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... 10/VĚSTNÍK—Wednesday, May 31, 1989 From The State Youth Director June Věstník Projed This month...’s Vestnik Project is couríesy of Meribeth, C.J. and J.J. Novák. They háve completed their SPJST Genealogy.... They owned a cotton gin and raised ten children. June Vestnik Project - The Novák Family NAME LODGE# YOUTH.... *** June Teen Vestnik Contest NAME _ LODGE #_ YOUTH LEADER _ Complete the sentences below are return to... Grandparents, Louis and Antonie Novák were married in June Junior Vestnik Contest NAME _ LODGE # __________ 10

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... 2/VĚSTNÍK—Wednesday, May 31, 1989 / VĚSTNÍK THE Editor COMMENTS VĚSTNÍK (USPS 658480...) is piiblished weekly except the secoud week of June and ttiird week of August by VĚSTNÍK, P.O. Box 100, Temple... changes to VĚSTNÍK, P.O.Box 100 Temple, TX 76503-0100. Editor: R.J. Seřcik P.O. Bos 85, West, TX 76691 Res... Věstník issued dated Wednesday, June 14. Sales Representative Assistance Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5... OF THE VĚSTNÍK MUST BE SENT TO THE SUPREME LODGE. BOX 100, TEMPLE, TEXAS 76503. PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS

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... 12/VĚSTNÍK—Wednesday, May 31, 1989 girls Brenn and Nicole wení with us for 3 years to Camp Lone... gained the confidence needed to perform on stage. _—SPJST—_ Lodge 30 Taiton Honors Graduate Dear Vestnik

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... Wednesday, May 31, 1989—VĚSTNÍK/11 WH AT: SPJST LIT Retreat - A Weekend Especialiy For Teens WHEN..., Carolyn, spouses and parents for their support of our youth. —SPJST— — NOTICE — No Věstník Dated June 14.... Fraternally, Daryl Kortis SPJST State King (5-18-89) —SPJST— District V Youth Club Spring Meeting Dear Vestnik... of Lodge 160 Youth Club! —SPJST— District V Youth Club Happenings Dear Vestnik Readers, I am writing

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... 8/VĚSTNÍK—Wednesday, May 31,-1989 Hoe Cfiopping — Brother Maymoiid Skrafeanek Mowing Ace... downtrodden. Fraternally, Homer Alexander (FAC) —SPJST— — NOTICE — No Věstník Dated June 14! TOCA, lne. - A

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... Wednesday, May 31, 1989—VĚSTNÍK/13 was presented with a cake and gift from the club. í would like...— Lodge 88 Houston Youth Club Meeting Dear Vestnik Readers, The Lodge 88 Youth Club held their May meeting... lived in West from 1963 to 1969 when Mr. Morris was SPJST ' Vestnik editor. He later was elected

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