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... Appointed Bonnie McDowell 1979 MAYORS OF ASPERMONT N.G. Rollings J.C. Link Dr. Annis Jim Robertson Herman... ______________________ Today, 1979 1940's 13 r"s '" 9

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..., 1979. This was a benefit show for McCauley students who had been injured in a bus accident... was sponsored by the 1979 Senior Class of Aspermont High School. The attendance was good and the program well... equipment was installed. At the present time May 1, 1979, we have 48 active members. The Grand Opening... was May 27, 1979, at which time we initiated a nutritional program for all Senior Citizens of Stonewall

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... in April, 1979. The Cub Pack number 131 was organized in 1959 and lasted until May, 1978. They were.... In September of 1979 the troop was divided into two different troops. The third graders started Troop # 235

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... to the library the summer of 1979. The Club meets every other month for a supper party at a local cafe, the food... are charter members and still with the club. Two members that started in January of 1979 and have not missed a

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... for the library. Such a useful gift will be enjoyed this summer of 1979 by many children, and really by all ages... 1978-79, George Rhoads incoming 1979-80. There has only been 3 Secretary Treasurers Harold King 1968...- 69, 1969-70, Jay Harbin 1970-71, Marchel Nauert 1971-72 thru 1979-80. The club has sponsored many

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... with Aspermont and Stonewall County. Bill Stockton THE FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF ASPERMONT, TEXAS 1889-1979... in Aspermont and Rayner. Between 1889 and 1979 there have been 21 Methodist Churches in the county. Following

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