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The Hondo Anvil Herald.
Appreciate your
^ -ST-0 1886 I CON8OUD4TB0
TH| 1 OCT-
VOL. 51. No. 34
J^ladies AID. 1 M
was a business caller
---^ I The League of United Latin-Anier-
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Richter jean Citizens and Local Lulac Men’--
a venerable and highly respected Council No. 37 of Hondo are extend-
1 couple of Hondo, in company with iny an invitation to all who are in-
their six children, a number of grand- terested to attend a program to be
children and other relatives, observed given at seven o’clock Sunday even-
. p Graff —
, this offit‘** Saturday.
1 ,in Schuehle was a
„t this office Saturday.
The monthly dinner of the Cham-
ber of Commerce will be held in the
And now if you will deal kindly j
and truly with my master, tell me;|
and if not, tel! me; that I may turn
to the right hand, or to the left.
Gen. 24:19
their sixtieth wedding anniversary jng, March 7th. The occasion i» the 'Ve v^'-er - fo^a clear?
Sunday afternoon, February J8 (delivery of a Charter to the Ladies' j “ tl kS&r whfch W
to turn. He had made his position
and mission and objective very clear.
What w’ill the answer be? No eva-
sion, no postponement, no compli-
1937, at their home near here. Sjx- j Council that ha* been recently or-
, 1)er 0l ^OI„nierc,: wm u«.- uciu w.v ty years earlier, on March 1, 1877 ganized here. The program will be
Schuehle was a business call- jjon(lo jjotej tjininK- room at seven Mr. Richter, a young man of twenty- held at the Hondo High School audi-
o’cl^ck next Tuesday evening, March four, claimed Miss Alice Reuter, then torium.
itSi Mil Ifipl flpiiiilia
SSaSfi£ HF;:>«
FRESH FISH AND OYSTERS bt. pai(J oUt of the funds to accrue ters The children are Mrs. Jacob Call to order by master of cere- p ions Qur very languaKe lends a
r\TPY DAY. KOLLMAN BROS. 2tc flom theSe dues. Membership is op- Rothe of San Antonio, Mrs W. J monie^ , M wrong helping hand in that line. We
1 , , a, nf fountain drinks at to any citizen of the community Nester, Mrs. August Schroeder and j 1. Washingtons Prayer—by Mr ------Vj:--- j -
Being News, View* and R«vi«*i
By the
A“ k,ndCONFECTIONERYn,“ S. who^is'willfng'to ply't'he'pncTaml ( Mr| Hu^Sch % and Guido j Jame.^Tafolla, Sr.? Chaplain cjneraL ; °of an Indian Tig Tnd mean a ,
By Clayton Rand.
l0THEn ^"JfThree*Point‘was a cares to"attend?'' "" *....... ! Richter,"all of Hondo. There are al-1 2 Pledge to the flag-assisted by pea7:'of” Indian hemp a"nd” mean dog-1 * Henry W. Grady left us an ex-
Police .log- Inquire this of- a*t IV" TuPVoi?‘aP j parent"' Mr and Mrs. Richter moved of students’ from the ward School and | “similar misnomers' | * l^hfart? if ^eiclmn^rSer^yet
real Chamber of Commerce. I to their present farm home near ^o -; the audience. , I could be added It has become an art * remains time for its application:
For several years Hondo has “kid- 1 do on September 15, 1898, and havej ^ 4. Aims_ a"d^Jjur^®8?8 American 1 not a fine art> but an artful lure, to
Exalt the citizen. As the
prevaricate, to misrepresent in word: i * State is the unit of government,
and figures and displays and rhetori-1 * he is the unit of the State,
cal frame-ups, to sell, to captivate j * Teach him that his home is his
the public attention, will power and * castle, and his sovereignty rests
purses for certain products, not be- j * beneath his hat. Make him self-
imrust Brown, the D’Hanis section , WItl., --------------- ----------—r------- . - ...
was a business caller at this ded" herself with the claim to a 1 lived to endear themselves to a wide; League of
5?. Monday. Chamber of Commerce, but the body j circle of friends not only in Hondo. Citizens,
rnp SALE—Extra good Sudan was so loosely held together that it but throughout the County. , 5. Song, “Limosna de Amor —by
FOK E RICHARZ, was without means or authority to! On the occasion of their sixtieth Miss Maria Garcia; Miss Maldonado
«*■ 3ctp:"V ' ‘ 4tc. function actually as such an organi-. anniversary the afternoon was spent at the piano.
fclPpa • uxa„ ^ zation. Usage and custom had virtual-; in conversation for the older folk | 6 Delivery of charter—by Mrs. extreme.*
Mrs Ray \So.b y of l aldt is i Umjted it to the work of raising and games for the young people. A Gladstone Swain, Ladies Organizer ™“^andTow-priced as heralded not *
■m her parents. Mr. and Mrs. *. A. ( ^ djsbursi funds t0 mainUin the ! delicious lunch of sandwiches, cake . General j beeause they are so well-adapted so *
ley*", this week. (street lights and hire the night and coffee was also served to those , Poular songs—by Herrerti S^nsaWe to uni^ersa! need' af
FOR RENT, furnished room; man watohman. These duties will con- assembled. Rrothers^ students from ward school. „d^mtd rf t° btcaust, these pr0‘.
■rferred. Inquire of MRS. CHAP Unue to have ita same care and at- Those enjoying the happy occasion 8. Address—by Candelario U. Bar- * d- made Drimarilv fo/the
JAN, Phone 205. tf. tention The funds for night watch- were as follows: the honor guests, rientes President of the Men’s Local; “ Jf^r* of the buPyer, bat for the
FOP. SALE—Secondhand ga1 man Hnj lights will be handled for Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Richter. Lulac t ouncil. benefit of the business’concern. But
Apply at this office or the samp exclusive purposes and in Mrs. Richter s only sister, Mrs. Mary 9. T lano solo. ( , i • twi9*ed r,nd ^..rriish
tf- the same manner without diversion , Rothe, and Mrs. Alice Reinhart from 10. Close of meeting with an a<*- ‘d and viwrou,manhandKT
At the same! the Seco; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Rothe. dress byHon. Mr. Alonso S. Perales. | £ TKioSTT “l£SSSt ^
•bone 127-3 rings
ELECTRIC SHICK SHAVER. We j for other purposes.
*“Let him lean on the State for
* nothing that his own arm can
* do, and on the government for
* nothing that his State can do.
* “Let him cultivate independence
to the point of sacrifice, and
learn that humble things with
bwthenn A clean dry shave." Buy' time, out of the special fund to be Mr. »d Mr* Loub, Rothe^Mr. and , It^ “The Eyes of W'-by the j b\Xo*1e”b.e pub? * unbarred ‘ilbert? are^better
. u ivnonw's ltr created the ChaniLer >1 Commerce Mrs. Willie W etta and (hiluren, ann auditnee. , * , ....... ----- . _____ * than krv.l.TVif ;»<.
all of San Antonio; Mr. |
u WINDROW’S. ltc! created the Chamber ol Commerce
... Antonio will be enabled to render a more ex- Wm. Rothe,
,2K»t35p«l witfc in* t»n»i» wrvkc buth to its momber- an.l Mr, W J Nej!" ^“J/S! BURAL POSTOFFICE AND STORE | ra.rnto'nts for year, to tome. To get
r.2\A M Finger. STSSS& ^ |KTli,“winlt' ««»“• If -..-rettion of thi, trickery li,fe„
see President I. G. Barry or Secre- Mr. and Mrs. August Schroeder, El-
W. T. Crow, and arrange to at-1 mer Schroeder, Mr. and Mrs. Horace
next Tuesday evening.
Hr and Mrs.
Mi« Octavia Davis of San Antonio
ipent March 2nd with her parents
Kr and Mrs. Fletcher Davis.
EGG-TRACTOR, the egg produc-
er 2 for the price of one now at
BP. L. J. SAATHOFF, 966F3. 2tpd brings
For Long or Short Hauling see liverance of sinful man through the
E G Pope or Grayford Rogers
lie and lead them in an unhappy;
merry-go-round of financial embar
-- [ in at your radio, that modern adver-; *
Postal inspectors here were trac-, tising sheet, every day, even Sun- *
than splendors bought with its
tary W. i. Crow, and arrange vo at- mer bcnroeaer Mr an m ^ ing clues Friday to recover more than days, and hear what they serve you
tend the meeting at_the Hondo Hotel; Schweirs_and oghu. L*.^r $10() in stamp8 and ,;ash included in with wordy slush and buncombe, add-J
Mimmie aI)P,ox'maD'ly $500 in loot taken ing their skits and scoops, song and:
and Guido, and Paul and _?0fbr?? „f.Col ^ | I
' children,
1 Doyle,
Elvira, Zc-lda, Mimmie
Prices right. Phone 19 or 44 VS . 8t[>d.
SUDAN, free of Johnson grass, at
five cents per lb. REUS BROS.
fiend'1, Texas, Phone 957F14. 3tpd.
Dr. and Mrs. 0. B. Taylor and son,
Blanton, spent Sunday in San An-
tnio a* guests of Mrs. Louis Scher-
I Guido Richter, all of Hondo; Miss ca"[.ik> 8, and Pfto^ice at RioV?mitll3 and whinnying Eds and shrill-j The wor?t enemy of governmental
; T . D... Hettie Nester, Mr. and Mrs. Louis 1 , n?, between late T ar^aY ,®r mF Susans not for amazing Lar- stability is governmental extrava-
gust. Elie/.er asks for a c!ear, tiue spite of the highest taxes in history,
answer Me all He ; Ljnle jf anythinK has been done
life and death of God’s Son, Jesus I gny^rs^^ichte^exte^n^’congrat^a h^Hand ^exa'r County Officers 'Tn
Christ. The image of God in which tracking down the burglars.
man was created was lost through sin,
and the Bible teaches all men are
sinners and also you. Sin condemns
all men and also you. No man cBn
save himself; neither can you. The
Bible teaches we are saved by Grace;
you cannot earn salvation. The
Bible proclaims Christ as the world’s
Mri Charles Heiligman of V ancey Redeemer; He is also your Redeemer,
entered Medina Hospital on .March ,< pCr God so loved the world, that He
tions to them on their long years of
successful and happv married life.
Schuehle said that the burglars
pried open the door of the combina-
tion general store and postoffice
answer. We all do.
• * • I correct this grave condition. On the
Mrs. Alb. Reus has gone through a, ?.°"trfry’ U has beeom£ a P°Pulafr £*
ransacked the place and escaped with operation at the Hondo hos- ' **mc se<U"hv jftn the
to stamp, and «..7«Pta ^ | total. We are al.d tha, ,he ha, ev j
tal funds, besides cash and goods!erY prospect for a fast recovery. I, y‘ „ 1. ? p! aa ‘“r
The following is a clipping issued fF0m the store' He said ^ $50 Thanks 10 the Lold 'Vbo blessed the | J£S".*J,uffIed obscurely mto the
by the Press Service, United States s*lver and $00 in pennies were miss- work-
Dopartment of Agriculture: I in^* tw0 shotguns, two .22-caliber I
“,,or * '«• "ncdic,V •”**• | F*'e Hb inly beaetlen Sin, 'that! yidded'onUhllf' ^h’otCotton % \ .',•?» Sybb »> " aaiia^! ffve.T'S'k “she^as teen 1 ThJ
i .hd Mr,. Walter A,brecht .1 | K.'" ffSi
Kin Antonio were seen among the The Lutheran Church teaches what'owner, J. S. Cutton, planted a cover postal money order blanks.—San An-1 ’ ‘ ' R€meml)er "er ln V°ur P - P
the Bible teaches concerning this way | crop 0f legumes each winter. The ! ton'° Express. i P y »•
! background.
Should this extravagance continue
I long enough, there can be but one re-
nt-of-town visitors at the Keno par-
ty Sunday.
Mrs E<1 Cameron and children
Bonnie Jade and Bobbie, spent the
*efk-end in San Antonio with Mrs.
Edward Wood.
Mr and Mrs. R F. Walker and a
Mr WiNon of San Antonio visited
Mr and Mrs. L E. Heath here Sun
day afternoon.
a “winter over
of salvation. You are invited to i legumes provided
learn more about this Church, Youlcoat/> for bis field, that otherwise,
will want to know all you can about | wou|d have been exposed to the [
God's plan of salvation. i rains, according to the Soil Conser-;
At the funeral of Mr. H. H. Bal-
j zen who has been called home after
______. _________„ _ Otto Karl Brucks, only son of Mr. !a *onK and lingering illness, we saw
Mid-week Passiontide services ; vation Service. They also fixed ni- and Mrs. Frank B. Brucks of the, ^.^• Hy. Schuehle with his arm in a
Wednesdary, March 10, at 7:45 P-!trogen in the soil and made it capa- Verde community, died Saturday 1 slinpr. A mishap with the horse, as
M. The subject of the passion pie-: ble of supporting a heavier growth of February 27, 1937, at the home of 80 °flen. Trust it will be a matter
ture and sermon is: “Ecee Homo—‘cotton. He saved the soil of the 5- an uncle, 1G14 West Craig Avenue. of the Past s°on-
Christ before Pilate”. acre field, increased its fertility and j His remains were brought to Hondo! * * • .......
“‘7. ‘ ,, ! Sunday, March 7, English service i conserved moisture. His 1936 cash i and after u funeral service at the i »„ ,, ! News Review"
Mrt Wge Schmidt was able to Ht 10:30 A. M, Sunday school and I income from the field was $740. If Horger funeral parlors were bur£d LanZ\ J "Tin 5n’ ^ Uer- News Revuw^
"* -------- Ribk‘ ^'aa» « 9:00 A. M this 1932 crop had been sold at 1936 Sunday aftemooj in the Quihi cZJ ™ .“IVirtoenU 9 S^Enriish
: prices, he would have received SI85. tcry. Rev. Robert Paine pastor of, ier^ce a’ 7 30 MiHv!ee2’ V.K
More than a half million acres of the New Fountain Methodist Church : ‘ ... u r°V, •Ild^eek
government by violence.
W'e don’t want machine gun squads
to keep order in this country. We
don’t want detention camps for those
who have the temerity to disagree
with the views of a dictator in pow-
er. But we may get them if we do
not soon adopt a conservative fiscal
policy that will balance the budget
j and start on the long job of reduc-
! ing the national debt.—Industrial
liave Medina Hospital Sunday for
br home in Riry, She had been ill
with pneumonia.
Mrs. A. C. Reus underwent an ap-
pendectomy on March 3rd at the Me-
!|n» Hospital and at this time is do-
, . ---------- Methodist Church
1 cropland in the Cotton Belt will be conducted the service.
T, t o . * ci I covered with legumes throughout the; The young man was born on July
1 he Ladies Aid Society of St. wjnter months, as a result of the pro-; 25, 1919, and had reached the age of
™»» of too v®riou. State «~rt- 17 ycr,,' 7 month, ,„d tlo IvThI
Vr. A-.W.11 vr _ if. nr , dav afternoon at the home of Mrs.
*«d«y for h ' STpilrsaK Alfred B"iU‘n’ The Vf
“r spending several days with her! «penad wlth a Prayar and ««ags Af-
aother Mrs K»ac Wilson Iter a buslness meeting in which it
, Mrs, Isaac Wilson. wfta decided to have a cake sale on
-nrs. Louis Scherrer and grand-! March 27, an interesting address was
J7’ Merrill ami Larry Isom, of San given by Rev. E. A. Behrens of May-
■ (ini ) spent Tuesday here with Dr. ville, Wisconsin, who is the guest of
En‘‘!nS' °' B' 'laylor- and son -
Mrs. Kan Douglas and little daugh-
li? a ,'ne ^nn’ ^an Antonio and
*• Robert de Montel of Castroville
5*“t Tuesday here with Mrs. H. E,
and other relatives.
kol?1- ?A,LE—Single disc plow, one
-I , ’'•drill seeder, mowing machine,
.1 .(r’ culfivator, wagon, walking
Kps8 n2.‘I di'wceHaneoua farm items.
*;?• peter weynand. tf.
»a« ? d°bn Chester Jaqkson
ko t* I at tbe Colonial Theatre
Tuesday night for the $120
for r,a:cu0unt- ^ee Colonial program
‘ further announcements.
tor Mecbler, the little daugh-
Dun|LMr- Hnd Mrs- Frank J. Zerr of
Rospita’i Was pr,0UFht to the Medina
f Sc*ISSKLZX" “v-
won? !,Arnold Nietenhoefer under-
Medina fiS'11 operation at the
^o Mcdin Sulta on February 25, at
ing satisfSrt * Shc is Pr°FreM-
.o -factorily toward recovery.
0* o5f°i,SES AM0NG Y«U;
®*e 0 h eu»r?rm of insurance
• MILLER, Hondo, Texas,
Since 1907.
Hmf»m.H-.Schwcer». Mrs. George
*er* in Hn*11.son’ Hilton Bohmfalk,
dav, havi,,^. t0n Saturday and Sun-
fora] of tn? ,to attend the fu-
b**e<i in i ^i!!dles nePhew who was
IfiAKD Wanted “'idr1'
fervice y ftNTED on farm ex-
when.1 mi. f8 t.own or out edge
J?rth halt A.i°U,d few bees«
P1118 CountiMSwaa; Fli5- Bexar' Me-
S 231 £ uritf FMgar L. Grif-
?»*,„ ** Myrtle, San Antonio,
Rev. and Mrs. W. C. Leibfarth. Rev.
Behrens spoke on the Indian mis-
The hostess served delicious re-
freshments of chicken sandwiches,
sunshine cake and coffee to the fol-
lowing: Rev. Behrens, Rev. and Mrs.
Leibfarth, Mesdames Paul Reinhart,
Charlotte Miller, Felix Batot, Ben
Graff, F. R. Grube, H. E. Haass.
Amanda Muennink, R. W. Richter
Win. Mussman. Alfred Mechler, Aug
Schroeder, Ben Oefinger, Geo
Bendele, Sr., Ernest Wolff, Alice
Reinhart, Annie Stiegler, Robert
Graff, and Edgar Stiegler and Miss
Alice Muennink.
_ ___ _______ v cittys. X4V
ment stations, the Soil Conservation was first taken ill with the flu a few
Service and other agencies advocat- weeks ago. Complications set in and
ing this practice.
County Agent
service at 8 F. M.
the Lord.
_______________ u Medina County F. F. of A. boys
he passed away after much suffer- madc a K°od showing at the South-
Death is alwayz sad, but when it
comes to an only child and one so
young and full of promise it is sad
indeed. Tl.e bereaved paients have
the sympathy of all who know them.
Of interest to the many friends of
Wallace Walton Heath is the article
on pages 68 and 59 in the February
issue of The Good Housekeeping i
Magazine entitled “Our New Studio'
Rooms”, in which he collaborated
with the studio directors as the archi-
tect. Wallace, the only son of Mr.
and Mrs. L. E. Heath, studied archi-
Instead of the picture as reviewed
elsewhere in this paper for Wednes
day and Thursday night, the Colonial
Theatre will present that 9-year-old
singing star, Bobby Breen, in “Rain-
bow on the River”. Bobby plays the
part of a Southern orphan boy who
comes North just after the Civil Wai
in search of his parents. May Rob-
son is an irascible and wealthy New
Yorker believed to be Bobby’s grand-
mother. Others in the cast arc
Charles Butterworth, Alan Mowbray
Benita Hume, Louise Beavers, Henry
O’Neill, Marilyn Knowlden and the
famous Hall-Johnson Choir.
- - • 8 - , L
The Simpson place in Hondo, 5-
room house, barn, chicken house, a
good well with windmill, situated on
8.91 acre tract. For price and terms
sec 4tpd.
Tarpley, Texas,
or ALFRED BADER, Hondo, Texas.
Knob-knockers visited Hondo for
a return engagement again last
Monday night. This time they broke
into the Monkhouse & Starnes grain
and feed warehouse, forced open the
I safe the old way of knocking off the
tecture at Texas University and had knob and rifled its contents of
West Texas Boys’ Fat Stock Show
held in San Antonio, Texas, Febru-
ary 27th, according to the official re-
port. Among the numerous entries,
the winnings were made as follows:
Swine Division
Seventh, Edgar Saathoff; sold tc
Swift & Co.; weight 315 lbs.; sold at
11c per lb.
First, Edgar Saathoff; sold to
Swift & Co.; total weight 1895 lbs.;
sold at 10 l-2c per lb.
Lamb Division (non-prizewinners)
Let Us worship | In considering the reasons given
I by proponents of reorganization
! plans for the United States Supreme
Court, one comes to some “blank
wall” conclusions.
If sevnety yars should be the re-
tirement age for Supreme Court
Justices, why not for U. S. Senators
and Representatives? If a man past
seventy is no longer capable of con-
sidering governmental, legal and eco-
! nomic problems on the bench, is he
any more capable of considering
them in Congress?
Supposing younger judges had re-
jected the same acts of Congress as
unconstitutional, as did the present
court? Would there be agitation for
their removal?
Many laws proposed by Senators
and Representatives under seventy
years of age do not lead one to have
a year of study in France. For the
past ten or more years he has been
employed by an architectural firm in
New York City. In addition to his
routine work he has taken up the
writing of articles in line with his
profession and several have already
been published by House Beautiful
magazine and other professional
Wallace's friends have been fol-
lowing his career with a great deal
of pride and interest, and wish fur-
ther success for him in his chosen
Sunday night, March 7th, Mr.
Cameron and others from the Bap-
tist Temple Church of San Antonio
will conduct a special men’s service
at 7:45 at the First Baptist Church of
These visiting speakers have been
invited by the local pastor.
Everybody is cordially invited to
the services.
Guaranteed free of Johnson grass
seed. For prees see
$92.63 in cash
The firm was protected by bur-
glary insurance, which was a wise
precaution as the job was the work
of experts. Efforts to find a clue
disclosed that they wore gloves and
left not the trace of a clue.
" 1 1 ! ——... . —
Mrs. Roy Dailey paid our office a
call Tuesday We were sorry to
learn from her that fire of an un-
known origin destroyed three big
haystacks belonging to her father
Mr. John Hartmann, at 10 o’clock on
the evening of Tuesday of last week:
With the heroic work of himself
and neighbors who came to his help
the flames were kept from his barn
and t»vo other stacks of hay.
Mr. Hartman had no insurance and
his loss was complete.
Russell Peters; sold to L. K. Mauls- ^‘£77, ' 77 • 10
by; total weight 305 lbs • sold at1 coaf'dence »n their intelligence.
*- - - ’ •’ s 111 The egotism of a younger genera-
tion is often astounding, but in the
l-4c per lb.
Calf Division
Fifth, Roy Wilson; sold to Houston
Pkg. Co.; 1035 lbs.; sold at 11 l-4c
per lb.
Sixth, Roy Wilson; sold to Houston
Pkg. Co.; weight, 1010 lbs.; sold at
11c per lb.
(Group of Three)
Fourth, Roy Wilson; sold to Hous-
ton Pkg. Co.; 1050 lbs.; sold at
9 3-4c per lb.
present case it passes understanding.
Industrial News Review.

We wish to extend our heartfelt
thanks to one and all for the many
expressions of sympathy extended us
in our sorrow. Your kindness and
consideration has comforted us ai
nothing else could for we feel you
too, share our grief in the death of
our beloved father, W. H. Windrow,
Gratefully yours,
Sunday morning:
9:45 Sunday School. A place for
every member of the family.
11:00 Preaching service; subject:
‘<Our Privilege of Divine Fellow-
ship with Christ”.
Sunday night:
6:80 B. T. U., Junior, Intermedi-
ate and Senior.
7:45 Evening service, “Special
Men’s Service”. We are ex-
pecting a group of men from the
Baptist Temple Church of San
Antonio to conduct this service.
Everyone invited, but an especial ap-
peal to men.
Wednesday night:
7:30 Mid-week service and Teach-
ers’ meeting.
Let us be your job printers.
Commissions investigating this and
that with the laudable purpose of dis-
covering remedies for unsatisfactory
conditions here and yonder, make the
mistake of considering the problem
in the mass instead of individually,
comments the San Angelo Morning
Times editorially. What we call the
youth problem, for instance, is not
a problem of youth as a class, but of
individuals. What is an obstacle to
one youth may be just a stepping
stone for another youngster, and so
with all so-called problems.
Much study is being given nowa-
days to what we call the tenant prob-
lem, and it is proper that it should
be studied and bettered as quickly
as possible. But to conclude tnat all
land tenants are in the same claaa,
and that what is good for one is good
for all, is a mistake that will show
itself when and if legislation under-
takes to measure each tenant with
the same yardstick or other standard.
There are thousands of fanners in
the United States, generaly comfort-
ably situated, who began as tenants
—there are other thousands who
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