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A v t$ 5:1. " ' - -mil
h $u . -r.t
Corpus High School cievrn has made a fine record this season losing but one tmc durlnc th acaaon On Thanks-
rlvlng Day the ttam will pl.iy Vic-tuna High school In t'nrj'is for the championship of Bout-hiveat Tezaa.
l ne arxve piayr rs. reH ni.K irnni mi
er Harris tvencardt. mimer. lerren.
Princeton and Yale Each Scored Two Field
Goals iD Thrilling Battle.
(Asslriolr ITif't KV'crf.)
: .PRINCETt i. N. .1
.'Ppnceton and Yah' 1:1
Mil batth- on I'mv
; fclayed each to a n to
. Wera the Uanm i:ihu h.
'! the power to n.s' ti.i
1 down. Kach Tchtu p-.i:
Nccvc nil-er 16.
t : t-ir annual fewtt-
im! l-'i'-l'l t'Hlay
S i it So cvfiiiy
I that neith'T
t t a tou( li-
a st..-tn'wnil oe-
cfnse and al; ti c m -iij;
a;aal8 from liit- ti hi aiu
i Macemtr.t.
a Koai Ironi
The result of tii' siiuj-K".' a disap-
point! n to tmtl: :dc.- ai.I eie-tally to
the (housan-ls of I'lincei'-n roc
:l rcott-r-- who
the hands of
lust It w lllln-
. WW Iht- (fame flip I rom
the fighting 'I'.." is iii tlu
- Utea of play
?f' Pumpelly Wai Hero.
-f.?The hero of tht khuh in the eyes of
Wo was l'ump.-lly. !i.. cummg into the
; gaMiie for the tec"ial l;riu- when every-
body expected to lu-ar the timekeeper's
Whiatlo blow glilng 1'rim-etoii a victory
- booted tile bail (or a hi I.) goal rrom the
flXty-yaxU line tiling the s. ore.
Jt waa one of the niott remarkalJe goais
i from the Held eer set n on the l'rinceton
... jpridiron. No one expected Yale to try
lor auch a score with ihe ball in mldfleld.
The time as shorL and it was a case of
5 doing aomething heroic or lose. Yale took
.v the chance and w on.
' Giving a signal apparently for a punt.
" Pumped y. who had hut a few inmutts be-
fore taken Mark.ey s piace at right half
: dropped back and received a perlect paao
from Ketcham. frumpei.'y (iroiped the ball
; ud then bootedXt on the rebound ilardly
nyoDe expected to see the ball soar to
the goal post. But it quickly began to
rise and on a dead straight line toward
; too oal. "Stew" Maker the little 1'rlnco-
. ton quarterback tan back and held his
i hands up ready to catch the ball but
the more he backed the nearer he got to
.-the goal line and he ticked over
the whitewash mark just as the ball sailed
: ; between the posts.
t Yale Standi Went Mad.
1. Am the ball cleared the bar Referee
Nea.1 Snow of .Michigan threw up his
bonds indicating that a fcore had been
mode and the thousand.-) of Yale rool-
: OT realizing that the daring back had
: tied the score sent up a tremendous
vcheer. The Yale subs turned somer-
MUlta on the sWe lines and l'umpcllv was
i: almost carried to his position by his fel-
t tow players.
' or Princeton the hero of the game was
? Ho bart Baker who made b.tii of the
.-.- Black and Orange s field goals. Both
' Were easy chances and cam- in the sec-
ond period.
.... Klynn. the tall fullback of the Yale
- . team was the first man to make a score
;-In the first period he kicked a goal from
. placement from within the 25-yard line.
1 . Tigers Surprised Yale.
: Princeton surprised Yale by the ag-
" gresalveneM of her attack and the
Otrength of her defense. Yale's line had
. boon heralded as being almost impossible
of penetration but the Tigers nearly
s OTOry time they smashed Into it made a
i Win. The trouble was they could not
i keep up the terrific pace and weakened
they neared the Yale goal line. The
Tigers got the ball within the Blues' 10-
. yard line In the second period and being
unable to carry It over H Raker tried
; lor tho field goal and made It.
i---; i Flynn Outklcked De Witt.
- in the first two periods 1'rinceton
' slightly outplayed Yale in all depart-
i menu except kicking in which Flynn had
decided advantage over Ie Witt.
. TaJo made but few downs In the first
two periods and resorted to much kick-
. ln as she had a strong northwest wind
Are not discarded when the
"newness" wears off; for they
hold their shape. You'll like
their looks their comfort.
their wear. Ralstons need
BO breaking in because
made on
i o t -moulded
1 inf.ty'JS I
si:.:qx j(Q05 o sons
- ti..pisroff.yfi ' -
mmiiiiimimi lint
.XT' . r n
Corpus Christi High School'i Squad.
u rigni are. Monamg i men nociwooa
Mitins x-yncn laiw Doone Sefreat (captain) Wtlla Carruth im
Princeton Captain Sustained Dislo-
cated Shoulder In Yale Game.
K Aisocxatti Prtu lUpcrt.)
PRINCETON. November 16.
Captain Pendleton of the Prince-
ton football team sustained a dis-
located left shoulder in today's
game with Yale. This announce-
ment was made tonight. Trie In-
jur will not retard his athletic
at her back In the third and last pe-
riods however the Yale men took a
decided brace and penetrated the Prince-
ton line with greater success.
Outside of the stubborness of the de-
fense on each side and Pumpelly'a great
field goal thre was nothing remarkable
about the game. Yale because of the
Harvard game next Saturday evidently
was not uncovering all her plays. The
forward pat did not figure in the game
not in the scoring.
Flynn Made Place Kick
l'ale broke Into the soore In the first
period as the indirect result of a fum-
ble. The New Haven team being unable
to gain Klynn punted to Princeton's 15-
yard line. In his anxiety to get the ball
'Stew" Baker fumbled and Yale recov
ered the pigskin. After failing to gain
in two smashes against the Princeton
line riynu Micned a ueauLitul goat lrom
placement lrom the lfc-yara line. The
period etideu with no iurtner scoring.
I'riticeLoii scortd a Held goal eauy In
the seuotiu period also aa an indirect
result oi a tumble. The period opened
with Yule in poHaession ttt the ball. Fail-
ing to make any Impression on tile Tiger
line l-'lj on punted awl the kick was al-
most immediately relumed by Waller.
yuarterbacK Heeler who was sent back
to icceie liie punt let it slip through Ins
arms and Andrews the Princeton left
end. fell on it. ' Slew" i&ker made four
yaids against the left side of the Yale
line- ana then "Hobe" Baker dropped
back in the J j -yard line and booted a
mat field goal tying the score i to 1.
Princeton Assumed Lead.
The third score whicu placed Prince-
ton in the lead came late in the third
period. After an exchange of punts
Princeton worked the baJI on good rushes
I y De Witt to within ten yards of Yale's
goal llete tile blue line htld and cap-
tain Pendleton called upon "Moba"
iiaker to try lor another goal. It was
easy for lialvcr the ball feuing directly
between the goal posts from the la-yard
In the last period Princeton's hopes
rose as the minutes passed only to be
suddenly dashed by Pumpeiiy's goal.
An Immense Crowd.
The footbail crowd was here today In
greater force than ever before. Special
iruins by the dozen brought many addi
tions during the morning to the crowd of
graduates and fair followers of the
"ittiis'i and Black who had arrived last
mgtit to participate In the many reunions
and the senior promenade. By 1 o'clock
there was not a vacant seat in the Im-
mense amphitheater which accommodated
Hu.iaiu spectators. Late comers who had
neglected or had been unable to procure
tickets were almost all disappointed and
as high as )i0 a pair was offered for
seats in good locations. The lineup
lplnn-l.... V'
Andrews Avery
Left End j
Phillips Talbot
Left Tackle
Shank Cooney
Left Guard
Bluenthal Ketcham
Logan J. H. Pendlton
Bight Guard
Penfleld Warren
Ktght Tackle
T. T. Pendleton Bomelater
Right End
S Baker Wheeler
H. Baker fipaldlna
Left Halfback
Waller Phllbin
Right Halfback
De Witt Flj-nn
Substitutions: Princeton T. T. Renck-
man for Waller. Dunlap for T. T. Pendle-
ton. Yale Held for J. H. Pendleton. Cor-
rell..for..VVneeler' Pumpelly for Flynn J.
H Pendleton for Held. Wheeler for Cor-
nell Hynn for Pumpelly. Gallauer for
Avery Markle for Phllbin. Pumpelly for
Marklc Sheldon for Bomelater Loftua for
Wheeler Arnold for J. H. Pendlaton. R.
Baker for Flynn.
Goal from placement Flynn.
goals from field H. Baker 2 Pumpelly.
Score Yale 6 Princeton .
Officials Referee. W. 8. Langford. Trin-
ity; umpire feal Snow Michigan; head
linesman. Lieutenant Nelly West Point
Time of periods Fifteen minutes each.
Goes to Soonsrs Who Defeated the Okla-
homa Aggies.
lAuociated Prttt Report.)
NORMAN. Okla.. November U. Held
repeatedly In the middle of the field but
Plunging through the Aggies' defense
when within striking distance. Okla-
homa university today scored two touch-
downs and a goal from placement de-
V?!f th. krnn A- and M. college
of Stillwater by a score of 1 to 0. oarry-
shfpWfor lSia th 8UU """"P1011-
Oklahoma secured her first touchdown
ten m nutea after tho tame opend by
Courtrlght who kicked coal. In the sec-
ond half Courtrlght kicked goal from the
Iweyyard Ilne- Reed- or Oklahoma
shortly afterward took tho coal from the
Aggies twenty-yard line but tho punt
out was a failure and Courtrlght did not
have an opportunity to try for a goal.
Cadets Hsd Hands Full to Defeat Tufts
(Attociettt Prtu Report.')
WEST POINT. N. r.. November 11
Ths Army bad a harder time dsf sating
" " TT-"" " - - -
1 J' 1' -.11' :v- I Tn I M iTr i t
Coleman Dcnev. Learr Carrol
Tufta today than tho score Indicates. The
Cadets were returned the winners by a
15 to ( score but In the first two periods
were outplayed by the Tufts team. De-
vore had his hands full with O'Donnel.
who sot through several times and
spoiled Army plays behind the soldiers'
Schaklin'i Failure on Drop Kick
From 25-Yard line Cost
the Game.
(Altsriatt J Prns Report.)
LITTLE ROCK. Ark. November 16
The I'nlverslty of Arkansas eleven lost
! to the University of Louisiana eleven in
j a hard-fought game by a score of 7 to
I Arkansas had the ball on the l;"-yara line
i with only two minutes to play when Quar-
i terback Schaklln attempted a drop kick.
which failed and Arkansas chances to
win were gone.
During the first quarter of the game
Arkansas scored on a scries of forward
passes which resulted in Martin Arkan-
sas' fullback catching a forward pass
across the line. Lou.slana came back
by scoring on a series of Hue plunges
and end runs.
Arkansas' Ilne was weak while the
Louisiana line was almost unbreakable.
Arkansas' fighting spirit alone kept the
score down as fast Interference on end
runs and the ease with which the Arkan-
sas' Una wifs broken kept the Arkansas
eleven defending its goal throughout al-
most the entire game.
The lineup:
Arkansas. Position. Louisiana.
Poff J. Dupont
Left End.
Phillip Louvlere
Left Tackle.
Reed C. Spencer
Left Guard.
Rhyman Hall c
Huntley Block
Right (Juard.
Hlr.ton (c) Crawford
Right Tackle.
Bryant F. Spencer
Right End.
Schaklln L. IHipont
y uarterback.
Rudd Johnston
Left Half.
May Talbot
Right Half.
Martin Reid
8coi e Louisiana 7. Arkansas S.
Touchdowns L. Dupont Martin.
Coal from touchdown Johnstun.
Releree Campbell. Lake Korest. Um-
pire Rupert Wisconsin. Head linesman
O'yulnn. Washington and Lee. Scorers
--Jennings. Mississippi A. and M. for
Louisiana: Jacoison for Arkansas.
Time ot quarters Fifteen minutes.
Time of game One hour and fifteen
Brickley's Field Goal Only Score by
Crimson Eleven Against
the Green.
lAitOciottd Prtu Report.)
CAMBRIDGE Mass. November 1
Harvard using only a part of its reputea
offensive tactics defeated Dartmouth to-
day by a score of t to 0. The Crimson
filayed a conservative game. Its goal
Ine was never threatened by the green-
jerseyed team and its principal batteries
of attack to be used against Yale next
Saturday are still uncovered.
The only score of the game was a field
foal in the third period by Harvard's
lcklng; back. Brlckley had three other
opportunities to score III the same way
but a fluky wind or hurried kicks spoiled
each attempt. Englehorn of Dartmouth
tried two place kicks each- fom the
40-yard line both of which went wide.
Lack of a few seconds' additional time
robbed the Crimson team of a touchdown.
The game ended with the ball in Har-
vard's possession on Dartmouth's two-
yard line where it had been brought on
three rushes after Brlckley had inter-
cepted a Dartmouth forward pass and
had run to the Green's ten-yard line.
The end of the game came Just as Brlck-
ley waa about to lunge himself forward
for the final thrust.
Earlier In the third period Brlckley had
been placed In possession to kick a coal
from the field by the Crimson attack.
The only touch of "new" football shown
by Harvard was developed In starting
this period when half a dosen yards
were made on an Intricate forward pass
play which Harvard apparently learned
from Vanderbllt In last Saturday's game.
Twenty yards were gained In another
forward pass O'Brien receiving. Wen-
dell and Brlckley then bucked the ilne
successfully for twenty yards In four
A Dartmouth penalty of five yards and
two unsuccessful Crimson rushes brought
the ball to the twenty-yard lino. Here
Brlckley kicked but. the trial was un-
successful. Dartmouth's offense Included nearly
every style of attack but the Crimson
defense was at all times sufficient.
Escort of Galveston Motorcyclists to Wel-
come Houstonlans.
(HtMuveo Pott Sptcitl.)
GALVESTON Texas November 16.
Sunday morning at I o'clock a party ' of
twenty Oalveston members of the motor-
cycle club will leave bore traveling out
the Houston road to meet a party of
twenty -rive members of the Houston
Motorcycle club and escort them to the
city where they will be guest of the Gal-
veston cyclists. After coming to town
securing whatever is found necessary for
their motorcycles etc tbe Houstonlans
will be taken to Cannon's place down the
Island where all will join tn a big Hah and
oyster banquet lasting probably through-
out the afternoon. . t
Tumvereln Over the Carnival Week Va-
cation and Ready for Work.
Houston Turneverte bowling will be
resumed this week and a full attend-
ance Is expected. The pins are now In
first class condition ana should produce
good scores.
- .
Baylor Ran Up Score of 41 to 0 on the Eleven
From Waxahachie. -
Aucilti Prttt Report.)
WACO Texas November 1 In a one-
sided game featured by tlte sensational
getaways of Ponder and Fouts by splen-
did execution f the forward pass with
Collier the Baylor quarter at the receiv-
ing end and by the exceUent line plunging
and Interference ot Halfback Tates and
Substitute Fullback Jenkins the Baylor
eleven with a lineup made up largely of
substitutes; trounced the oleven of Trin-
ity university by tbe decisive score of
41 to . The Baylor eleven-displayed a
fighting spirit throughout the entire game
such as has not been seen save in short
spurts during the entire season. With
snd runs line bucks forward passes and
criss-crosses they drove the hard'flght-
Ing Trinity team down the field and across
the goal line scoring six touchdowns and
five goals.
The Trinity eleven though badly de-
feated fought gamely through the entire
contest winning deservedly the respect
and praise of every spectator. In tbe last
quarter with the Score 41 to 0 against
them they carried the ball three-quarters
the length of the field to within one yard
of the Baylor goal.
Coach Glaxe sent In a large number of
substitutes and the green men certainly
proved themselves worthy of the confi-
dence placed In thefn. Jenkins at full-
back. Mendenhall at quarter and Isaacs
at guard and center played an unusually
strong game.
Baylor scored twice in the first quarter
once in the second and three times in
the third. In the first quarter Left Half-
back Ponder In the feature play of the
day tok the ball on his own HO-yard line
.circled right end and with Jenkins and
Collier Interfering and raced eighty yards
to the Trinity goal. Fouts kicked the
goal. Shortly after this. Fouts recov-
ered a fumbled ball and went sixty yards
to a touchdown again kicking goal. In
the second quarter Fouts secured an
Mississippi Scored One Touchdown While A
and M. Was Running Up 41 Points.
IHouston Port Special.)
BRYAN Texas November 16 The
football team of the A. and M. college
of Texas upheld its title as champions of
the Southwest and its position as runner-
up In the race for Southern honors by de-
feating tlie husky athletes from Starkvllle
Miss. representing the A. und M. college
of that State by the decisive score of 41
to 7. It was a battle between teams even-
ly matched in weight and experience and
the results may be summed up by saying
the best team won. The weather was
Ideal and a slight touch of winter gave
the men just that amount of energy and
enthusiasm which is necessary to nsake a
football game a complete success. Fully
2600 people witnessed the battle between
gridiron warriors and the many thrilling
plas brought storms of app.ause not only
for Texas but for the Mlsslssippians as
well. It was a battle royal and the en-
thusiasm was- no less marked than that
displayed in Houston when the husky
Farmers won the championship of the
Southwest from the Sooners.
Former President Saw Game.
the distinguished visitors who
witnessed the game were Dr. ond Mrs. J.
C. Hardy of Ueltou Texas who are the
gues'.s of Prof and Mrs. F. C. Bolton. Dr.
Hardy v as president of the Mississippi
Agricultural and Mechanical college from
lau-i to 1V11 and with Mrs. Hardy and a
number of the professors and instructors
who were at one time connected with that
Institution lie followed the progress of
tbe game with Intense interest. The Mis-
sissippi hftys are a fine bunch of athletes
and plaj-ed a clean hard game throughout
the four quarters. The game was well
officiated and there was at no time any
discussions over the decisions of the offi-
cials. (in account of the absence of Vesmlr-
ovsky and Bowler two of the most bril-
liant players who have ever graced the
Texas gridiron the Farmers' line and
back held were considerably weakened.
However Higtfinbothani and Crow two
of Moran's promising freshmen filled men's positions like veterans. Hlg-
glnbolhanfs kicking featured again today
and Crow s work at tackle deserves spe-
cial mention.
Greeting Mississippi.
Mississippi came on the held at 3:25 and
was greeted by the A. and M. band play-
ing "I Love Nobody But You." At 3:28
the Farmers appeared and were received
by long and loud cheers from the stands.
For Texas A. and M. Montgomery and
Everett the two brilliant ends 'were the
brightest stars. Each of these men re-
ceived the forward passes welt Everett
received a forward from Beasley on Mis-
sissippi's forty-yard line and ran the bal-
ance of the distance for a touchdown.
Time after time he received the pass and
ripped off good gains lor ten and twenty
yards. Montgomery was all the time In
the play and recovered a fumble after a
punt and went forty-five yards for a
touchdown behind beautiful interference
by Bell Higgtnbotham and Lyles throw-
ing off tackier after tackier. Lambert
the big tackle had his nose broken early
In the game but remained In until taken
out in the last quarter to give a young
ster a chance. Kern played his steady
game at quarter running his team well
at all times and carrying tbe ball well
Forty-YarTDrop Kick.
Hlgglnbotham featured by sending the
oval directly between the bar on a kick
from placement from the forty-five-yard
line. This- kick waa made against the
wind. McArthur showed up strong espe-
cially on breaking up forward passes. He
broke up several and Intercepted three
making long gains on each of them. Bate-
man again brought the stands to their feet
by his brilliant open field running and his
beautiful interference. The Farmers put
up the best article of interference that
has been seen on Kyis Held lav many a
year in fact the best that they have put
up this year. The line held well consid-
ering the fact that Bowler. was out and
only a few times were the heavy Missis-
sippi back field able to make consistent
gains In that direction.
The attack the Farmers put up was of-
the best variety. They would smash the
line for a play or two and follow with a
brilliant end run or a dazzling forward
For Mississippi Blond y Williams the
llght-halred quarter. Was the ever shining
star and he had the Fanners guessing
all the time. He was ably assisted by
Rule Kimball. Glleland and Baker In the
back field. Etlard Wells and McArthur
did beet In the Une. The MisaissIppianS
resorted largely to old styls football
using the forward pass only a few time
and making It but twice.
Game tn Detail. The Farmer won the
toss and defended the east goal with
the wind In their 'favor. Rule kicked
thirty-five yards to Bell who returned
eighteen. Forward pass. Bell to Mont
gomery failed Everett 'gets two yard
around end. and Bell makes ten through
tackle. Bateman gets one more through
center. Bell makes four through tackle
and Bateman make first down Mont-
gomery gets Ms around end and Bateman
gets four through center. Bell thrown ror
a loss then makes first down BeU gets
three yards then makes first down. With
three yards to go BeU buck tackle for
touchdown. Farmer march down - the
field In four minutes for a touchdown
without losing the ball. Bell falls to kick
goal. Rule kicks forty yards to Everett
who return twenty-five. Everett then
- - - - -
' "in' o; '' x'c i r yr
other loose ball and went half the length
of the field for third soore. Fouts
Fouts kicked the goal In the third quar-
ter Baylor opened up with the forward
pass and with Collier and Moseley at the
receiving end tbe ball wsa three times
carried within striking distance of the
goal. line bucks carried the ball ever
for three touchdowns Williams annexing
the first and Collier the last two. Mose-
ley kicked two out of three goals.
The lineup: - -
Baylor. Position. Trinity.
Powers Duncan
Right End.
Cooper (c) Fleming
Right Tackle.
Reager Allbrlght
Right Guard.
Ward Newton (c)
z Center. -
Ieaaca Garrett
Left Guard
Porter Williams
Left Tackle.
Fouts Troutmah
Left End.
Collier McElree
Ponder Roblnett
Left Halfback.
Tates - Estes
Right Half.
Jenkins Feguson
Substitutions Baylor: Moseley for
Powers. Isaacs for Ward Robinson for
Isaacs Ciimm for Porter Law-son for
Crlmm Leech for Fouts Mendenhall for
Collier Cox for Ponder Collier for Yates
Williams for Jenkins.
Touchdowns Baylor: Fouts 2 Collier
i. Ponder 1. Williams J.
Goals from touchdowns Fouts 3 Mose-
ley 1!.
Referee Masslnglll (Texas).
Umpire Snipes (Southwestern).
Head linesman Burleson (Trinity).
Tims of halves Fifteen and ten min-
utes. got twenty around end; Kern loses two
lilgginbotham loses four. Higglnbothara
kicks forty-five to Williams who re-
turns ten. Kimball goes through line fer
four Williams Is thrown for a loss. Rule
makes first down. Rule gets four yards
through tackle. Williams gets four
around end. Williams makes first down;
Kimball falls to gain and Rule loses two.
Williams falls to gain around end. He
kicks twenty-five to Bell who returns
four yards. Time out Texas A. and M.
Lambert's nose Is broken but he remains
in the game. Kerns gets twenty on fake
kick then three more through the line;
Montgomery fails to gain as does Bell.
Everett gets twenty an forward pass over
Crow gets one through the line; Mis-
sissippi penalized half the distance of the
goal for rough playing. Montgomery gets
eight around end for touchdown. Hlggin-
botham kicks goal. Rule kicks forty to
Bell who makes no return (quarter up.
Soore: Texas A. and M. 13 Mississippi
A. and M. 0.
Second Quarter. McArthur goes In for
Bateman. Ball on Texas A. and M.
twenty line Hlgglnbotham kicks thirty
to Williams who returns eight. Kim-
ball gets four Rule three and Kimball
mnkM firfl Afwtn Dul ... .... I - t..iA .
i . z..rr '"""' ""
'.T! '"""""J"' xcAruiur inter-
M. ienall7.ed fifteen vaids for holding.
.- una iui ij jaius. irini a. ana
Forward pass McAithur to Kern Incom-
plete; Hlgglnbotham kicks field goal from
the fortyflve-yard Ilne. Hlgglnbotham
kicks off to Kimball who returns twenty.
Williams gains ten on end run. Williams
makes forward pass to Cooper for twenty
yards. Morrison relieves Everett. Kim-
ball goes through the line for three yards;
Williams is thrown for a ten-vard loss.
Forward pass by Williams Is intercepted
by McArthur. Forward pass. McArthur
to Hlgglnbotham no gain. Montgomery
gets three through the line then loses
three. Morrison loses two. Hlgglnbo-
tham kicks thirty out of bounds: Williams
makes four on end run then falls on
forward pass. McGee kicks forty out of
bounds. McArthur takes eight on end
run. Forward pass McArthur to Morri-
son falls. Texas A. and M. penalized
fifteen yards for holding. Hlgglnbotham
kicks forty-five tt Williams who fum-
bles; Montgomery recovers and behind
beautiful interfere! ce by Bell Lyles and
Hlgglnbotham goej the remaining dis-
tance for a touchdown. Hire-in hot hum
kicks goal; Beasley goes in for Bell; Hlg-
siiiuoiiiain kicks ioriy-iive to Kimball
who makes a beautiful return of twenty-
five yards. Williams gets through the
line. Cooper goes in for Kimball and
makes first down. Rule gets two and
Williams takes four. Quarter up with
ball In the mlddie of the field In Missis-
sippi's possession. Score: Texas A. and
M. 22. Mississippi A. and M. 0.
Third Quarter. Kimball returns to the
game for Mississippi and Bell Bateman
Everett and Kern return to the game for
Texas A. and M. Bell kicks forty to
Kimball who returns ten. Kimball gets
two through the Ilne. Williams no gain.
Kimball goes through the line for two
then McGee kicks fifty to Kern who
returns ten; McArthur gets two on end
run: Bateman makes first down. Crow
gets eight on tackle over tackle play.
Bateman makes first down. Texas A.
and M. penalized fifteen for holding.
Bateman takes eight McArthur two. Bell
kicks thirty-five to Rule who returns
six. Rule loses two on end run. Wil-
liams no gain through the line. Williams
tries forward pass with success. Rule
kicks twenty-live out oi bounds. Bate-
man fumbles and El lard of Mississippi
recovers. Kimball goes through the Ilne
for fifteen: Williams falls to gain:
Williams tries a forward pass but falls;
Williams fumbles on try for drop klek
and ball goes over. McArthur makes two
through the line. Forward nui. Rt.
man to Montgomery goes out of bounds.
Kern gains two through the line. Bell
kicks twenty-five to Rule who returns
five. Rule gains four through the Une;
Baker goes in for Kimball and gets first
down. Williams makes no gain; forward
pass by Williams fau. Williams kicks
forty to Spake who went to for Kern.
Ho returns ten. Bell mattes fhlrty on end
run behind beautiful Interference by
Bateman and Lyles. Beasley goes In for
McArthur but before a play Is started the
quarter ends. Score: Texas A. and M.
22 Mississippi A. and M. 0.
Fourth Quarter Bateman gets one end
run forward pass Beasley to Montgom-
ery gets thirty yards. Beasley makes a
touchdown by bucking the line for eight
yards. Bell kicks out to Spake. Bell failed
to kick goal. Mlsslslppl received the kick
on her forty-yard line. Gllleland makes
thlrty-rflve yards on a beautiful end run
behind splendid Interference. Kimball
fro through the line for four yards. Wil-
lams gets two then kicks thirty to Bell
who returns twenty. Bateman fails to
gain through the line. Nelms goes in
V?f Bat?m- Nelms gets one on end run.
Mississippi penalised for mterferring on
forward pass. Nelms falls to gain. Beas-
ley gets eighteen yards through the Ilne.
Montgomery makes twenty-five around
the end. Everett gets twenty-five around
the end and goes out of bounds. Nelms
fails to gain. Forward pass Beasley to
Montgomery falls. Beasley goes through
Un..f01ilMri "K1 touchdown.
Be 1 (alia to kick goal Kindred In tor
BelL Texas received the kick on her
ten-yard one and make no return. On
the next play Beasley make a forward
PautElT'r2tUw.ho r the entire
length of the field for touchdown. Time
twelve minutes of play. Nelms ktoks goat.
Bryan goes In for Lyles. Rule kicks to
Spake who returns ten. Beasley rets
fifteen yards around end. Spake gets four
through the line. Beasley loses four then
fumbles. Kimball recovers and run forty
yards for a touch down having th hon-
or of making the first touchdown on the
Farmers this season. Nelms kick to Kim-
ball who returns fifteen. Herring goes
In for Nelms. Kimball get four through
the line. Rule gains our through the
same place. Kimball lose two then
kicks thirty. Spake fumbles and Missis-
sippi recovers. Kimball gets two then
makes first down. Kimball goes two more
through Une. Time Is up and the game
r . .tn in nnj1 riju-jyvTjij
I - cs 1 11
Blends! Send us your ordei f or
You KNOW It it good mad pure - the Gorernmrit
Green bmm ow the cork b your protection.
T- .-...ii.
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nn tnattor . bow
eeera -tn if they offer
. BottUd hBottd whisker
nd rememberthere
is only one wi foacaa
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straight whiskey and
that is to tfajiigf on
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scaled J Itocmssl
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in-Bond whiskey of this magnificent quality
at this price.
ends with the ball on Texas A. and M.
thirty yard line In Mississippi's posses-
sion. The lineup:
Texas Mississippi-
Montgomery Kimball
Right End
Crow BUard
Right Tackle
Lyles McArthur
Right Guard
Cushman Ruffln
Miller Ralney
Left Guard
Lambert Wells
Left Tackle
Everett -. McGee
Left Knd
Kern Williams
Bell Rule
Right Half
Bateman Gileland
Left Half
Hlgglnbotham Cooper
Officials Robert Brown (DartmouthK
referee; H. E. Vansudan (Ohio Wesleyan)
umpire; J. w. tucigeway (Auburnl head
linesman. Time of quarters twelve and
a half minutes.
Substitutes: Texas A. and M. Spake
for Kern McArthur for Bateman. Nelms
for Hlgglnbotham Muse for Lyles Bryan
for Lambert Beasley for McArthur.
Mississippi Cooper for Kimball Baker
for Rule.
Final score Texas As and M. 41;
Mississippi A. and M. 7.
Results All Over the Blq College Foot
ball World.
At Princeton: Princeton 6 Tale t.
At Cambridge: Harvard 3 Dart-
mouth 0.
At Annapolis: Navy 40 A. and M. 0.
At Amherst: Williams 12 Amherst 0.
At Providence: Brown 21. Lafayette 7.
At West Poinst: Army 15 Tufts Col-
lege 8.
At Philadelphia: Penn 34. Carlisle 25.
At Syracuse: Colgate 7 Syracuse 0.
At New Haven: Yale Freshmen 17
Harvard Freshmen IS.
Kenyon 22 Cincinnati
At Cincinnati:
At Green Castle: Depau 17. Butler 3.
At Cleveland: Western Reserve 7 Ohio
Wesleyan 0.
At Itfavette: Purdue 91 Rose Poly 0.
At Oherlln: Oberlln 10 Case 6.
At Lalslng: M. A. C. 24 Wabash 0.
Missouri Valley.
At St. Ixiuls: St. Louis 20 Marquette 6.
At Columbia: Missouri 33 Washing-
ton 0.
At Lincoln: Nebraska 14 Kansas .
At Manhattan: Kansas Aggies 14 Col-
orado 6.
At Ames: Iowa 20 Ames 7.
At Nashville: Vanderbllt 23 Central 0.
At Knoxvllle: Kentucky 13 Tennes-
see 6.
At Atlanta: Georgia 20 Georgia
Tech 0.
AX Macon: Clemson 31 Mercer 13.
At Birmingham: Mississippi 47 Ten-
seasee Medics 6.
At Little Rock: Louisiana 7 Arkan-
sas 5.
At Chattanooga: Chattanooga 52
Transylvania 7.
South Atlantic.
At Washington: Georgetown 16. Vir-
ginia 13.
At Charleston: Citadel 40. Charles-
ton 0.
At Columbia: South Carolina 65 P.
M. A- 0.
At Greensboro: Washington and Lee
11. North Carolina 0.
At Petersburg: Hampden Sidney 27
William and Mary 0.
At Blacksberg: V. P. I. 41. West Vir-
ginia 0.
State and Elsewhere.
At Norman: Oklahoma 16. Oklahoma
A. and M. 0.
At Waco: Baylor 47 Trinity 0.
At College Station: A. and M. 41 Mis-
sissippi A. and M. 7.
At Denver: Colorado University 10
Denver 0.
At Berkely: (Rugby) Australians 12
Californlans 8.
Victory Over Minnesota Qlvee Wisconsin
Undisputed First place.
'Auociatei Prtu Rtport.t
CHICAGO November 16. First hon-
ors in the "Big Nine" conference football
season went to Wisconsin today when
the Cardinal team defeated Minnesota 14
to 0. Wisconsin Is champion and Min-
nesota and Chicago each of which has
been defeated by Wisconsin will play
Sext Saturday for second honors. II-
nols failed to stop Chicago today and
the best they can do now is fourth place.
Wisconsin Proved Superior Football Ms-
chin to Minnesota.
(AteocUtti Prtu Report.)
MINNEAPOLIS Minn. November II.
Wisconsin proved a superior football ma-
chine to Minnesota here today and to-
night the title of football championship
of the "Big Nine" last year held by Min-
nesota belongs to the husky eleven from
Madison Wis.. The score waa Wiscon-
sin 14 Minnesota 0.
Defeated North Carolina A. and
40 to O Score.
M. by
(Associated Prtu Rtport.)
ANNAPOLIS. Md. - November ll.By
a score of 40 to ' Navy's football team
this afternoon defeated th Agricultural
and Mechanical college of North Carolina
and In a measure retrieved the series of
crushing defeats . sustained almost with
out a break from tha opening of tbe
feon.' . . - - -
... : f
WANT yon to
TOY this wtiakey
on i
ouT guarantee
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and we will return your
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we stand all the expense U w tag
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A fcnVr U mtatMty-
Cat Oat ad ns this Coupoal
t ' w ii ' i iwi ever
V ttam
TBI siTim atsiumc cs.
CBStond a4 SJ.W tor whk MM
SM yoCS tan saatv sstUM oi
Barser rvHMs stock SottMd-ie.
Boa watosoy expnss M-s
aor yeas enr. It la uamta4
Uet If skis wksonr la sot fowl
ss naMM and aMtanvrterr to
BMlBorarrwojr HTboranoa
M rot oxpoaoo na au HS w to
aeitvanptirtoraBdoa O-ST
Orion tot Ada. Cl.. Colo. Make Moat.. ..
M. Mas. On. Utah. Waak. at Wre. ataM bo oa Ike
kaalsof 4emmfctM.M kr Ixstoai FnaaM at
aura km I1S.M kr rroitkt Ptaasl-L S-M
PoN Pal
1017 CapNol Av.
Coach Ar&ackle Sayi Bice Freshmen
Put TJp Great Fight Against
"The score by which we were beaten at
Georgetown" says Coach Philip H. Ar-
buckle of the Rice Institute eleven who
brought his team back to Houston yes-
terday "Is no Indication of the real class
of the fight our men put up against th
"End to end the Rice freshmen playing
In the line actually outplayed their op-
ponents and the detailed score will show
that our men reoeatedtv rinned tha 8. U.
defense for good gains.
t ne inaouity oi our oacss to ge ro-
? other and untimely and uncalled for
umblea really cost us the game. South-
western should never have run up th
score they succeeded in making.
"We found Southwestern in the best ot
condition the team probably being In
better shape Just now than they nave
ever been. They are confident of giving
the Locghorns a healthy scrap next
Coach Arbuckle says that there Is no
foundation In fact of the report from
Fort Worth that Rice had challenged
T. C. U. to a game. The Institute has
made no such advances.
Huebel's Dash Featured Spectacular
Michigan Victory Over Cornell.
(Associated Prtu Report.)
ANN ARBOR Mich.. November IS.
Suddenly shifting from the old fashioned
game to brilliant open play Michigan
scored two touchdowns in rapid succes-
sion in the fourth period of today's foot-
ball struggle with Cornell and closed the
season with a 20 to 7 vlcotry.
Michigan mixed wonderfully in tha
final period. Aided In punting by a brisk
wind the Wolverines became the ag-
gressors and a Cornell fumble In mld-
fleld paved the way for the winning
touchdown. The puntout went wide.
Then cam the spectacular play of the
game. Hill punted to Quarterback Hue-
bel. who after dodging his way through
the Cornell team ran sixty yards for a
touchdown. Patterson kicked goaL
Penn Followed Ball Closely and Bested
The Indisns.
(AstocUttd Prtu Report.)
PHILADELPHIA November 1 Play-
ing a fast game from the beginning the
University of Pennsylvania football team
gained a victory over the Carlisle In-
dians this afternoon by the score of 14
to 26.
Alabama and Sewsnse Tie.
(AuteUtti Prtu Rtptrt.) .
Alabama and Sewanee fought to a to
6 tie on Rlckwood field hers this after-
noon. Captain Olllam lost the only opportun-
ity that Sewanee had to win when he
missed an easy goal.
Scoreless Game at Roekdale.
(.Hoiuto Pott Special.)
ROCKDALE Texas November II. The
Cameron and Rockdale high school elevens
played on the school campus here yes-
terday neither side being able to score.
It was a battle royal and the Rockdale
boys feel highly elated over holding tbe
more experienced Cameron team to an
even break.
Oroesbeeck Olrls Defeated Corslesn.
(Houston Pott Spttut.)
GROESBEECK. Texas November M
The girl basket ball teams of Corsteana
and. Oroesbeeck played her today Oroes-
beeck winning by a score of to 7. The
teams represented the high schools of
each place and much Interest and enthu
siasm was displayed.
Bayvlew College Defeated Victoria High.
(Houston Pott Spteisi.)
VICTORIA Texas November It. Bay-
vlew college'a fast football team defeated
the Victoria high school team her today
at Bltterle park by the score of 1Z to 0. '
Bayview-s superior team work tn winches
wrested the victory (rem the Rosebud.
Smith vllls High Wort Gam.
(Houston Pttt Stttitl.)
SMiTHVruje Texas November 11.
The Smithvflle high sohool team defeated
the Yoakum football team her yesterday
by a score of U to Sr
McGreaor High wen Game.
(Houston ptt Spttiai.
M'GREGOR Texas November 11 Th
McGregor high sdhool football team In a
well played gam her today easily de-
feated the Marlln high School team the
cor being It to 14.
rownwood High Wsn Game.
BlvOWNWTXttJ Texas November )
isrownwooa nign School defeated Lam-
- ;

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