + 4
QnsTKA of the hour
you cutting the weed*?
Goon county roads are the ar
tene* by which a healthy volute
of trade »*> thrown into the b%si
■a primary
the precinct coevewtMM for the
Itemocnttic party will be held in
various precinct* nest Saturday.
The precinct conventions fur the
Republican party will aia<< be
held at the same time. L'nder
the law the Republicans are not
nea*> channel* of a country tows. r^uir^ lo * W eW.
Ju»t now a vant deal of traffic is non*.
assuming form to be turned loot*
this fall. Hondo busmen* men
should look well to the roads that
are to
Court* bouse at
day. Aug. 4. IK*, at 2 p. m.
be eonapoeed of delegate* cl
by the various precinct conven-
tions on Saturday night. July 28,
lVUJ. for the purpose of electing
delegatee to the Stale and each
District Convention, to *lect a
member of the county executive
commute for each voting pre-
cinct, and such other business a*
may come before it.
H. K. Haas*.
Hondo, to elect
to the Coenty Cun
to transact such ot
as may cotne bef-ee it.
Geo. 1. Wrjkm,
Chairman [lemocralir Exec.
Com. for Dr. No. 1, Medina
(Vmaty, Texas.
I 4
HAT 4ms it mcM It a
areas your lies*.
if r*m vast 4. We kav
e Ro desire t© a*,
keep Mir goods unless y
m pester it to the
paid as. If for a ay rr
*** F0* ckaajt
** Profession ai ethics*'covers
a wot Id of penuruusnee* *»ut £ tft
bring thu, Wd. *>'«., h"~ ’ Ctuirm.,, 0-."bT
U# and get there. The public
has nme to the realisation that
if you have any thing for it you
bounty tu, }..r. ^ ^ „ kn. ^ „ ,n(i ’ ™
Medina County, Texas.
L, J. BrL’CKS, Secretary.
old and is going to celebrate its
anniversary on the 28th inst.
Preparations are owing made to
entertau five thousand people. d(Um ^ ^
A grand barbecue, bhll games,
public speaking etc., are on the
program, says the Bandera
Enterprise. Here’s to many
returns of the day.
looking for your advertisement
where it will so inform the public.
The Anvil Herald is the best me-
for reaching
and informing the pnbiic of
Medina County.
UepuMkaa Call.
virtue of the authority
Bazaar at Cnstrwville.
Everybody is cordially invited
to attend a Bazaar, to be given
by the Catholic Ladies of Cae-
trovUie, for the benefit of the
Caibuiir church, on the 25th and
2blh uf August, inclusive A
fine dinner and and supper, will
be nerved the first day.
Come one. come all.
Tme Coanums.
£ nuad regard mg 'Our purchase here aad want
: more than you do oar good* reaaember
4* vour trade.
N H.
*•> v. M
Y. W. I. Wr ask tor vow trade.



i 4
•r + + + + 4> + + + +++ + 4- + + 4-f4« + + + + + +4+J
vested in me as Chairman of the
Republican Exscuiive Committee
of Medina County, Texas, l
■Marriage Licenses.
County Clerk Kempf has immed
* >t'K attention it call to the fact
that Center Point business people
are reaching out for the trade of
the Tarpley and upper Hondo
canyon people. This trade nat-
urally belongs to Hondo but
better roads and better prises for
produce might divert it to a rival
point. This trade is said to be
about 840.000 a year in volume
arul i* enough to cause our peo-
ple to be on the alert.
hereby call a Delegated Rspub- marriage license lo the following
It is suggested by some who limn Co. Convention to convene coupler since last report.
W. F. Faust and Miss Lula
the 4th day of Aug , A- D., lBOti, Perkins, Benito iLtoba and Bo-
at 2 o’clock. P. M., for the pur- corra Frias, l*fiar Rodriguez and
}*>**• of selecting IleUgates to the Librata IknitM, and I Mtehan
are not favorable to incorporating * in the town of Hondo, Texas, on
the town that some plan be de-
' iced whereby a scavenger cart
be employed to haul the refuse
out of town to the dump ground.
So far as the Anvil Herald is
concerned we don’t see how the
sanitary affairs of our town are
to be looked after without a city
council whose business it shall
be to do so but we are ready to
eo-operate with any one and to
support any plan that promises a
cleaner and more healthful town-
It is reported that another
daily passenger train from San
Antonio to Hi Paso each way
will be put on by the Sunset
this fall. If a schedule is so
arranged that people west of
San Antonio can go to the city
in the morning and return in the
evening and so that the after-
noon papers of San Antonio
can be recieved on the day of
publication the service will be
greutiy appreciated
The partizans of the four rival
candidates for governor should
keep cool and guard Iher
tongues. As yet ii seems to lie
any man's race and one of them
is bound to be governor. They
are, in truth, all honorable gen-
tlemen and any of them will no
doubt make a good governor but
if we were to believe all that is
firing said alsiut them we would
have to conclude that all of them
should be looked up for ths good
Htate. CongresMt)..»l and lbs-
tnet Conventions, and the Pre-
cinct Chairmen of said Republi-
can Party of said County are
hereby authorized and instructed
to call a mass meeting of the
Republicans in their respective
Precincts on the 2*th day of
July A. l>. llHJb for the purpose
of selecting Delegates to said
County Convention.
Chairman Republican Lx.
Com., Medina Co., Texas.
Attest: Joe Fohn,
New Fountain, Texas, July 11,
Aguire and Carmel Garza.
Full-blooded Berkshire pigs.
Apply to Castrovdle Creamery
Co., CastroYiile, Texas.
Administratrix’s Nstice.
^>f the public safety. It is a
Davie editor and fnplut,at'’ thing >n wins respects
that we do not take our p ilitios
proprietor of the Hondo-Anvil
The State of Texas, 1
County of Medina. )
To those indebted to, or hold-
ing claims against the Estate uf
J. C. Ware, deceased :
—The Studebsker Buggy the
ore uf quality, Holloway Bros.
—Dr. Sachs, the specialist,
announce* hi* next visit here
in this issue.
- Holloway *Jt Thallman ship-
lied a car of bulk corn to Ban
Antonio this week.
t-Th* Hondo Gin «fc Milling
Co. ship|»ed a car of sacked corn
to Luting thi - week.
--We would tw» glad lo have
an occasional letter from every
community in Medina County.
— A despatch oated at Begum
July 1H and published in the
Herald is back from a four weeks, l4erH,us'y-
jaunt to Mississippi and Tennes- QUESTION of the hour: Did you
see and says he is glad to have ever try to get over a vacation
the smell of printers ink in his —Hondo Anvil Herald. These
Express Thursday says that in
The undersigned having been -an I •*"•> Sioss,
a young man w ho spent the
winter here in H* ndo and visited
here just last week, was remand-
ed to jail by Justice Herron
duly appointed administratrix
of the estate of J. C. Ware,
deceased, late of Medina County,
Texas, by H. E. Ham as, Judge
nostrils again. He publishes an p'uUrtl, of July celebrations are
interesting account of his trip something fierce. The average
newspaper man
in his paper.—Del Rio News.
The trouble with these vacation two weeks’ time t
trips is that after we are rested
from one we want another worse
than we did the first.
of the Countv Court of said J”‘,twday, He i- charged with
county, on the Kith day ol June, •"*»*«*>«"«« and was brought
from Ban Antonio by officer*
— Y«
ur nrif hhne will tall you
that w
r deal fair, Holloway
n. K Schmidt was hare
fflMR i
•unlay tbr middle of th#
tm*ml»#r July ’i*Sh is th#
d*t» oi
Dr. Bachs n#xt visit to
■cmplrt# up-to-dat# line
>if cut)*
•ry just rvcftlvad at Hollo-
way B
r ->alr of Trad#- A yok#
of youi
ip «u*#rs. Apply to J, A.
urn, Dunlay. Texas.
ntraf tor Birknar’s m#n
havr b
***>n busy this week mak-
ing so
mr repairs on th# court-
J. S'-htnidt informed us
that hr will go to picking cotton
next srv* on his Tehuacana
1 — T!
ir weeds have h#**u cut
i in Puli
li« Park end ita appear-
after i:
ti* :>een greatly mifiroved
1 — M
rr. Clia*. (nrnea and
1 cliii*ir<
ut and Miss Little Allan
!clt T
huraday uu a visit to
e# st l.osk^y.
tike u a habit not to pass
! tiur pi
tr< with ml coming in and
a -vitnisgc uf bargains
ir usual with ue. Heyert
C. Thu mm has reached
—For Sale or Rr
in savers! locations,
house now for the
Apply to W. B. I id*
—J. C. Greer, the
us from MaryviUr
he is coming hark t
will re-open his *
about the firm »f At
—For Rale at a
Seventeen Iota, do \
lending from the eta
I Peter Weynand’s
fronting on Band*
known a* the Bum*
to Hondo For prise
apply to Aug. Rr-hi
requires about*
get rested
from a real good vacation.
Brace up, Davis, it never kills!
T hi« wasjhe first vacation Davis
has had in s«v«n years, he says,
and he is entitled to feel a little
bad withoiH people being *0 in-
g,,„) trad.- from Yaway if a lot qutoU,v..-Rlo Grand. Nr„.
of minor «»<l work war. ex|«.nd. Th„,., jllM ]ik, , b,„.bakM)
rd in that dim-tun, on th. mad., public,„ tu CBBtin- ,inu,tion8
190b, during u regular term
thereof, hereby notifies all
fiersons indebted to said eeiat*
last Monday.
— D’Hanis
preparing for a
to come forward und make ITfutui two days celebration of
OUR attention ie called to the
fact that we would get a lot of
settlement, and those having
claims against said estute to
present them to her at her reai- “n<‘ other
deuce in lionuo, Medina County, occupy th«
Texa-i. where she receives her
8t. Dominic’s day yn the 4th
and oth of August. Ball games
amusements will
day time while a
grand ball at the Banter * Kuoh
mail, this the 27th day of June, *ia*‘ on lhe nighU of the 4tii
The Hardcastle hill and sand
flat needB a few days grading
that would help we are told
Thi* is one of the finest section*
contiguous to Devine and some-
thing should be dune for this
road. The foregoing from the
Mrs Cora Ware,
and 5th, for which Artzt’s hand
of Ban Antonio will furnish the
Imoii sumpin he don t no nuffn Administratrix of the Estate of tnueic, will be the main feature.
’bout. Joe aughter knowd we’d
been spendin’ our vacation in
the oldest pro’bition districk in
Mississippi ‘fo’he spoke.
The San Antonio Express
J. C. Ware, deceased-
To the Public.
The public is hereby notified
that our meat markets will be
closed between the hours of 10
a. in. and 4 :30 p, m. on Sundays,
• Every body is invited to attend
Ne* Orleans and remembered
his friend* her*, among them
the Anvil Herald, by isistal card
greetings from the Crescent city.
— Marry Taylor, the youngest
mm of Jr>. and Mrs. H. B,
Taylor. had his right arm
broken just aliove the wrist and
bis right side considerably
bruised up by a fall from the
rouf of the porch on the Bailey
house on the east side of College
Square '1 huraday evening while
watching the sukiiers.
Eve, Eat, Nose aud Tnri)*1
8p*Ti8l!rt <»f San Antonio
MV it! bs a* Hondo Ss urda«
July 28tn
Pi. A. hkuji#. alto its* • iiuuibng
(taLent* 10 M»<l<u* Co . Will owls
regular mite n* tbit plate, I0u* vfttr-
Rut t® all Uw rare opportni te Ink
iiixtei at Immih. 1 liutt wltu law
n« troohir witli Ui« Ere, L*r, Naa
atai Tluosl «au uiw unu ua Ue
ineutHateil daUwi. and bare Heir tut
ezitniiuad Itw* ol chanre Kw-rr
plamt under In* care, t* r **
permingl aUeuuou. uutd Ue c
Tbs lolluwing are a lp* d*
intmv pslienta 10 J4e'hue ( ww
Q|4f I
j In
iir •
Ute doaualde iuI
will give
to inr-nur:
Mr. Joe Kempf, lvem*
rw> Ward. \ancer: Mr C■ 1
Hnudo; Mr W 1). Adaue-
Mr. b B Tlieoia*. Big 1
Henry Kt itzer, Hood* *, Mr-
Fidin, Heodo, and other*..
Will be in Hondo, Saturday,
July 28'h at Windrow*
Drug Store.
j. All etnamanicalww bv m*i rk**1,
ailunae al lliMidu. Geimsl | i. uwry.
W* -vr-w-w’w-w’w-w-v-w-vww1*1 v ' * '***
Devine News is reproduce J says: “Claude Hudspeth, dur- j
here for the benefit of Hondo *nP h'8 leisure hour* from hi* j
A hint to the campaign for the State Senate, that w,- will pomt.vely not
ta framing up a bill aaking for or deliver meat and ice dur-
un appropriation of $1(0,DM lo in? ,l"‘,im<',™'” 10 “• to 4 :M
With the last issue of the Del exterminate the Texas wolf.
Rio News Editor Jones announ- The live stock interests of West
oes his retirement from that Texas demand the extinction of:
business men.
wise, etc’’.
p. m. Respectfully,
Callaham A Schwekrs,
Heath 4 Bilhartz.
until von get busy and need stationery but look over your supply NOW and g^ve tt* vour
position on the paper and gives the lobo, which is capable of
hia reasons as fojlows: “I have killing not only calves, but colts
•F *r 4* v 4* 4* *5- + *J* + *F d* *1* ++ + ++
found the work too exacting and and one and two-year-old cattle,
hence have resigned. The The coyote is a source of great
editorial work was quite agree-
able and of itself not too exact*
loss likowise, as they kill a
great number of calves during
ing, but when it came to acting the year. East Texas is suffer-
as editor, manager, book-keeper, ing now from its depredations
collector, correspondent and and there will probably be very
office devil all at once it was little opposition to the measure.
more than I could well bear.” Here’s success to Mr.
Experienced country editors apeth’s race and bill.”
know how to sympathize with Hudspeth is the candidate for
Editor Jones. That is the role the Democratic nomination for
most of us have to fill to make a State Senator from this, the
success of our calling. 25th, Senatorial district.
Removal Notice.
After next Monday, the 18th
instant, our law offices will be
over the First National Bank,
north of the depot, where our
clients and friends are invited to
oall on us.
DeMontel A Fly,
Attorneys-at- Law.
For Printing
•F + + + 4* + + + + + *H* + +4. -H- .j. .*r .p .j. q. .p .p 4.
anything in that line that you may need in the near future. We always appreciate your
patronage and like to have your orders any time but will especially appreciate it if )'»u
will give us your—
Meet Me At The Fountain.
Cool sparkling drinks served
from the beautiful Soda Fountain
installed at Hutzier’g.
Order Now

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