The Bellaire Texan (Bellaire, Tex.), Vol. 24, No. 33, Ed. 1 Wednesday, December 21, 1977: Searching Inside

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... Taylor Dear Santa, I want for Christmas a Star-Wars game and a bike and a Max-Machine. Love, Tom Niehaas..., I want a Star Wars poster and Star Wars game and Star Wars machine gun. Also, I want a Star Wars... socks and Star Wars people. Love, Casey Cahoon Dear Santa, For Christmas I want *5 •: • II f I r... for Christmas a Star Wars set and some cars. Your pal, David Teinert Dear Santa, I want for Christmas a BB gun... and a Star Wars game. Your pal, David. H David Hinajosa Dear Santa, For Christmas, I want a record

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... for the thing I got last year. This year I want a skateboade. I want the Star Wars figures. I want the Star Wars.... I would like a Star Wars record and a Star Wars game and a Star Wars poster that you color and a... Star Wars book and a Star Wars watch please. Love, Deanna Dear Santa Claus, Thank you for the presents

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... treated to a medley of Christmas carols and many other standards, including themes from "Kooky,” and "Star... Wars," “I Write the Songs,” a jazz suite, the march "Conquer or" the Cambodian Suite (written

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