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... of bulletproof tires. ‘‘If a permit is issued to one gambler, there will be 10,000 armored cars on the road... — Archeologists of the Chicago Natural History Museum have discovered two 1,400-year-old Indian mummies—and a... MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR' § t m l 5«v.Vw The Christmos Season brings to mind th« Many... 150 East 13th Street

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... as “Good Design." Twice yearly, a Jury chairmanned by a consultant to the Museum of Modem Art in New York... manufacturers, launched a program in cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art, to show the best new designs... kr.'ws In the art world a* "Grandma" Moaea, celebrated her 90th birthday recently. cently. More than... by the women's national press club, the next milestone » 100, She said she doesn't think about the 100th... was the Solway hut, at 12,556 feet. It spent the night there and dined on milk. The next day it pattered up

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... as heavily - armored German ground troops in a force of 50 to 100 divisions under the overall command...,800,000 men. The 12 member nations also agreed to appoint a joint production board for the master plan and... be lessened con- Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Schier of is the th Brenham and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie family t< pent

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... ivory bill. The Cameron Herald Ihy*eml>er 21, 1950 Shamefaced Detroit Flam Memorial fa Youn( Soldier... brought home from Korea for burial at home, got busy and! planned a perpetual memorial (or1 him... recreation site to Mar-i ruso. And plans for a permanent1 memorial were started. Mrs. Lena Marusso, Johnny...’s, mother, was not offended by th»| slight. She said, "Johnny, he wasf awfully young to go. It would bo

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... a ad they recentband la employed aa druggist at th* ly mived to Cameron from Austin. Min Anita Dusek... Christmas Offerl Subscribe before Dec. ?5th "»d f SAVE m ON. A YEAR'S SUBSCRIPTION DAILY AND SUNDAY, BY M... at Newton Memorial Hospital. ANY MAKE RADIO repaired. Call 104. PARMA RADIO SERVICE. Is uniform "aa Try

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... * •. •'•./• ■/« v ■&* :'M /■?» :*§ • ■. M /ill --:vw. •••.Vi; l *•.*, j E a Di ; da r th< uni! I Cl ; m< sun On r m... Leghorns belonging to John Orr, 70, and wife. For a time visitors Peanuts His Dish- Boy, 12, is Champ "The... of the Southland Paper Mills here. RISING STAR, Tex —A 12-yearo 1 d schoolboy, Janies Edward Dupuy, is showing

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... SOCIETY IN THE NEWS Sarah McCalla Chapter In Regular Session Thursday, December 7th, member...*5u Th** Hoim-making Class of First Baptist Church re - ntly met with their president, Mrs. C. U... yearly BARGAIN DAYS RATES are in effect. Now for a short time. $13.95 DAILY AND SUNDAY $12.60 DAILY

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... « « i « « m e e « « * * RADIOS TABLE TOPS $12.95 to $29.95 CONSOLES $149.95 to $189.95 Coffee Malle.... Double Barrel and Pump 22 — 410 — 20 16 — 12 Gauge Remington Stevens Savage Take Choice $18.95 to $59... 29 29 » 29 29 I MERRY CHRISTMAS The things you have wished for. . . th© ambitions and plans that have

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... am in the 4th grade and I want a doll and ball, apples, color book and a dress. Goodbye, Adelina Vera... wish you would bring me some fruit for mother and father and 12 dollar bills, all new. Please bring me

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...—both the rat and the oat must step on floor buttons simultaneous- j ■ When th.s :s •• s down...,.... s budvis from the entrance 1 roon- T en hot'- of them go to get ? into the food chamber. j What's th... sure pulses will flrat rupture th# •ardrums, then cause lung hemorrhngi's, followed by internal..., these are the first known laboratory expenmenta to use th# new tub# for air blast research on mice, Previous results... and address . * th# owner aad t space for his blood type Each will have ■kba-d but it w-.T f« a paste into a

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... almost directly into th» air stream. In tests as many as twenty-seven bombs were dropped at a time... notes on th# phenomenon, colleagues in Denmark watched the sun which came up a strange blue. Jittery old... through clouds which covered much of th# continent. A superstitious few feared the end of the world... esteem. They worked for each other's living and fared equally in the fortunes of th* battle of wresting

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... Panhandle, and Senator Chavez has replied that he feels ‘‘confident th; t a fair compact will be worked out... d s he cl* wh me! 1)01 be mm tho arc of ntei n fc y o be th jid... le fo st." >t th< to ir f agr outl 91101 i Jr Red i did owl tl - 1 the respects to the late U. S....* 8th Army commander. General Walker was killed in a jeep in only (380.00 to the National Foundation

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... undrsfaudinif ylrl. iotereited m mllatmcilimr 1 ndio iH'ript. JOHN I AW 5()N, {ION South Adnio*. Incomn. W;,-th...^uurterhor-e Sale, Monday. December 11th. (0 (4'ihrteihorses, maun, «olt* and stallion*. Well broken ininjc horm... pairs. ACMK SACKS, AO!) 5th Ave., New Voile (’My. WKRTF.FiN KAMI* SHADKH Reaufiful rolom. cowboy.... Dcautlful uheil jcivetry : hmm h mol err inn *et‘«. $1.50. bteal Xmaa "I aVillotfe , HO.'i W 13th...«t gati t<* f 1 tc od 1 Tsidi te ii I8t‘8 eld Hip •d c y w a mi al hi st h r mi .f th h hi of int ion 1

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... Th^Cameron Herald | « v ft m ? ft ft ft ft ft 4? ft ft ft S ft ft ft 5 ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft... and was r; n ward him, and on th*- heel oi some one came Pal Rear my S s You have been considerate

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... has only to watch Frits Budi iheir creator, at work, to realis .hat here is no stuntman, like th...* fellow who builds h model of th< Eiffel tower frcm 11,000 toothpick Although Bade has been an arth in oil

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