The Weekly Anglo-African. (New York [N.Y.]), Vol. 1, No. 42, Ed. 1 Saturday, May 5, 1860: Searching Inside

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... into the service. The pulpit and the theology of the land, too,have furnished more than their quota of the work. So... of this glorins land by an improper action on the slavery question ? When John Wesley said that American slavery... they would do alike work when an occasion presents itself, in every village, town, and city in the land...—so long as slaveholders can find Northerners willing to purchase their stolen property, just so long..., is equivalent to buying stolen goods. I am very happy in being able to state that several of our churches

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... band ; One will fade as others greet thee, felisdows passing through the land. Do not look at lifs... negrophobia-monger in the land.—Student's Monthly (Oberhn, O.) " This publication, considered relatively... occasion, and chargod the cook with l»aviujj stolen it. She declared tbe kitten lind eaten it, and that she... the land of | Egypt and Pharaoh's host, are truly marvelous, wonderful! No romanee can equal them, and yet... to reelect," they at least wield J Pti** *aly 80 cents per eopy, aad p stage paid, THE PALM LAND; labors aad

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