Věstník (West, Tex.), Vol. 32, No. 5, Ed. 1 Wednesday, February 2, 1944: Searching Inside

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... son.” I realize that I was VĚSTNÍK angi-y, but the way she carried on . . . Her words appeared like...’t be a sucker . . . BUY WAR BONDS AND WAR STAMPS. -V- Waller, Texas. Dear Věstník Readers: I haven...’t written for the Věstník a long time. I decided to write again a few lineš. Well, how are you readers... letters. I like to read the Věstník, so come on writers and write. Let us fill the English section... I sop. Tm sending all Věstník readers a sweet hello. Bye, bye. A Věstník reader, Annie Christine

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... Strana 10. VĚSTNÍK OFFICIAL ORGAN OF SLAVONIC BENEVOLENT ORDEE OF STATE OF TEXAS EXTRA BENEFITS... be coupled with fraternalism and the lodge systém,” They belong together. gether. VĚSTNÍK i i' E GK i. : rl..., bicycling, boating, and playíng tennis and volleyball. ■■■'"■We háve written to the Věstník before and since... is over we all hope to be back home with you. Wishing you all and all the Věstník readers a very happy New

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