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Opportunity Is Knocking At Your Door Now!
=and it knocks but once at every man’s door:
' ' " MU * v T
Is going to be Greater El Paso’s most fashionable residence section. You can buy lots there now
without missing it and within a very short time hence they will have doubled in value. It is better
than national bank stock or government bonds. Do not procrastinate, but buy today.
Lots $50.00 to $75.00, $2.00 Down, $1.00 Per Week
You Can’t Lose
and Must Win
Wm. MOELLER, Agent.
You Can’t Lose
and Must Win
and in i ho ffr*t X months I gained
a limit lit pounds. The gastritis and
constipation left me In a very short
time, and in the ti years Unit have j FAMQUS poST T00 pAR FR0M
Special Committee to Assist Busy Can-
vassers Is Appointed and Effort will
Be Made to Finish Work Soon.—
Racing Is Assured for Fair.
Tne recent report .hat $25,000 had
been raised for iiie 1 at ?r-American
fair was confirmed last night at a
meeting of a number of the chairmen
o canvassing committees. The full
returns show that slightly over the
sum named lias been signed.
Among the committees lo make
their reports were: Dr. K. M. Ilray
for the physicians of the city, $500;
A. J. King of This City Is Behind
Plan, It Is aid—Office in Sheldon
Hotel Block Has Been Leased—To
Have Special Wires.
'Within two months a stock ex-
change will be operating in 151 Paso.
A. ,1. King of this city, in connection
with Logan & Bryan, the New York
firm, is behind the plan, it is said.
Quarters have been secured in the
Sheldon hi* el block and the exchange,
when in operation, will receive quota-
tions on ail the leading stocks and
bonds and grain. An additional office
is being opened on the west side of
followed 1 have enjoyed the best of
health and attend regularly to my
bnsiness. 1 eat Grape-Nuts every day,
and usually make my entire breakfast
oiV of a few uaspoonfuls of it and j Government Has Decided That Two
a cup or two of Posttim Kood Coffee
Name given by Posttim Co., Battle
Creek. .Milch. |
There's a reason. Read the little]
book, "The Road to Wtellville,” in
Military Posts Are Enough for Ari-
H. VV. Allon for tho Insurance men. tRe plaza from tho Sheldon.hotel. A
$250j Kred Weckerie for the fuel men,
$T,500: .1. .1. Raster for the undertak-
ers, $500; and Messrs. Bonham and
Klister for the barbers, $600.
Dr. Bray reported that it was prob-
able that $.100 or more additional
would he added to the quota assigned
the eonimitt.ee.
Other sums coming under the head
of tho general committee, have been
.1. M. Wyatt was chairman of the
It developed that there are many of
part of the dining room will he cut
off and walled In, ami a door will lie
cut in the wall facing the west side
of the pdaza.
Work was begun yesterday morn-
ing in preparing the office and It will
he reatly within five or six weeks, it
is said. The office will be directly
south of the El Paso H Southwestern
office. A long lease has been signed
up for thi' office, It. Is said.
A. Meyerhof/r of New York has
been in the city for some days ar-
ranging with Mir, King for the pre-
liminary details for tint opening of the
It now looks very much as if Fort
Apache would lie abandoned by the
United States army, leaving only
Forts Whipple ami Huachuea re-
maining to' bring hack to the mind
of the old-timer the days of Goronimo
and General Lawton, the ntan who
the committees, considurablsy n1j(ra j exchange. Mr. Meyerhof er will he in
than half of them, who have never
given the matter any attention so tar.
as making the canvass for the salt' of
charge of the exchange after it is
Stock quotations of mints, railroads
stock ip concerned. The fact that al- and all large corporations will lie re
most ha!,: of the sum needed has been
raised with, the expenditure of very
little effort is convincing to all those
w.ho are interested in the movement
Cargo of Beer Wa$ Blocaded Going
and Coming.
Yesterday the battalion of the
Twenl<-fllt it infantry stationed at Fort
Bliss returned from the three days'
march, slightly tire,I but jubilant over i^oeTii'x Kntenudsm
the march. Returning and going the
soldiers were invited to “Inspect” the
brewery by the El Paso brewery offi-
cials and a cargo of beer was block-
The soldiers were gla.l to return to
the post and report that the trip was
without incident.
Negro Mother of Youth Dying of Lock-
jaw Harangues With Neighbor and
Loudly Bemoans Her Unfortunate
Condition—Police Interfere.
iWItli her 5 year-old baby lying on a
fiithy couch in her room, lingering
between life and death witll a disease
which the police believe has now de-
veloped into lockjaw. "Waco Ida," a
negro woman til lie reservation, iiv-
eaptt.rorl the wily oltl Apache leader, snT
Body of a Mexican With Skull Crushed
Found Near the Union
Fort Apache is ninety miles from <*>« ^ ""»
the neatest railroad anti the wagon
road to the fort is very poor. All sup-
plies are taken by wagon front Hol-
brook. ft is thought ibut Apache will
he abandoned before the first of the
year. In -the meantime four troops
of cavalry will he left at the old fort.
At one time Fort Apache was an
absolute necessity, being situated on
the Apache reservation. Now the In-
dian trouble is over and the fort Is
no ilrmger needed. Fort Apache was
always a popular place wlrli titer'offi-
cers, one man having passed up a
chance to command a fort near New
York city In order to live there, It is
situated upon an elevation of about
direction of the eliv by yelling and
moaning in the <1 Iren ess of her
The woman's hoy lias been sick for
almost two weeks, and lacking the
attention which Its mother failed to
provide and forced to breathe the foul
air of the close den in which the wo-
man and boy have made their home,
lie gradually grew worse, until now
it is said death is only a matter of
Dr. Anderson called at the woman's
hovel and treated the boy last week.
At iho same time he ordered the wo-
man, who Is soon to become a mol her
again, to take her sick boy and go to
W. Tf. Me It ray or (Cedar Brook) III
yrs. old, 11 1 proof, 25c. The Gem. [
Supplimcntary Contract Between Rail-
road and Express Company '*
Still Being Considered.
Texas street, which has recently
been filled up to grade Is being sur-
faced with caliche,
Mr and Mrs. Mell Winner an* the
proud parents of a girl, horn yester-
day morning at ihelr home on Kansas
si rent.
The San Antonio Express of Tues-
day publishes the following special
front Austin:
Austin, Tex., April it. -"Wells Fargo
& 'Go.i today filed with tho railroad
eonnfiisslor a copy of a supplemental
contract entered into with the Hous-
ton/. East K West Texas Railway eom-
Mr. and Mrs. .1. R Cordova tire the|',:l,*-v Tl‘" ri'<■' is llal<Hl Mtt,ch -c
parftntH of a u*n pound buy, which was um slt;,u'1 h> of tb«
horn to iliem Tiiestliiv at tbcli real-1 "'HU'rtive companies,
deuce on Third street. j 1 l|lK ‘'"»"'aet Is understood to have
j a .hearing on the pending anti-trust
cases against the express and railroad
companies in- the courts It is srtueil
In this contract that in view of the
decision, of the supreme court, recently
rendered, holding that certain provis-
ions <>/ tin* contract existing between
rJte American Express company and
the Missouri. Kansas anil,Texas rail-
way were in violation of anti trust act
The Workingmen’s club, o!" which
K Pouroh Is chairman and It. M. Ray
is secretary, lias held two meet Inga
al 211 Overland street enrolling thirty
■member.!. Semi-weekly meet tugs are
held on Tuesday and Friday evenings.
] All workingmen arc invited ,o attend.
The El Paso Mothers' league Will
meet lu Emanuel^chapel Friday alter- ,,! ifio:!, the Houston. East an.'. West
tiotui at ., dd. I l.efi w ill! lie a talk ; Texas and the Wells Fargo company
on Good Values hr Mrs. Merced ; agne that tlndr com met of date of
I Russell and an address by Hr. lltirlo- j September I, lltti'.', and expiring Jan-
............ ...... ' ll'' ' nary I, 1915, did not contemplate any
that, the ha lance of the sum can. he
secured by an active canvass.
Secretary VV. 6. Tilton of the Cham-
lter of Commerce, and other members
of the fair committee will visit a
number of members of the canvass-
ing committees, asstting. those who
cannot find rime to get away 'from
their business, and it is hoped to close
up tho eauvass at an early date.
The racing ma ter was discussed al
some length last night, Mr. Wyati
stating that he bad just received a
letter from a horae owner in Hot
Springs who said ho would bring a
bunch of runners to the fair and also
made inquiries concerning the facili-
ties for wintering and training horses
here. '
The Bouthwesern Racing circuit,
which has been organized in Deri vet
for the ^purpose of holding meets in
El Pai-o, Trinidad, Albuquerque, 1*18
Vegas, Phoenix. Globe an.I other cit-
ies. as told or exclusively in The
Times recently, was also discussed.
The opinion, prevailed that there
would lie no trouble in getting races
at soon as they are desired.
Poolselling also came In for a share
of discussion.
Can El Paso prosper without home
industry? El Paso Beer—none better
than it!
reived and quotations on grain will ovid< r,t had bean done
he-received over the wire from New Al| iM,ii(.allonil point ,o a foul mm-
Y ork anil Chicago. Stock market re-
ports will also be received.
1 hi dead hotly of an unknown Mexi-
can was foutwl at. 7 o’clock yiwlertlay
morning by Section Foreman Hunter,
lying In a ditch between the S. 1*.
and the Southwestern tracks, about
fit'll yards below the union depot. Tin-
man's kail was fractured and not
many feet from the body was fount ( armv om<!en( ,B l)l(, nan,r„ ofj -nil pails ot sVtp which l.a 1 accumu
a bloody atone with which the deed (|u sum„m,,ing country, which Is ex ....... ...............“
5.00b feel, near the headkaters of the 'he hospital.
Salt river. The surrounding rnottu- * he woman t Mused lu go and eon-
fains an; ihick with game, while trout ; ,n ^°vi*l a» a pub-
in plenty can be found In the nearbv ”f‘ (’bai*ac.«'r.
streams. Another thing which at- Usi night he woman gathered s.-v-
..... - Is of *In;
lated in her one-room shack In the
cel lent for arnty maneuvers. course ot days, ami emptied them in
.... Apache Is the only remaining strong- *’* *k<* crib of another woman,
de.. and tile police are trying to get |,oW oC a one-lime chain of forts ■ Tbi-< pr«dpltati-<l it fight and the
Special wires from Albuquerque ?°,1!e1llRht '*’<x ™a? W“8 aml around Iho Apache reservation. The i rn,,|h<T left her dying hoy to harangue
where an agency for Logan 2 Bryan £W ‘^avTh^n :1>- chain, which have I.....n : whit her -teighlmr over her right to
r \ , 1 , °. ,-i done aawy with, are Fort Orant on
stmc : by a irate and the bloody rock, :U(, H0U|h> Forl ThmnttB on thc oa(t,
is located, will he run to El Paso
iMr. King, who has organized the
exchange and is behind the plan lo-
cally, was formerly superintendent
for the Alamogordo Land and Lumber
Not So Good as a Better.
together with the size and character
of the wound in the head, indicate
that tho man was knocked in the head
with a stone. Tito theory of the police
is that llu mar,, was then killed, A
few mulches and a tin tobacco box
were the only articles found In Ills
Tile body was that of a man, about
forty yeais of age and weighing about
1 in pounds The man was dressed in
A merchant in a thriving interior
town writes:
”1 can recommend Grape-Nuts food ] a checked jumper and black trousers,
to all. whether well or sick, as a pre- To alt appearances he had been a la-
ventative of, or a cure for many ail-; boring man ado as no one was found
ments. , j yesterday who could identify the re-
"For about six years 1 was unable j mains,‘lie was evidently a stranger in
to he in the store much of the time, j the city,
I was suffering from gastritis and con-1 ______*
stlpation, which confined me to the | Ferquson North.
house par, ot the time, and at last pitt. Last evening at the home of tho
me to bed and kept me there for al-j pr}f]e on jjorth Oregon street the mar-
most a year I ran down .in weight riaee of Mlgs A)ma North t<> Ml,
from '->ti to tin pounds, trying trt *lvv | George Ferguson was solemnized, the
on a milk diet. But I could seldom ; Rov j)r jjoljeod, of tin, First Presby-
retam that, nor anything else of any , tor|an church, officiating. The wedding
,on my t was attended by only (lie immediate
T.ie doctors finally gave me 111L ; friends and relatives of the couple,
then a friend advised me to change . M,. Por(fIliwB am| bis |)ri(U. at,, alromR
my food and use Grape-Nuts food and
Posttim Food Coffee. 1 followed his
advice and watched results.
"I commencixi to get well at once,
' the most prominent young people in
El Paso, ami are very popular.
We have the finest in the world. It is
It is taade from the celebrated Ehmann
Olive and retains all the fruity flavor of
these superior olives.
Will $ be forfeited by
$IUUU.UU the Ebmajin Olive
Co. if any one*will find anything in it
but pure olive oil.
Mi's. FredaEImiann {fives her personal supervision to
the manufacture and bottling of the oil and the
most exacting care is taken in ail ihe details and
the result a
Two Saws Having Capacity for 30,000
Feet Daily Will Cut Lumber for
M H 1 *on>ei\ president of the El Paso
Fltin.e and Lumber company, received
a litter yesterday fr,,tn St, Lulls In
forntteg him ibat the saw* ordered
by the iomfiany several weens ago,
would be f laci-il in the car for shlp-
tr.ent yestf.-day.
The two saws jjave a c ipaeliv of 15.-
Otkf feet each and will be cited for
sawing lumber for the construction of
! tl-e flume in the Sierra Madrc mime-
j tains from Pacheco to Terrazas, Cht-
httahna. After, the flume is built thev
will be kepi on the timber tract for
sawing the lnmbet :. to shapes ready
for shipmdm.
Foth Get* $4,000 Damage*.
j The jury in the case of W. D.
I Foth vs thc El Paso & Southwestern
yesterday afternoon return®} a ver-
j diet in favor of the plalniiff for l-t.ooo
j itamages. Foth Wag suing for $26,00fl
for the loss of an eye which resulted
from the bursting of a water ftlans
in one of the defendant company's en-
gines, upon which he was working as
a fireman
The Time*' Want Ads. bring result*
and the sub-post of San ('arlos on the
Fort Whipple, near Prescott, which
will he One of the two forts left in the
territory, Is on Hit* Santa Fe railroad,
and men can he brought to or taken
from this place with great ease.
Whipple will be made Ihe headquar-
ters for two battalions of infantry,
with a colonel or lieutenant colonel in
Pqople who have moved to this ter-
ritory within the lam ten or fifteen
years can scarcely realize that one
time not over twenty years ago Ari-
zona had within iter borders regular
army men numbering from fi.rtufi to
fi.fifld strong.
The I tilted State* governnont has
decided that two military post* will
he enough for Arizona, and the gov-
ernment Is portently rigid In making
the decision. At Fort Whipple Uncle
Sam will expend $ 1,000.000 in new
buildings. At pr-sent there i» sta-
tioned at Whipple one troop of the
Fil'h cavalry and one company of the
Twenty-eight It infantry.
Two Suits for Divorce.
Suit for divorce war filed in the
,1 is riel clerks office yesterday by H.
.1. Hurt is. ('ora Hurt.
A similar action wa* also fil’el b.v
Elena Alboliar do Pare-lez vs. Antonio
Pa rode*.
Negroes Are Warned.
Anson, Texa . April 10.—"Mr. Nig-
ger. you want to le gone by the 10th
of this mom it out of the county.
"Mr. White Man, don't try to keep
MU. Nigger here, for $25 worth of
Johnson grass -wd will sgt. several
farms In gta Noise on your part,
may cost*you some trouble, so look
The above notices were found in
dilTeiertt parts of town this morning,
two of which were posted up in the
court house yard, over county offices.
Citizens in Anson and In Jones
county condemn all such act*. ’
Negroes were It rough t to tlii* Coun-
ty «!ast fall to h» !p gather the enor-
mous crop of cotton made in this
county last year. Had it not been for
the help the farmers received from
imported negroes and Mexicans some
ot -heir fields would today be white
with unpicked cotton.
Argentina ha* doubled her trade in
seven years In fact there is not a
country In ail South America that is
not forging ahead. That * the direc-
tion In which I'ncie Sam should look
for trade.
throw water into the street
Policeman Biggs went to the wo-
man and tried to pacify her, but a*
he could nut take her front her .ty-
ingchild, a tact which Ihe woman woU
knew, lie was unable to quiet her.
Captain W. A. Mitchell also went to
the crib and shoved tin* woman inside,
t,'imrenlng to arrest her. Site re-
plied that he dared not.
An effort will be made to sen I- Ihe
woman, with her boy, ir the latter Is
not dead, to the hospital today.
"Waco Ida," as the woman is known
to the police, is about lib years old
and has lived in El Paso for several
Jury Clear* Him of Charge of Killing
Hi* Wife.
Louisville, Ky.. April 11--The jury
in the cast of Rev. r. O. Sulheriin,
on trial at New Albany, Jnd , charged
with the murder of hi* wif*-. Geneva
L Stain-rite, returned a verdict ol not
Rev. Stlthirlin received the verdict
with composure, aud was congratulat-
ed by a number of personul friend*
in the court. Including several hys-
Utdoai women who wore in the court
King Edward Arrive* at Corfu and
Receive* Royal Wielcome
Corfu, Greece, April 11—King Ed-
ward ami Queen Alexandria arrive 1
hero today on board the royal yacht
Victoria and Albert, and were wel-
comed by King George of Greece and
the Prince and Prince** of Wales,
who reached this port from Egypt
April it
son Si a ten on "Nervousness in (.'hi!
dien.” All mother* are invited.
The Inlermitlomi! Chess isitth of El!
Paso will hold another'"rapid trail-1
sit" tourney Friday ovtniug in ihej
club room In the Wells Fargo build- j
lug, Tills event will Inaugurate the i
continuous handicap tournament. AH
the events are often to tint public.
for e El Paso smelter, was linrle $2 ]
in (he. police court yeHtenlay alter-!
noon by Judge Eylar on the charge of |
violation ot the anti-trust statutes of
Texas: lira' it, did not contemplate
that Ute ..said express company should
iittve the exclusive privilege of operat-
ing ovei the line of railroad mentioned
an.I that visions of the contract of ltat2
which in it v be construed to violate
lie Htiti trust laws at e cancelled anil
held for naught bi the supplemental
Boneio l am on, a driver of a wagon {.coni tact, and from and after Septem-
ber I. I fill".
Tills supplemental conk raid was in-
i’ use | "Rejected by Commissioner
fit: t and reckless driving. Officer Cobb, j Allison Mayfield, ami "Not Approved"
who made ihe arrenl and Clarence ('. J b t'lirinnati L. J. Storey Com mis-
Ma fill, a witness, declared that Lc- sinner o H Colquitt is out ot town
mon drove bis wagon around St. Louis and will lie given an opportunity to
street Into North Oregon at the rale : make hi* munition upon the document
of ' about forty miles an hour." The j win n i.e leturus, Similar action may
judge warned Lenioti that a repltlon of j be i:tl.< a ns to Hie other run Is and c.v-
tho offenne would bring a much heav- 1 t’1'* f nipantes
ier Hue. j .................
... , ,. ,, | Otn-. Hl.icl« Engle l.im'nerger 1* tin
\\ I- I horn.-Sliean alias Mhvc*., Iin. ||o i ard-.McP,tetri Ige
alias Jackson, was lest.u day la.mlec- v„ S;
rtil from tno rlly to ihf? coMutv juil
,p< 'ilinw Hi(* arrival i f Shorin' Smith
of Loco, I T. who iw romlri#; i<» takr*
iho i»rirton<rf' hml. !,-» I.?);•<». whole In*
Is ohai*K ‘il with forgery' The 1 <»rri
ory attll'iorJi 1 * h wlrort tha( if Thorm n-
bfiary til tempi o(l 10 souuro a roh*dso
on a httva*iTs co'Diis lo jfrMVr n cliaiKO
of hip ini;, an iin.*si * him Tlic polir.o
ht if an- .making no aftonipf to ('««*
t»*n t!i<* la • c'uirKi* u^ain.*ii the? p: is
on or.
Warrants Have Been Issued for the
Arrert of George and Gertrude
Arndt, Now In Tucson.
Plan to Hold Cotton.
New Orleans, La., April 10.--(Mem-
bers of the Louisiana division of the
Southern (lotion association are in
aesslon here devising plan* for hold-
ing cotton and building cotton ware-
house* In Louisiana. Today's confer-
ence was attended by Paul M Ho t*,
president Louisiana division, and F.
L Maxwell. George Wi. Stentell, R.
H. Jackson and W L. Foster.
An attempt is being made by the
local authorities to bring George and
Gertrude Arndt, who a few days ago
tool; their little girl, who had been
pinned in the custody of Adjutant
Nickels rpent for El Paso beer cotmU We. \i /it of the Salvation Army, by
iin order of the district court, anil
went to Tucson, book to Ei Paso to
face the charge of kidnapping. An in-
formation charging she two Arndts
with kidnapping were filed Tuesday
evening and warrant* were sent by the
sheriff hi Tucson Cp to last night tho
sheriff had heard nothing from the
warrants and it is tint known who-
It her or not any arrests have been
i made
! Adjutant Westaoott, who was held by
I Judge (.loggia to he in contempt of
i court for permitting the cnild to ho
I alien by its parent* from hint, and
I fined $5o and sentenced to three day*
in jail, but against whom the judg-
ment of the court was suspended lu
order to give hint h chance to return
the mild to this jurisdiction, left yes-
terday morning for Tucson. He was
ac oinpauied Ivy his .wife and child.
Ho will make every effort in hi* iiower
to bring the child hack here, but it is
highly probable that the Arndts will
refuse lo give, the little one tip and
(hat. legal complications will result
back tq you while you sleep.
Frank Ball has returned front a trip
to New, York.
Jones Taleffero, the While Oaks, N.
M„ merchant, is in El Paso.
I!, II, Rose ol Globe is In the city,
.tame VV. Crayton, editor of the
Taylor ('outti!,' N'ews of Abiiine, i- in
t( WII.
Miss flamrrrie Downard of Franklin,
. Texas, will arrive here in a few day*
to vi..i her sister, Mrs. Clifford Smith,
1 / . Boulevard,
VV, If. King, a capltallat of While-
Wright, Texas, fs visiting his brother,
l)r, S K King, in this city. Mr. King
is lnipto iM with El Paso and may
decide in invest here,
Earle K, Mitchell, woo has been
Ktftrrlmt this season in Ole Olsen »:■ ,
"Yon Yonson," and wlm made a big j
hi on the coast and in the North-1
tvi t, loi- return(*<l to El Paso to visit
bt parents, Judge and Mr*. J. F,
Germany Objects.
Berlin, April Id.—The Associated
swra. sc'ohr.-j^r./iiE"" <■ •-»' ,■>»
! German government has suggested an
' adjournment of the second peace con-
: fi retire at The Hague In order not to
During the year ended March 21,
28MU ni-w banks were opened in the
I'alted States. One see* no particular
rewKNi for rejoicing over this fact,
lowevcr. They will all require aecnrlty
t.'hen ai-proached for loans. Just the
'ante as (he old hanks Have been doing
rivet along. \
, banded for the season a few dill -
at fluhtlh.
j interfere with the Berne (Red Cross!
Rockefeller Agea. | conference, where the Geneva conven-
New York, April Id.—Rockefeller [non will Its- revised. Germany has
wa* a noticeably aged passenger on not suggested July as the man h for
l'he ferryboat from Jersey City this i the conference, but Is trying to per-
| morning. It wa* hi* first appearance. suadc Russia to postpone assembling
: since he began d xlging sirhpot ua* on j The Hague conference so that the
' Dec/fiiiiier Iff. He wore no wig today.; North, Central and South American
Ills face was drawn arid he walked stales may be able to send represen-
li the aid of his valid,
ins son's home.
He went to
Try Tire Time*’ Want Ads.
Wreck—A catastrophe In which cars
in reduced to junk, smashed into
.ladling wood or crushed like egg
i shell*.
talive* to the European conference
without Interfering at the same time
with the Pan American congress at
Rio Janeiro.
12-year-otJ re-imported whisky
i the Toltec, 25 cents per drink.

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El Paso Daily Times (El Paso, Tex.), Vol. 26, Ed. 1 Thursday, April 12, 1906, newspaper, April 12, 1906; El Paso, Texas. (https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth582224/m1/3/ocr/: accessed May 20, 2019), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History, https://texashistory.unt.edu; crediting Abilene Library Consortium.

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