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.... Cosette Faust-Newton's Rainbow Hued Trail lecture tour, NewYork: Frank C. Payne Agency, n.d., in Cosette... Faust Newton vertical file, Dallas Public Library. 41Ibid. 42Cosette Faust-Newton, The Rainbow...-Hued Trail Around the World, (Dallas: published by the author, 1932), 163- 64; Cosette Faust-Newton, "Our..., February 25, 1998. 48Cosette Faust Newton et vir. v. Town of Highland Park, No. 14915, 282 S.W.2d 266..., December 12, 1941. 51Cosette Faust Newton vertical file, Highland Park Public Library. 52Ibid.; DMN, August

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... Cosette Faust-Newton's Garden Ship of Dreams BY CYNTHIA SHEARER st published accounts of Cosette... Radcliffe Ph.D. Mary Cosette Faust was born in Kemp, Texas, on July 18, 1889, to Edwin Michael Faust, a... schoolteacher, and Susan Noble Faust. They named her Cosette, after Victor Hugo's ill-fated heroine in Les... peripatetic life for the family in Cosette's early years as they moved gradually farther west in Texas... of the Roman Empire. Cosette's name first surfaces in The Dallas Morn- 28 LEGACIES Spring 2014 I

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... SANDFORA PRMIT(4t11ik~st V~tdTO REPAIR their Vandalized HONE I ~r = Cosette used even the facade... talking to "outsiders," and to avoid publicity that would only serve to "stir up" Cosette further.66 A... jury trial yielded a transcript 399 pages long, including testimony that Cosette had threatened... cochere in 1939.67 After the Texas Supreme Court declined to hear Cosette's appeal of this decision, she..., cloche-hatted Cosette returning "home" to retrieve her "personal belongings," glancing over her right

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... hertraels a piece sympathetic to the Newtons, picturing 65-year-old Cosette standing before a...-Newton is quoted, "and here is where my husband and I want to die."62 In another story, Cosette claimed she had...'s long-ago launch, Cosette, the "doughty skipper and poetess," was shown on the upper deck, above... with shards of broken glass embedded upright in Portland cement. A pleased-looking Cosette mugged for cameras

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... items to strangers or reporters who wandered in. When Cosette died in 1975, the Morning News noted... that she was a "lady of degrees,"82 listing them in a way that was not entirely accurate. Was Cosette... and an individual's resistance against that bridle. If so, Cosette Faust- Newton's mid-century struggle... with the Township of Highland Park was not her first rodeo. L NOTES 1Cosette Faust Newton et vir. v. Town...; Publicity flyer for the Rainbow Hued Trail lecture tour, Cosette Faust Newton vertical file, Dallas Public

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... Cosette's college commencement at Polytechnic in Fort Worth. He was by then a "prominent lumber dealer..." who left behind a widow and five children.4 Seven weeks later, Cosette had a letter from... noted, "Misses Cosette and Anna Faust left last night for Austin, where they will enter the University...."6 At the University of Texas, Cosette Faust served in the graduate section of the student government... in her scrapbook indicates that Cosette studied with two iconic American academicians of the time

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... surfaced; it had been at 4005 Miramar all along.47 In 1939 Cosette built, without benefit of permission... this would prove to be a costly error for the next two decades. When Cosette applied in 1941 to build a $250..., granted her a permit. Cosette became inspired by the pergola's growing resemblance to a ship, and expanded... after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Cosette "launched" her ship by inviting her Highland Park...; "Captain" Cosette, svelte and fashion-forward in a pants suit and high heels, played mistress of ceremonies

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... This photograph of Cosette I-aust-Newton pates from the early 1920s, when she began to promote... was never again on the payroll at a university. The first year of the Roaring Twenties found Cosette... in 1921 Cosette began giving local lectures on the "Irish Question." In Wichita Falls, amid pink... and France."39 By 1930, Cosette Faust-Newton was a seasoned professional of the American lecture circuit... an astonishing physical transformation in Cosette; she LEGACIES Spring 2014 3'1

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... Cosette Faust-Newton had shaped an exotic new identity for herself; she had positioned herself as a... nameless fears of the menace of an unknown and terrifying force."42 July 1938, the image of Cosette Faust... of holding Ricketts captive in the attic at 4005 Miramar for five hot summer days. Cosette and a private... reduced to false imprisonment, the resultant trial gave the public a glimpse of a Cosette who functioned...-Herald further reported her testimony that, during the protracted interrogation, Cosette had carried her

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... Meanwhile, over at 2217 Cedar Springs, Cosette Faust-Newton was slated to open her new "Miramar Center... was preparing for a young president's visit, Cosette was rendering her deposition in the law offices of Angus G... concerning her "garden ship of dreams," Cosette was once again bringing suit, ever attuned to the American... skipper of a real PT-boat get gunned down in Dealey Plaza. More likely, Cosette was canny enough... demolished it.77 In the years that followed, Cosette did a brisk business with local printers, repurposing

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..., at one point seeking to work with Dr. Frank Newton rather than Cosette, providing detailed instructions... on how to meet the codes, and granting permits necessary to meet their specs.59 Cosette responded

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... r - 41 ~.'IF At one point in the 1950s, Cosette bedecked her house with motel umbrellas, claiming... of their furnishings behind.52 An ad in the Corsicana Daily Sun from 1943 shows Cosette was still attempting to exploit

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... and Cosette's younger sister Louise. Their tandem wedding photo appears in Thompson's memoir; Drs. Faust... matching modern tea-length dresses, cradling large bouquets in their arms.22 Cosette also passed another... and their dean.28 Cosette's "advisory board" would consolidate the female student leadership of smaller civic... of it in the Rotunda. By October of 1919, Cosette Faust-Newton had vacated the position of Dean of Women, succeeded

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