The Houston Post. (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 40, No. 61, Ed. 1 Wednesday, June 4, 1924: Searching Inside

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... and two farmer-labor members most of whom are interested in reclamation. Muscle Shoals and farm relief... but the fate of tbe Muscle Shoals ouestion remained more uncertain. Led by Senator La Follette repub L City.... A warm exchange over the Muscle Shoals proposal preceded action on adjournment. Senator Underwood... of the Muscle Shoals fight was predicted tomorrow in the senate where the omnibus pension bill comprising more

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... ' The smith a mighty man is he f ; ; v With large and sinewy hands . And a mighty pair of Miiscle Shoals -ft... that counts; . 1 You can beat any game that you try. " ; Awful Thought. Denied Muscle Shoals Mr. Ford may try

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...; Died for His Mistress Bettie Jane Forth April 1 1024. A granite cover is fitted over the small grave... reburial in Mrs. Guillotte's yard and for the marble and granite stone which was erected by Mr. Hall at a

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