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C. L. FARMER State Agent
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No order! solicited and no shipment
mad In violation or Texa Laws.
Defeated Visitors by One-Sided
Scores at Basket Ball
Ilnumllle Hlab spent several boors In Hooe-
tno yestrrtlaT. bt the pleasure of tbe visit eras
all the benefit derived ss tbe llnnston liljh tn
wiped them ill oter the flor ut the y. V. C. A.
gym In the morning sad afternoon and nlfftat
Hunmllle wss beaten 00 to IS la Un sfter-
aeen anil to 14 at nlfht.
Bob Bliue at uanl starred on the defenslTe
work In both gam". J" Thompson .bowed as
pertieularly well n offense maktug w nel.l
Sals sod 'three frcm foul. In tbe two game.
Ig Setterast played wprtvlerful feme at olgbt.
Hantavllle. pissed well bnt llleh's defense
wn so superb thl the tllt'i. rouli not work
a man free to make a toss at the basket.
To times were so oneiliel iiim every local
nan had a cUsnce to stsr snd aU of tae auba
War dsmI.
The Ml tdj Blooe Brlgada srai en hand fall of
enthusiasm sod by concerted cheering belped
snstsrlsllv In the Tictory.
The afternoon game:
Houston. I'osltlon. Hnatarllle.
Tbompson Ball captala
Right forward.
Swor. csptsla Camp
Lett forward.
gettecast Tkonasm
Blatue lohnsoa
Left gusrd.
Littrrst Randolph
Right guard.
Knhs Houston. No tb xmtoi. Tkornton. Hardy
Kli.foland; Huntrtllle. Bobertaon aad Orsj.
Afiernoon summsrr:
(loals throsrnThonipsoa T J. flecor 6 Klnga-
htnd 4. North t T. Socor 4. Bill 1 Camp 1.
Johnson 1 Thomson 1.
Fowls thrown Thompson t Bsll T.
Fouls missed Thompson Ball ..
licferee Stack. I'mplre Nelson Seorff tB4
t'uier ltmrling. Time of hares 20 minutes.
Thompsou Secor. csptsla.
Right forward.
Left forward.
Left guard.
. . . ThomaeoB
.Ball. captsJa
Right guard.
Rubs Huston. Hinly. K. gecor Ktagsland.
Thornton. Lltterst.
(losls tbmwn Setters at U Thocnraon IS. J.
Decor 4. Blalue 1. Klngtlsnd 1 Lltterst 1
Norlh 1 Ball :i Otey 2.
Goals thrown from foula Blaine X. Thomp-
son 1. Bsll 2. (lap 1.
Fonls missed Blaine 1. Bill S. Csmp 2.
Referee Neleon. Umpire Stock. Scorer and
timer Eberl.T.
Time uf helree Twenty minutes.
Public School Basket Ball.
Three games were played yesterday afternoon
on the public school basket ball league. The
Rrsgsn I Inch fir Is defeated Austin. S to I.
Tsrlor's tiO-torb boys bested Allen 14) to S aad
Alien s big tors best Taylor. 15 to S.
The fonr Rnftk-Aastln snd four Tsetse-Sber
man gsmes aieluled for Tuesday will he ad-
rsncel snd played alonday Tuesday belug
naif holiday.
Vanderbllt Cup Race Pott port d.
IX1S ASOKLKS. rebruary 10. The Viedsr-
Mlt cup race oeer the Matt Monica course ar-
ranged for tomorrow was postponed today antll
February H because at rain. The gram! prlee
wst postponed so til the Saturday following ac
cording ta aanoancetaent of the race eosnmlttee.
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CcEm Thcsns to Be the
Chalrcaa Today.
Btatameat for Xtyss Ixnouneaj-i Hs
Wouli Vet 1st Personal
AaUtitn Stand im
tis Way.
IVsaaetlasa ss-es SftidJ
FORT WORTBV Taxaav rtbrury so.
jUtsVouck U pcohiblUon DwtnocraUa
UBalaatiaai MTwaattom at ot sxheduiad
la fonatUl b bald matil Baturday tnoaa
who aU-rlTed bar Frtdavy tarteal th bail
roUln( niday night at a sum meUn
ba14 ta tb) Flrat BsvpUat Church when
about 14) teiefatM to the coaiTsmtloo tn-
dortMd Cullea . Tttoamt for ehairman of
the) ooassctloo R. B. Humphreys of
T hroc bnorlon for MeroUry tvnd CapUln
WlUlaura AtcDooaUd lor trat at arm a.
It ssa anaouoc4 by Ctvatrman A. w .
WaJkaar who praaidwd. that the) maaa
nseUng which was an open acaalun. had
baaa oailad for th. purpoa ot arranging
b program for th procdur of Satur-
day' convention. Outatd of th tndorw-
m.nt of th thraa nsunea above man-
llonad there i nothing sua of a def-
icit nature accomplished.
Tb question of hethr It will be aria
for Saturday' convention to Indorse an
ant Ira prohibition tlekt or whether to
Indora only tb nam of a candidal for
Oovernor brought on a dlacuaalon. In
which th aenUmsnt araa about evenly
dlvldd on th aubyact
Nt to Nam All CandldaUa.
A numbar of taJki war mad by man
prominent la tb prohibition moTement
la which aome declared that tbey ballavad
that prohibition candldata ahould b
named at Saturday a meeting from 8ov-
smor on down others atat.d that they
thought action of thla charaotar would
b dangaroua. and aa moat every county
waa inatruttsd only to vote tor a candi-
date for Governor that th deJegatea to
th convention would not b carrying out
the wishes of the people 1f they over-
atepped their authority.
A motion that had bean made by John
A. 'Woraliam of Uallaa that the maaa
meeting recommend that only a candidate
for Oovernor be Indorsed waa withdrawn
after a talk by T. N. Jones of Tyler who
stated that he didn't think It would be
wise for action of any kind on thla mat-
ter be taken by the meeting ben use the
representation waa not large enough and
there were already many who would at-
tend Saturday a meeting who would
probably feel that they had been lore
tailed If an expression waa made one
way or the other.
Statement tor Ma yea.
Laxte Friday night a statement waa la-
aued by John "Isavla campaign manager
for Will 11 Mayes which ta as follow:
"At a conference of a few of my
friends It was agreed to give out the
statement to the press that If thla proves
to be a fairly representative conference
as It now appears that It will lie; and If
tomorrow It appear to me and my frlenda
that a majority of the delegatea In at-
tendance are favorable to the Indorse-
ment pf Colonel Rail after knowing the
principles for which he atanda. 1 shall
not allow my personal ambition to stand In
the way of the harmonious action of the
It la aaJd that a platform waa written
out and submitted to Colonel Thomas H.
Ball on Friday which he approved and
which will be read and Introduced at
Saturday' convention in the form of reso-
lution. The platform which he virtually la. It
Is understood. It is based upon very
progressive lines which to a great
extent waa responsible for the cessation
of a fight that was being made spun
Colonel Ball In certain quarters.
Features ef Platform.
It I said that the main features of the
platform will be against any amendment
to the Hogg dock bond and law the Hob-
ertson Insurance act. deal with the child
labor law penitentiary system and edu-
cational problema.
It la also atated that a resolution will
be Introduced which ia virtually a recom-
mendation of the plan of Judge Norman
O. Kittrell ef Houston which would pro-
vide for two separate votea In local op-
tion elections one on whisky and brandy
and other strong liquor and the other on
beer and light native wlnea.
The elimination i-onve.ntlon will be call-
ed to order at 10 o'clock id the First Bap-
tist Church corner Fourth and Throck-
morton Streets by Chairman A. W. Walk-
er of Dallas
It la laid that many delegates are load-
ed and that severs! platforms resolution
and recommendation will be offered for
the consideration of the convention.
Thomas H. Ball of Houston who I not
an avowed candidate but who waa over-
whelmingly indorsed in the county maaa
meetings held throughout the State by
the pro Democrats on last Saturday ar-
rived In Fort Worth early Friday but
would make no statement In addition to
the one he made for The Poat on Thurs-
day before he left Houston.
It Is said by friends to Ball how
ever that he will not accept the Indorse-
ment of the convention and agree to be-
come the pro candidal lor Oovernor un-
lets the action of the convention waa
The West brook Hotel wa th scene of
many Informal confe entea all day Fri-
day Prominent Pro There.
In addition to Thomas H. Ball there I
Will H. Mayes of Brown wood. Lieuten-
ant Governor of Texas; W. P. Lane of
Fort Worth now Stale Comptroller; for-
mer Governor Thomai H. Campbell of
Palestine; W. F. Rairaey of Autln a
candldata for Governor on the prohibi-
tion ticket against O. B. Colquitt In 112.
S. P. Brook of Waco preaidnnt of the
Baylor University; Culltn F. Thomaa of
Dallas A. V. Walker of Dallas chairman
of the committee of thirty-one responsi-
ble for the calling of the convention.
Other prominent prohibitionist who
arrived rrlday for the convention are Dr.
J. B. Oambrell of Dallas. J. H. Gambrell
of Dallas editor of the Baptist Stand-
ard; B. B Sturgeon of Lamar County
pro candidate for Lieutenant Governor
J. N. Oambrell Lockhart. T. B. Love.
Auatln; Worth B. Ray Austin; Mack It
Ball Huntsvllle Senator Robert L. War-
ren. Terrell; W. Lewla Hill. Hunnvlll.
member of the Thirty-second Legislature;
O. 8. Lattlmor Senator from Tarrant;
Captain William McDonald. United State
Marshal; Captain Jake A. Herring United
State Marshal. Southern District Hous-
ton; R. B. Humphrey. Throckmorton
member Thirty-third Legislature; Senator
W: 1. Bryan Abilene; former Senator C.
V. TerreJL Decatur; Senator Robert L.
Warren. Kaufmann County; Judge J. I.
Perkins Rusk Judge Norman kittrell
Houston; W. F. Doughty Auatln candi-
date for State Superintendent of Pupblle
Instruction; John W. Robblna of AutsJn.
former State Treasurer; John Davis of
Dallas campaign manager for Will H.
Mayes; William Poindexter of Cleburne
and Cone Johnson.
Lane Might Re-enter Race.
W. P. Lane who arrived late Friday
stated that he would support Thomaa H.
Ball In th convention Saturday In th
event that he accepted its indorsement
However In case he refused to become
a candidate for Oovernor. he atated that
he would re-enter the race as an active
candidate for its Indorsement
It 1 said that a movement I on foot
ty everal delegations who arrived Fri-
day to demand that Colonel Thomaa H
Ball announce hi platform to th con-
vention before they would give them their
Th statement mad John T. Dun-
can In a signed artld that appeared In
the press on Thursday pointing eet the
tand Thomaa H Bed took against
James 8. Hogg In th Waco convention
in 1100 ha thrown a new light on the
situation since the county mass meetings
were held last Saturday and many dele-
gate who have been sent to the conven-
tion instructed to cast a unit vote for
Ball do not feel thtt Pall 1 th right
man to lead the prohibition Democrats to
Many u pressed thernawlrea upon thla
subject ta ao onoertaJa imi ta4 tt U
4 '
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Wc JttfW liroad ftr is f tf fk fcfaff Merckanff ' AliociHon Nag.
probable that a flgni n.- develop upon
Ball in the convention on this issue.
Shaken by John T. Duncan. .
In discussing this subject. O. ElU Jr.
of Lockhart Texaa a member of th
Lockhart delegation which la inatructed
for Hall said Friday;
"While instructed for Ball many of our
delegation in view of the statement made
by John T. Duncan In an article In Thure-
day morning paper regarding Mr.
bail' poaltlon toward th Hogg amend-
ments believe that if we nominated Ball
that all of thla would be uaed against
him by th other aid. Jutt the recol-
lection of the scene at Waco when Hogg
waa fighting for the people and Tom Ball
waa the spokesman of the crowd on the
ether side which waa so bitterly arrayed
against Hogg It enough to alienate from
our side many ardent pros who rever the
memory of James Stephen Hogg and
who will fight to the last ditch whenever
his principles are assailed.
If the anils should nominate some
man for Oovernor who was close to Hogg
In those day and this nominee should
appear upon the hustings and call to mind
the past political history picturing the
tempeet tosaed' on one aide before that
maddened sweltering crowd fighting for
his amendments and the gallant Torn Ball
making the fight for the oppoaltlon. 1 say
that when this la pictured before the
people the old Hogg cry wlU be heard and
the votera will not reeopnd lo the trumpet
call of prohibition."
It is staled on good authority that a
resolution will be Introduced on the floor
Saturday recommending that th Pro-
hibition Democrat adopt th plan of
Judge Norman i Kittrell of Houston for
abolishing the whisky sale but permit-
ting the sale or beers and native wines
The committee of Jl of whioh O. 8.
Lattlmore Is chairman appointed to draft
th demand for submission on tb ballot
to be used In the next July primaries.
Prominent aotle wno eie In Fort Worth
watching the proceeding of the prohibi-
tion convention are A M. Kennedy
Kerrvllle. campaign manager for Ches-
ter H Terrell of San Antonio Speaker ot
the Thirty-third Houee and anilprohlbl-
tlon candidate for (.overnor James A.
Lucy of Austin. Judm K B Ritchie of
Mineral Wells and many othara.
In apeaklng of the i-obable action of
th convention on Saturday Chairman A.
W Walker said Frldiv right;
"If there Is a ballot test the Indica-
tions are that at id per cent will
be for Ball on the first ballot From the
Information I have neai.y every county
In Texas will be represented here.
"In my opinion I J ni't think the proxy
question wil be raised at all because the
sentiment is so overwhelmingly In favor
of Ball '-
Interviewed as to Object of
His Visit to Texas.
Asserted He Would Support Chilton
for Governor if Candidate
and Cnlbeton for
Want Sparks to Open Campaign.
iHcuito Pat Suciol.)
BELTON. Texa. February JO. The
Toung Men s Chamber of Commerce of
thtt city has Invited Sam Sparks to open
his campaign for Governor here. An In-
vitation signed by several hundred clti-
lens haa been mailed to Mr. Spark. It
Is understood that Mr. Spark will open
his campaign on March 17.
This is til boyhood bom of Sam
To Check up Recall Signature.
(HoutienFtsI Sffriai.)
DALLAS Texaa. February to. Dallas
Socialists will meet Ssturdsy night for
the purpose of up the various
recall petition which are now being cir-
culated in opposition to Mayor Holland
and the City Commissioner.
Indorsed W. I Davidson.
Her P"1 SserMi.)
HEMTSTEAD. Texaa February H.
The Waller (Vtnty Bar Association her
Indorsed the candi
dacy of w L. Davldeon ror re-iecuon as
Juilte of the Court of Criminal Appeals
of lera.
yesterday ttrongiy
May' FrUnd to Attend.
BROWNWOtJD. Texaa February M A
special train left here this morning at 4
o clock taking over J00 people to the Pro-
hibition elimination convention at Fort
Statement That She Accompanied
Gordon Tufts Jr. Incorrect
Referring to a dispatch publlahed In
the columns of The Poat yesterday morn-
ing. In which K was stated that Oorham
Tufts Jr had been released from Jail at
Los Angeles at the instance of hie fermer
wife and that when he was so released
left Jail and his former wife Mrs. Jenny-
Roe of Fort Worth accompanied him.
The Post is advised that ia so far a the
statement relative to Mr. Roe Is con-
cerned it Is not correct.
Mrs Roe ts now temporarily residing
In New York and hs not been In Call-
fomi for fractlcally a year.
AUSTIN Texa February 10-Hon.
Albert Sidney Burleson now Postmaster
General of tb United Stales and for
many year District Attorney and Con-
gressman from this district spent todsy
here. He will leave about noon tomorrow
fur ban Antonio to visit hi daughter
Mrs. William Negley and to see United
States Senator Charles A. Culberson.
While here he had a protracted confer-
ence with Internal Revenue Collector A.
8 Walker with regard to his Income tax
- for .he Income tax law reachea bira.
He also saw Colonel E. M. House.
Mr Burleson denied vigorously the re-
port thai he had come to Texas on a
political mission He Insisted In fact
that It waa on a private business that
brought him here end explained confi-
dentially to newspaper men what that
buaines really was
I for Horace Chilton.
Aaked directly about the report from
Washington that he had come to Texas
to make a gentleman agreement with
Colonel Thomaa H. Ball whereby he
would support Colonel ball for Governor
and Colonel Ball arould in turn pledge
him aupport for election to the United
Btatea Senate. Mr. Burleson faced his
interviewer squarely and remarked:
"You may ay for me that I have
known Colonel Bail for 10 year He 1
an excellent and capable gentleman. I
would be gratified to Bee him hold any
office he may desire. But I do not aay
that I will aupport him If Horace Chil-
ton makea the race for Governor of thi
State It will be my pleasure to support
It Supporter of Culberson.
Again asked about the report that he
would be a candidate for the United
States Senate to succeed Senator Culber-
son be remarked a be ha remarked be-
fore: "I am for United State Senator
Ctaarle A. Culberson for the United
States Senate from Teias. I have every
reason to believe that he will be a can-
didate for re-election for be is regain-
ing hi health rapidly. Mark my predic-
tion. If hs is a candidate he will have no
opposition. And if he does have opposi-
tion he win defeat that opponent who-
ever he may be."
Mr. Burleson was then asked about the
report that he would attend the prohibi-
tion conference at Fort Worth. This he
denied with the side remark. ' You know
how I stand." He was tixaklng to an
antlprohlbltioniat at the time.
Had Praia for Txan.
Mr. Burleson bad words of praJs for
his fellow-Cabinet member D. P. Hous-
ton. T. W Gregory Cato Sells. Thaddeus
Thompson and his tufoeaaor In Congress
J. P. Buchanan. Texans In whom he has
a deep interest
He was with relatives at the Urn that
he wa not at work vidtlng Dr. and Mrs.
Ralph Steiner. Colonel and Mr. C. D.
John and Mrs I.lly Burleson McDonald.
Hi friends were ever about to greet
him and recall old time. Likewise there
were a few visitor from afar who seemed
to anticipate his coming Among others
who called wa Marshall Hick of San
Antonio here on legal business but glsd
to have an opportunity to see Mr. Burle-
son. Mr. Hick brought optimistic re-
ports as in the health of I mted States
benator Charles A. Culberson.
Suffering from Burns.
A. M Schofleld who waa badly burned
whan the tank of an eagln exploded
near Spring Thursday evening and
brought to Houston for treatment was
not resting well Friday night and his
burns are conldered serious. R. L.
English burned at the same time wa
abie to leave hia bed Friday.
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J. Ofdea Araww
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Sunday Afternoon February 12nd 1914 at 3:30 O'clock Uy
Eev. Wllikma P. Mc3Eibs5b SeB.
of Cambridge Mass. member of the Board of Lectureship of The First
Chttrch of Christ 8denUst In Boston Mass. Under Auspices of First
Church of Christ Scientist of Houston Texas.
Ton are cordially invited to attend. jf
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W f mf J kV. aT.mM I awajiS aTtaaV aTs. " ' " "v . ' C.
wpwsrzs. i ijaSsa-aTjiw

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