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Sundav, January i, 1899.
With Bills Furniture
Mn. A. C. DsBow and daughter, Mite
Mar* Da Bow, returned from a trip to
St. Louia Thursday afternoon.
Or. I. L. Saay and wUa, accompanied I
hr friends, apant Wednesday at the I
homo of hit parent* at Carpeater** Bluff,
tho occasion being a birthday dinner I
given In honor of the doctor. J
Mr*. W. B. Munson and Miseas
Newton and Cora Lingo attended tlte]
Murphy-Moore wedding in Sbarman 1
IV ednesday.
St. Luka’s Sunday school held their
Christmas celebration at the XXI dub
I building Thursday evening.
The following young ladies will keen
"open house" and receive their friends
at the residence of Leri Lingo, gjo,
west Bond street neat Monday from a p.
m. till to p. m., In honor of Mis* Cora
Lingo: Misses Llnley Munson, Martha
I Poster, Hortens* Lingo, Minnie Marsh
Mbs Mae Mosse, the heroine of I
Chamber* Creak, b spending the holiday
weak with her parents.
F. A Bogar made th* heart of hb good I
wife throb with Joy Christmas AS500
piano now graces Mr. and Mrs. Bogar’s
elegant home.
The GAsarraan has received cards
from Gainesville announcing the mar-
I riage of Nellie Maunetta, to Mr. Walter
| Reynolds^ Harris, on January the jd, at
the M. E. church. The brills b the
daughter of the Hon. C. L. Potter. Th*
groom is a business man of South Me-
I Alerter, I. T.
Mb* Llnley Munson of Denbon, who
1 Is to be one of the bridesmaids at th*
I Murphy-Moor* wedding, will be th*
[guest of Mbs Zclma Moore nest week.—
Sherman Register.
Misses Frankie Overton and Lillie
I Sacre came home Wednesday from Den-
ison, where they have been attending
I school. They will remain here until
I after the holidays.—Oakland News.
A. D. Chase returned thb morning
devoted mother, her teachings being «*-
em plifted In the excellent training and
raising of a large family. The funeral
services were conducted by Rev. Father
Crowley, the Interment was at th* Fair-
view cemetery—--Th* eclipse of th*
moon last night was observed by a large
number of people ......Dr. Ellb who ha*
bean under the weather tor several weeks
ta reported much better---W. A Tibbs,
of thb city, who b always aa Interesting
an eloquent talker, cue give more frootbr
experiences than aay man probnbly In
North Texas. He has been In touch with
[eh* moat noted characters that ftgured In
ffie early history of the south west. Mr.
lTibbs’ remiobcaacos of all around bud
[ men as* of thrilling Interest end would
I Ml a volume .......Th* Gasxttxx* regrets
to learn that our worthy mayor b on the
sick list. Msyor Lebrecht ha* been an
Invalid for several months, but ha* man-
aged to give hb usual attention to the
welfare of the city--AI Walton was
I receiving congratulation* to day. ft b a
ten pound bay.......And he#* comes along
Sam Bo Id rick with a ten pound girl to
I match...........The county clerk's office
1 Christmas week bsued nearly too mar-
I riage licenses......Jake Gerlach b getting
■ mm«Bic LIII|U, Minnie marin
iud Edith Manefe*.
Jennie aad Rachaal Watson spent th*
to my Jewelry Stock, and placed it in charge of S. W.
cago , III., whe will examine your eyes free of charge,
correctly fit lensesTground to suit your eyea and prop-
erly adjust the frame to your nose and face.
In the meantime bear in mind that my Holiday
Goods are not ail gone. How about a flfew Year’s
holiday week with thslr grandparents at
Warren Plata.
for all kinds of
everything that could be desired for th*
celebration of the birth of th* Savior of
Mankind. It was In beaut Ifni, contrail
to th* cold, disagreeable weather of two
weeks ago, when th* church wae dedi-
cated. Thb was the first Christmas, the
first festival to bo observed In the new
church. The ladles of th* Altar Society
had gathered Friday afternoon, and with
loving hand* and hearts arranged th*
and durability it bn*
For everj thing in the line of Jewelry, up-to-date.
If yon want something
nice, call and see me.
the stars on that might centuries age,
when the angel* sang to the Shepherds
and bad* them to "fear not,” tor the
Prince of Peace was horn. At 6 o’clock
the first mae* was said by Rev. Father
Crowley. The church, brilliantly il-
luminated with electricity, th* twinkling
light* from the alters, the stillness of th*
early morning, all combined to awaken
sentiments ot devotion and adoration in
the hearts of the faithful childreo of the
Catholic church, which was manifest by
Lord and return Him love for love on street. A big rime b on tap. There wtl.
thb birthday morn. As the clear bird-1 be a banquet, public addressee, etc____
like votes* of the convent girb arose on I J. A. Keith by, who waa stricken with
u -*iy*b several months i|s,U abb to
Frank Ma.Tnnla.
118 W. Main St.
We have ja«t what you want—soft, nice,
warm comfortable Shoea for ladieu. Shoe* for
sunahine or atorm for gent*. New stock con-
stantly arriving.
Maud Peters, were married Christmas
dav at the home of the bride, No. 6m
west Munson street. Mr. sod Mrs.
Coppers have settled down to house-
keeping at Mrs. Bray's, corner of west
Chestnut street and Rusk avenue.
Mrs. J. E. Turner, of Gainesville, spent
holiday week with her mother, Mrs. M.
J. Moreficid, No. 410 Rusk avenue.
The Gazkttkkr has received the an-
nouncement of the wedding of Mis* Core
Lingo to Mr. Howard George Kelley,
Wednesday evening, January the eleventh,
at eight o'clock, at St. Luke’s church.
After the marriage there will be a recep-
tion at half after eight o’clock, corner
Morton street and Perry avenue. The
bride and groom will make their future
home at Minneapolis, Minn.
the beautiful Christmas hymns, "Birth be around with th* aid of a crutch „ ..
of Christ" and “ Adaste Fldelb," It Father Crowley b riding in hb buggy
would. Indeed, seem as though th* angel* hale and hearty a* ever, with the exec
had once more returned to earth to 1 Hon of a slight Mmp.......... Mbs la* To
hant as of old, "Glory be to God on high I sag others call the attention of t
and on earth, peace to man of good will." Gumsu to th* practice of steal!
The solid silver candelabra, presented Sowers from th* Falrview cemetery afi
by Mr Colbert, a* a memorial for hb I thay have been placed on grave* Thr
wile, were lighted on th* alter of the I have been a number of recent Inddei
Blessed Virgin at thb mam for the first of thb character. Fair warning b gW
time. There eras no sermon, but the I that these acts of vandelbm must su
Father In a few words wished a merry a* the perpetrator* will be held up
Christmas to all present. public contempt...........J. E. Lockwo
The 6 o’clock service was followed tm- went east of th* city four miles In 1
mediately by another low mam at 7 :JD. Rad river breaks aad killed three wc
At thb service, like the one preceding, cock* last Sunday. Ha report* seel
the number who received holy common- quite a number_____Cotten men p
ion, waa very Urge. There was no sing- diet that our receipts will fall short 6t
Ing, and daylight did sway with th* ne-1 bale* over the corresponding year T»
Wish their many
patrons a happy
New Year
over Denbon during the holiday week
engulfed two youthful hearts. In this
instance Cupid was on a still hunt, for
there was no public intimation of "com-
ing events casting their shadows before.”
Mr. Oscar A. Wells, one of the most
popular gentleman in Denbon, and Mb*
Matme Rice, one of the most popular
young ladies, were united in the bonds of
wedlock. The ceremony was performed
at the home of the Rev. J . C. Eubanks.
The happy couple made no wedding
“splurge, nor went on a wedding tour.
I They repaired to the residence of Mrs
Anns V. Brown, No. 320 west Gandy
street, where the honeymoon will be
I am m the holiday swim, with an elegant stock
led from. I can *u'» me where other* fail. Prea
old aad young.
tew Nation, was hare Monday.
Mrs. Will R. Sealer, her daughter,
Mbs Dorm Lewb, and son Jamb Lewis,
Ot Bokchlto, were the gwasta of friends la
the city the peat weak.
The Gazettes* received a visit Tues-
day from our old townsman, Gw* Schir-
litx, who b located at Camera. Gus b
blind, but conducts successfully a music
class, and gives lessons on the gutter aad
other Instruments. A number at year*
ago he wae in the Job office department
oT the Gsurrm, and gar* prom be of a
brilliant future, but was smitten with
blindness at Dallas, the result of using a
towel that belonged to a tramp printer.
Our old time fellow citteen aad friend.
I J. L Nothaf, b engaged la the mBH< g
Plated Silver Novelties
Sterling Silverware
Treat yourself to a new suit of Clothing. Let A. B. JOHNSON,
the veteran merchant tailor, make them for you. Every fabric that
leaves Johnson’s is a perfect fit. No shoddy make. Everything up-to-
date. All of the latest winter styles.
A. DORER, Jeweler,
schools. She b a nelce ot Mrs. Frank
Wells. Miss Rice, who has by the grace
of the church changed her name and I
gyven her heart and destiny into the I
keeping of her husband, b a most estlm-1
able young lady, cultivated and refined,
and calculated in every way to make home I
as near an earthly paradise as it b possible I
to obtain in this life.
The following taken from the Dallas
j News will be of interest to the many
readers of the Gasbttbb*. Mbs Eagon
has been a freouent vbitor to Denbon
tor a number of years: "Mbs Gene-
vieve Eagon, daughter of Dr. S. Eagon,
was married last night at 9:30 to Mr.
Benjamin J. Tiller of Fort Worth. The
I marriage took place at the bride’s home
in the presence of a large number of
I friend* and relatives. The parlors ware
I decorated in palm* and La France and
I Bride roses, and the ceremony followed
The Merchant Tailor.
Haven & Coleman
Wish all their patrons a happy
New Year. They will be ready
to serve you as promptly in the
future as in the past, with the
best stock of Groceries ever of-
fered in Denison.
tv, was here Thursday en route So Me-
O. R. Fluke, of Denver, Colorado,
dropped In to pay the Gaxxttxe* * visit
Thursday. Hr. Fluke was steward at the
old Alamo hotel in the seventies Thb
b hb first visit to Denbon since 187c.
He pay* an eloquent tribute to the growth
ent at Mass, because they had not the
time, would not have time to get to
of infancy b worse than a brut*, and the I snow tell to a debth of three feet. Mc-
•trong man whose fidelity **d courage J Alter, It will be remembered, waa th*
are never doubted no matter what Mai Sugar Bottom food and coal daabr who
deed* of valor, If ha has a human heart It f|«ft Denbon a couple of year* ago for
b touched by the pleadings of a little I California.
child. He said, “Our Lord.Tn th* Blessed [ u - . T ... , w
Sacrament, nleada to you thb da. *. «t _T' Ur*w. aad “
ern Texas, was here Thursday.
G. H. La costa a business* man of Iowa
b bare for th* purpose ef of locating.
Indge W. H. Jackson ot Wahpanuccca,
I. T., was la the city Friday 00 business.
The Judge ha* many friaods la Den boa
The Holidays
Are Over
But we can Show you
the best line of Drugs
the best equipped Drug
House in Denison, Give
us a call and get what
you want.....
You Will Never Regret
ing the ceremony. Only the immediate
friends of the contracting parties were
present. After the ceremony an elegant
supper was served. The bride and
groom were the recipients ot many use-
ful and handsome presents. The groom
is attached to the clerical force of W. S.
Knight. He ha* been a resident of Deni-
son for a number of years. No one
stands higher in business circles. He b
a worthy and most estimable gentleman
whose rectitude and probity of character
has endeared him to a large circle ot
friend*. The bride b the embodiment
I of all that Is,noble in womanhood. She
possesses a lovely and most admirable
personality, to know her b to admire and
love her. She has never bowed at fash-
Dr. H. E. KNOWLES, the Optician
at McCarthy’*, >c
want to get one of
Will be prepared better than ever
to serve the pnblic with the best
line of.........
Agent Brown of lb* Welb-Fargo ex-
press company, Informs Us* Gaiittiu
that hb company did aa enormous bus I
ness during the holidays. It was a rush
weak. The voluas* of busluem was al-
most double that of test Christmas week.
The Walls-Fargo people gave each em-
ploys a turkey with canned oyster*.
The G azxttxx* b glad to not* the
prosperity of th* Welb-Fargo, Mr.
Brawn b the most accommodating and
popular agent that th* company bn* ever
had at thb point ; be b Just th* seen to
make business for hb company. The
Gazettes* wishes him sad the employes
or society^all were the tame In the pres-
have rung for no more noble couple dur- Fideles was sunk a* a recessional,
ing the present rear. Mr. and Mrs. I _
Johnson left for Bonham and other W»iu.» "______■
point* to vblt friends for a few day*. Holiday hxonraoc.
Last Thursday evening the Bachelor I ,, _
club gave a hop complimentary to Mbs I . **•*' *♦* 31*1
Eleanor Clarke of New York and Mb* iSu "* fL »C* , ** *2
Maidel Turner of Clarksville. The lln*
dance was given at the XXI club build- f.n*r5Mr^ ** round trip tickets,
ing and pronounced by all as one of the
most enjoyable affairs of the season. *J*° ***,. *• l»«alpotets at
Among the visiting young ladies was I s’"
Mis* Green of Kentucky and Mis* Bryan t °,Th* S-A>
ot Sherman. At 13 o’clock the dancers I' J"? S' nAnUm lui?
repaired to the banquet hall on th* t a?P slntjan^M** midland,
second floor where they were served with I 1
a delightful lunch and coffee. After that I , °r on or ad-
the program continued until a late hour. |ar***’ ur » m *
Space doe# not permit the mentioning of I w. smith, Aset. T. A.
the names of those present. ------- "
At the home of the bride’s mother, WAPT*P ~ **V**AL ™u*^*YltTHY
; Mrs. C. I. Chase, 934 west Chestnut la atamisl aeaiby ceeades. It Is Babiy
street, at 8:30 0. m. Wednesday, Mr. !*«•»«* tesfertaf at tea*. SalarystrafeM
William M. Waddell, Jr., and Mb* *!*•*•■ -
Mamie Daffan were united in the holy Sack** self stemmed staatedeav*tae*?Il«:
bonds ot matrimony, the Rev. K. H. tenT H*ss,Vr**., DmcJ; Odcsc^**-**
Liles of the Cumberland Presbyterian • ■ " 1
s aa .t*. i-a* *»» > •.q~»
Th* greatest theatrical treat of th*
season will be hare January 4— Morrison’s
original production of "Faust." Thb
ia Denison. Thev have six delivery
in service and before the
end of the it will take twelve to de-
liver goods to patrons. Mark the
W. S. Knight b getting ready for a
Rad Latter Day Sal*. He wUi paint the
city, Indian Territory aad the whole ot
North Texas red. Thb will b* the most
remarkable sal* ever offered by x bual-
nass bouse In Texas, and th* Gaxbttbxb
say* to the people, "bold your puaas for
thb great sale.'* Thb issue of th* Gaxrr-
txx* tell* you all about U, aad mvooo
potters scattered broadcast will also pro-
claim the glad ridings. The holiday* are
ovsr, but Mr. Knight say* bb business b
remarkably good, and dull or flush time*
cut no figure with him, as far at advsr
tiling || OOROMMdt
a happy New Year.
Hibbard Bro’s
Wholesale and Retail.
eriee in th© world. Nothing: but
the beet of malt and hope ueed in
the manufacture of theee two moet
popular beere.
The Finest Stock of
meat of Jim Boyd where than
‘Now, OKI OOJf, Of*P •
la the shop," ssclalmed Enoch.
CO. LUffUTHCKff,Tailor.
First-class Work Guaranteed in
1 Tailoring and Dyeing, j
374* No 1M W. Main »t.
Feed and Fuel
in the city.

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